The Transition Times - Is This Energy Mine?

What is happening on our planet? So many people are having the experience of swinging from feeling like things are going well and they are really on their path, to having all the old stuff come up again. It can be frustrating and dis-heartening. Why are we having all these energetic swings?

Throughout history our planet has made shifts in frequency. Most have been relatively small, staying within the 3rd and perhaps 4th dimensions. In these dimensions the template or matrix for reality is polarized. We have good and bad, hot and cold etc. The very nature of energy is polarized, like electricity with its positive and negative poles. There has been a rhythmic pattern of creation and destruction, higher frequency and lower frequency. There were times when we moved toward unity and times of moving toward separation. These shifts have mostly been gradual, happening over a relatively long period of time. All has been appropriate.

The change that we are experiencing now is different from what has happened before. We are shifting into another dimension, from a Matrix of duality and polarity to one of expansion and oneness. A jump of this magnitude is not accomplished in a slow, gradual way. During the transition period there are fluctuations between the Old Energy and the New Energy. It is like when hot air meets cold air. At the place where the different energies meet there is a lot of turbulence. This is how a hurricane starts, hot air meets cold air and a lot of stuff starts moving.

We are creating a New Matrix for Reality. Can you feel the energy of those words? Do you feel the excitement? It is a rare and magnificent occurrence. Beings have come from all over Space, Time and Dimensions to witness and sometimes participate in this grand experience. This is a miraculous and dynamic time to be on the planet, and YOU are here!

You are here for a reason. Many beings wished to be here during the transition, to be a member of the Transition Team. There was great competition because only a limited number of bodies were available that would serve the needs of the team. If you are here, reading this, then you are one of the lucky (chosen) ones. Only those who could most assist in the transition got the bodies. When I look at the Transition Team with my spiritual eyes it is a sight to behold. Ah, if you could see the true nature of your being. You are a bright, brilliant star; glorious and powerful! The beings who observe our planet are in awe of us, truly! Take a minute to feel this. Close your eyes and open to perceive the energy. It is time for you to claim your greatness.

During the transition to the New Energy the frequencies here are fluctuating dramatically and rapidly. You are able to feel these energy shifts. When the planetary vibration is higher you feel expansive and blissful. At these times you feel like you are really "getting it". You feel calm and content, you feel
as if everything is going to turn out well. Recently there have been several influxes of the old energy, swings into lower frequency. As I write this we are in the middle of one. Many people have been going through difficult times. When the planet fluctuates into the lower frequencies you start to struggle.
Old limiting patterns that you thought you had cleared come back. There can be mental, emotional and physical patterns. At these times you feel like you are not "getting it". You can feel tense and/or exhausted. It can seem like things just aren't right and you can slip into old habits. You might say, "On no, I thought I was over that, but I guess I was wrong…again." Does this sound familiar?

You are more psychic than you even realize. Not only do you sense the frequency shifts of the planet, you also pick-up the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations of other people. It is a wonderful ability, and part of the nature of your New Energy being. The problem is that you are unconsciously aware of the energy and you translate it to fit the pattern you expressed in the past that matched that frequency! The old patterns can be negative emotions, limiting thoughts, pain or illness, or old habits that do not serve you anymore. You perceive the energy and you think that it is yours. You think that you are lowering your vibration and you are having the feeling, thoughts or symptoms.

The way this worked for me is that I got back pain. That is an old pattern for me. For a whole lot of my life I was limited by my back problems, particularly sciatica. Recently, that problem went away. OK, it didn't just go away. I worked hard, clearing the programming and learning to be in harmony with my body. When the pain returned, at first I went into judgement of myself, "Oh no, Why am I creating this again?" Then I stopped myself and I chose, instead to look at it from the place of my expanded being. That was when I realized that I was translating the energies that I perceived into an old pattern. In my inner vision it looked like there was a wind blowing through me. Only I wasn't letting it just blow through, I had hooks that were catching the wind and locking it into my body. There was a familiarity to the energy and because it was familiar I thought that it was mine.

Another example is when I found myself obsessing over memories of all the "horrible things" that my ex-husband did before and during our divorce. I waswell into the maze of troubling thoughts before I caught myself. "Whoa! I am so over that story. How did I get into that loop?" I understood then that I was perceiving the thoughts and emotions that weren't mine. That energy pattern matched what I had experienced when I was in the thick of the drama and story of divorce. That energy was familiar and it triggered the familiar reactions in me.

