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Message for August 2014

August looks set to be a month of continued letting go as we break through the layers within and start to feel the true nature of baring our souls. Although we are spiritual beings, it is all too easy to get lost in the distractions of life disconnecting ourselves from our true essence in the process. In the humdrum of distraction, we can quickly forget that we were born as connected and integral parts of the universe. Yet, if we were born this way, surely we can embrace this state of being once again if we are prepared to peel back the layers, simplify the complexity and re-affirm our divinity? Divinity is not about ego, it is about acknowledging that we are all sparks of the universe and that God (the Divine) is within us all just as we are all within God.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it need to be confusing. Becoming vulnerable certainly takes courage as it shows a willingness to expose our depths and to reveal our perfectly imperfect selves to ourselves and to the world. We may strive to wear a facade of perfection, a mask of ‘having it all’, but until we are prepared to stand up and face the truth within, can we ever truly be free?

Resisting ‘what is’ may make for an easier life but it also makes for a less enriching life as well. Of course, facing ‘what is’, embracing all that we are and being vulnerable doesn’t really sound overly appealing in this world of high-fliers, success and wealth, but being vulnerable doesn’t have to mean losing everything, it simply means allowing one’s true essence to flow freely. We can try to cover over the cracks and present a ‘perfect’ image but the only person we are really kidding is the one we see when we look in the mirror.

August looks set to press a few buttons inspiring each of us to let go of resistance and to willingly let the barriers to our souls down in order to embrace the true beauty of vulnerability and the true magnificence of all that we are. It is time to be open, to be true and to be you...

With love,



August looks set to be a month of inspiration and intrigue as you strip back some of the layers of your life in order to reveal your inner core. Although you have a good sense of self, the stuff and distractions of life so often clutter up the field of view making it hard to gain a true sense of clarity when it comes to questions like: Who are you? Why are you? What is your truth? What brings you joy? Of course, it’s easy to see why there is often little time to contemplate such lofty questions as they strip back the layers revealing the nakedness of your soul; there are no distractions and no stuff to hide behind when you stand there bare, vulnerable and in truth. This could prove to be a challenge for you as on one hand you have been longing for this moment to get right into the nitty gritty of being you but on the other hand life goes on! In essence, there looks set to be a pull between the ‘keeping on keeping on’ of your life and the desire to breakthrough into a more distilled place of clarity, inspiration and vision.

It’s hard to say what will happen as you have the cards in your hands; you can choose to set them aside and make the most of what you already have or you may choose to step into the unknown terrain of something new. There’s no right or wrong; what is important though is a genuine need for you to make a conscious choice and empower yourself right to your core. Hovering in indecision only leads to frustration and a sense of life paralysis and you are too energetic a soul to be happy feeling stagnant. You are a vibrant, passionate, compassionate and creative being, and only you know your true depths, but the time is now upon you to embrace your true essence and to live the life you intuitively know you were born to live...


Self-compassion looks set to be a central feature of your life over the coming month; not because you are likely to be in need of extra TLC but because you have been selling yourself short recently. You are so good at being the glue that holds everything together and you often do this at your own expense trying to people please and ‘do the right thing’. Although admirable, in the end, you are the one that suffers as you deplete your own reserves and end up feeling drained and depleted on every level of your being. Taking some time out for yourself seems incredibly important now as it is a way to step out of the storylines and patterns that shape and define your life and into a new dimension of listening, honouring and loving yourself on every level of your being.  The self-compassion is a natural extension of this for the more you honour and listen to your own needs, the more you will realise that you are no less important than anyone else.

In fact, you might even begin to realise that until you place your own needs higher up the agenda of your life you are unlikely to even acknowledge that an important dream is moving to within your grasp. You have been so distracted by things to do, people to see and places to go that you have missed the early warning signs of an opportunity that is coming your way. Although you haven’t lost your chance, unless you start to re-address the balance of your life, it is likely to be extremely hard (but not impossible) to find a way to honour yourself by stepping towards your dreams. August looks set to be a month for acknowledging your true essence and for opening up to what’s really important in your life. You are a giving and compassionate soul, but don’t forget to turn those within as well...


August looks set to be a month of insight and inspiration as you finally begin to let go of certain aspects of yourself and your life on your pathway to wholeness and happiness. You have been walking ‘the path’ your whole life and although this is a part of being human there is a part of you longing to rest for a while in order to take in the scenery, to breathe in the fresh air and to re-centre your body, mind and soul. Although you are a cerebral individual, you are also a deeply feeling and emotional soul at the same time and it is important that you honour this now by allowing your true essence to flow freely. You have done a good job of treading water over recent months and years, occasionally diving into your own depths and occasionally soaring like the eagle towards new heights. Yet you haven’t, as yet, discovered a way to be you every second of every day and you feel a little frustrated as a result.

