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Message for April 2013

Welcome back! April looks set to be a month of galvanisation and coalescence as we begin to blend together our gifts, talents and dreams into a more cohesive and comprehensible Whole. As we continue to let go of everything that no longer serves and instead open up to living consciously in the present moment, it seems that fears, doubts and worries will begin to melt away as a stronger, more empowered vision surfaces. It seems important not to push the fears and doubts away though, for they are still a part of the Whole, instead we need to reabsorb them with love and tenderness, realising that they had roles to play.

They are a part of the Whole, a part of us, and without them we are incomplete; this does not mean that they have to continue to shape and define our lives though, but it is important to realise that it is only when we resist them or try to push them away that they gain power and momentum, therefore by treating them tenderly and affectionately we can change the vibration or dynamic and reshape our lives from the inside, out. Such action takes strength, courage and vision though for it means leaning more deeply into the discomfort in order to make peace with it, but it is only by embracing our Truth and our Wholeness that we can begin to re-align and re-centre.

As the momentum of change continues to build and grow, there is an undeniable sense of anticipation rumbling and stirring from within, and although the details of this change still seems unknownable, this no longer seems to matter, for intuitively we can sense a build up of energy in preparation for the journey ahead and this feels wonderful and delicious. Although there is still a great deal of uncertainty as we remain in the ‘pause’, gap or stillness (the in-between point which is not quite where we were but is not quite where we want to be either) it seems important to rest in this space in order to re-align ourselves with Truth and with our dreams, for once the wheels start turning once again it seems likely that great speed and momentum will build quickly so we need to be as prepared as possible to ride the waves with confidence and vision.

We can never know what lies around the next corner in life, but the more we embrace the present moment and realise that the present is the defining feature in our lives (after all, what else can we have other than the present?), then we can begin to live fully, vibrantly and blissfully...

The New Moon is in Aries on the 10th at 10.35 BST (09.35 GMT) and the Full Moon (with partial lunar eclipse) is in Scorpio on the 25th at 20.57 BST (19.57 GMT).

With love,



April looks set to be a time of significant and pivotal change in your life as you begin to walk in earnest from where you are to where you want to be. You have taken some big and bold steps lately, and opened up to releasing your somewhat persistent drive to keep on keeping on; instead you have realised the value in the empty spaces in your life, for letting go of the old does not automatically mean that you have to find something new to fill the gap. As a result, you have begun to re-align and re-centre your Self enabling you to focus more clearly on your vision of what you truly want to achieve in your life. Somewhat surprisingly for you, it seems that your vision has shifted much more towards a state of being as opposed to simply being a list of things to achieve; you have realised the value of feeling whole and complete from within.

As your courage and faith continue to flow freely, it seems likely that decisions made over the coming days and weeks will impact your life and your path for the foreseeable future; this feels empowering and inspirational on so many levels, for it is a sign that you are back in the driving seat of your life once again. Of course, no one knows what lies around the corner, that’s just a part of reality, but rather than let this hinder you, you seem to have allowed it to inspire you to step forth with courage, confidence and self-belief. In many ways, what happens next is as a direct result of your ability to have powerful vision or intent in connection to your Truth and to your bliss; you know the vibration and the energy of what makes your heart sing, and have tapped into this so that it radiates brightly from your heart and soul, calling it to you from across the universal expanse. You have stepped beyond the concept of positive thinking to a state of positive being, and this feels amazing, awe-inspiring and magnificent...


As the stormy seas begin to subside and you find yourself in stillness, April looks set to be a time of great clarity and vision for you. You have worked so hard at keeping on keeping on, trying to cling on to what you know and fight for what you have, that you have lost sight of the bigger picture of your life; it seems that some of the passion and the magic has trickled away as the routine and chatter of daily life has taken over. However, all is not lost, for the passion and magic has not left you completely, it has simply been pushed to the back of the cupboards within as you have had to use your determination and will in order to keep the wheels on the bus of your life moving forward; you have simply reallocated your resources in order to keep on keeping on. Although you have done a stellar job of this, you can’t help but be aware of the lack of passion and sparkle; you are missing the ‘va-va voom’ or the ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Of course, you can sense this lack but it seems that up until now you have been unsure as to how to recapture this in your life, for you have just been so busy keeping on keeping on. As a result, you have become tied up in knots in a repeating cycle that has grown increasingly stronger as time has progressed and this has left you doubting your own ability to rise up from the humdrum, re-declare your true intentions and take hold of the magic and sparkle once again. You are a vibrant and gifted soul, yet you often ‘forget’ this in the flurry of your life as you try so hard to be everything to everyone, however, it seems important that you now focus on trying to be everything to your Self, for once you are truly happy, the ‘va-va voom’ returns, the sparkle and fizz rises up and, by default, you make the world a happier place...


