Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2016

Message for April 2016

As the process of reconnection continues, there is a growing sense of increasing disconnection surfacing at the same time. This may, on first thought, seem slightly strange, after all, reconnection suggests healing, unity and interconnectedness doesn't it? Whilst this is true, it's important to consider the bigger picture of the cyclical nature of our revolution: we expand and contract at the same time. In other words, the more we reconnect, the more we disconnect. Of course, we’re not connecting and disconnecting from the same thing as that would simply be too confusing(!). No, as we reconnect to our true essence and sense of self, we’re letting go of the layers upon layers of conditioning, beliefs and distraction we’ve built up over the years. In fact, the more we disconnect and let go, the more capacity we give our hearts and souls to connect more consciously to life.

In these troubled times, there is an understandable desire to build boundaries but this simply serves to feed fear and more disconnection arises as a result. The concept of ‘love thy neighbour' is not a new one and even though it's hard to love neighbours who appear to carry very different values to our own, surely it's the force of reconnection and love that will win out in the end? Fear feeds fear which feeds more fear and pain.

No one ever said the journey of evolution would be easy or come with an instruction manual. Life isn't painting by numbers: we have to find our own way which involves tripping up, making mistakes, being strong and being vulnerable. Someone recently said to me that vulnerability is the opposite to strength. So many perceive vulnerability as a sign of weakness but, in my experience, vulnerability is a willingness to be wholehearted, genuine, real and seen; what takes more strength and courage than that?

Vulnerability is letting go and embracing the present moment exactly as it is. Of course, we won't like every moment but being present in it rather than wishing we were elsewhere or thinking that things should or could be different, we get the chance to fully connect to life. The more we connect, the more we disconnect from those beliefs and ideas that feed fear and the more we begin to feel the true threads that weave and bind us together.

We are all unique individuals but we are not isolated lumps of flesh: our atoms form a part of the universal whole. We can't control how others think just as we can't control the weather or the journey of the Earth around the Sun. We can, however, think for ourselves and the more of us that become wiling to be a part of the revolution of reconnection, the more powerful those threads will become.

April looks set to be a month of growing awareness of the roles we each have to play in life. Change begins within and the more willing we are to wholeheartedly connect, disconnect and truly live, the more ripples we’ll see in the ocean of life as new currents transform and begin to carve out some new and very different channels. As we allow the shorelines of our souls to be lapped with the changing currents of life, a new strength is rising up, stirring the depths of our souls and encouraging each and every one of us to breathe more deeply into life…

With love,




April looks set to be a month of inspired innovation and empowered creativity as you begin to walk a new path in life. In some ways, it seems that this new path is actually not all-together unfamiliar to you as it’s been a path you’ve been tentatively rolling around your consciousness for quite some time but you seem somehow more determined now with a renewed sense of courage and resolution to bring about some positive change in your life. It could therefore be said that this new path is actually more connected to your mind-set more than anything else as it’s how you think about your life that helps to shape and define it. Yet, it does seem to go deeper than this as the inklings of change cannot be denied as they ripple into your life from different directions.

The flames of courage and the sparks of creativity that burn brightly within your heart and soul are often to blame for your somewhat tempestuous and unpredictable side, but this energy looks set to give you an extra shot of confidence over the weeks ahead to instil some extra mettle as you decide how you want to proceed. Decisions do not always involve action, sometimes a valid decision is not to decide, so don’t necessarily expect massive tidal-wave sized shifts, but do be prepared to think outside of the box when it comes to the fulfilment of your dreams as opportunities may not be obvious at first sight and are not likely to be labelled ‘opportunity’ for your benefit. So, think big, think bright and don’t be afraid to let those fires within burn brightly to lead the way. You are your very own lighthouse, don’t forget that. Be yourself...



The concept of living in a ‘brave box-less’ world (see March forecast) seemed to trigger a wave of insight and inspiration for you (judging by the messages I received!). You’ve begun to contemplate stepping beyond the pigeon holes of life and breaking the mould as you breathe more deeply and connect to a richer and more authentic sense of self. Whilst you’ve always had a good sense of self, over time, life events, responsibilities and things to do/see/go have clouded over the sparkling essence within your heart and soul, leaving you feeling slightly out of kilter. It’s still there of course but it’s dampened down and subdued, often feeling just slightly out of reach as you keep on keeping on. In short, the magic has dwindled leaving your enthusiasm and motivation lacking which has created some waves of self-doubt and confusion connected to stepping beyond the idea of thinking ‘beyond the box’. Questions keep rising up in your consciousness that niggle and irritate you, questions you’d usually brush off but their persistence is hard to ignore.

