Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2012

Message for April 2012

Welcome back! April looks set to be something of an energetic and frenetic month of shifting energies, trends, feelings and ideas. Things continue to feel cohesive one moment, then scattered the next, but most days we can look forward to having both at the same time! Life feels quite confusing in so many ways, but there is also a growing sense of clarity emerging; a sense that despite the apparent chaos, at a deeper level we are moving beyond the clutter and the busy-ness to a more tranquil and peaceful place. In some ways, the chaos is a distraction technique, as it keeps us occupied and focused on keeping on keeping on, instead of surrendering to the flow of life and embracing our true nature and essence.

Surrender is not about giving up, walking away or becoming disempowered; for this is a time for self-awareness, reconnecting to Self, and becoming fully re-empowered! Surrender is instead about not fighting the currents, and instead having faith and allowing our intuition to guide us forward. As we continue to let go of layer upon layer of ‘clutter’, distraction and confusion, and as our true essence re-surfaces, we can begin to feel just how wonderful life can actually be...

The planets continue their celestial dance, with Venus entering Gemini on the 3rd, Ceres entering Taurus on the 9th and Vesta entering Taurus on the 20th. Mercury moves direct in Pisces on the 4th, Pluto moves retrograde in Capricorn on the 10th and Mars goes direct in Virgo on the 14th.

The Full Moon is in Libra on the 6th at 19.19 GMT (20.19 BST) and The New Moon is in Taurus on the 21st at 07.18 GMT (08.18 BST).

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April looks set to be a month of continued shift and movement for you; you have reached something of a crossroads, and whilst you are ready for change, you also seem confused as to what you now truly want from your life! The result is a range of pathways leading off in different directions, but no clear sense as to which one to choose; this may feel a little distracting and overwhelming, but try to trust the flow of your life and know that the more you struggle, the more confused you are likely to become. Instead, try to keep your cool and maintain your perspective, trusting that when the time comes to act, you will know what to do next.

Of course, knowing this and doing it are quite different things, and with such a pioneering spirit and a need for adventure, it may be tempting to throw caution to the wind and leap into the unknown choosing to face things as, when, and if, they happen. You may just feel the urge to pick one path at random and give it your all; such a strategy could work, and if anyone can ride such a path, then you can! At the same time though, why are you in such a hurry to rush ahead? Is there something you are avoiding? Moving on is usually a good sign, but it is important to do this from a position of self-awareness, power and wisdom. Maybe you need to spend some time thinking about where you have been, where you are, and why the hurry, and you may then get a truer and clearer sense of what happens next...


You have been undergoing quite a major inner change over recent weeks and months as you have started to peel back the layers of conditioning, responsibilities, expectations and pressures that have build up over time. You naturally take on burden and duty, for this is your way of contributing positively to the world and to the lives of others; you see duty as your way of making a difference and it helps you to bring meaning and purpose to your life. Yet, at some point along the way, the burden and the duty took over and defined you, and the magic, zest and sparkle started to drizzle away from your life. Now, there is a lot to be said for being such a giving person, but at the same time, you need to ensure that you give to yourself as well!

As April progresses, it seems that the more aware and awakened you become, the more these dynamics will naturally begin to shift towards something far more wholesome and life affirming. Of course, you also need to want them to change; you may wonder why you wouldn’t, but deep down, you seem to feel that letting go of carrying the ‘burden’ may leave your life empty. It may take some adjustment, as well as a need to let go of the ensuing feelings of guilt that you may carry, but in time you will realise just how amazing it is to be able to breathe freely and without constraint. You define yourself, and you shape your own life; the time to be free is now...


April looks set to be a month of continued preparation for your life-changing journey to Self. You have dug deep over recent weeks, and, as a result, you have begun to understand your Self and your motivations at quite a profound and intricate level. This has been quite revelatory in nature, for you have realised that there is much more to you than you usually give yourself credit for! At the same time though, there is a sense that you have felt a little overwhelmed at this process of self-discovery, for it has made you re-think your goals, dreams and path ahead. What once seemed like such an important dream now seems less significant and less relevant, and you are wrestling with this realisation, for this is a dream that has shaped your life for months and even years, and without it, you seem unsure what life has been about all this time.

In some ways, to let go of this dream seems inconceivable for it has defined you for so long; but if you have moved beyond it to something new, then do you truly still need it to give your life shape and meaning? This is a powerful and significant time of your life; a pivotal moment of re-assessment and self-honesty. It is never easy walking away from something familiar to something new, but you seem ready now to find a new level of freedom and liberation in your life; one that is not defined by one or two key aspects, but one that is fluid and free flowing in every way. This is your chance to step beyond ‘definitions’ to a place where you can simply be you; what a wonderful opportunity to embrace...


