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Message for August 2016

I've long been a fan of silence. Not of awkward, ‘let the ground swallow me whole’ silences, but nurturing, life-affirming silence when I'm feeling truly in tune with myself and life. In this busy, noisy, distraction-filled world, it can be hard to notice the silence but it’s always there. Sometimes we need to look for it, other times it finds us, but it never leaves us. Silence is the space where true wisdom can be found, it’s the willingness to be still, fully present and without distraction. It's a willingness to wholeheartedly listen without distraction.

Of course, it’s in the silence where truth resides. We may try to fill up our lives with the distraction of things to do, places to go and people to see but, at the core of our beings, the truth remains, never ebbing, never waning. Yet, what is truth? Is it something to seek, something to want or is it best to bury it beneath distractions as it’s inconvenient, awkward or just too painful? Is truth an awareness of ‘the answer’ or is it simply an acknowledgement of the question or an acceptance of the reality there is no answer or the realisation that we never knew the question in the first place! (my head hurts!)

Perhaps it’s our quest for truth that is the ultimate distraction as it keeps us away from where we are as we focus on where we think we need to be? In the silence, when we willingly and consciously enter it, we begin to realise truth is neither something to seek or something to attain as it’s with us already.

What is silence though for even in the absence of sound, our minds often whir and churn, constantly exploring new terrain. Is silence the absence of sound or is it something more? Do we run from the silence because we fear it’s an empty, voidal space? Is silence what’s achieved when we face our Truth or is silence simply a quiet moment? Yet, many sit in silent moment listening to bird song or the wind in the trees, so is silence more of a quiet moment within our hearts and souls where we feel more connected and alive than usual?

Many people are uncomfortable with silence. They wriggle and squirm, trying to dull the silence with noise and chatter. Is this what drives the modern world’s seeming obsession with 24/7 news, iPhones constantly in hand and distractions everywhere? Do we fear the quiet as the inconvenience of truth resides there and looking into the mirror of the soul means eyes wide open in the cold light of day.

To me, the measure of a true connection is the ability to happily sit in a silent moment together. To sit in silence with another without feeling a pressure to fill it with noise or empty words is a gift. Communication is important but silence is no less a valid form of communication than words, particularly, empty words. I find myself energetically recoiling when I’m in the presence of someone who speaks incessantly; their words lose power and meaning as they become lost in a flood of noise. I stop hearing what such people say as despite speaking so much, they’re not saying anything. My eyes glaze over and I can’t focus on the words or anything else. They’re so lost in speaking they don’t notice the body language and carry on regardless. Stop!!

To me, a valued connection is one where each word counts and where the silence is never avoided or pushed away. The silence is a gift as it’s the space where we can truly find ourselves. When distractions fall away, we are left with our reality and many dislike where they find themselves in life. Yet unless we acknowledge where we are, how can we change it?

Even when life feels chaotic and loud, if we take a deep breath, we become aware of the silence: the gaps and the spaces in-between the noise where the magic resides. It’s in these gaps where creativity sparks and where new ideas form. In the silence, we can hear our own hearts and souls, and we move into alignment with our true essence.

It’s important to consciously and willingly choose to embrace silence. It’s equally as important to stop forcing noise and distraction. Silence, when cultivated, begins to take on a life of its own and it ebbs and flows like the breath. The concept of talking less and saying more matters as it’s a doorway into the silent moments. Using words with wisdom and consideration gives them purpose. There are too many words being thrown about without a thought around the world, so the truly wise words get lost in the throng. When we learn to appreciate the silence and learn the art of using words with wisdom, we begin to hear the messages of great value hidden amongst the rest…

With love,




August looks set to be a time of insight, revelation and vision as you begin to see your life from a brand new perspective. You have been running on one particular treadmill for quite some time now and you’ve been ticking along quite effortlessly; it’s not that you’re unhappy but there is a sense that treadmills are not really your ‘thing’ as you are much more of an open road, off road, unchartered terrain kind of person. It’s admirable that you have been maintaining the status quo for so long but why? Why is running on the spot better, easier or preferable to the open road? Only you can answer that question truthfully and although there may be a temptation to gloss over it in order to avoid answering in order to carry on maintaining the status quo, sometimes the truth is the only path to take. Whilst this could upset the apple cart and cause the treadmill to come to a grinding halt, maybe it’s time for a change?

