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Message for December 2014

December looks set to be a month of inspired insight and clear vision as we prepare to step from one year to the next. Of course, every moment of every day involves change and although it can sometimes be hard to wholeheartedly embrace change in our lives it is important that we accept the natural ebb and flow of life. Change happens whether we want it to or not, just as day turns into night and one year moves into the next, change is an integral and non-negotiable part of life.

It can be tempting to try to control, resist or fight change, but if we try to cling on to what we know because we fear the unknowable of what lies ahead we run the risk of becoming lost in fear. No one ever said that life was easy but when we stop trying to resist the true flow we can begin to feel a deeper sense of liberation as we consciously connect to the bigger picture of life.

Accepting change is not the same as giving up or giving in. There will always be important causes to fight for and dreams to strive for but trying to cling onto the impermanence of life can leave us suspended and paralysed in a state of fear. Living in fear encourages lack, constriction and resistance as we try to cling on to what we know. Accepting change opens us up to living a richer, more connected existence. Of course, accepting change is a little easier said than done as it is part of our nature to want to fight, resist and cling to what we know.

It seems that the more consciously we step into the present moment and realise that we need to create our lives one day at a time the more we liberate ourselves from fear and resistance. Although this isn’t an easy path, it feels almost inevitable now as we each face the truth of the reflection we see when we gaze into the mirrors of the soul. We can choose to carry on sleepwalking with our heads buried deeply in the sand or we can turn and face our fears and breathe deeply into each and every moment. This doesn’t necessarily make life any easier but it does allow us to live more consciously and more vibrantly, allowing our true essence to flow freely and enabling each and every one of us to fully connect to the true magnificence of life...

With love,



December looks set to be a month for ringing the changes when it comes to how you live your life and how you move forward on your path ahead. Whilst you are very aware of trying to live as consciously as possible in the present moment, it can be hard not to focus on the vision of your path ahead simply because there is still so much you want to do, see and achieve. This vision instils a huge amount of drive in your soul and inspires you to see the bigger picture when it comes to living the best life possible. However, looking ahead can mean that you sometimes sacrifice the present moment and lose touch with the magic that can be found in the here and now.

There are times when your focus is so honed onto your path ahead that you forget your footing in the present moment and trip over opportunities that could otherwise inject some rocket fuel into your dreams and goals. Ringing the changes is connected to becoming ever-more conscious of the present moment once again as you begin to realise that you are at your most intuitive, creative and passionate in the here and now; you lose some of your power and essence when you get lost chasing the future. This is not to say that you should give up on your dreams though, it is just a suggestion that you can find new ways to get to where you want to be by being more present, awake and aware now...


As you continue to find more space in your life to breathe, there is a sense that you are beginning to expand your consciousness into new areas of thinking when it comes to finding new ways to live your life in the best possible way. Life is often so busy of things to do and people to see it’s easy for you to hold your breath in tightly as you navigate the distractions, challenges and responsibilities; there is rarely much room left for you to breathe and be you. Yet, in many ways this perception of ‘no room to be you’ has created a mindset of there being ‘no room to be you’ as, when you gaze back over your life, you can see that there have, in fact, been plenty of moments to breathe freely.

Life has a habit of taking over if you let it; you can feel like a powerless pawn in a game of things to do, people to see and places to go. However, you are neither powerless nor a pawn, and you have the strength and presence to change this dynamic now, once and for all. Life may continue to be busy but the more you focus on those (albeit brief) moments to breathe and re-centre, the more of these moments you will find. After a while, they will accumulate into something far more tangible and exciting and, as a result, you look set to find new ways to establish equilibrium in your life enabling you to embrace the concept of having as much room to be you as you need...


December looks set to be an inspirational month for you as you start to find more time for your creative juices to flow freely. Although your creativity is a constant flow in your life, it can be easy to lose sight of it when there is so much going all around and within you; you can feel disconnected from your source of inspiration due to the chatter and noise of everyday life. It is therefore understandable that you want some peace in order to re-establish a connection to your inner well as you are keen to get back in touch with the magic of living and being you. Yet, is it really realistic to expect to calm the chatter completely? You thrive on being fluid, intuitive, creative and expansive, and this means living your life at the heart of shift, change and movement. In some ways, your mind is like a whirlwind as it moves so swiftly and intensely, but this is a part of you and therefore is it a gift to harness rather than an irritation to eradicate?

Being you isn’t easy as there are so many individual and interconnected moving parts but they accumulate into something truly amazing. It seems prudent now to find a way to love all that you are and to allow your creativity to find its own path to freedom. Pushing away the vibrant, somewhat chaotic, essence of your life would diminish you rather than enhance you, so why not embrace it and open up to the true joy of all that you are...


Being you has never been as straightforward as you once hoped; life hasn’t worked out exactly as you planned and your evolving sense of self has created new pathways and avenues to explore that were previously not even on your radar of possibilities. You could feel frustrated that this is the case or you could feel relieved that you are no different to anyone else in the human race! Yet, you do like to give yourself something of a hard time for not getting life ‘right’ and this results in you frequently feeling ‘less than’; self-flagellation rarely works as a tool for self-motivation, the best way to self-motivate is to actually self-motivate!

