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Message for December 2011

Welcome back. December looks set to be an empowering, transformative and inspirational month! There is a strong theme of going within and accessing the abundance that is so often hidden there.  There is also a sense that we are continuing on our path of re-awakening, and an important part of this is self-reflection and self-honesty. Once we ‘own’ all aspects of ourselves, we can set ourselves free. Denial constrains and traps us in repeating patterns and cycles.

Uranus moves direct on the 10th, Mercury on the 14th and Jupiter moves direct on the 25th. The Solstice is on the 22nd, when the Sun enters Capricorn; this is a time of reflection and celebration. The celebration is abundance within and without, for as the wheel of the year turns, we can become One with the flow and at One with ourselves.

2011 looks set to end on a reflective but empowering note, as we prepare for the weeks and months ahead, this is a chance to take stock, to re-focus and to re-affirm our true goals and priorities...

The Full Moon is in Gemini on the 10th at 14.36 GMT and the New Moon is in Capricorn on the 24th at 18.06 GMT. There is a total lunar eclipse on the 10th, and this should be visible from parts of Asia and Australia, part of the eclipse will be visible to those in parts of North America, Europe and Africa. However, whether it is visible matters not, for a total lunar eclipse heralds change, and it is a powerful time for meditation and affirmation.

It’s all change from the 1st January, as both of my websites are being re-born, I hope you come and take a look! Also, don’t forget to check out your yearly forecasts from the 1st January...

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The pace of your life has been quite ‘full-on’ over recent weeks and months; you have had some major decisions to make as well as re-structuring your priorities and dreams. The challenge between your head and heart has continued in earnest, asking you to choose between either sticking to what you know or trying something completely different. As you reach December, whilst the pace remains ‘full throttle’, you seem more relaxed and more able to go with the flow of your life. Up until now, you would be forgiven for feeling like you have been trying to swim against the currents, either that or the currents have been constantly changing direction leaving you overwhelmed, confused and a little lost! Yet, despite the apparent turmoil, you seem calmer and stronger.

You have gone within and tapped into your strength, power and vision. These traits come very naturally to you, but life can often cloud them from your view. When they are flowing freely, nothing much fazes you. December brings an opportunity for all of your gifts to flow, and the more you can relax into the current of your life, the more you will realise that you are not only riding the crest of a wave, but you are steering the current as well.  This is perhaps one of the most significant times of change you have ever experienced, and your pioneering and adventurous spirit is seeking out pastures new now. Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed, but it seems clear that life is what you make of it. So, be sure not to allow the chaos to overwhelm you; stay connected to your inner strength, and remember to believe (in your Self, your gifts, your strengths, your dreams...).


December looks set to bring a sprinkling of magic and sparkle into your life; it seems that you have been so busy keeping on keeping on, that you have lost sight of how magical your life actually can be! Change has been a strong feature in your life over recent months, and whilst this begins to unfold, the need for you to clarify your true dreams and priorities remains so important. It seems that you have been so focused on creating the change, that you have lost sight of why you wanted it in the first place. So, try to take a step back and regain your perspective, allow the magic and sparkle to naturally re-surface in your life (you are a magical and amazing being, so why wouldn’t it?) and finally shed that self-doubt once and for all.

Focusing on your own dreams is not self-indulgent, nor is it selfish; you have spent so long helping others to achieve their dreams, that you deserve this amazing chance to re-connect to those things that make your own heart sing. You deserve some attention now! Of course, it can be said that for you, helping others does make your heart sing, but take your focus deeper within, right to the core of your Being, and you will re-connect to those dreams that have been patiently waiting for you to unlock them and manifest them into reality. Remember that you have the quill and ink, and the first page of this new chapter of your life is waiting to be scripted by your own fair hand. You are in the driving seat, so grab your Taurean strength and spirit by the horns and use it to transform your life from the inside, out!