Stepping off the treadmill doesn’t have to mean abandoning your duties and responsibilities, it’s simply a sign that you are willing to take a more attuned and empowered role in the journey of your own life from now on. You are a bright, visionary and intuitive soul, and you are also full of creative fire and drive, so, when you put your mind to it, there really isn’t much holding you back! It’s time to find out why the treadmill has felt like such a safe place for so long in order to understand your motivations so you can break the cycle. This is a time for you to inject new life and soul into the story of your life and you have both pen and paper (or paint brush and canvas, or PC or…!) in your hands now. It sounds a little clichéd, but what happens next is up to you…



The theme of getting your life ‘right’ continues to ebb and flow into your consciousness over the weeks ahead as you begin to step back a little in order to see the bigger picture. You have always been conscientious and you have been keen to live the best life possible but the drive for this has often been to enable others to live the best life possible as a result. Your motivation is rarely self-serving as your focus is on trying to be the best version of you possible in order to create the best for others but this has resulted in you creating an ever increasing distance between your true essence and the you that you present to the world. Being superman or wonder woman may feel inspiring and it certainly enables you to do some wonderful and admirable things, but it starts to feel a little hollow when you realise it’s just a costume as your heart and soul aren’t fully engaged in the process. It’s not that you don’t want to enable and inspire others, but there are other ways to do it.

Self-sacrificing your own needs has always been the most obvious and easy to you as you are the only one that suffers but it’s time to finally realise that this isn’t the case as, in truth, everyone suffers when you are not you. You are a vibrant soul and when you are in tune with this, your radiance reaches out widely into the world. This isn’t because of the costume you wear but it’s because your heart and soul breathe life, hope and inspiration into others. Being you doesn’t diminish what you can do for others, it enhances it. In addition, getting life ‘right’ is about being the best version of you that you can be, so put the costume away and love the truth of your beauty revealed as you gaze into the mirror of your soul…



August looks set to be a time of letting go and letting love as you begin to loosen your grip on your breath and allow your lungs to fill fully, wholly and completely. It’s not that you’ve been deliberately holding your breath but there’s a sense you have recoiled slightly from life over time due to challenges and obstacles and, as a result of this, your breath has become a little shorter and lighter in an attempt to try to contain the moment in a more manageable way. It’s something that everyone does, usually subconsciously as it’s a natural reaction to try to retreat slightly when the going gets tough. However, it’s easy to forget to exhale fully once again when the challenges pass, so over the years, the space you take up in the world gets ever so slightly smaller and smaller.

This seems to be a potent time for you to become more aware of your breath and of the space you take actually up in the world rather than the space you think you take up. You will see that when you step into stillness and breathe more deeply and mindfully, you feel more connected to both yourself and the world. You seem ready now to find a new balance in your life in order to let go of the fear of hurt, pain and challenge in order to accept them more wholeheartedly. This is not the same as welcoming or calling them into your life, it’s a process of accepting that they already do exist as you’ve already experienced them and rather than trying to eradicate them, allowing them to breathe with you rather than against you. In other words, it’s time to allow all of the facets of you to come together into a glorious whole; this isn’t about being perfect it’s about being perfect exactly as you are…    



As you continue to try to align the colourful world of your imagination, hopes and dreams with the seemingly grey or colourless landscape of your reality, there is a need for you to stop being quite so hard on yourself! Your life may not be exactly as you’d hoped it to be but grey or colourless? Stark, hollow and empty describes a grey vision of life, one where hopes and dreams have been dashed and where the cold, hard light of day has eroded faith and faded colour. Yet, is your life truly this lifeless or is this simply how it feels compared to the vividness of your imagination? There’s no denying that you are a dreamer, yet why do dreams have to stay in your head? Why not find ways to bring the colour and texture out of your head and into your everyday life? This isn’t to say that you are unhappy or finding your life overtly hollow, but there is a distinct sense of lack when it comes to feeling that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that lets you know everything is tickety-boo.