Now, on the cerebral level you may feel that such a dream is neither practical nor realistic as oscillation is a part of life and, just like the tides ebb and flow, so does your consciousness, but you cannot help but feel irritated that you are not in the dreamy space of expanding consciousness as much as you think you should be. Yet, this misses the point as you are so much more than a cerebral soul! You are already you every second of every day it’s just that you haven’t fully realised it yet. Open up your heart and soul to embrace all that you are; others have seen the radiance of your inner light already and the time has now come for you to realise your own luminescence and brilliance. This is not about ego, it is about ‘what is’. Be yourself and love yourself for it...


‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose’. After July’s wise words from Nietzsche, this month’s food for thought comes from the one and only Dolly Parton. These words seem very apt for you at the current time as there is a strong need for you to reclaim your sense of Self and to do it with passion, determination and focus. You are good at being the person you think everyone wants you to be but when it comes to being the you that you truly are, you seem to find it considerably more challenging. The reason for this seems driven by a feeling that you have never truly felt like you ‘belong’ and, as a result, you have made it your life goal to fit. Understandable of course as everyone wants to be a part of the jigsaw puzzle, but you already are! Belonging is a perception, nothing more nothing less. It seems that your quest to belong has seen you bending yourself out of shape, contorting your essence into many amazing forms and still not truly feeling as though you have ‘arrived’ and achieved the sense of belonging you have been searching for.

Perhaps the time has come to realise that belonging has absolutely nothing to do with fitting in, belonging is acceptance of yourself exactly as you are. You don’t need to bend, flex or transform yourself in order to belong as you do that already. You don’t need to be anyone other than you and you are ready now to embrace this concept wholeheartedly. There’s no time for self-recrimination, just a need for you to shake yourself free from the beliefs that have shaped and defined your life for so long and to finally accept that you belong exactly as you are. Okay, so you may be a little bit wacky or a teeny bit kooky, but that’s absolutely wonderful as it makes you, you...


August looks set to be a month of transformation and change for you as you take some big steps away from where you are towards that place you have been thinking about for so long. Although it’s not quite a clear cut as stepping from here to there due to the nature of being human, there is a strong sense that your vision is gaining in both strength and momentum as you open up to the possibility that achieving your dream is not only viable but seemingly extremely possible at the same time. You are a passionate and creative soul and these strengths shine out from your heart and soul like the beam from a lighthouse in darkened skies. Yet, your skies are currently not dark and the light is not trying to prevent a disaster on the jagged rocks below. It seems that although the lighthouse analogy demonstrated the power of your passion and vision, the similarity ends there!

However, it is all too easy for you to over-think and over-analyse the numerous different implications of the decisions that you make (and do not make). Even though they may not be in your field of vision, you cannot help but think about the possibility of darkened skies or jagged rocks simply because you want to ensure the best possible outcome of any choices you make. Understandable but possibly no longer practical as such a strategy could leave you in a perpetual state of ‘no action’. Of course, you want to ensure the best possible outcome, but when this comes at the cost of holding back through a fear of the worst outcome, there is a strong sense that your lion-like courage, self-belief and strength have left the building. It seems likely that you have become caught up in the stuff of life and disconnected with yourself in the process, so, take a deep breath, reclaim your roar, and the rest will follow naturally...


August looks set to be a month of inner insight and reflection alongside some outer shifts and movement. On the surface it may feel as though your inner and outer worlds are trying to pull in different directions but at a deeper level you will begin to realise that the outer is purely a reflection of your truth. You are very good at pushing yourself forwards and trying to convince yourself that all is well in your world and although this strategy works well at times there is a sense that it can take you further away from your true essence. After time, this can lead to a sense of inner fracture or incongruence as your inner and outer worlds pull against each other. Although frustrating, it is also a wonderful gift as it awakens you to the knowledge that there is work to do to bring your essence and your life back into balance once again. Now seems like a good time to explore the reasons why you push yourself so hard and why you feel as though you have to push to get to where you want to be.

