Transformational Eclipse Cycle Leading to a New Template for Life

We are at a monumental threshold! Those of us who are ready are breaking free from the Fear Program. There is a pattern I have seen among my clients, friends, family and world events that I am really excited about. People are able, in intense, potentially frightening situations, to choose to feel intense love and gratitude instead. There is a new template coming in for how we can live here on Earth, especially in relationship to consciousness gravity here. More on this later. Now, I want to share a couple of stories.Susan was at the Boston Marathon, near the Finish Line, waiting for her two children to complete their first marathon race. It had been a wonderful, uplifting day. At various spots along the race path Susan and her husband, along with thousands of other friends and family of the racers, had encouraged and cheered on all the runners . They had been training for many months. There was a huge sense of accomplishment and success. It was such an uplifting and satisfying experience for everyone.

And then the bombs exploded.

Susan never felt fear, for herself, her children or for the other people. She told me, “Surprisingly I stayed pretty aware after my initial reaction of extreme anger that someone would do such a thing at such a positive event. I knew given the crowds that there would be multiple injuries and not knowing what to do to help I began to try and create peace and calm within me in as big a way as possible. That’s when I instinctively started doing the ImagiCreation Breath, which kept me in a state of awareness and away from fear. I felt like I was watching the events from a very different perspective.”

Susan knew that there was a potential for people to panic and start to stampede, causing more injuries or even deaths. She breathed in a feeling of calm and love and then expanded those feelings out to the crowds.

When Susan and I talked a couple of days later,she told me she was a little confused about what happened since it kind of felt like she was disconnected. “Is it OK to be disconnected from other people and the world?” This rang a bell in my head since a couple of other people had mentioned feeling disconnected lately. What I understand is that what people are feeling disconnected from is the Drama and Fear Program. Since that is the main way we have experienced intense emotions historically, it can be disconcerting to no longer have that same kind of connection.

My read is that this bombing was directed at those of us who are ready to break free from the Old Energy Game, though not consciously on the part of the bombers. Think of how long we have worked to accomplish an amazing goal, one we have never done before. Like the runners who were finishing when the bombs exploded. They were more likely to be the first timers since the pro’s had passed much earlier. Then the satisfaction is ruined, taken away. I think you can relate to the frustration. I think it is interesting that the number of people hospitalized (I read online) was 144, the number of Archangel Families.

One of the main reasons we chose to experience incarnations on Earth is that there is so much intensity here. Most of the other places of soul incarnation don’t have such a range of emotions or the same vivid colors (visually and metaphorically) than we have here. Many years ago (about 25) I did some powerful emotional release work. At one point I was literally curled up in a ball on the floor, sobbing out huge amounts of shame and hopelessness. It was the worst feeling I had ever had. Suddenly, I popped out of my human self and observed my body from the point of view of my Greater Self (GS). From that level of consciousness this was a wonderful, really intense experience. It wasn’t that my GS was uncompassionate, it was just different. My awareness went back and forth from human to GS in increasingly rapid transitions, until I was aware of both of them at once. This was a significantly transformational experience for me. I understood WHY we choose to have experiences that really suck from the point of view of the personality. This also allowed me to be more detached from emotions. It doesn’t mean that I no longer have the “negative” emotions (though it is much less), but I don’t attach to it in the same way. You could say I don’t identify with it, meaning that I know these emotions are not ME, they are something that I am experiencing.

Another wonderful example of someone being able to choose love and gratitude rather than fear in an intense situation came to me from Simone in Germany’ Simone fell from her bicycle, landing on her hand. The injury was bad, her skin was all bloody and torn and her wrist was swollen, very painful and, she thought probably broken. Her husband drove her to the hospital. Let me tell a little back story so you understand how terrifying a trip to the hospital is for Simone.

About a year ago, after a period of time not feeling well, Simone finally went to the doctor. She was diagnosed with a debilitating, life-long disease. They kept her in the hospital for a week, constantly telling her that she almost died and that she must take medication for the rest of her life. As you can imagine, she did not want to have to take drugs all the time, but also, the medication made her feel really bad. She did a lot of work, with me and other natural healers in her area. Within a few weeks she was able to lower the dose and ultimately stop taking the medication. The doctors had continued to test her for a while to make sure she was adjusting to the medication and she never told them she was not taking it anymore.