You may recall the chicken and egg scenario in March; the time of inner contemplation and outer shifts going hand in hand to create a whole new way of living and being? Well, it seems that during April this process looks set to intensify as you begin to cotton on to the true power of this cycle and begin to feed the power and the energy with your intent and your beliefs. You are in the driving seat, and the more you realise this, the more you can begin to re-shape your inner world and your outer world in the ways of your choosing. This may sound a little too good to be true, but there is an aura of success, self-knowing and self-awareness around you that seems to be building in tone, strength and essence now. The more you embrace this amazing energy, the more you can shift your life from where you are now to where you want to be.

The beauty in all of this is the simplicity. This is not a complicated or convoluted process; it is simple and clear cut. Your biggest challenge is in finding clarity when it comes to knowing exactly what you want! You have always had a good sense of your true priorities in life, but things have moved onto fast forward now placing a little more pressure on you to be sure of what you want. Don’t panic! Breathe! This is a time to let your powerful and well-honed intuition guide you; believe in yourself and in your ability to take the next steps with confidence, knowing and vision...


April looks set to be a month of renewed colour, vibrancy, energy and creativity as you continue to find balance in all areas of your life. As you let go of burdens, takers and other big demands that have been shaping your life recently (and even if you cannot let them go completely, your change in attitude has seen their energy shift to something far more positive), you are reconnecting to your true essence that has been gathering dust underneath all the clutter! The light never went out, it was just covered in ‘stuff’; and this reconnection to your inner light, passion and spark looks set to renew your energy and confidence considerably as you begin to re-think your path ahead. Re-think is perhaps not the best phrase, re-feel maybe? For this is a time of passion and energy, feelings and thoughts...

Life feels more buoyant and more pliable now, and as a result, you have more faith, belief, hope and optimism that your dreams are now within your grasp. Of course, in many ways this is all about perspective, for your dreams have always been within your grasp, but you needed to get to a point where you could not only feel this, but believe it as well. It seems that you are now reaching such a pivotal point in your life, and this is a time to stand in front of a brand new canvas with your paintbrushes and paints (or crayons and fingers!) in order to start work on a brand new masterpiece that sees you living and breathing a whole new and life affirming way of being...


If you take a moment to stop and look at the proverbial apple cart of your life, you will realise just how much time you spend moving apples around to keep everything balanced. This is necessary of course to avoid the whole cart load from tumbling onto the ground, but maybe there is another way to use your energies more productively? You could put the sides up on the cart to hold the apples in place or you place the apples in baskets, both seem logical options that would see you with more time and freedom on your hands. More time? Maybe this is at the root of this ‘dilemma’, for having free time injects stillness and thinking time into your life, and you would prefer to keep busy just in case you realise that you actually do want to up-end the apple cart in order to do something completely different!

April looks set to be a month for you to realise that keeping busy, whilst productive in many ways, is also a distraction. You are world class at being the central hub or cog that keeps life ticking along, but what is the cost of this? Your central essence or sense of Self? Being useful and feeling needed give you a great deal of satisfaction, but beneath this is a vibrant, talented and magnificent soul who wants much, much more from life and you seem ready now to let this magnificence rise to the surface in full colour and glory. This is your chance to take a step back from moving apples (distractions) to re-connect to your passion and essence in order to embrace a brand new dawn...


‘Decisions, choices, decisions, possibilities, decisions...’ Your head is groaning under the pressure of the myriad of different scenarios and pathways that you are currently contemplating in life. You thrive having a busy head and there is nothing wrong with that, but when you get to the point where you cannot make out the wood for the trees or the tree for the wood due to the sheer volume of ‘busy-ness’, then you know that the time has come to instigate change. Knowing this and achieving it are very different things, but if you can use some of your mental mettle in a clearer and more defined way, then you will begin to ease the pressure.

In some ways, you have so much in your head as you like lots of options; you want variety. At the same time though, you seem to fear letting go of an option or a dream in case that is ‘the one’ that transforms your life. The result is a juggling act of epic proportions as you try to keep all of your batons in the air whilst continuing to take on new ones. April is a time to STOP, pause and breathe; you have now reached a turning point in your life, and this turning point sees a need for you to focus on your true priorities. Deep down, you already know what these are, but you have been erring on the side of caution and hedging your bets as you have doubted yourself and your ability to succeed. Life and success isn’t guaranteed, but it seems that you are now ready to clear your mind, to re-connect to your soul and to step forward with courage, confidence and self-belief...


The Butterfly Effect is something that you are deeply and intuitively very aware of; you know that actions thousands of miles away can create a domino effect of actions and impact life in a myriad of different ways. This awareness shapes your life, for you know that every choice you make, step you take and thought you have, matters. However, day to day life often gets in the way and sees you keeping on keeping on, doing what’s necessary and what’s expected; duty, routine and responsibilities keep you tied to a cycle that is far less magical and fluid than the Butterfly, but it is hard to break free from these cycles as they define and shape your life.