You do not have to take on all these outside energies. By being conscious of what is going on, you will be able to disconnect from reacting to the energy and stop the symptoms of that reaction. Stay aware and question everything you feel and think. Ask yourself, "Is this mine?" Your inner knowing will give you the answer. You might get the answer, or you can muscle test or use cards to
get your answer. If the energy is not yours then you can simply return it. Say the words, "Thank you for the awareness but this is not mine. Let it flow through." Breathe, imagine it going through without attaching anywhere and let it go. At first you will probably catch the process after you have made it yours, it can happen in a moment. If you get the answer that it is yours then ask, "Did I create it or did I perceive it and make it mine?" If you made it yours, then dissolve the hook and "let it flow through".
Relief may not be instant. Give it some time. Continue to breathe and release.

Here is an exercise that is excellent practice for this process.

Go for a walk in a neighborhood where people live. As you walk, notice every thought, emotion or sensation and ask, "Is this mine?" I was amazed when I did this. At one point I started to feel sad, immediately my mind found something in my life that I could feel sad about. But I caught it and asked, "Is this mine?' The answer was "No". "Let it flow through", I said and the sadness went away, just like that! Later my hips started to ache, also not mine. I went through the process and within a few minutes the pain went away. This type of thing happened over and over and none of it was mine!

With consistent awareness of this process I think you will be surprised to find how little of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations are truly yours! How much of the hunger you feel is not yours? I realized that I was hungry every morning because my cat wanted to be fed! If you do this consistently, a time will come when it is automatic. You no longer make the outside energies yours.

This is a radically new idea and process to assimilate into your life. You will probably not be able to do it perfectly at the beginning.

There are four stages to changing a behavior.
1) Unconscious incompetence: You are not aware that you are doing a limiting behavior.
2) Conscious incompetence: You become aware of the behavior, but are unable to change.
3) Conscious competence: You can catch the behavior and change. At first you catch it a while after you do it but with conscious practice, the window is shortened until you can stop yourself before you do the old behavior and substitute the new behavior.
4) Unconscious competence: You are using the new behavior without thinking about it.

There will be a period of time when you are in stages 2 and 3. This is an uncomfortable place. Have patience with yourself, with practice you can get to the point where you catch the energies that you perceive before they hook into you. It will be habit to question what you perceive and finally your automatic systems will do it for you and you won't be feeling everybody's stuff all the time. You still have the ability to do so if you choose, and this is a wonderful skill to use as an Intuitive Counselor, for instance, but you will have choice and you will not feel other people's stuff as if it were your own.


jodi 20th June 2008 3:56 pm

it is no coincidence i found this post. i just feel as though i am being bombarded with negative heavy energy. i know better, but you really get sucked back into thinking this stuff is mine. breathe, breathe, breathe:-)

Shaun 20th June 2008 11:24 pm

all I get told is to keep "handing it up" taking it out of the loop , assisting the "stuck" to more easily become "unstuck" and to " allow the passing of all that has been "before " "

Venus Hernandez 23rd June 2008 5:29 pm

Thank goodness I found this article, it explains so much.I too have been feeling bouts of depression to the point of worrying about my senior years and it might be better off for everyone if I take care of that myself o as not to burden my children. I haven't felt suicidal like this since my son died over 20 years ago. I was really starting to doubt myself because I don't really feel like that. This is sooo hard to explain. It just doesn't feel like their my thoughts at all. Thank you for this breath of fresh air!!!

Anemone 9th July 2008 1:56 pm

At times lately it seems our whole spiritual community at The Web is going through this. Again, so practical and helpful in demonstrating how to release the things we pick up from others. I was given the name Anemone because it means breath--and releasing the past so I can step up to the present is key in my own physical respiratory healing. All of that is part of being on the transition team. Thanks. Anemone

davi681 16th February 2010 12:36 pm

All that it/has been happening in the "new age" is increasing awareness without the wisdom to patiently evolve.

We are a reciprocity-not a polarity-here is a short course on our "blueprint"....

Elemental "reciprocals" are dancing through convergent, at times concordant, harmonics. As these reciprocal pairs build upon themselves, you could think of them as pairings in your genetic coding (four letters symbolic of certain aminos-AGCT) leading to the two master reciprocals-masculine and feminine. By the way, try not to get too caught up in the word "pairing" as it can lead to polarization, i.e., simplified, mental constructions. Pairings as used here is only only a relative term for complex reciproccal geometry.

We are "deposited" along these pairings in infinitely varied ways. One becomes "centered>harmonized" longer and deeper, depending upon how well one has managed to understand their own particular pairing. As can be guessed, understanding then, is only the beginning....

We are just beginning to understand, be patient, relax and learn in love...


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