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Message for April 2014

April looks set to be a month of inspiration and revelation as we begin to re-connect to clarity, vision and purpose in all aspects of living and being. Life so often gets in the way of clarity as it can clutter up the space within with things to do, people to see and places to go etc. Yet, that is the nature of life, so should we keep on keeping on until we find a quiet moment to re-centre or should we now navigate a new path that allows us to be centred despite the clutter and busyness all around? The answer may seem obvious, but so few actually reach a point of realisation that equilibrium is possible in the here and now. Many of us stumble and bumble along, doing the best we can, hoping to reach the promised land of breakthrough and bliss.

Of course, knowing that it is possible to find balance now is one thing, but making it a reality is another entirely! Yet, surely if we perceive it to be challenging then it will be challenging? Maybe all we need to do is to soften our focus now in order to take a big deep breath and re-centre. It sounds simple, but why shouldn’t it be? Does life have to be hard all the time? It is a human tendency to want to push, fidget, struggle and fight when the going gets tough as these are survival strategies, and yet, the more we push or fidget, the harder the struggle becomes as we get lost in the fight and life then consumes us. It is only when we pause and take a breath that we shift our focus and realise that, by finding balance in the here and now, we can find a new level of awareness that helps us to ride the waves of life consciously and to embrace the true vibrancy of being human.

We are incredibly complicated and complex beings, and yet, we are also pure consciousness at the same time. When we get tangled up in ‘being human’ it’s all too easy to lose sight of our higher nature as it starts to feel detached and separate from our everyday lives. However, if we open up to the realisation that our higher nature never actually leaves us, we can begin to reclaim a truer sense of balance. We can bluster, fidget and push to our heart’s content, but we remain pure consciousness as we can never not be. We are not separate and isolated, but we are interconnected and integrated. The more we can open up to this connection, the more we will realise that conscious living and being happens as a part of life, not at some distant point in the future, when things are fixed, boxes are ticked and everything is perfect.

Life is for living and the more we can find balance in the here and now, the more we will realise that all is as it should be...

With love,



As you continue to unravel and re-assess the ‘to do’ list of your life, you are finding great delight in re-connecting to your true priorities. There is a sense that you are beginning to relish the opportunity to finally say goodbye to some long held goals and duties which have remained active due to feelings of obligation and guilt, as well as the inevitable ought’s, should’s and must’s. Yet, there is a hesitancy within you as you are not a quitter and it can be hard for you to walk away even when you intuitively know that it’s time. You would rather keep on keeping on, showing your determination and fighting spirit because that’s what you do. However, there are times when keeping on doesn’t serve anyone’s best interests, least of all yours, and despite your steadfast determination to push on, you now need to ask yourself why? What drives you to push ahead even though this is counter-intuitive? Why is it so hard to let go?

It seems that there is a part of you that feels compelled to keep on as it somehow validates your experience and confirms your true worth. Yet, knowing that pushing against the flow takes you further away from you surely is a sign that such actions will neither validate nor confirm your existence? At the end of the day only you can validate yourself by loving and honouring your Self and this comes from listening to your true needs and leaning into the discomfort of letting go of the concept of having a ‘to do’ list once and for all. After all, lists can only keep you focused on the conditionality of linear time as you look forward towards receiving more ticks in life; surely there is more to life than that? You are a vibrant and conscious being, and you are ready now to shift your focus whole-heartedly into the present moment, letting go of the self-created pressure to do more, be more and achieve more. You no longer seem willing to have your life shaped and defined by chasing achievements and ticks on that list. So, make the most of this opportunity to re-shape and re-define your life, and remember to love yourself for it...


