The Earth is Turning Into Swiss Cheese!

In my last article, Ascension: It’s Not What Your Believe, I wrote a bit about the Earth Program which keeps us working hard and always striving to perfect ourselves. I also mentioned that I have been able, recently to take people outside of the program (Veils of Illusion or electro-magnetic grid). This has been an amazing experience for me to spend so much of my time (as I take others ‘out’) beyond the Program/Illusions.

During these last few months I have been working with many people (mostly the Mothers) of children who have been diagnosed (within the system) with different psychological problems, from mild Autism to Psychosis and Bi-Polar Disorder. Some of these children and young adults are “in the system”, under the care of a psychiatrist, medicated and even hospitalized. I feel such empathy for the parents and families of these children. Everyone is trying so hard to do what’s right for his or her child. They are under so much pressure from the system, schools and family. 

To all of you who are parenting children who “don’t fit the system” I want to extend my appreciation, compassion and gratitude. It can be such a challenging path. Each of you is stronger than you think.

I promise that I will get to the Swiss Cheese metaphor if you are patient!

When I expanded out to understand the value and meaning of these beings (the children) in choosing to have these lives of such struggle and so little apparent success and ease, I discovered an amazing thing. 

The image I saw was of a still lake. Into the center of the lake a large rock was being repeatedly dropped so that it produced a regular, rhythmic wave that expanded to cover the lake.

The image I saw was of a still lake. Into the center of the lake a large rock was being repeatedly dropped so that it produced a regular, rhythmic wave that expanded to cover the lake.

This wave pattern is the Earth Programming/Veils of Illusion I wrote about in Ascension: It’s Not What You Believe. The image I saw was of all of our heads, bobbing along in the water, up and down, following the wave.

Then I saw the brave souls who are no "fitting in"or are being diagnosed and drugged. It is like they are dropping pebbles into the lake, creating interference patterns to the dominant program/wave.

When one wave intersects with another wave of a different frequency, the wave pattern is broken up and weakened.

Everyone of us who doesn’t fit into the norm, everyone who can’t be made to follow the standards of the Old Reality, each of us is a pebble in the lake, breaking up the patterns, belief systems, program and limitations of physical reality. And it’s working! The Veils of Illusion or Earth Program is thinning and weakening.

For the past few months I have been taking clients “outside of the program”. When I first started doing this process it was like I was pushing against a thick gel or goo. I would push backwards while holding the person in front of me. It took effort on my part and I realized that my ribs were getting really sore. But once we get “out there” it is amazing what happens! To actually feel who we are as an Oversoul or Infinite Being, outside of the Earth Program. It is so peaceful and blissful. There is this sense of everything being as it should be. We realize that all that stuff (drama, effort, limitation and frustration etc.) is all just part of the Earth Program. It isn’t who we truly are as Infinite Beings. Our human lives look so different from out there and our Oversoul always has something profound and useful to share with the human self.

Recently, it has gotten easier and easier to take people out there. I simply create a tunnel or wormhole anchored in the Earth Program at one end and held at the other end by the Oversoul(s) and Soul Family(ies) of the person or group I am working with. Easy as pie we just slide right out!

Now as I look at the Earth Grid it is full of these tunnels. It looks like Swiss Cheese with holes going through it!

And all of this has been made possible by those brave souls who chose to come into incarnation and interfere with the Old Energy / dominant wave by creating their own patterns on the lake.

From the point of view of the Ascended Masters, Angels and our own Oversouls, this is most exciting! From that perspective we are so very close, so close to breaking free from the program for good! It’s been so very, very long that we have been working for this, and it’s well on its way.

And this ability to connect with beings outside of the Earth Program opens up the possibilities of communicating with our Extra Terrestrial friends. Now that sound like great fun to me!

I will be taking us all “out there” during the Free Monthly Teleseminar on July 25th. I invite you to join us.

The event will be recorded (and I include the energies of anyone who might participate in the future now moment in the call) so if you can’t make it on that day, it will be available on my website within a few days.

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Kindoo RMM-V 18th September 2009 9:43 am

Wow, your work is so amazing! I have never fit in. The larger the group, the less I feel normal. Now days I find
more of my kind but still spend most times alone. Now I know that my strangeness is good for us all. Thanks!


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