If your landscape feels colourless then pick up a pen or some paint and get to work! You can paint by numbers or go freestyle, it really doesn’t matter as long as you allow the energy within you to flow into all areas of your life. When it boils down to it, you need to understand why you hold your dreams inside rather than allowing them the opportunity to come to life and blossom. Does fear hold you back? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of the reality of your dreams not being as colourful as they are in your head? Fear of realising that by trying to make your dreams a reality you have to acknowledge them, own them and make a choice? Acknowledge your fear but don’t let it stop you as you are ready now to paint the sky with stars…



‘Curiosity killed the cat’ is a fitting proverb for you this month, and not because there is any hint that you are poking your nose where it doesn’t belong! Curiosity is often a healthy and positive thing as it facilitates learning and evolution, however there is a sense that your innate sense of curiosity has wilted lately as you have lost that va-va voom passion to ‘boldly go where no one has gone before’. In many ways, for you this proverb would be better said ‘Lack of curiosity killed the cat’! Yet the word killing cuts through the passion somewhat, as this is not about death of a feline but about the shrinkage in your soul that arises when you don’t allow your passion to roam freely across the plains of life. So, in fact, this proverb would be better written ‘A lack of passion and spark diminishes your soul’. That’s better. So, scratch the first proverb, your new mantra is ‘passion lights the spark of your soul’. It took a while, but we got there in the end!

August looks set to be a month for you to ignite the touch paper as you begin to feel a surge of creative confidence when it comes to moving your life forwards. You have held back as you felt a tinge of belief that too much exploration (curiosity) wouldn’t be good for you as it might make you realise that where you are now in life isn’t where you truly want to be, but deep down, you know that being free and being you is the only true pathway to walk. You are not a caged animal, nor are you much of a believer in proverbs but ‘passion lights the spark of your soul’ feels buoyant enough to work for you and, at the end of the day, this is all about you and the time has come for you to sparkle and twinkle…



As you continue to look deeply into the mirror of your soul you are beginning to see the truth and the beauty of the reflection gazing back at you. There have been moments during this process when you’ve been convinced you’ve seen a wink or a smirk from your reflection but you have dismissed this as it makes no logical sense! However, the more deeply you go within, the more you will realise just how clever you have been at creating layer upon layer of ‘stuff’ in life that has acted as a distraction keeping you away from the smirking, winking reflection otherwise known as your true essence. You look longingly at the ‘you’ you want to be but see it in the mirror not in yourself. It’s not that you don’t want to be you but it’s somehow been easier to keep on keeping on rather than unearthing your core and allowing your true essence to redefine and reshape your life.

Yet, although keeping on has been easier, it hasn’t stopped you from regularly gazing into the mirror contemplating what might reside there. Whilst it is likely to take you sometime before you truly accept your imperfections and idiosyncrasies, there is a sense that you are beginning to see how chasing perfection has been thwarting any attempts you’ve made at finding a true sense of balance in your life. After all, if you’re chasing something, how can you be present in the here and now? At the same time, it’s important to discern between acceptance and any feelings you are ‘giving in’ by letting go of the chase for perfection. You’re not. Accepting yourself exactly as you are enables you to love yourself fully and to allow your true character to emerge winking, smiling and gleefully encouraging you to stop gazing into the mirror and to know that the depths of your soul are not in the mirror but in your heart in the here and now. It’s time to make your reflections match…



Different pathways continue to converge and diverge, like a river flowing in two or more directions at the same time, bringing new ideas, opportunities and thoughts both into and out of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to stop feeling quite so overwhelmed with the flow and instead start to align yourself with the process. It could be said that a river flowing in two directions at once can only ever leave you in the same place, but these are rivers merging, coming together from different sources and there is a sense of movement and shift in your life as you can see new pastures and terrain from all angles and all perspectives. There is an air of trepidation and excitement as you cautiously gaze over the horizon in an attempt to see where you are going, but, at the same time, you are also beginning to trust the flow as you know you are being taken exactly to where you need to be.