April looks set to mark the beginning of a chapter of self-realisation and inner awakening as you begin to find a new level of balance and equilibrium in your life. There is a sense that you have opened up your heart and soul to the concept of Truth and to what you truly want in life. This is easier said than done for you as you spend so long trying to do the ‘right’ thing, maintaining the status quo, and you often steer off course as a result. Of course, in a way there is no such thing as being off course as every pathway in life has its value and meaning, and yet, you often feel as though you have let yourself down when things don’t quite go as planned. However, you seem ready now to connect to Truth in a more personal and profound way. Truth is a willingness to re-connect to your true essence and to be open to the wisdom and insight that flows as a result. Truth is not always easy to hear as it doesn’t always conveniently fit into the routine of your life. At the same time, Truth does not take into account your tendency to give so much and your willingness to self-sacrifice, so it may be hard to accept the light of your inner wisdom at times. And yet, you have chosen to open up your heart and soul to Truth, so, on some level, you must be ready to turn and face it.

The path of awakening is rarely straightforward and it can be impossibly confusing, frustrating and disorientating at times. Oh, how you wish for an instruction manual and map to guide you! Yet, you already have both if only you allowed them to flow! Your inner wisdom (Truth) is a powerful and formidable force in your life carrying the wisdom of the ages, and when you go within and listen, the answers are always waiting for you. It may sound simplistic to say ‘take a big deep breath and re-focus on the present moment’, but this is the point! Life doesn’t have to be complicated and such a step enables you to re-connect to the Universal Whole and to open up wholeheartedly to Truth. Try it...


As you continue to explore the concept of wholeheartedly embracing the joyful and happy essence of life, there is a sense that you are feeling in something of a quandary during April as you feel acutely aware of the gap between where you are and where you feel you need to be. Although you are now more aware of living consciously in the present moment, and you intuitively know that happiness is achievable, it still feels out of reach, almost as though there are things you must achieve first before you can be free to let go and be joyful. It seems that, on some level, you feel as though you have to get all aspects of your life to where you want them to be in order to reach the promised land of happiness and contentment. This is understandable, but perplexing, as the whole notion of conscious living is to step beyond linear and conditional thought and into the full majesty of the present moment!

It therefore seems that you are currently straddling two states of being: linear/conditional living and conscious/present moment being, and although you may like to think that you have mastered the art of being present in the moment, your life does not seem to reflect this. When you look closely into the mirror and truly open your eyes, you see what’s there, although everyone dreams and has aspirations, these are not in the mirror but in your mind’s eye. It seems important that you acknowledge the difference now as you cannot live in your mind’s eye; the future hasn’t happened yet. Dreams are wonderful things to have but spending your life waiting to be happy until you have achieved them keeps you locked in linear time and away from being you. Okay, your present moment might not be all you hoped for, but it is only less because of your expectations and perception of what constitutes happiness. Why not open up consciously to the present moment and feel yourself expand exponentially into this moment? Such a focus doesn’t eradicate your dreams but it does stop you from living your life conditionally. In essence, this is your chance to find a new level of freedom and being in your life...


As you continue to seek out the light within, it seems that you have taken to the art of inner archaeology with enthusiasm and gusto. Grabbing your trowel and brush, you seem determined to excavate as quickly as possible as you are so keen to reveal your inner light in order to re-establish a sense of balance in your life. You are focusing almost all of your energy into the process of digging, channelling your will into getting to the bottom and revealing all there is to reveal. Yet, is digging absolutely necessary to let your light shine? Or is digging simply another form of distraction that keeps you away from being you? There is a sense that you are still innately cautious about letting go of keeping on keeping on as this has shaped and defined your life for so long. Being you feels challenging in that it means no longer hiding behind being busy and instead loving yourself exactly as you are. You have grown so used to being the person you thought you ought to be that you have lost sight of the person you truly are.

Digging keeps you busy and seems to be a way to fool yourself that you are ‘trying’. After all, no one excavates the depths of the soul without wanting to evolve do they? Well, no, but yes. Digging may reveal some hidden nuggets and gems of wisdom and insight, but digging for the sake of it rarely bears fruit. Why dig when you already have all you need to shine your inner light and live your life? April looks set to be a month of revelation and insight as you pause for a while in order to take a long look at your tendency to avoid yourself. Do you fear your essence? Do you fear that being you will upset the apple cart of your life? Or is it a case that you simply haven’t really thought it all through? You are distracting yourself because that’s what you have always done? Has it somehow been simpler to live this way as it has kept you away from having to step into the light and reveal your truth? Although only you can ask these questions of yourself, you seem ready now to answer...


