Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2015

Message for April 2015

April looks set to be a month of simplification and intensification as we begin to strip back the layers of complication and distraction that have shaped and defined our lives for so long. It may seem somewhat paradoxical to have both simplicity and intensity together, but  in order to focus on those key aspects of life that truly matter we need to find the courage to let go of our grip on everything else. So, by letting go and simplifying, we naturally intensify our focus towards what’s left.  Yet, life is rarely as easy as black and white as we are complex beings, so knowing what truly matters can be confusing, and letting go of everything else is perhaps neither practical nor realistic!

It is human nature to want to understand and make sense of life, yet there are times when, the harder we probe, the less we understand. Being willing to accept questions without answers and answers without questions is a test of faith but when we allow our intuition to guide us, we no longer rely on the brain to make sense of what is or what isn’t and instead learn to ‘feel’ our way forward. Of course, we cannot ‘park’ the brain permanently, so it’s important to find ways of reconciling our intuition with our need for understanding. The challenge comes when we realise that, however hard we try, we just cannot make sense of it all!

No one ever said being human was easy, but we are spiritual beings on a physical journey, so finding ways to bring balance between mind, body and soul is important as we cannot ignore those aspects of ourselves that we find inconvenient, irritating or frustrating. Making sense of the spiritual rollercoaster that we find ourselves on has only happened as a result of our willingness to step on the rollercoaster in the first place; at some level we chose to live an enriched, creative and spiritual life, so it’s important to find ways to reconcile any imbalances we discover. We may not be able to fix what we find but we can still love our imperfections, nuances and complexities.

Many souls choose to sleepwalk through life with their heads held down and their interconnectedness somehow switched off; it’s as though they live behind a kind of energetic-proofed glass that isolates them from the vibrancy of being spiritual souls in an ever-changing landscape. Some may say that such a life is perhaps an easier option than living in the maelstrom of the ebb and flow but intuitively we know that we wouldn’t have it any other way. Although it’s hard to imagine living in such a disconnected way, it’s important to acknowledge that there is no right or wrong, just as there are no clearly defined instructions for living life. We are all unique beings and we each have our own paths to follow. Yet, for those of us that choose to strip back the layers of clutter and distraction to reveal the gemstones of living consciously in each and every moment, we realise that such a path is precious and truly a joy to behold...

With love,



April looks set to be a month to step into a more expansive space in your life as you open up to seeing life in a richer and more affirming way. You have always been one to work hard, push ahead and get things done; you are the oil that keeps the cogs on the wheels of life turning, the one that becomes indispensable and invaluable.  Such a strategy keeps you busy, keeps you engaged and ensures that you always have things to do, people to see and places to go. However, such a strategy also keeps you away from listening to the world within you: to your higher/deeper self for wisdom, guidance and insight. Being the one that holds everything together all of the time becomes a role that’s hard to escape as you feel indispensable which can leave you feeling trapped and suffocated.

Yet, look a little deeper and there’s a sense that your desire to be indispensable goes beyond being a ‘good egg’ as it seems that you have always wanted to find your niche in life: that place where you fit and truly belong. Even though you intuitively know that this niche cannot be found in the roles you undertake, you carry on regardless as there is a sense of hope that you will, one day, find ‘home’; that place where you just feel right. Well, home is in your heart, it’s not where you heart is; go within and expand into your true essence as this is where you belong and this is where you will realise that there is no ‘do’, just a willingness to be…


As you continue to bring the many pieces of your life together into a more cohesive whole, there is a sense that you are beginning to take stock of the life you are living and comparing it to the life that you’d like to be living. There is a sense that you feel restless and a little frustrated that there’s always so much stuff to do and so little time to be still and rest in the moment. As the pieces or fragments of your life coalesce, you are finding it easier to see more space in-between the stuff and distraction, and, the more you focus on these spaces, the bigger they are becoming. There is a part of you slightly anxious at the idea of too much quiet time as you hate being idle and also know that you often start to over-think life when there’s nothing to do or see.

However, there is also a part of you discretely punching the air with delight at the prospect of re-setting the balance of your life and finding more time to rest in the moment and breathe more consciously. It’s easy to get lost in the distractions of life but you are ready now to turn towards the space and the stillness in order to gaze deeply within to your inner world. This is a place that may feel unfamiliar to you but it is your true gift in life so open up to it, love it and don’t forget to love all those spaces as they allow you the opportunity to thrive...


April looks set to be a month of conscious living for you as you take a step deeper within and open up to a new-found sense of awareness and awe. A good analogy would be as though you had stepped through a doorway into a new magical world, one where the sounds are clearer, the colours are brighter and everything you see instils you with a child-like sense of wonder. In a way, this isn’t really an analogy, it’s more reality, only this isn’t some mystical, magical world, but the one in which you already live, it’s just that you start to see it with fresh eyes and enhanced senses. You have always been aware of the bigger picture of life but your probing mind has frequently tripped you up and prevented you from stepping fully into a moment and becoming a part of it as you have a tendency to want to make sense of it at the same time.