Yet, as you continue to step beyond the boxes you’ve built in your life you are discovering the freedom of expanding boundaries and the excitement of pastures new. Whilst you may not feel ready to jump ship or head for the hills, you do seem ready to allow your true essence to have more space and freedom in your life. The more this expands, the more likely it is that you’ll feel ready to make some important decisions about your true priorities in life. Sometimes change doesn’t have to be all-singing, all-dancing, sometimes it’s the little things that count…



‘Sometimes I see things that have the power to stop me in my tracks…lost in a moment of pure magic and amazement. It’s these moments that allow us to forget our troubles and inspire us to the infinite possibilities around us’. Steven Frayne, aka Dynamo. Another month, another quote. These words instil a true sense of the magic and wonder occurring in your life at the current time: a sense of whisperings of change, murmurings of new discovery and an awareness of the light within you surging up and inspiring you to take a fresh look at your life. You may not be a believer in magic, but this isn’t necessarily the Harry Potter kind of magic, but a sense of inner transformation similar to the magic of the chrysalis becoming the butterfly and the embryo becoming the baby.

New life is stirring your soul from deeply within and, as you gaze around at the world, you’re seeing everything with fresh eyes. It’s as though you’re becoming aware of every sound, every scent and every atom for the first time as you awaken and step into a new consciousness; the world is buzzing and full of energy and vibrancy. It’s like you’ve suddenly stepped into a new dimension and everything hits your senses at once as you fully process and take in the moment. Yet, life isn’t changing, you are, and, as a result, you’re creating ripples of change. Being you has always been slightly confusing as you walk with one foot on earth and the other in that indefinable space between here and there. This is your time to shine as you merge these worlds into a new consciousness and allow the magic and amazement to inspire you to take a big deep breath of life…



April looks set to continue with the theme of working out what you want in life. The ought’s, must’s and should’s that have shaped and defined your life for years are beginning to shrink in your perception as you realise they are only that big because you are looking at them from such a close perspective. Think of the Moon; some days it’s so big and so near you feel like you could reach out and touch it but can you? No! It’s similar with your hefty ‘to do’ list: it looks huge but this doesn’t mean it is. Perhaps if you step back a little to look at the bigger picture, your perspective will shift and you will realise that you’re not quite as over-burdened as you sometimes believe. At the same time, your reluctance to say no and to stand up for what you want have become irritants to you recently and you’re feeling distinctly at odds with yourself when you say ‘yes’, smiling, but within you scream to yourself ‘No!’, shaking inwardly with rage. Why the lack of correlation? Why the need to keep up appearances?

Upsetting the apple cart isn’t something you're keen on but there are times in your life when your unwillingness to even move an apple around, let alone upset the cart, results in your own suffering and unhappiness which creates discordant ripples in your heart and soul. How you feel isn’t irrelevant. Listening to your own needs isn’t selfish. It’s time to love and honour yourself more and to finally say out loud (and apologies in advance for placing this Spice Girls song in your head as you won’t be able to eradicate it for days) and declare what you really, really want...



As the fires of your imagination continue to smoulder and burn there is a growing sense of re-emergence as you begin to contemplate the bigger picture of your life. Whilst you are a forward thinking, expansive and innovative soul, it seems your inner light of creativity has been dim and lacklustre lately as you’ve focused most, if not all, of your energy on the business of keeping on keeping on. As a result, life has felt like hard work as your usual effervescent, fiery spark has struggled to lift your spirits and give you your usual sense of determined optimism even when the chips are down. However, all is not lost as this period of subdued energy has enabled you to step back slightly in order to see the bigger picture of your life.

It seems you have been focusing your energy on the finer details of things to do, people to see and places to go. This has kept you so busy and distracted you’ve lost sight of the reasons why you do what you do. Without a goal to strive for, a bigger picture to see or a summit to climb you can feel a little lost as you can end up stuck in the details without moving forwards as you’ve no clear pathway to follow. Clarity and vision may suggest little room for spontaneity or your va-va voom, but sometimes they enable you to step from here to there, lifting your perspective and your life into a new dimension. Clarity isn’t certainty, nor is it guarantees, but believing in yourself and your dreams will get you a long way along the path from here to there. April looks set to be a month to let your inner fires burn brightly as you open yourself up to a brand new way of living and being…