Someone once said ‘everything in moderation’. In essence, these appear to be wise words when it comes to things like your food intake and work/life balance etc. Yet, there is a sense that you find it hard to live within the boundaries of such wisdom as you are more of an ‘all or nothing’ kind of soul. When you feel driven and inspired, little can stop you from pushing ahead, making the most of each opportunity as best as you can. As a result, the concept of moderation falls by the wayside as your fiery spirit takes the lead and your effervescence takes over. Of course, this drive helps you to achieve a great deal in life as it is the inspiration that sees you reaching towards your dreams, grabbing life with both hands and making the most of every single opportunity that comes your way. Yet, is ‘all or nothing’ truly the best way to live? Whilst ‘everything in moderation’ might feel a little lifeless, boring and un-inspirational, you intuitively know that constantly charging ahead without consideration for the balance either within or without in your life leads to a disconnection from your fiery soul. Although you get things done, when you push too hard, you lose sight of the joy and the wisdom within.

It therefore seems that April is a time for you to start finding a new way of living and being that allows you to re-capture your spark and fizz, and inspires you to live your life with a mixture of balance (moderation) and drive. To have one without the other leads to discombobulation as you start to swing wildly out of sync with your true essence. There may be times when you have to do ‘all or nothing’ but there are also times when not doing this actually seems wiser. So, listen to your inner wisdom to lead the way now. Stop being your own worst enemy by pushing ahead and ignoring the need for equilibrium in your life. Balance is not boring, it is the foundation for inspirational and conscious living, and it will help you to find a new level of joy and sparkle in every corner of your life...


April looks set to be a month for inspired thinking and creative expression as you begin to step beyond the perceived boundaries of your life and towards pastures new in terms of your beliefs, ideas and ideals. Something has shifted deep within, and you now seem inspired and empowered to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. Although you have always been something of a visionary, there is a sense that you usually allow your mind to lead the way in your life as ‘it knows best’. Well, your mind might be wise and well-educated, but your soul or consciousness is as old as time itself and has a great deal of life experience and wisdom to share. It can be hard for you to listen to your intuition as you work so hard at pushing ahead, trying to achieve all you need to achieve in order to find happiness and joy. You see happiness as a state of being that comes at the end of a long line of things to do, people to see and places to go which first have to be perfected in order to create the right conditions for living consciously and being happy.

Such a perspective is understandable, after all, you have spent a great deal of your life striving to be more, do more and achieve more. You see your life as a pathway between here and there, and you see yourself standing somewhere in the middle of the two destinations. This can create a somewhat frustrating state of being as your focus is on lack rather than on abundance, and you can feel that happiness is still out of reach as you still have so much to do, be and achieve first. Yet, things are shifting and as you tap into the inspiration and creativity this month, giving your driven mind a little rest, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise that living your life conditionally and focusing on the gap, keeps you locked in linear time and away from the present moment. As you open up more consciously to this moment, you are realising that you already have all you need in order to be truly and wholeheartedly happy...


Just about everyone has at least one saying, inspirational quote or anecdote about life, living and being alive. You know the ones: those wise little sayings that can, on the surface, seem a bit random but actually make a great deal of sense, offering wisdom and insight into being human. It seems that the drive to understand and make sense of life is a powerful one and it seems that for you, unravelling the tangles of everyday living matters as it is your way of giving meaning to the ups and downs of life. Although these quotes and anecdotes help, they often leave you wanting as they don’t quite satisfy your need to understand why things happen the way they do. At the same time, you know that trying to make sense of life by trying to apply a nugget of wisdom can sometimes be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole; it doesn’t work! So, despite your attempts to understand, you often end up feeling perplexed and confused as to the true nature of being human. Of course, there are many aspects of life which are unknowable and there are also many questions without answers.

