The Hot Season of Change: Part 1 - Don’t Listen to the Voice

The voice that makes you DOUBT yourself. It says, “It’ll never work. Why bother. Nobody wants me or what I offer (myself and/or my gifts). Just give up. I’ll never be successful. I’ll never have what I desire, the relationships, the work, the money… I don’t have a clue. I don’t trust myself. I’m a clueless idiot.

Regardless of your personal trigger or weak spot and the familiar critical voice in your mind, just remember that that VOICE DOES NOT TELL THE TRUTH!

I know that it is a liar because I found my Critic and “retired”  her many years ago. It is a liar because it is a program put in place to be activated when we are breaking free of the Old Reality.

So I was not expecting it when a critical voice snuck back in and I didn’t catch it quickly.

I was finally (after WAY too many miserable weeks) able to find what it was and where it was in me and cleared it out.  It took me going into deep meditation to discover that an energetic entity had been placed in my left brain.

Once I located it, it was obvious that the repetitive insults were coming from there. It was like a broken record or a recorded voice, with emotional content, constantly repeating negative taunts.

I was able to clear it pretty quickly once I saw it. Instantly, I felt better! I had a sense of hope, enthusiasm and renewed interest in my various projects. The fatigue and general malaise was gone from my body. I felt blissful!

(Amazingly, this all took place while I was sitting in a very busy, noisy medical waiting room for 45 minutes (though it seemed like less time). I was just finishing the meditation when I heard my name called. I had noticed no other person being called before me. The poor nurse stepped into my space and got spacey. He kept apologizing for not being able to focus, saying it just came over him this afternoon. He, he!)

I also know many other people, the ones who are breaking free from the Old Energy program who have had their own personal version of the critic/failure/give up voice. It even tells you to end it all. Why stay when all you feel is failure, shame, hopelessness and pain?

As one person put it, “I feel like I have fallen into a nightmare parallel universe.”

Where did this voice of doubt and hopelessness come from and why is it happening now?

There are many mind-altering programs being beamed into our lives by the Old Energy Cabal. They trying (and failing) to prevent or subvert the huge transformation that is happening now. The whole Solar System is moving from what Ra called Third Density to Fourth Density. They can’t survive in the Fourth Density high-frequency environment and they can’t get away because our Solar System has been sealed off. They are in full panic, desperate to regain control of our planet!

The “Elite Cabal” are very ritualistic, following the seasons and the astrology to make use of cosmic timing to (they hope) empower and bolster their agenda. During the Full Moon on July 8/9, the cosmic (astrological) challenge was an ass kicker, and it made us want to kick someones ass! Mars’s anger and actions was conjunct the Sun (fuel) in Cancer (home and family). So, if you didn’t have an argument with a family member after that I’d be surprised.

At the same time, opposite the Sun and Mars was the Moon (emotions and history) which was was Conjunct Pluto (kick butt Shadow player and destroyer) in Capricorn (structure of the Old Earth reality).

This push/pull left us feeling angry and powerless, a potent combination. There is also a drive to move, to expand and connect (Uranus  square Mars and Jupiter square the Sun, Moon and Pluto). The Cabal did their best to push up the negative expression of the Full Moon, especially the anger, the confusion and doubt.

You REALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING to change this reality, but the Critic Voice tells you to give up. The anger has to got somewhere, so it is then turned on the self, more self-blame and self-judgment (self-abuse!).

We are also being forced to confront our deepest fear.

If you are not sure about what your deepest fear is, look at what has been happening since the Full Moon on July 8/9.

What  happened that made you feel so miserable that you wanted to just give up?

How did you deal with the high juice (high emotions)? Did you blow up with anger or dump it on someone else? Did you distract yourself or suppress the feelings? My definition of addiction is anything that suppresses emotions. This can be something that is generally not good for you like drugs or junk food, but can also be something that is healthy when not done to suppress emotions, like exercise or chanting.

This spiral of negative thoughts and feelings can get bigger and bigger. Wounds from your past can be triggered and reopened, and fears about the future will fuel to the fire.

This is a tangled web that sucks all your energy, destroys your focus and pulls you down into old habitual patterns. It can damage your relationships and diminish or destroy your ability to create consciously.

(Like when I took on my daughter’s earache.)

When your “conscious creator” aspect is distracted and diverted, you end up riding the wave of mass consciousness, and unconsciously letting your life force energy fuel THAT reality. This is not a good thing, especially since you are so powerful!

What to Do?

First, DON”T ASK WHY? When you ask “why” it takes you back into a loop of your own failures, to all the times in the past when you did something like this and all the emotions and judgments that went with that. WHY brings up all the stuff that you believe makes you do stupid things, like your abusive parent or two-timing ex-spouse. This solidifies that limiting reality into your current situation.

DON’T BLAME and/or JUDGE YOURSELF! For one thing, it isn’t your fault. We are in the middle of an unprecedented transformation! You are here now because YOU ARE STRONG enough to handle the pressures, illusions and suppressions of the Old Energy AND still anchor the New Energy on Earth.

Always ask, “Is this energy (emotion) mine?” It usually is NOT YOURS!

Remember that your mind, clever beast that it is, will find the memories and thoughts that match up with the emotions. Since everyone is being triggered, there are a lot of negative emotions floating around.

YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE BEING TRIGGERED, so give others a lot of slack and if needed, a lot of space. This will help avoid being hurt and/or hurting others.

When some of the juice is yours (or a part is your stuff), give yourself time and space to sit with it and feel the emotions. Just feel it, don’t try to figure it out.

Don’t make decisions when in high juice (emotions). High-juice  decisions are usually bad decisions.

It is imperative for you to be able to recognize the negative stuff and to NOT take it on as if it is yours and is real. This is vitally important as we move into the next few months especially, since this season is going to be HOT!

A Good Question

“What’s right about this that I don’t know?”

One possible “rightness” could be that you now know where your personal triggers are AND you know what it’s like when you are energetically triggered. In the future, you will be able to catch it quickly. This requires that you stay aware, conscious and focused on what you are perceiving and what you desire.

What’s right about the current world situation?

Breakdown leads to breakthrough. During chaotic times, like now, the structure is broken down and we have increased access to parallel realities and easier jumping or switching to your preferred parallel. How cool is that!



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Sarah Biermann

Sarah Biermann is the founder of ImagiCreation technique. Sarah is a clairvoyant and highly empathic intuitive counselor and healer. She is able to perceive your life lessons, dysfunctional belief systems and the past lives that are limiting your ability to express your divine plan and live your dreams.


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