April looks set to continue the theme of living consciously and wholeheartedly in the present moment as you stop trying so hard to be the person you think you ought to be and instead start to become the person you truly are. Of course, logically you are you and no one else, but when you try to be the person you think you ought to be you lose touch with what makes you tick and, over time, this starts to diminish your inner sparkle and glow. Everyone’s life is shaped and defined by expectations, responsibilities and perception but you have a tendency to try to be everything to everyone for fear of disappointing or letting others down; you want to be everything to everyone except perhaps to yourself. You try so hard to get life ‘right’ but the cost of this is a disconnection from your sense of self. As a result, you tend to self-sacrifice and over-give, depleting your reserves and frequently finding yourself stuck in moments of bewilderment where you struggle to make sense of where you are in life and why.

In short, the threads of your essence no longer weave their way through all aspects of your life as you’ve boxed them all up to enable you to be that version of yourself you believe you need to be or ought to be. Why? Why put yourself under so much pressure? Why be someone you’re not? What’s wrong with being you? Whilst you’ll never stop being there for others, it’s time to let those sparkling, golden threads of your true self surface freely and allow them to weave a new pathway in your life as you take a big deep breath of life and allow life to breathe back into you…



Your creative flow is a formidable force as it shapes and defines so many aspects of your life. As a fluid, moveable force it ebbs and flows with the changing tides of each and every breath. Although you are generally very open to the concept of going with the flow, your mind is considerably less fluid as it (well, you!) likes to have a clearer sense of direction as well as an understanding as to why things are the way they are. This is a part of being Libran, but there are times when your mind can become so entrenched in trying to work things out, it acts like a dam holding back the river of your creativity and your soul. As a result, you can begin to feel a sense of inner disconnection as your mind separates from your creative/intuitive nature as they pull in opposing directions rather than flowing together.

The concept of flowing together doesn’t imply perfect harmony, it simply suggests a willingness for the two facets of your being to ebb and flow together, giving and taking, and being open to life’s inherent uncertainty. Your mind may want clarity, certainty, guarantees and answers but it’s just not possible to have this 100% of the time. Try to be open to the ebb and flow and you’ll begin to see just how potent your intuition is as this will guide you in times of uncertainty. Your mind needs to give your creative, fluid side a break as it can’t be the boss all of the time! You seem ready now to instil a deeper sense of balance in your life and this comes from the art of allowing and your willingness to become one with the ebb and flow. Don’t overthink it, just allow it…



April looks set to be a month of continued release as you shake yourself loose from layers of doubt and distraction in your quest to live more vibrantly and in-tune with your true essence. It’s easy to get lost in life’s distractions as there are always things to do, people to see, ought’s to complete and horizons to chase. You are a visionary, so the ‘bigger picture’ of yourself and your life is vivid and colourful, yet these distractions often feel like a grey-wash sweeping away the colour as they are irritants as they stand in the way between where you are now and where you want to be. Over time, the frustration can erode the bigger picture and the distraction can cause the colours to fade further and you can feel as though your vibrant, colourful masterpiece vision is slipping out of view. However, you never lose sight of what truly makes your heart sing as the currents always ripple through your heart and soul, even faintly.

You recently reached a point of breakthrough as you brought about a period of intense release as you started to reconnect to the important things, letting go of many of the distractions. As a result, there’s a growing sense of inner space emerging within you as you continue to let go and this space is expanding at quite a rapid rate. Yet, don’t rush to fill it; enjoy it, savour it and breathe deeply into it. Instead of seeing the space as a chance to leap from here to there, see it as an opportunity to be fully here; to be fully present in this moment. The more present you become, the more you will realise that the bigger picture of your dreams isn’t over ‘there’ after all…



Compromise isn’t a word that usually springs to mind with Sagi folk. Compromise feels distinctly lacklustre with a dull, matte finish. It feels flat and a tad hollow and it feels at a tangent to your usual spontaneous, free-spirited soul, that side of you where everything is so vibrant, fresh and alive. However, compromise is the word that’s taking centre stage in your life at the current time. You’ve always been a giving, generous and open soul, bending and flexing willingly within the currents of life, trying to accommodate the needs and desires of others. Yet, at the same time, deep within the core of your being, your heart is singing out to you with the longings of your soul. It’s trying to wake you up from the cycle you’ve become trapped in where you self-sacrifice and put your own needs last. Compromise has become a way of living for you and it’s taken the shine off of your exuberant and colourful perspective on life.

