The Aware Heart: Part Two

Did you miss part one? Read it here.

Lemurian Seed of Self-love

The process I use for learning about things like the heart is to explore my own wisdom, perceiving the energies. I will also connect with the unseen Beings like Ascended Masters and Angels. Then I look up scientific data and the esoteric wisdom that relates to and usually supports my intuitive understanding.

Archangel Michael told me that long ago, at the end of the Lemurian Period, we placed a seed of self-love in a hidden chamber at the back of the heart. Self-love is the opposite of shame.  Shame is the lowest frequency emotion. It is the ultimate separator, causing distance between people and separation from Creator.

Read more about shame in my article Shame and Your Divinity: How the Hidden Emotions Separates You from Creator.

Now is the time for the seeds of self-love to sprout.  A great time to initiate this is after doing the exercise I described in The Aware Heart: Part One. Here it is again:

  1. Start by taking three deep breaths.  With each exhale say, “Relax,” as you scan through your body and consciously relax anything that is tense.
  2. Begin using the ImagiCreation Breath; Imagine and feel the breath coming in from all directions to your central chakra (combined heart and solar plexus) and simultaneously expanding out in all directions.*
  3. Place your hand over your heart and feel it beating.
  4. Pause at the end of the exhalation.  (Not so long that it is uncomfortable. With practice you will extend the length of the pause.)
  5. Connect with your heart.  It beats away, 24/7, pumping life and giving oxygen and nutrients to your body.  The heart also pumps life force energy.
  6. Relax, slow down, be still.

Greet your heart.  Express your gratitude for everything it does for you and if you are feeling it, express your love as well.  Perhaps your heart has a message for you.

Now, place your hand on the front of your heart and ask A. Michael to place his hand on the back of your heart.  Think about what you love about yourself and imagine the seed sprouting; lifting its first leaves to the rays of love coming from you and A. Michael.  Check in from time to time to see how your self-love seedling is doing.  Water it with compassion and feed it with the shiny rays of love.

The Aware Heart 

The transformation of the heart is based on awareness, your awareness of your heart.  The heart itself has always been aware.  The ancient Egyptians knew about the importance of the heart.  During the embalming process the heart, liver, stomach, lungs and intestines were carefully removed and separately embalmed.  The brain was seen as being worthless and was thrown away.  The organs (except the heart) were placed in canopic jars.  The heart was returned to the body.  The ancient Egyptians also knew about the magical properties of water. Egyptologists usually translate “nefer” as meaning beauty, but the esoteric meaning is much more than that. Nefer means balance and harmony, between masculine and feminine, man and nature, etc. Asgat Nefer (shown below) is written on the pyramids. According to Hakim, the keeper of the ancient wisdom in Egypt, the ancient Egyptians would flow two types of water, masculine and feminine into the pyramids and, through some forgotten technology, would produce energy. They created and used “harmonized water” (Asgat Nefer) which worked with the heart to bring the body into harmony, what modern scientists call coherence.

I  have created an image with the hieroglyphs for Asgat Nefer inside of the Ankh (life) and a pyramid (below).  I have placed this image on products like cups etc. so you can program the contents with harmonized water, love and gratitude.

To learn more about Ancient Egyptian knowledge and wisdom read the excerpts from Stephen Mehler, wonderful book The Land of Osiris.

Heart Science

Some of the research I did about the heart is scientific.  The heart is the first organ to develop in the fetus.  And it is also the first gland.  In 1983 the heart was reclassified as an endocrine or hormonal gland when they isolated a hormone produced and released by the heart, atrial natriuretic factor (ANF).  This hormone has a wide effect on various parts of the body: on the blood vessels, the kidneys and adrenal glands, and also on the brain.  More recently, it was discovered that the heart also secretes oxytocin (the love hormone).  Oxytocin creates a yummy feeling of connection or bonding.  It is not a coincidence that we associate the heart with love.

And science supports my perception of the heart as being “smarter” than the other organs.  The heart is made up 60 – 65% neuron cells (nerve and brain-like cells).  More signals are sent from the heart to the brain than visa versa.  The heart regulates its own beats.  There are fascinating stories of heart transplant patients who took on habits, memories and tastes of the donor.  This transfer of memories happens before the nerves actually connect.  The heart has a magnetic field that is many, many times greater than the brain.  I read up to 5,000 times greater, but the science seems to point to about 500 times greater.  It is not a very strong magnetic field, but I think that it is more subtle than powerless.

 Heart-field Connection

When you meet someone and your heart-fields touch each other your heart will know core level information about this person. It will know (if you are listening) about their basic nature and if the person can be trusted. There is an instant reading that will tell you, “He is steady and true.” or “She has a great love for our planet.” You won’t know the details of their life, but the essence of who they are. You heart will always tell you the truth, unlike the mind, which can be fooled. 

My sense of the endocrine system is that it is very subtle and also magical.  Classic charts of the endocrine system do not include the heart.  There are twelve glands listed on the charts.  Recently, I was able to spend some time with an ancient crystal skull that scientists are unable to date.  This skull held the most compassionate consciousness.  My record keeper crystal insisted that I take it with me to what I thought was just a massage.  The skull told the massage therapist to bring it with her to the massage.  There was a lot of “talking” between the two crystals.  I was told that I would know what I needed to know about that conversation and sharing of wisdom when the time was right.  I was shown a circle of twelve skulls each relating to the twelve glands and the thirteenth skull (the heart) at the center.

My heart wants me to let it talk through me now.  “It is a simple and amazingly profound experience to be in a loving relationship with your heart.  The source of all sends you loving support and grounded wisdom through your heart.  There is something that you have been separated from here with the recent focus on the brain.  It is that feeling that you miss so much here on Earth, and it can be found in your heart.  We welcome you home.”

One of the things I have learned recently is that the heart is the initiator and overseer of the transformation of our bodies to the New Energy Template, beginning with the endocrine system. For instance, since we are moving toward a reality with much less fear, our adrenals will no longer need to go into “fight or slight”. Whey will release fewer stress hormones and will focus on regulating the water and balance and maintaining a consistent energy.

I work with people’s hearts everyday, in individual sessions and during Daily Energetic Support. I’ve seen a pattern of “adjustments” related to the heart and blood, things like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, irregular heartbeats and changes in the red and white blood cells. There seems to be a period of imbalance as the shift progresses since so many people have suddenly started to experience unusual changes. I can’t diagnose or offer any medical advice, so see your doctor if you have concerns. But I do suggest that you talk to your heart. It is very smart and very loving and compassionate. Ask your heart if there is anything it needs from YOU, the soul. And if you express your gratitude and love for your wonderful heart, I guarantee it will get all shiny and happy.


cyndy 15th February 2013 6:15 pm

Yes, this is lovely. My practice is to keep my mind free so it can receive and translate the messages from the heart. The heart adds it's fullness. If the heart does not confirm, the awareness is still on the table.

Yelana 17th February 2013 1:46 am

Wow! I love your message. I'm ashamed to say I haven't
read your contributions before, into the archives I go.
love and blessings

betsy. 26th May 2013 8:06 pm

"It is that feeling that you miss so much here on Earth, and it can be found in your heart. We welcome you home."
Thank you so much for this beautiful message, Sarah. It really resonates. So very much is said in those two short sentences. Much love to you!


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