As the final few weeks of 2011 approach, it seems that a chapter in your life is finally coming to a close. There is a sense of sadness mingled with anticipation that when one doors closes, another one opens. Yet, at surface level, you may not even be aware of an impending ending, for this closure is deep within. It seems that your inner work and transformation over past weeks, months and even years is reaching a climax point. What happens next is in your hands, as it seems that December brings you an opportunity to finally heal the wounds within in order to embrace the present moment fully, consciously and in an awakened state. This feels significant, for you have been seeking out answers, understandings and guidance for so long.

Yet, you are a seeker, it is your natural state of being. To no longer need to seek feels almost alien and frightening. Yet, just because you choose to set yourself free from these ‘wounds’ that have shaped your life, does not mean that the need to seek is over! It’s just that the focus will shift towards something more life-affirming, enriching and blissful. In some ways it is easier to stay with the present, for it is familiar environment, but where is the room to grow? Of course, you can choose to remain in the familiar, or you can finally set yourself free and realise that you are a strong and powerful soul, and you can take full responsibility for your life and choices. You will never stop philosophising, but it seems important to move from thinking to action now. Waiting for the perfect moment could mean a long wait, sometimes you just have to trust your wings and believe...


As the tides of change continue to ebb and flow in your life, December looks set to be a month of contemplation, self-honesty, decisions and forward movement. You have been aware of the shifts within you for some time now, but you have found it hard to grasp hold of them with clarity or vision. The reason for this seems to be down to some uncertainty connected to what you actually want from your life. You have dreams and goals, and some of these have been with you for years, but now the time is coming to potentially manifest these into reality, you seem unsure if they are truly what you want. You have become stuck in a maze of uncertainty and indecision. However, changing your mind is allowed!

Don’t try to beat yourself up for making a ‘wrong’ choice or move or for chasing a dream that no longer makes your heart sing. You are human, and to err is human. To forgive is most certainly Divine though, and so the time has come to use your own divinity to forgive yourself and to set yourself free on all levels of your life. Deep down, you know what you truly want in life, but the reality may not be the fairy tale you have been longing for all these years. The time has come to be honest with yourself, to stop chasing dreams because you think you ‘ought’ to have them and to begin to explore what you truly want. Change isn’t easy, but it is a necessary part of life. This is your time to set yourself free and to soar high beyond boundaries...


December looks set to be a month of inspiration, empowerment and creativity for you. That fire within is burning brightly and with such passion that you are literally glowing with energy, zest and creative flair! Change continues to be a strong theme for you, yet this does not feel daunting, it feels natural and fluid. In some ways it seems that you have embraced the fullness of your Being and as a result, you are more able to surrender to the ebb and flow of life. Yet this is not a passive state, it is vibrant and full of movement. It seems that you have moved beyond the ‘ordinary’ to a place of higher knowing and trust that guides your life forward with certainty and clarity. This is an amazing space to be in, so do make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

There is still a need for you to clarify and confirm your true priorities in life. It is all well and good achieving this state of ‘higher knowing’, but in order to make the best of it, you need direction and vision. Honouring yourself, setting priorities, and having the strength to walk away from some opportunities which just do not ‘feel’ right are all steps on your path towards self-enlightenment and inner knowing. This is a time to ‘feel’ your way forwards, to trust your gut or intuition to guide you, and to have the courage of your convictions to embrace your dreams. Of course, life never carries any guarantees, but deep down, you know that to stand still is just not an option for you anymore. How you choose to move forward ultimately comes down to personal choice, but this is a time of empowerment, so why not make the most of it?


The magic is within you. Nothing more to say really!

This simple statement really does say it all. You have been on a path of progress over recent months, but you have not felt the magic or that ‘va-va voom’ within you. Your heart hasn’t been singing, and you have been looking around at your life wondering what on earth is missing? You have looked at all aspects of your life, but perhaps forgotten to look in the most obvious place – in you! The magic is within you! This is not some strange spell or trick, this is a realisation that the spark and energy you have been seeking for high and low, all around you, cannot be found in the outside world; it is within you!