You can spend your time trying to find the answers or you can instead start to live your life knowing that the answers may never come, but if they do, they will surface in their own time. It can be frustrating for you to leave stones unturned in your quest to ‘make sense’ of it all, but such a quest can keep you away from living your life and being you. If you are always looking for answers and meaning, how can you step consciously into each and every moment to live? It seems that your quest has been driven for the right reasons, but along the way you have become consumed by the need to ‘get it right’ and understand rather than listening to your formidable intuition to live your life vibrantly and consciously. April looks set to be a month when you begin to create a new way of living and being that allows you to shift the focus and calm that chattering mind. Start with small steps and remember ‘a man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones’...


Breaking down the barriers continues in earnest throughout April as you open up your heart and soul towards embracing a life that sets you free from those storylines that have shaped and defined your life for so long. Although some of these storylines may be life affirming and positive, there is a sense that not all of them are this way. Over time, you have grown used to their presence and tried to live your life incorporating them into your everyday existence. Of course, this makes sense, after all, what else could you do? Well, just because you have always been a central character to such storylines doesn’t mean that you have to continue in such a role. You are not a powerless pawn in the game of life, unable to make informed decisions or choices, you are a vibrant, passionate and inspired soul, and even though you cannot change what happens in life (and sometimes, life sucks), you can change your perspective and your response. In addition, by opening up to changing your story, you are opening up to a new consciousness that inspires a new way to live and be.

Those storylines only keep repeating because you expect them to; on some level deep within you haven’t made the connection between your expectations, your beliefs and your tendency not to see your own power and presence. Of course, even when you do have moments of connection and pure insight, and you see the bigger picture, it can be hard for you to see just how to extricate yourself from the storylines that have given your life shape for so long. Part of you feels ‘safe’ in the repeating cycles as it is safe and familiar territory, but intuitively you know that the time has come for you to shake things up in order to begin a new chapter of conscious living and being. The way to extricate yourself is to first become aware of them and then to open up your heart and soul towards setting yourself free. You seem to have a habit of switching off when the seas of life get a little too choppy, and this is the main reason that you find yourself in these storylines. Let them go now as they no longer need to define you...


April looks set to be a month of re-connection for you as you open up to what you truly want in life. You have spent a long time keeping on keeping on, and you have pushed yourself hard to keep moving forwards. Yet, at some point along the way you lost sight of what exactly you were trying to achieve and, as a result, the push became the focus, not the journey or the destination. Losing sight of your ‘way’ is not uncommon and yet, for you, it seems incomprehensible that you could get lost as your vision and passion shine so brightly. Even during times of stress or challenge, your soul radiates a kind of glow that reaches deeply into the hearts and souls of others. All you need to do when the skies darken is to close your eyes and take a big deep breath allowing your inner light to burn a little brighter in order to illuminate your path and your life. So, why are you lost? Have you stepped off-course? Have you tried to block out your own intuition in order to live an ‘easier life’? Perhaps you are not keen to upset the status quo?

With so many questions to ponder you may feel too overwhelmed to pause for a while in order to contemplate your answers. Yet, this is the issue at the real heart of the problem: you keep pushing ahead without connecting the dots between your intuition and what you truly want in life. Life has become a hamster-wheel, not because there is no other way, but because it somehow seems easier to keep on keeping on. So, why not step free from the hamster wheel and re-connect to the somewhat formidable power of your inner light to lead the way? What’s stopping you? Although only you can answer these questions, you have to want to answer them in the first place, and although it may seem easier to go with the flow that others create, it does result in your inner light dimming from view. Stop! Take a big deep breath and feel your inner light burning brightly. Self-awareness does not have to mean creating chaos and upsetting the apple cart, but it can mean inspired living and being, and you seem more than ready now...


Keep off the Grass! Mind the Gap! Stay right! Life is full of instructions and demands, all designed to make things run more smoothly as humanity bumbles along. Yet, there are some rules in your life that do not seem to ‘fit’ the concept of making life easier as all they do is to make your life more challenging, keeping you away from being you and from living the life you know you were born to live. These rules come from ought’s, must’s, should’s and should not’s that have shaped and defined your life for so long. It seems that you have created your own set of rules for living that allow you to keep on keeping on but seem to prevent you from being you. Rules are important, there is no denying that, but when you create them yourself and feel compelled to honour them faithfully even when they are no longer serving a positive role in your life, it seems clear that the time has come for you to pause for a while in order to re-think your strategy. You may be perfectly happy with the status quo, but there is a sense that you are feeling a little restless now as these rules have taken on a life and power of their own making it hard for you to change the record (sorry, digital track). Yet, they only remain powerful if you allow them to and they can only control your life if you let them.