Of course, there are the finer details to take care of in all big decisions, but these seem minor compared to moving yourself into position to make a conscious and awakened choice. Once you have decided, you know everything will flow, yet, fear kicks in and tickles your toes, shifting your attention away from the flow and into a more cautious space. Caution is a thing of wisdom but it can also be stifling as living life cautiously suggests never having the courage to let go, set sail and find out where the confluence of rivers will take you. August looks set to be a month of choice: caution or confluence! Hold on or let go. There may be a way to do both, and if there is you’d be the one to find it, but don’t try too hard to outwit the flow or it may outwit you. Take a breath and breathe deeply into life as it’s waiting to breathe into you…



Knowing yourself and being yourself have never been particularly straight forward for you as being you isn’t particularly straight forward! Your depths are full of mystery and the journey to self-discovery is one of twists, turns and unchartered terrain. In many ways you love being so complex as it makes life interesting but there is a part of you longing to gain a truer sense of self to enable you to feel centred and in balance. Whilst on many levels you do know yourself, you know the you that ebbs and flows with the currents of life rather than the you that has a clear sense of purpose and direction. Being yourself is rather more complicated as being yourself can only come from truly knowing yourself, after all, unless you know yourself who will you be? Yet, although you do long to reclaim a stronger sense of purpose, you do find a sense of comfort in going along with the flow of life even though this is usually the flow that others direct and channel. The reason for this is the path of least resistance!

In other words, it’s the easiest path with the less challenge in terms of upsetting the apple cart. You do feel frustration that such a passive pathway inevitably means you will have to sacrifice aspects of yourself but the upshot of such a choice is an unmistakably easier existence! However, passivity really isn’t a characteristic you are well known for, you have fire in your watery, emotional belly and you seem ready now to dive right into the core of your being in order to get lost in your wonderful, mysterious depths. These depths are not inconvenient (even though they often do complicate your choices and decisions) but they are the source of your creativity and ultimately the pathway to both knowing, and being, yourself…



Your vast and exceedingly long ‘to do’ list in life continues to take centre stage throughout August as you begin to see the energy it takes just to maintain such an impressive and mighty list of aspirations and goals. Whilst there is every chance you will be able to tick off every single item at some point in your life, it’s important to realise that it’s what you do now that truly counts rather than what you may, or may not, do tomorrow. Of course, having goals keeps you motivated but it also seems that having so many goals can also leave you feeling disappointed that you haven’t, as yet, reached where you want to be. You of all people should know that where you want to be is not a single point as it changes and moves constantly due to the natural ebb and flow of life as well as your own personal evolution as what once seemed important can change over time.

So, there is every chance goals that once seemed crucial now seem less so, and vice versa. It therefore seems to be a prudent time for you to review your ‘to do’ list, to consider what your true goals really are and to accept that life will always be a journey as, even if you did complete everything currently on your ‘to do’ list, by the time you reach the end of it, there will be many new items added as that’s just a part of being human. Your ‘to do’ list is unquestionably like the painting of the ‘Forth Bridge’: it never stops. So, rather than feel frustrated that you haven’t reached the end of it, be more present in the here and now to make the most of every single achievement you do make. At the same time, enjoy the journey as it’s the journey where the fun resides…



August looks set to be a month of inspired and enthusiastic creativity as you not only start to feel the winds of change gaining momentum but you jump on the thermals and currents and let them take you into new terrain! Maintaining the status quo is often the easiest choice as it can make for a quieter life, allowing you to move forward without feeling the strain of discordance or friction when others pull against you. However, sometimes making such a choice can be the hardest pathway to follow as it means willingly sacrificing aspects of yourself in order to make others happy. You are unquestionably a generous and giving soul but it’s important to know your true motivations as it’s easy to slip into the status quo as a distraction from ever having to make any big or life-changing decisions! With the winds of change whipping up a frenzy it may be hard to ignore them and you could be in for a bit of a wake-up call as some big decisions are on the horizon.