Any of you who have tried to talk about natural healing or energy work with most Allopathic Doctors know how miserably judged you are and it is just plain does not do any good anyway. So when Simone was filling out the input form at the hospital and she came to the part where they want to know if you have certain diseases, she started to shake with fear. Her (wonderful) husband saw her and said, “No, you are healthy!” Simone checked the “no” box. This was a powerful shift that allowed her to then look at her hand and feel and express love and gratitude that it had taken the brunt of the fall. She could have been really injured in many other places The intensity of love and gratitude she felt was so big that she felt it physically, similarly to how powerfully she had felt the fear. Her husband created a space of complete non-judgment of her, and total belief in her. In that safe space she shifted the intensity of the fear into an intensity of love and in that instant the bone was healed. The doctor was surprised that it wasn’t broken and was amazed when a week later her skin was completely healed. “You have an amazing ability to heal yourself.” he said. He doesn’t know the half of it!

Yesterday I began to write an email to share with you this awareness I had of the threshold of consciousness on which we are perched. I received an email from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (the astrology I use). Inside was an offer to hear Lisa Michaels and Cayelin Castell (Co-founder of Shamanic Astrology) talk about the Eclipse Cycle starting today, April 25th through May 25th. I was amazed at how the astrology so closely matched what I have been feeling and perceiving. I will write a fairly brief overview with my interpretations and for those of you who are interested in delving more deeply into the astrology, I will give you the link to the call. BTW, the recording was offered to be shared with all who are interested. I am not familiar with Lisa Michaels and am not particularly endorsing the online training they are offering.

Ok, here we go! Eclipses always come in groups and during this cycle (or cauldron as Cayelyn calls it) there is potential for accelerated growth. What ever you are holding in your attention will be accelerated, so I want to give you an idea of how the Cosmic Tides are flowing.This Eclipse Cycle is kicked off today (April 25th) by a Full Moon in Scorpio with a slight eclipse. The theme of the cycle is Scorpio; intense emotions and mastery over them, manifesting, death and re-birth and ecstatic, orgasmic life-force energy which is related to money. Think of creating and other 2nd chakra stuff. That juicy, life-force energy is definitely part of attracting/making money.

Also to note, Saturn, which creates the structure and form on Earth is residing in Scorpio for the next two years. Remember what I said about the potential for a new template? While working with the Daily Energetic Support Group, we were offered a template which allows us to not be so weighed down by the consciousness gravity. For our bodies this means a greater ease in moving through physical reality, as if we are in lower gravity. Emotionally, we are able to live with more emotional lightness, joy, sillyness (as opposed to seriousness) and “pleasure in a sensual, earthy, grounded, relaxed and satisfying way”. The quote is from the Beings who delivered the template and helped me to activate it. Back to astrology.

The next eclipse is in Taurus on May 8th.or 9th depending on where you live. This is an annular solar eclipse which means the Moon is far away from the Earth (appearing smaller) and so we still see the edges of the Sun during the eclipse, called the Ring of Fire. Taurus energy is just like the ancient meaning for the Egyptian Hieroglyph, Nefer. It means beauty and nature and so much more. Shamanic Astrology describes Taurus as seeking the Garden of Earthly Delights. Taurus and Nefer understand the connectedness and cycles of Nature. Other descriptors are receiving, abundance and a more gentle but no less powerful life-force energy. Since Venus (personal feminine energy) and Mars (personal masculine energy) are also in Taurus, I expect that we can experience change on a personal level. I love the way Simone and her husband worked together to create magic. But, don’t think you will miss out because you don’t happen to have the perfect spouse of the opposite gender. I am writing about the personal experience of archetypal forces, not individual humans.

The last eclipse of this cycle is again a lunar eclipse on May 24th or 25th with the Moon having just entered Sagittarius. When you are traveling on Sagittarius Road, you are on the fastest path to expansion. For me, this says that the transformation we go through with the Scorpio/Taurus Eclipse Cycle will make way for the New Template for how we can experience more lightness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, here on Earth. Sound good to me!

Here’s the link to the Shamanic Astrology audio.



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