Although it may feel like hard work to re-write the rule book of your life, there is no time like the present! There are so many rules that have become a part of your life that have become ingrained as a result of conditioning and storylines, but these no longer have to take the lead and keep you locked in a cycle of lack and wanting. And it is lack, for the more you enforce your ought’s, must’s and should’s, the further away from conscious living you step. You may not want to live consciously and could be perfectly happy following your own rules, but at least take some time in April to pause and see the bigger picture of your life. You are strong, passionate and formidable, so why not channel these towards living free now?


As you continue to explore new terrain in life, there is a sense that April looks set to be a month of opportunity as you connect with a new perspective that enables you to see your life from a completely new vantage point. As a result, there are aspects of your Self and your life that may no longer feel right and there will be aspects that are calling out for more time and attention. Although you may not be able to explain the reasons for these shifts, intuitively you know that you cannot ignore your discovery. Seeing such revelations is but the first step though, as the real challenge comes when you want to implement them in your life. Yet, does it have to be challenging? Is this not just another perception? Change does not have to be arduous and hard-going, of course, there are times when it is, but if you expect it to be, do you think it might be possible that you are somehow ‘calling’ more challenge into your life? As a visionary and creator, you know how potent your thoughts are. Of course, you know this, but it’s not always so easy to maintain a positive inner dialogue as life often gets in the way!

You can sometimes find yourself tied up in knots in the chaos of life and unable to move in any direction; you seem almost paralysed by thought as the power of your mind cannot unravel the tangles, and the harder it tries, the bigger and tighter the knot. Yet, if you take a deep breath and step beyond the mind, you will reconnect to your intuition and this opens up the door to your universal consciousness; that force that interconnects all there is. Here the knots dissolve and you can feel your inspiration rising up to the surface to show you the bigger picture of your life. It is here where you connect to your new vantage point, and it is here where you can see the tangle of thoughts melt away. Whilst such a step may not fix your life, it will help you to put things into perspective and apply your new vision with clarity, passion and precision. There is no need to be lost anymore, yet finding yourself comes from stepping into the unknown. Are you ready?


It is so easy to create water analogy after water analogy to reflect your state of being: from a fish swimming against the currents or a ship navigating the high seas to a maelstrom shaping and defining your life. Whilst all of these ‘fit’ different aspects of your life, there is a sense that none truly do you justice as they all imply challenge and a kind of powerlessness to the forces of nature. Now whilst challenge is a part of your life, it does not define you and it does not become you unless you allow it to. You are a vibrant and inspired soul, and your wisdom, tenacity and enduring compassion enable you to ride the waves of life with strength and vision. Although there may be times when life feels ‘too much’ and you long for a rest on a desert island along the way, on the whole, you thrive in the currents as this is where you feel truly alive. However, it seems that you have been trying to find a new way of living and being that takes you away from the intensity of the flow of life as you are ready now for some peace and quiet, and whilst this is understandable, it also seems perplexing as you know you will feel like a fish out of water as the flow of water is your lifeblood.

Although part of you longs to rest in stillness, intuitively you know that the stillness doesn’t come from changing your nature, it comes from re-incorporating your essence. In other words, fighting the flow won’t help, as peace comes from embracing the flow and allowing your true, magnificent and incredible nature to lead the way once again. You will feel out of sorts if you struggle and push, but when you become One with your fluid, watery and frequently perplexing nature, you will begin to find the true sense of peace that you have been searching for. Sometimes you have to swim against the currents, navigate high seas and stand in the heart of the maelstrom, but see these states of being as your allies, not your enemies, for the more you push against the flow, the harder it will be for you to remain centred and in equilibrium. Let your true strength shine now as you begin to truly love yourself exactly as you are...



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