Whilst this is understandable, sometimes you have to let go and just be in the moment; in the ebb and flow of life. It is in these moments where the magic and wonder reside, and it is in these moments where you truly come to life. Living consciously takes courage as it pushes you beyond the comfort-zone of your life and into unchartered terrain, but you are ready for this now as you want to feel completely alive and you want to feel every single one of the trillions of cells in your body tingle with the magic and awe of the beauty both around and within you...


It’s all too easy to focus on the things that are missing or those aspects where you feel ‘less than’ in life, and, over time, such things can consume and torture as the gap between where you are and where you want to be or where you think you need to be grows ever larger and more distant, and you can feel increasingly disconnected from all that is good in your life. Yet, it is only when you stop and appreciate the bigger picture, you realise there is a great deal of beauty and joy in every direction.  April looks set to be a month of great shift within you as your focus shifts away from the ‘lack’ and towards a more cohesive sense of inner wholeness and unity as you begin to let go of chasing rainbows to instead become the rainbow.

This may sound a little twee but the analogy serves an important point to remind you that you are in the driving seat of your life and, if being a rainbow helps remind you to open up your heart and soul to live more vibrantly, then why not?! You may not be one for dancing in the stars or wishing under rainbows but this is part of the problem as you have forgotten just how much magic is in the world! This isn’t to say that you should lose touch with reality but you should try to be more open to your spiritual, creative spark and let it whizz, bang or dance whenever you can...


As you continue to tap into your inner courage and strength, there is a sense of expansion as you begin to contemplate your path in life: the paths behind you, where you are now and the myriad of different paths before you. For some, this may feel overwhelming and confusing, but you take it in your stride as you thrive on living as consciously as possible right at the heart of the tapestry of life and in the midst of the uncertainty of the ebb and flow. Your intuitive awareness of the ever-changing world and the impermanence of life enlivens you and inspires you to make the most of every single moment. Of course, you have times when you lose this connection and life feels overwhelming, but it doesn’t take long for you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the bike of life once again.

Your dogged determination to keep on keeping on has seen you achieve a great deal and yet, there is a sense that you have not fully engaged in the expansion that’s now before you in terms of the choices and opportunities ahead. Perhaps you are trying to keep others happy or trying not to rock the boat? Both would be understandable given your tendency to self-sacrifice and be a champion in life, but maybe it’s time to be your own champion now?  You seem ready now to take a deep breath and step fully into the ebb and flow to live a life that’s less about ‘should’s’ and ‘ought’s’ and more about thriving, expansion and enrichment...


April looks set to continue the theme of you creating more ‘you time’ in your life as you begin to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to your true priorities. You are naturally a giver in life and like nothing less than feeling, and being, useful. Yet, this seems to come at your own expense as, over time, you squeeze the little bits of ‘you time’ out of your life in favour of being everything to everyone else. It’s important to realise that you do not reside at the bottom of the heap of priorities in life! Of course, intuitively you know this not to be true but your reality doesn’t seem to correlate with this belief as you continue to over-give.

You may wonder if it’s even possible to ‘over give’, after all, the pit is bottomless and there is always someone, somewhere in need of help or support. This is true but the responsibility to be the one who gives that support does not rest on your shoulders alone. This is not to say that you should stop caring, far from it, but it is time to start giving yourself some of that compassion of yours and allow your ‘you time’ to grow, coalesce and blossom. This isn’t selfish, even though you may initially feel this way, as, over time, the more in balance you become, the more energy you will have to do more for others. So, stop denying yourself the opportunity for space and rest, and instead pick up a mirror and allow the compassion that emanates from your enormous heart and soul to shine right back at you...


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your priorities in life, April looks set to be a month of renewed clarity and vision as you tap into an inner strength that feels both inspirational and empowering. You have long been walking a path towards increased clarity and, although there have been times when you have felt lost in a maze and a million miles away from clarity, you have never given up the belief that one day you will reach the promised land of feeling, living and being ‘in balance’. As a Libran, your scales natural oscillation is often seen by others as indecision; you spend so long weighing up every thought, every action and every choice which allows you to dig much deeper than most. Of course, there are times when this means making a speedy decision is unlikely, but no one can say that you are not thorough!

Oscillation allows you to ride the ebb and flow of life consciously and it is your willingness to let go into the flow that brings you closer to the clarity you have been seeking so long. In a way this may seem counter-intuitive as going deeper into the whirling ebb and flow intensifies the oscillation, but this is the point as it is the eye of the hurricane where the stillness resides. The natural whizz of your mind to an outsider would appear to have the fury and chaos of such a hurricane-like storm, but it is your natural state of being. In other words, your natural is feisty! So, love it, don’t fight it and allow the clarity to rise up and shine...


April looks set to be a month of inspiration and crescendo for you as you approach a pinnacle turning-point marking a new beginning in your life. Of course, life is always full of turning points and pinnacles, as that is what life is all about. And, as you well know, the opposite is also true for, along with the high points, comes plenty of the low. Yet, your focus is not on the ‘lows’ in April as your willingness to consciously and open-heartedly embrace the ‘art of loving acceptance’ has expanded your awareness of expectation, hope and belief. It seems that your willingness to turn and face your ‘what is’, exactly as it is, has enabled you to see the bigger picture of your life. By opening up to truth you have opened up your heart and soul towards grabbing life with both hands in each and every moment.