April looks set to be a month of inspired insight as you allow yourself to step beyond your mind and open up to the bigger picture of your life. Of course, your mind is a powerful force for you as it gives your life context, depth and meaning, but at the same time, it often keeps you in a perpetual state of linear thought, for you use the past as a reference point for the future and often forget about where you are now. There have been times of your life when you have become tied up in knots trying to untangle the deeper meaning or the bigger picture, but this focus, by its very nature, has actually narrowed your focus and vision rather than expand it. Although your mind will always be a source of inspiration for you, you have opened up to the more intangible and unknowable aspects of life as you have realised that you cannot understand everything all of the time. Whilst you have always known this, somehow it seems more galvanised in your consciousness now and, as a result, this has liberated you and set you free!

The power of your intent is considerable, but you so often forget to apply this with clear direction in your own life; you have a sense as to what you want or where you want to go, but the edges are fuzzy and out of focus as you haven’t taken the time to hone in on your Truth. April brings you an amazing opportunity to pause for a short while in order to re-centre and re-align enabling you to step beyond the mind and into the rich and fertile world of manifestation and creative thought. In many ways, what happens next is up to you, for the more you believe in your Self and your gifts, the more likely you are to transform your life from the inside, out. Yet, hide yourself away in fear, anxiety and linear thought and you are unlikely to feel the rush of riding free on the crest of the wave waiting to take you from where you are now to where you intuitively know you need to be...


As you continue to coalesce the many different facets of yourself into a more cohesive whole, there is a sense that you are beginning to step beyond the box in order to think more clearly about what you truly want in your life. April looks set to be a month of reflection as you contemplate your Truth and your dreams, but it also looks set to be a month of forward movement as you start to hone these Truths and open up to manifesting them into reality in your life. You may feel that the journey from where you are now to where you want to be is a long one, and you intuitively know that it is rife with the distinct aroma of the unknowable, yet you cannot help but feel a tinge of excitement when you contemplate living the life that you know you were born to live. Whilst the status quo of your life seems relatively steady and calm, and it could be all too easy to stick with what you know, the calling towards a richer and more fulfilling life seems to be gaining volume as you begin to listen more intently to your Self. As a result, you are feeling unsettled as you instinctively know that change is on the near horizon but you are struggling to feel confident about this change for you are not sure how ready you are to upset the apple cart of your life.

It is all too easy to rest on your laurels and stick with what you know, and of course, there is nothing wrong with this. Yet, you are creating the unrest, for you are resisting this and seeking out change, so it seems important now for you to fully acknowledge your inner desire for change and then make a conscious decision as to what happens next. The status quo brings you a great deal, and accepting this makes sense on many levels, so don’t beat yourself up if you decide to stick with this, instead empower your Self and own your choice. Let go of the tussle and the struggle, for this is your key to inner freedom regardless of what path you take now...


Despite being a creative and passionate soul, there is a sense that you often lose sight of this when it comes to fuelling the fires within and stoking up your own dreams and desires. You seem to spend so much of your time trying to manage the bigger picture of your life (trying to be everything to everyone all of the time) that you forget to hone in on the details and on your Self; this may sound strange to many, for you always seem so focused and energised, yet deeper within you cannot help but feel a sense of distance from your dreams and your Truth, for you simply don’t have the spare capacity or time to connect with them fully and whole-heartedly. As a result, you juggle, twist and turn, trying to keep on keeping on, but never really feeling the heat from the fires within warming your heart and inspiring your soul, for you feel detached from your Self.