You are a hopes and dreams kind of person but compromise puts both hopes and dreams in a box, and, if you continue to compromise in such an imbalanced way (i.e. you give, others take) the box will lock shut as you lose touch with the effervescence that bubbles in your soul. You know more than anyone that those bubbles need room to expand and float as they are your creative spark and intuitive flair. It’s time now for you to switch off the compromise autopilot and begin to contemplate your decisions and choices. Of course, you can’t ever completely escape compromise as it’s a part of life and it’s how we co-exist, but it doesn’t have to rule your life. Allow those bubbles to dance and swirl, let your exuberance come back to life, open that box and let your true light shine…



As you continue to open the doors and windows of your life to the ongoing process of change and shift, you are beginning to feel less overcome at the idea of change as you can see how it’s bringing some benefit into your world. Although you continue to wriggle and fidget as you try to regain a sense of control over the situation, you have made a powerful revelation in connection to change and the concept of control: no matter how hard you try you cannot control the currents and the tides of life. Of course, you can try to channel and contain them but they are free spirits and master to no one. This may sound obvious but there is a part of you desperately keen to be in control of the changing currents and shifting sands as things you’ve previously taken for granted have slipped out of your grasp.

It’s human nature to resist change, particularly when it interrupts the grand plan of your life, but fighting the flow rather than going with it is exhausting and something of a thankless task. Going with the flow isn’t giving up nor is it giving in, it’s consciously choosing to surrender to the ebb and flow and learning how to enjoy the ride. Change happens whether you want it to or not. Life brings about the unexpected, and sometimes the unwanted, but you’re a resilient spirit and, when you believe this of yourself, you do not crumble when your resistance falters, you thrive. Wriggling and fidgeting in the discomfort of life only serves to intensify your awareness of this time of change you are experiencing, it seems time now for you to take a deep breath, to lean into the discomfort and allow your resilience and innovative spirit to soar…



April looks set to be a month of merging rainbows with reality as you start to align your focus and your vision more permanently in the here and now enabling you to shape your daydreams of rainbows (and what resides in that pot of gold) in a more conscious and practical way. As you bring your dreams into the present moment, you will start to see how you can bring them to life and make them happen. You spend a great deal of your life pondering your bigger picture and wondering why things are the way they are; the combination of your probing mind alongside your wisdom (which seems considerably older than you) has allowed you to meander through existential philosophies and build your own, unique perspective and belief system of life. You have spent most of your life learning about life and evolving in the process but the time has now comes for you to ponder a new question. It’s an important question and one to give due thought and consideration to.

Do you ponder and philosophise as a way to live more vibrantly or do you do it to avoid stepping more fully into each and every moment? Only you can answer this question and only you can decide how deeply you want to look into the mirror of your soul. There’s no judgement or insinuation in this question, just a suggestion of the need to be sure that you are using your wisdom and probing mind to live the best life possible rather than using it to think about what the best possible life might be. There’s a distinct and significant difference and you’re ready now to merge the rainbows of your dreams with the reality of the moment as you create your very own rule book for living…



If someone were to ask you to build your own house using every nook and cranny of your imagination, how easy do you think it would be? The concept of creating your very own space for living, resting and being you sounds exciting and invigorating but there’s a sense you may struggle to find enough clear head-space to take a breath and let your imagination fly free. You are stuffed full of dreams and imaginings but you rarely have the time to dust them off or explore them as you are simply too busy getting on with the business of life. Over time you have allowed a gap to appear between living your life and living the life you long to live. Of course, reality may not allow you to fulfil all of your dreams but this gap has created a void in your consciousness and it’s keeping your feet very firmly planted in the pedestrian world of keeping on keeping on.

The world of your imagination that keeps your hopes and dreams alive seems locked away as something of an inconvenience that gets in the way of all of those things to do, people to see and places to go. Even though most of these distractions aren’t, in the scheme of your life, very important, you give them priority and push away the rich and vibrant world within. Of course, even though you intuitively know that life doesn’t actually get in the way of your imagination, you keep it locked up all the same as you feel it somehow indulgent to contemplate your true longings. April looks set to knock on the door of your soul and ask you to reconnect to your imagination in order to build your very own, magical house. This isn’t about bricks and mortar, it’s about fulfilling your dreams, exploring life and allowing your true essence the room to flow freely…


Heartfelt courage 5th April 2016 3:12 am

My resilience and innovative spirit will soar today as I switch insurance companies and pay "less than" I was before.....
Thank you for the encouragement for a successful trip in this moment!


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