When you take a breath and re-connect to your consciousness, you intuitively know that push isn’t necessary as it only serves to muddy the waters of clarity when it comes to what happens next. It is hard for you at times to be the creative, intuitive soul on one hand and the driven, confident soul on the other as they frequently feel at odds with each other. However, when you realise that these forces only ever want to work with you rather than against you, you will begin to see that you have been the only one tripping yourself up by pulling in different directions, trying to over-think the process. Listen to the depths of your soul; make friends with your true essence once again and be inspired and empowered by the truth of all you are...    


As you continue to open up your awareness to the concept of conscious living and to the significance of the present moment, there is a powerful sense of inner shift rising up from your depths as your whole perspective on life is changing. You have long been one to use the past and the future as a way to shape the present, and although they both have roles to play, you have now accepted that it is the present moment that truly shapes and defines your life. However, although you have accepted this, making it an active and central part of your life seems to be proving rather more challenging as you cannot help but ponder the bigger picture (the past, the future and everything in between) because that’s the nature of being you! Of course, your cerebral and philosophical nature allows you to contemplate a great deal in life but it can also be your own worst enemy when it comes to moving beyond the mind and becoming one with the present.

On one hand you are ready to let go and be free, but on the other, you continue to examine and ponder the dimensions and intricate workings. Of course, as soon as you start to think about it, you step back from it and get caught up somewhere in between. Something of a dichotomy, but not one that is unsurpassable for if anyone can find a way out of the maze of the mind, it’s you. The time has come for you to realise that your tendency to over-think is not just about your indescribable thirst to make sense of the universe, it also comes from a distraction technique that keeps you away from ever really needing to ‘let go’. The mind keeps an orderly eye over things but the space beyond the mind is unknowable. Part of you longs to let go, but the mind isn’t so sure. Remember: you are not your mind! Set yourself free now...


Wholeheartedly embracing the concept of change, impermanence and shift continue to take centre stage throughout August as you open up to a new chapter in your life. You have been hovering on the periphery of change for quite some time now but life has kept you busy and distracted focusing on things to do, people to see and places to go. Life often has a habit of doing that particularly when you fill your diary with ‘stuff’. Oh, did you not realise that you are the one that makes the commitments and embraces the distractions? Of course you did! There is no judgement here just an honest evaluation of your situation: you are only on the periphery of change because you keep yourself there. Being busy with ‘stuff’ is perfectly fine if that’s what keeps you happy but do acknowledge that this is a choice. It isn’t keeping you away from a new chapter in your life; you are. It’s so easy to feel like life has taken away the choices, the decisions and the options, and sometimes it does, but, on the whole, they fade away only because they are not that important in the first place.

Perhaps you are ready now to accept that you have kept yourself busy because the change you thought you really wanted isn’t actually what you truly wanted. At the same time, and in the spirit of self-honesty, you can begin to acknowledge what you really, wholeheartedly want in life. Although there is no guarantee you will get it, by declaring it out loud, at least you are setting it free and not hiding it under layers of clutter and distraction. August looks set to be a month for you to re-connect to your truth and to open up your heart and soul to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. Keep that diary full if you want but accept that this is your choice. Be empowered this month; look into the depths of your soul and set yourself free...


Being you is an art and it comprises a lifelong quest of self-discovery and self-awakening, along with a smattering of self-honesty in the process. The latter may seem a little odd, after all, you are the most honest person you know. This is true, but when it comes to knowing yourself and being yourself you frequently lose sight of your radiance and the joy of being you and instead focus on the need to be more, do more and achieve more. Being a perfectionist has it benefits but when it comes at a cost of realising that you are already wonderful then something needs to change. Yet, the perfectionist in you is not one to give up easily! Even though you intuitively know that giving yourself a hard time doesn’t really achieve much, you find it hard to let it go just in case the perfectionist is right. Oh dear. It seems that the perfectionist perhaps has a slightly tighter hold on you than you thought.

All is not lost though as all you need to do is to make friends with this side of your nature and acknowledge that it is a part of you. Don’t fight it or try to push it away, embrace it and honour the gifts it has brought you in life. Turning to face the inner perfectionist takes away its power, it doesn’t eradicate it from your life (and you wouldn’t really want that anyway as it gives you that va-va voom to step into the unknown with conviction and courage) but it brings it back into alignment with the rest of your being. Balance is the path to mastering the art of being you; balance is the key to unlock the door to the next chapter of your life as you stop thinking about what you should be doing and instead open up to what you truly want to be doing...