April looks set to be a month that breaks the pattern, for there is a sense of you choosing to slam on the brakes in order to re-centre and re-focus. Slamming on the brakes may sound quite abrupt, but it seems that without a clear and distinct time of pause, you simply cannot find the space you need to reconnect to your Truth and to your Self. This may involve taking some time out or simply saying ‘No’ a little more (or indeed ‘Yes’!) in order to clear the schedule of things to do, people to see and places to go, for you know that you need some space now in order to get that inner fire burning brightly once again. As a Leo, there is a great deal of self-created pressure on your shoulders to be the leader of the pack, and to roar loudly and proudly, but this facade takes you away from your more creative and spiritual Self as the bravado acts as a barrier. Of course, it helps you to get on in life, but you seem ready now to let go a little in order to reconnect to your vibrant, creative and inspired sense of Self...


What do you want from your life? What do you truly, whole-heartedly and honestly want from your life? Although you may think that you immediately know the answer to this question, when you ponder the intent of the second question, a pause surfaces within you as you wonder if you truly want what you have always thought you wanted. Something of a paradoxical question perhaps, but not when you realise that you have spent a great deal of your life being carried along by expectations and assumptions; you have been working hard to be a success and have gone along with ‘the dream’ because you set the wheels in motion and your determination has seen you pushing ahead towards your ultimate goal. However, just because you created your dream, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with it, nor does it mean that you cannot change your mind. You are a stubborn soul, and there is a part of you that feels like you must keep on regardless, for you just have to achieve your goals.

As a result, you inject so much energy into carrying on that you have little left to regularly check-in to see that you are still feeling that warm-fuzzy feeling within. There is a sense that your determination to push ahead has actually taken you towards where you feel you ought to be rather than where you truly want to be in life. It is a part of being human to re-evaluate, and changing course does not necessarily mean ‘failure’, in fact, it is often a sign of an enlightened soul to let go and accept that priorities and dreams change over time. April looks set to be a time for you to find peace within as you take the time to really think about the answers to the above questions; although you may feel distracted with so much to do, it seems important to listen to your inner Self now in order to re-centre and re-connect to your Truth. It is never too late to alter course, and you seem ready now to step off the hamster wheel and create a brand new and exciting path ahead...


April looks set to be a month of revelation and insight for you as you begin to see your true nature in a very different way. You have been working hard trying to step free from the whirlwind of your mind and re-connect to the stillness that lies at your core, for, like the eye of the hurricane, you know that there is quiet within, but you so often get caught up in the turmoil of thought that you frequently lose sight of this. However, whilst whirlwinds and hurricanes do not sound particularly comforting forces to have within, you intuitively know that these represent the strength and power of your somewhat formidable mind and intent. Yet, rather than see these as your allies, you often try to push them away, instead trying to cling onto the stillness for this feels like the ‘right’ thing to do; however, clinging on is not terribly empowering, nor is trying to resist your very nature (the hurricane), so you frequently, and somewhat unsurprisingly, end up feeling disconnected from your Self as a result. You have been trying to find your Self in the stillness but your Truth lies in the swirling winds and turbulence.

No, this is not a sign of madness, but it is a sign that the more you fight your essence (your true Self), the more disconnected and disempowered you are likely to become. Of course, inner stillness is important, but not when it means that you are rejecting the true source of your strength and wisdom. You are a magnificent and amazing soul, and the power of your intent and your ability to create and manifest is awe-inspiring. You know that there is more than one pathway to enlightenment, so embrace your strength and set your Self free to ride those swirling winds within; fighting them or ignoring them doesn’t work, you know that, so why not give your Self a chance to be your Self? Once you become One with the hurricane within, you realise that it is not a swirling, chaotic and confusing mass but a powerful and inspirational force that can help you to live the best life possible...


The art of being a Scorpio takes practice, dedication and perseverance. Although you were born a Scorpio, you know that it has taken time for you to really take on the essence of this and become it, for there are many layers and depths to absorb and process in order to truly master the art of being you. This may seem confusing, after all, you were born you, no one else, so how can it take time to grow into your true nature? Yet, intuitively you know this to be true, for it is only more recently that you have felt a deeper sense of shift and coalescence within which has given you a stronger sense of Self. Being Scorpio is an art, for there is a fine line between losing your Self in the mysterious depths of the unknowable within and losing your Self in the mysterious depths of others; you are a deeply sensitive soul and this can result in you being tossed about by the currents of life without a paddle or a GPS. Yet, you know that you are at your finest when you are backed into such a corner, for you are a Scorpio, and although your tail has a sting in it, you also know that you were born to follow your heart and soul into the unknown in life.