December brings you the opportunity to connect with the full power of this realisation. Once you have fully connected with your own inner magic (or Divinity or creativity or spark), then you know that you already have all you need to have as much va-va voom as you could possibly dream of. Ok, that may be a reach, as your imagination is big and you have high expectations (!), but nonetheless, you can change the whole dynamic of your life by shifting your perspective and realising that the magic is within you! This is akin to realising that you are a Divine Being, you cannot find the magic externally for it is simply not there. Until you find it within you, you will always feel that something is missing. Yet this is a time to turn your dreams into reality, and these are external...but the first step is within, once you have fully embraced your own spark, then the world is your oyster.


December looks set to be a month of awakening and inner revolution! It seems that your perspective is shifting, and your outlook on life is transforming. The main reason behind this metamorphosis seems to be connected to you using the power of your thoughts and words in different and life enhancing ways. It has been all too easy to berate yourself when things in life have not gone your way, and your inner dialogue is often less than positive (for the perfectionist in you is quite a drill sergeant). Yet, you have now realised that the more you relax into the flow of things and allow your positivity to ooze from your being, the easier life seems to become. So, stop beating your Self up and know that this does not have to be so hard!

Before you over-think this concept, try to feel it. Know that how you feel is perhaps your strongest guide at the current time.  Take a deep breath and connect to the idea; then you can gain a clearer understanding. You are a deep and profound thinker, and your words have such power, therefore it is vital that you use them wisely whether it is in connection to your inner dialogue, your dreams or to your interactions with others. This is a time of empowerment; and words, thoughts and clarity are your strongest tools. Use them wisely and with self-belief, and you can use this opportunity to re-shape your life and your world from the inside, out. This is your chance to transform your very essence and the key to this is within you! So, use your skills and believe in your Self. Oh, and don’t forget to love yourself as well...


December looks set to see the theme of change continuing on many levels of your life; you have found a way to break free from the inertia that has been troubling you for so long, and this break for freedom has re-energised and re-inspired you to re-think your life. You are a free spirit at heart, but there is a part of you that craves security and stability; whilst this is something of a contradiction in terms, you know just how fine the balance is between freedom and constraint. For you to be truly happy, you need a little of both! Of course, you are not necessarily seeking a life of restraint, but you do like feeling a strong bond and connection with others, as this helps you to feel grounded and as though you ‘belong’.

This contradiction is one of the deep mysteries of being a Scorpio, the balance is so hard to achieve, but absolutely delightful when you do achieve it. However, if the pendulum swings to one extreme or the other, you become restless and crave the other extreme and go all out to find it! This is one such time, but it seems that you now have the chance to either seek out the extreme or to embrace balance. Balance is the key to you embracing opportunities that come your way, and balance will help you to connect to your true priorities in life. Through balance you can realise that you can have freedom and security at the same time; you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. Enjoy the richness and variety of being you, don’t try to sacrifice your Self and celebrate the fact that you are a powerful, passionate, creative and adventurous soul...


December looks set to be a time of adventure and excitement for you, a time where you can transform your life! You have been on the brink of change for a long time, and whilst you have had some clear ideas about what you want from life, there has always been a gap from where you are to where you want to be. This gap has somehow felt insurmountable but inconsequential at the same time! Yet, try as you may, you have just not found a way to cross this gap. The harder you have tried, the bigger the gap has become. So, even with your optimistic and buoyant approach to life, you would be forgiven for wondering if you would ever reach your destination.

This ‘gap’ remains to be your single biggest hurdle or obstacle in life, however the time has come for you to realise that the gap is a myth; it is a self-created and humankind-created understanding of how life works. It is a way of making sense of why you are not living the life of your dreams. Yet, you are a magnificent being: creative, spiritual, talented and wise, and it seems that you now need to embrace this and own it. Once you take this on board, you will realise that your dreams are not out of your reach. You will also realise that you no longer need to keep them out of your reach either (you know what I mean!). This is your chance to honour your Self, for you are amazing! Believe this, feel this and know that you have the power within you to transform your life. Don’t be constrained by linear thought, don’t see a gap, see a chance to grow, expand and soar...