August looks set to be an inspirational month fuelled by a renewed sense of self alongside an emerging wave of confidence as you begin to contemplate the bigger picture of your life. It seems that you have reached something of a crossroads in your life; it may have taken quite a while to reach this spot but now you find yourself facing a choice as to where to go and what to do next. Although you may feel as though such a choice is moot as life doesn’t really feel that free and easy, after all, you have responsibilities to meet, bills to pay, things to do and promises to uphold, it seems clear that it is your perceptions of these that ultimately shape and define your reality. In other words, feel burdened and overwhelmed, and this is the dynamic you create, but feel inspired and empowered, and the pressure eases as your outlook expands. Of course, this doesn’t change reality but it can help you to look beneath the surface and realise that many of these obligations are only in situ because you willingly placed them there.

You love to be the one that everyone leans on; the one that saves the day and the one that bends and flexes to suit the needs of everyone else. Yet why, what is it about giving your all, and more besides, that makes you feel better about being you? Do you somehow feel that you aren’t enough as you are? Big questions, but it seems important to contemplate your answers as your response will help you to see how your thoughts shape your reality. The crossroads you now find yourself upon is rich with opportunity; you can resist it and turn away, or you can choose to step into the unknown and embrace it. It seems that the more you shift your perspective now, the more you will realise that those responsibilities are no longer reasons to stand on the spot but sources of inspiration to make the most of every single moment...     


After all the sheep analogies from last month, August looks set to take a walk on the wilder side as your inner tiger takes a walk in the sunshine. Although you are not by nature a particularly ferocious individual, there is an edge to your intellect, wit and presence that can cut through butter at fifty paces. Most of the time, this side of your nature is buried underneath your tendency to try to walk the most user-friendly path in life but this seems to come at the cost of you losing yourself and your ‘tiger-y’ edge as a result. This is not because you actively seek out the easy route but due to your tendency to try to people-please and to do the ‘right’ thing. So, you may not feel the denial of your inner tiger as a loss, after all, the tiger can take you out of your comfort zone, and yet it is the tiger within you that gives you the courage to stand free from the flock and be the creative, gifted, intuitive and incredible soul that you know yourself to be. This is not about feeding your ego; it is simply an acknowledgement of all that you are.

There is a Tibetan proverb that seems apt for you at the current time: ‘it is better to live one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep’. Maybe hedging your bets in the world of wool is a good idea as it will likely give you longer to ponder, contemplate and cogitate, but why deny the tiger within when it is a part of you? Your spirit is one of passion, je ne c’est quoi and va-va voom; resting on your laurels or keeping on keeping on doesn’t seem to sit well with you. This maybe one of those conundrums that you find so irritating as you know the only way to find out is to let those stripes glisten...


August looks set to be a month of release and liberation as you break free from a cycle that has shaped and defined your life for quite some time. It is all too easy to become locked in cycles and trapped in storylines as they become engrained into your consciousness and into the essence of your life; some are so deeply engrained that you are no longer even aware that are they cycles or storylines. This is a part of being human, but you are no ordinary human as your awareness and astuteness allows you to see the bigger picture of your life enabling you to see the wood for the trees when it comes to understanding the dynamics that shape your world. Although this may seem like an advantage, there have been times when you have felt so confused and overwhelmed as to the true nature of your being that you have maintained the status quo simply because it’s easier.

This is understandable of course as no one wants to feel out of sorts and yet, although you have willingly chosen to keep on keeping on, there is a sense that you have grown increasingly aware of the disequilibrium this has created within. Now this is not to say that you cannot successfully continue to ride the waves of these storylines and cycles in order to maintain the flow and momentum of your life, but perhaps a more important question to ask of yourself now is: ‘do you want to?’. At the end of the day, only you can answer this question and you may decide that it’s too much trouble to even contemplate asking it in the first place. This is a choice and only you know what feels right but do remember to listen to the depths of your soul as creating change may not be quite as dramatic as you think. Use your gift: look at the bigger picture and trust your wisdom to guide you forth...


the automatic writer 1st August 2014 9:25 pm

we are universal

we are universal
part of a system
we must
bring into conscious
then trust
the thing that's all around us
pure love
made up like the sun
to shine on everyone

we are universal
raising our vibrations
in tune with the earth
scattered like the stars
burning from afar

we are universal
god is
just traveling in time
from a distance
we learn to be alive
through existence
then when our work is done
we go home to the sun

I felt an urge to share my poem after reading your message

thankyou !!!!!!!!!!!!!

heymumphy 2nd August 2014 3:23 pm

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
A wonderful message about vulnerability and removing the masks.


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