So, whilst many would struggle against the currents, you have realised that the art of being a Scorpio involves riding with the currents and working with them to your advantage in life. You are both receptive and directive; reactive and pro-reactive, and such skills take time to master, blend, hone and sharpen. April looks set to be a time where these skills all blend together in perfect harmony as you begin to embrace your true nature and celebrate the magnificence of all that you are. Few ever truly understand the essence of Scorpio, for you are a complicated soul, so it is no surprise that it can take you a long time to know your Self, but you have a golden opportunity now to embrace your Self and to bathe in the glory of being you...


April looks set to be a month of shifting perspective and enhanced perception as you find your Self at a turning point in your life. You have spent a great deal of time recently trying to keep on keeping on and trying to keep the wheels turning, the engine oiled and the fuel tank filled, yet it seems that you have become so focused on the mechanisms of keeping on keeping on that you have lost sight of your destination as well as the magnificent scenery along the way. In short, it seems that you have channelled all of your formidable energy towards doing and getting things done, and there’s none left in the reserves for you to do what you do best: inspired vision. Whilst the ability to have inspired vision hasn’t left you completely, you seem almost too depleted to tap into your visionary Self in order to step back from keeping on keeping on.

As a result, you seem tied up in knots, for you want to live a freer and more inspired life, but you remain on the hamster wheel for you have no energy to step free. It is all too easy to say get off the wheel and all will be well, for the motion of your wheel has built up quite a momentum, but you seem to have reached a pivotal time of your life when you have a choice as to what happens next. You can continue to keep your head down with your vision narrowed and focused on the immediate tasks to hand or you can re-connect to your true, free-spirited nature and step back from the humdrum in order to see just how different your life could be if only you allowed your Self to believe it to be so. You are a visionary and an inspired, creative soul; your natural state is one of expansion and possibilities, not hamster wheels and keeping your head down. It seems important now for you to re-connect to your Truth in order to break free of this cycle and re-define your life from the inside, out...


As you continue to open up to the concept of change in your life, it seems that your goals, dreams and expectations are shifting as you begin to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to your true priorities. What once seemed so important now seems less so as you realise that it is not so much what you do that matters but why you do it; it is your intent, belief and vision that shape and define your life, your path, your Self and your perceptions of success, for these represent the Truth of your essence. Despite knowing this, it has been hard for you to step back from the feelings of duty and responsibility, for you feel compelled to try to be everything to everyone and you strive to keep juggling as you worry that things will fall apart unless you sacrifice your desires and vision for the sake of the Whole. This is an admirable approach, but do you truly believe that the only path available to you is one of ‘doing the right thing’ even if that might not be the right thing for you? Of course, only you can answer that question, but it seems apt for you to take some time to ponder your answer now as there is a sense that you have grown so used to ‘doing the right thing’ that you have lost touch with what that means for you.

There is a level of fear or apprehension within you that resists fully connecting to your Truth (your vision and dreams) for when you step more consciously into your Self, you begin to see the changes that you want to instigate in your life. The fear surfaces as you know that the only path to change is to create change and you feel a heavy burden as you know that it is not just you to contemplate in the equation of your life. However, it seems time now for you to step beyond the fear in order to embrace Truth and happiness, for once you are aligned and centred, this emanates and radiates into the hearts and souls of everyone...


April looks set to be a month of vision, inspired thought and creative insight as you continue to focus on feeling your way forward as opposed to thinking your way forward. For a mind-soul such as yourself, this is a huge step, for it involves faith, trust and belief, and it also involves stepping beyond the relative comfort of your thinking safety blanket as you take a chance on life and on stepping ever closer towards your dreams. Although there are inevitably times where your vision becomes disjointed or scattered, on the whole, you are blessed with the ability to see the bigger picture of your life and the ways in which you can bring together the many different facets of you into a more comprehensive Whole. Such vision allows you to see beyond the chatter of the daily grind of things to do and enables you to see your dreams quite clearly, the challenge then surfaces when it comes to shifting these dreams from thought into reality. However, the more you continue to focus on feeling the power of your vision and intent, the more you are connecting to the vibration of your dreams enabling you to ‘earth’ them and make them whole.