April looks set to be a month where worlds collide; the Butterfly and daily grind come together in a life-affirming way that will inspire you to think about your life and your path quite differently. It is all too easy to get bogged down in the nitty gritty of life and lose sight of your true essence and sense of Self, but events this month will remind you that the ‘nitty gritty’ is very much a part of the Butterfly. In other words, your choices and actions, however ‘essential’, all still impact all aspects of your life. When you think and feel stuck in cycles, then this is what you create more of. Yet, when you think in terms of space, movement and butterflies, life feels more uplifting and energising! This is a time to realise that your thoughts and actions shape your life in every way, and it is your opportunity now to instigate change...


Like the rolling stone that gathers no moss, you seem to be on a mission at the moment, and this mission is seeing you move ahead in life with clarity, vision and confidence. At the same time, the level of clarity is such that you are moving swiftly like a hot knife through butter (think freshly baked scones with jam and cream!), and you are not stopping to gather moss, clutter or distractions of any kind. This is quite unusual for you, for life is usually made all the more interesting by the little diversions that you make along the way, but there is a new energy in town, and this energy has given you a stronger sense of purpose and drive than ever before! You have a clear view of your goal and you are keen to get there!

You have found something that makes your heart sing loudly and sweetly, and whilst you have had joy in the past, nothing quite matches up to this! It seems that you have finally found your ‘thing’ in life. Whilst you have, deep down, always known what your ‘thing’ is, you have never felt such a strong connection with it as you do now. In some ways, you seem to have awakened with a new level of passion and intensity in your soul, for you seem so determined and full of belief, certainty and self-knowing. Now you have touched and tasted the sweetness of knowing your path, nothing much can stop you from living and being your path as well. April therefore looks set to be a month of excitement and continued adventure as you embrace your ‘thing’ and move ever closer to bliss...


April looks set to be a month of you finally relaxing into the flow of ‘less is more’; this theme has been quite persistent over recent weeks and months, and whilst you have been aware of it, you have been tip-toeing around it trying to avoid doing much with it, as it has, until now, failed to fit easily into your philosophy on life. However, as you now know, this is not about being less, but it is about simplifying your life and focusing on your true priorities. In fact, this is about being more; for the more you focus and channel your energies towards clearer and better defined pathways in life, the more time, energy and attention you can put into achieving your goals and dreams, and living your bliss.

As you continue to let go of expectations, duties, and self-imposed pressures, it seems that your whole perspective on life is beginning to shift. You are re-connecting to your deeper, more intuitive nature that you have so often dismissed, and realising that this is a powerful force in your life. This force is your creativity, fire, passion and motivation that have been the underlying energies creating the flow of ‘less is more’! It seems that you have felt the need to be busy, or to be more, as ways of making your life richer and fuller, but as a result, you have overlooked yourself and your own power and gifts in the process. Now that you are back in touch with your true essence, you can see that you already have all that you need in order to live the most amazing, blissful and magnificent life...


As you step into April, there is a sense of you continuing to transform, evolve and blossom. It seems that you have walked through the long, misty, and sometimes dark, valley and you have arrived on higher ground where the mists have cleared and the sun is shining. In many ways you have left the confusion and uncertainty behind you now as you embark on a new adventure towards unchartered terrain in your life. Yet, as you well know, now that you have experienced doubt and uncertainty, confusion and discombobulation, it is hard to let go of those feelings completely for there is a fear of taking things for granted and not being prepared for a possible fall after the high. So, you are kind of stuck between where you were and where you want to be.

Intuitively you know that you are embarking on a new chapter on your life, but logically you can’t help but feel some doubt and uncertainty when it comes to stepping freely into the flow with trust, faith and belief. Yet, in order to make the most of these magical times, you need to let go! Tied up in knots would be one way of describing this, but if you move beyond the mind to a place of feeling, you already know that the knots are your own way of keeping you safe and protecting you from the unknown. You know that those knots are instantly dissolvable the instant that you no longer need them in your life. This may sound a little harsh, but it seems important for you to acknowledge that your life, your path and your knots are in your hands, and it is up to you what happens next...


April looks set to be a month of energy, forward movement, inspiration and empowerment for you! You have taken some huge strides forward over recent weeks in connection to your true priorities and to re-assessing how you deal with duty and responsibility (for you carry a lot). You now seem to have more room to breathe, and this breathing space is filling you with optimism, adventure, creativity and excitement! In many ways your whole life is shifting as a result of your changing perspective; nothing looks the same anymore, and even those ‘niggly’ or persistent parts of your life that you cannot seem to iron out, now seem less irritating. You may ask what’s changed, and in many ways, nothing, but in other ways, everything!

Your perspective shapes your life in every possible way; and how you see the world, your life and your Self (and not necessarily in that order) has now shifted. Whilst day to day life may appear the same, it no longer feels the same, and that feeling is at the crux of all of this, for how you feel feeds the power of your belief, your intent and your faith, and all of these feed your inspiration, energy and motivation to bring about positive and lasting change to your life. Whilst you may only be making small steps towards doing things for you, and honouring yourself more, each small step takes you towards one giant step, and so the cycle continues. April looks set to be a pivotal month in what happens next in your life, for actions and choices made now will have a lasting impact for months, if not years, to come...



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