December looks set to continue the theme of you embracing your own power and potential. Whilst you have taken some steps towards a new awareness where you realise that you do have the power within you to manifest your dreams into reality and to create a blissful state of being, there is still a little way to go when it comes to ‘owning’ these dreams and gifts and therefore connecting to their power (which is your power!).  There can be no denying that you are a practical, grounded and realistic soul, but sometimes you can get so stuck in the mud that you cannot move! Remember, you are a mythical sea goat, sure-footed and able to balance high up on the mountain side. Your perspective on life is unique, fresh and completely different. You can remain stuck in the mud if you want to, but why not take this opportunity to get out of the mud and to run free?

There is a strong sense that you are near an important crossroads in your life; and some big decisions and choices are likely. You can either view this crossroads from your current mud-entrenched position or you can lift yourself up to regain your mythical and somewhat magical mountainside perspective. This is all about perception; it is not about the nuts and bolts of life. Of course, the nuts and bolts can take over, for life is like that sometimes, but if you can shift your perspective from feeling trapped to realising that you are free then your whole outlook will begin to change. This is your opportunity to use your innate power and gifts to full effect and to enrich your life from the depths of your soul, outwards...


Remember that feeling of being lost at sea? Well the good news is that December brings you a paddle, an outboard motor and a friendly whale (not literally!). You face a choice, but which to choose? You could take the lot, but it seems that you cannot take more than one thing. You could take the motor, but is there any fuel? You could take the paddle, but how far would you need to travel to get to land? The whale seems friendly enough, but you are likely to be unsure exactly what the whale can do to help. This is a roundabout way of saying that you will be facing some choices over the coming weeks, none of which seem clear cut and you seem pressured to make a choice! Yet, if you move beyond the logical, mind-based approach and feel your way forward, the answer should become clearer.

It is so easy for you to get lost in the mechanics of choices and to lose yourself in a conundrum of puzzles and questions, yet sometimes, you need to take a step back to regain your perspective. Sometimes, when you step back you can see that being lost is actually the preferred state of being for it is in this space that you connect to your inner world and gain insights and wisdom into your true nature. Seeking an answer or a solution at all costs can negate your progress and actually hold you back. Sometimes you need to bide your time and trust that the answer will present itself to you when the time is right. In fact, if you look over your shoulder you will see that you are only a few metres away from the shore, and you do not need any of the above solutions, you can simply walk...  


As 2011 comes to a close, in many ways it seems that you will be relieved to see the back of it! This has been a profound year for you, one which has seen you digging deep within and facing your full power, pain and glory with absolute honesty and determination. Such an inner journey is hard work, but you have persevered, and you now seem to know your Self on a much deeper level. Of course, knowing your Self is one thing, but how does this change your life?! All of your hard work has been for a reason, and this reason seems to be connected to you setting yourself free from some of the patterns and storylines that you frequently find yourself in. You know only too well how frustrated you feel when you realise that you have found yourself in another repeating cycle, and you feel disempowered and frustrated as a result. You kick yourself for getting stuck in a rut...

However, the time has come to break free from these patterns. All of your hard work has brought you to a place of self-knowing, wisdom and self-belief. At the same time, you have reclaimed your power and realised that you are not aimlessly drifting through life - you direct the current! It seems clear, that whilst this has been a challenging year, it has also been your year of profound and positive re-awakening. As you move through December, you look set to find yourself in a position to embrace your new found freedom (particularly from within), to fully claim (and own!) your power and to reach towards your dreams. Remember that the first steps come within; once you feel free, you become free. Use your gifts to transform your life, and realise that you are a strong, powerful, magnificent and amazing soul...


Mailena 2nd December 2011 3:12 am

I feel totally understood ! And on top of that, I find a bit of me in every one of the other signs as well....
Thank you very much.


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