This is a powerful shift in focus for you and should not be underestimated for it has taken a great deal of courage for you to step beyond the mind and open up to the more expansive, but less knowable, realm of consciousness. Yet, you intuitively knew that it was time to break down those inner barriers in order to ‘take a chance’ on life, and as you continue to open up to your vision and dreams, there is a strong sense that what happens next is very much shaped and defined by what you believe. Of course, no one can be completely sure as to what lies around the next corner, but you seem to have stepped back from being the statistician shaping your life on the odds and instead embraced a freer and more expansive approach enabling you to live a more inspired and a more enriching life...


As you continue to open up your heart and soul in order to re-connect to your Self and to your Truth, there is a sense that you are beginning to let go of a great deal of ‘burden’ or pressure when it comes to all of that juggling that you so often find yourself doing. Your natural state of being is one of an enlightened, inspired and compassionate soul, and this shapes and defines your life in so many ways, and yet it seems that you so often forget this and become entrenched in things to do, people to see and places to go. As a result, you can find your Self feeling uninspired, unenlightened and disconnected from your true nature for you are swimming against the currents. Now, as a fish, there are, inevitably times when swimming against the currents is necessary (think of the mighty salmon returning to breed), but, on the whole, going with the currents is much more ‘your thing’. Although you are a fluid soul, you are also a deeply stubborn one as well, for you try to cling onto the sides or push against the flow rather than going with the currents and trusting the unique flow of your life.

Only you can choose to master the currents and be at One with your true essence, but for others looking in it seems that you are at odds with your Self as you try to resist the very thing that could bring you all that you desire. Letting go and having faith are not always easy, but you are not being asked to sacrifice your Self, you are simply being nudged towards accepting your true essence and allowing your formidable insight and strength to guide you forwards now. Swimming against the currents takes energy, focus and strength, but just imagine how much easier it would be to ride with the currents and instead channel all that energy towards creating your very own Heaven on Earth. At the end of the day, only you can decide what happens next, but you seem ready now to be you...


kay 1st April 2013 10:52 pm

I just love your work, Sarah-Jane. You've got your finger on the pulse. Or at least on mine!

"It seems important not to push the fears and doubts away though, for they are still a part of the Whole, instead we need to reabsorb them with love and tenderness, realising that they had roles to play." Exactly what I'm working with.

"As the momentum of change continues to build and grow, there is an undeniable sense of anticipation rumbling and stirring from within, and although the details of this change still seems unknownable, this no longer seems to matter, for intuitively we can sense a build up of energy in preparation for the journey ahead and this feels wonderful and delicious." It absolutely (mostly!) does--until those little doubts and fears creep in, which I'm getting much better at lovingly and tenderly embracing and dissolving.

And your reading of Aries energy was spot on -- for me at least, sitting right here on my birthday smack dab in the middle of it.

Thanks, Sarah-Jane.

Leoshine37 1st April 2013 11:09 pm


Thank you so much for your inspirational post. I am a Leo and everything you said fits, I now know what to do!


Sarah-Jane 2nd April 2013 1:55 am

Thank you both so much for your lovely comments! I open up my heart and soul when I write, so it always means so much to me to hear such positive responses! Brightest Blessings, Sarah-Jane

Tiff 3rd April 2013 6:15 pm

So true. Thank you :smitten:

yogisam 7th April 2013 11:11 am

I agree 100% with Kay. Thank you Sarah-jane! The reading for Aries completely resonated with me, as did your intro. In appreciation :)

jannereeves 22nd April 2013 6:39 am

Thanks a lot for these inspirational words, this is one of the most important and decision making time of my life and i was all messed over. This is the turning point of my life and i will do everything to make it the best. Thanks for your motivating words.

Just have a question in my mind, my date of birth is 24th November so does this mean am truly Sagittarius?? Or we consider some other points as well??

Sarah-Jane 23rd April 2013 5:00 am

Thanks for all of your lovely comments!

If your sun is in Sagittarius, then you are Sagittarian! However, there are many other points to consider including your Moon and Rising Sign, not to mention the plethora of other planets involved in the equation of your life. So, it is not straightforward, and some find reading their Moon or Rising Sign more informative than their Sun signs, and some use all three!



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