You have mastered the art of dancing with the flow of life in order to travel along as efficiently as possible and this takes skill and wisdom, but it also means a gradual erosion of your true sense of self as your soul becomes carved by the whispers of time shaped by the choices of others. Whilst you have the ability to navigate just about any terrain in life, you seem ready now to create your own landscape by becoming one with your own flow and sense of self in order to step onto a new pathway. This won’t necessarily mean the winds will whip up into a storm but it does suggest a need to allow yourself the space and freedom you deserve to give your true essence the room to soar on those thermals as you boldly go where you have never gone before…



The concept of self-belief looks set to take centre stage throughout August as you find yourself at a crossroads in life. You have always been a passionate, inspirational and deep thinker, often rolling ideas around your head that are way ahead of their time. Your ideas frequently feel as though they don’t yet ‘fit’ as the wheels of time move slower than you do. As a result, you can feel slightly out of kilter with the world as you move at one speed and most of those around you move at a different speed. Of course there are times when others speed ahead of you and also times when you willingly choose to meander rather than run. However, it’s hard feeling interconnected when you function at a different pace to others as there’s always a sense of incongruence or disjointedness which you feel acutely; it’s not something you can ignore or put aside as it shapes and defines your pathway through life.

You often feel the need to temper or dampen down your ideas in order to fit in with the ‘norm’ even though inwardly you just want to be free to be you. Over time you have grown more used to living at a different speed to others but it’s been hard for you to give up on the idea that ‘one day’ things will change. Well, August looks set to be a potent turning point for you as you stand at a new crossroads and you have a plethora of directions to choose from. One maintains the status quo as much as the status quo could ever be maintained, and the others all offer different opportunities. There is a sense though that one pathway feels as though it’s moving at the same speed as you so watch out for it as stepping on will be effortless. This doesn’t mean everything will change but, in many ways, everything will change as you will start to feel more aligned and in-balance than ever before…



The concept of being ‘stuck in-between a moment’ struck a powerful and resonant note with many of you last month as you have reached a natural turning point in your life and it’s easy to feel that you’re neither here nor there: fully awakened in the present moment or standing where you think you need to be in order to feel fully awakened. You have spent a great deal of your life giving: giving love, giving your time, giving your energy, giving up on dreams for others and giving more to others than you do yourself. This is a powerful theme that has shaped your life for a very long time but there is a sense you are now becoming more aware of the dynamics involved and realising that your tendency to ‘over give’ often comes from a need to reaffirm your own sense of value or worth. It’s not that you lack confidence or self-belief, but you have spent so long being you for others you have forgotten what being you for you actually means. It’s not selfish to be you for you, it’s wonderful and delicious.

It’s not wrong to take time out for yourself or to say ‘No!’ once in a while. It’s time now for you to dig a little deeper in order to understand why you give so much and sacrifice so much. Of course you are a naturally generous person but it’s important you start to ask yourself some probing questions as this dynamic cannot carry on indefinitely as you cannot carry the weight of the world (or bigger!) on your shoulders all of the time, after all, your name isn’t Atlas. Do you over-give because you don’t feel your own worth? Do you over give as a distraction to avoid looking at your own life or inner discord? Only you can answer these questions but it’s important to explore this now as you are ready to step out of the moment you’ve been stuck in as you are ready to fly free…


keryndawer 4th August 2016 2:21 am

Thank you Sarah-Jane. You may have given this Aries the kick-in-the-pants she needed.

Much Love and Blessings to You and All :smitten:


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