Even though you know that not every moment will be wonderful, your acceptance of the highs and lows prevents you from becoming frozen in a perpetual state of hope as you seize the moment rather than chasing the concept of what might be, could be or should be. It may not feel like a natural step to go from acceptance to a crescendo, but when your expectation shifts away from being a pawn in the game of life to feeling like a willing participant in each and every moment of life, it’s easy to see that the inspiration crescendo heading your way will see you soar like an eagle riding the thermals. This is your time to thrive and to revel in the joy in your heart...


As you continue to weave a new web into the dance of your life, it seems you are beginning to gain confidence as your sense of self is expanding and thriving. Yet, there is an air of unrest deep within you that appears to be connected to a ripple of doubt questioning if you are doing the right thing, making the right choice or thinking the right thoughts. You are world-class at self-analysis, and whilst this allows you to know your true essence, there is also a risk that, when over-picked, all of your hard work can unravel. You find it hard to trust when life is ‘going your way’ as you sense a fear of everything falling apart and you’ve had more than your fair share of egg on your face. Yet your strategy to self-protect seems to be just as destructive as you seem to prefer to take things away from yourself rather than let the hand of fate decide.

Sometimes hedging your bets works, sometimes it doesn’t, but oscillating on the periphery of life ‘just in case’ seems destined to leave you in a perpetual state of frustration. Of course, this isn’t to say you should take unnecessary risks but intuitively you know that there are times when you have to grab life with both hands and live! Yes, there is uncertainty, but these exist whatever choice you make. Why not make your dance the one you truly want to embrace, you know, the one where you really don’t care who might be watching...


April looks set to be a month for a pivotal spring clean in all aspects of your life as you begin to let go of the clutter and distraction that has been choking the flow of your inspiration for quite some time. Of course, some of the distraction may be connected to duties or responsibilities you cannot let go of, but these are the ones that perhaps need your closest attention as you explore your relationship to them in more detail. A duty can become heavy and cumbersome if it feels onerous or expected: something done without thanks or a duty that has become so engrained in your life that there feels like no other way. Everyone has these but it’s important to acknowledge their presence as even though cutting them out of your life may not be an option you can begin to change your relationship with them and carry them differently in your heart. This is a matter of perspective, but perspective is important as it shapes and defines your reality.

When a duty feels cumbersome and you do it with a heavy heart, this duty slowly saps the life force from you. Yet, if you lift up your perspective and show both yourself and the duty compassion, whilst the duty itself doesn’t change, your relationship to it does so it no longer holds power over you. This may sound rather simplistic and in many ways it is, but try to take at least a little time this month exploring your relationship to those aspects of your life that feel out of balance. Hopefully a spring clean will lighten the load and re-inject a renewed vigour for life...


Enrichment looks set to be your mantra throughout April as you seek out new ways of living and being that bring you a richer connection to life. Enrichment is defined as ‘making something more meaningful’ and this seems to shape and define your expectations and hopes now as you strip back the layers of complication in order to reveal a simpler, but richer, way of living your life. Of course, you intuitively know that life is not about how much money you earn, however, you are not naive enough to believe that you can live on fresh air alone so you have worked out a strategy of living that enables you to strike a balance between the two. Yet, there is a sense that you are now seeking out a deeper level of enrichment in your life as you are finding some of the aspects of your ‘everyday life’ (work, bills etc) a little too dry and without nourishment.

As a result, you have taken a step back and realised that ‘everyday life’ and a ‘spiritual/creative/enriched life’ do not have to be mutually exclusive but they can co-exist instead! It’s only natural to want to keep your everyday world and everything else separate as you feel as though the work/money part of your life will taint the rest; yet, that will only happen if you allow it to. There is a fine line to strike between wanting to live well and actually living well, and the main difference usually boils down to perception and allowing preconceptions to cloud the view. Take a deep breath and allow enrichment to envelop your heart and soul...


April looks set to be a month of fizz and sparkle as you finally reconnect to the effervescence within and allow it to bubble back up to the surface once again. You have spent a great deal of your time keeping on keeping on, trying to keep the wheels on the great big bus of life turning. You have sacrificed a great deal of yourself trying to ensure the smooth running of the bus and managed to keep it en-route and well-maintained at all times. Yet, it seems that there are many buses, and although you have successfully managed to keep them all road-worthy, most of them are not yours: they represent the lives and paths of those close to you. So, the big issue of the month has to be connected to finding your own bus. Have you parked it up somewhere? Did you take it off road? Has it got lost?

These may seem like silly questions but when you step beyond the bus analogy and think about your life, you will begin to realise just how much of yourself and your essence you give to others and how little you give to yourself. Of course, you get great reward being the conductor, driver, mechanic and ticket inspector, but when you spend all of your time riding on the buses of others, trying to give them your everything, you end up losing sight of yourself and your own needs fade into oblivion. You will always be a giving person but the time has come for you to dust off your own bus, set a new route, sound your horn and enjoy the best road trip of your life...



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