Using negatives to push yourself creates a challenging inner dynamic of lack which can shape and define huge swathes of your life. This isn’t to say that you should just ‘think positive’ and all will be well in your life as you are too bright to know that this isn’t how life works, but by adopting a philosophy of self-compassion and self-understanding, you can begin to cultivate a more balanced approach to dealing with the ups and downs that life brings your way. So, instead of feeling like you are on a roller-coaster, holding on to the safety bar, legs dangling in the air, clinging on for dear life, you can begin to enjoy the ride and, rather than solely focusing on finding ways to cling on, you can begin to open up more consciously to all that life has to offer you by finally being you and loving yourself for it…


December looks set to be a month for expanding your ever-evolving consciousness into some new terrain in your life. You have long seen yourself as one of life’s pioneers; courageously stepping into the unknown, pushing your boundaries and exploring new schools of thought. This is a role you have embraced whole-heartedly and it has brought you a strong sense of Self and a powerful awareness of the bigger picture of your life. However, it has also brought you confusion as there is a sense that you have often felt a lack of correlation between your reality and your vision of yourself and your life. The ‘you’ you know yourself to be and the ‘you’ that you find yourself to be do not always meet in the middle and this can be the source of immense frustration and bewilderment for you as it’s hard to make sense as to what creates the incongruence.

Stop being so hard on yourself! You already know that your consciousness is ever-evolving and expanding, and you know that you are a pioneer, so why would you expect to ever get to a point where you have fully stepped into and become your vision? Your vision is ever-changing and you are ever-growing; it’s like wanting to reach the horizon even though you logically know you can’t. Why put yourself under pressure when you can instead embrace all that life has to offer you? Take a deep breath and let yourself expand into your own bigger picture to be the you that you are now ready to be...


There is a saying that goes ‘if you are but a grain of sand, then the beach is incomplete without you’. Equally, ‘you are but a drop in the ocean, but every ocean starts with just a drop’. There are many such sayings and each one reaches into your consciousness to remind you of the interconnectivity of life and reaffirms the expansive nature of your being. Although you understand these phrases, there is a part of you that finds them intensely irritating as they give you an essence of expansiveness and creativity without actually giving you either. It can be hard for you to let go and open up to allow these words to carry you forward in life, this is because although you understand the words, feeling them and becoming them is somewhat harder.

Your rational mind wants to make sense of the philosophy even though your heart and soul just want to let go and live it. Heart versus heart perhaps, but it seems to go even deeper as you want to become the balanced, intuitive, creative, wise and expansive soul that you know yourself to be but life just isn’t giving you the breathing space to do so. Of course, this is what life does: it shifts, it changes and it evolves, equally so does your consciousness, so why not move with the flow and ride the dunes and the waves rather than trying to comprehend them? The time has come for your heart and head to come together to create the masterpiece of being you...


‘Not all who wander are lost’ wrote JRR Tolkien, ‘deep roots are not reached by the frost’. These words look set to take on new meaning for you in December as you begin to see yourself and your life from a very different perspective. Life has been a twisty-turvy, unpredictable path for you recently, and although you have, at times, wandered through the wilderness of life, you have never truly been lost. Equally though, your roots are deep and you are far stronger than you ever give yourself credit for, so, even when life has thrown you lemons, you have not only made lemonade, but planted lemon trees, opened a bar and learned how to make the perfect mojito. In other words, your challenges have made you strong and you have grown and evolved as a result.

Of course, it would be nice if you could sometimes just sit and savour a mojito without dealing with the falling lemons first, but this does happen, it’s just that it’s part of being human to remember the challenges more than the good stuff. You are a wanderer and you explore new dimensions of thought and awareness; this is your birthright and a gift. You are only lost if you feel lost. Remember your roots are deep and remember also that the frost can also be beautiful and breath-taking when you consciously connect to it and become one with it. It’s your life, frosts come and go, but you have gloves and warm socks, and your roots are deep; don’t ever forget that...


A is for antelope, Z is for zebra. You certainly know your alphabet and you also know your A’s from your Z’s, yet could the same be said for knowing your way around yourself? Possibly a strange question, after all, you have spent most of your life on the path of knowing yourself, but there is a sense that, after a while, this path became more about understanding the workings of the concept of knowing yourself than it did about actually knowing yourself. In other words, you lost sight of knowing yourself and being yourself in the quest to work out how to know and be yourself. It’s all too easy to get tied up in the workings of the mind, particularly when you are so keen to see the bigger picture of your life.

The mind likes to probe, ponder and understand, but your intuitive and creative nature also has a need to open up your heart and just go with the flow. It may seem unusual for your mind to have taken on such a pivotal role in your life, after all, you are a feelings person, but your mind is powerful, and, if left unchecked, it can start to weave new webs that can grow impenetrable over time. You are ready to embrace a new chapter of your life now, one where knowing yourself is second nature, and one where the webs fall away, but don’t regret where you’ve been, love it and know it has brought you to where you are now...


The art of creative visualisation is something you are particularly familiar with, after all, you are gifted with clear sight, optimism and a vibrant sense of clarity. Seeing the bigger picture allows you to let your imagination flow freely and inspires you to embrace your true essence to stride forth with confidence towards your dreams. Intuitively you know that this is your true nature but your reality at the current time may feel somewhat different as you seem to be struggling to see the wood for the trees. As a result, life feels a little heavy and cumbersome as you wonder how to shake loose from the metaphorical shackles you feel bound by to instead dance freely with the flow of life.

You are a free-spirit at heart but your head often ties you up in knots as you try to be the best that you can be, or rather, try to be the best that you think you ought to be. It’s not that you are a people-pleaser but it seems important to you to get life ‘right’; who wouldn’t? Yet, ought’s and should’s really don’t have a place in your free-spirited vocabulary and, this is why you feel out of sorts with your true essence. Whilst it could be an over-simplification to suggest you should shake loose and let your free spirit out, perhaps it is exactly this kind of simplicity that you now need to shine. So, instead of head versus heart, let the two merge in harmony and allow your true power, passion and vibrancy to shine...


As the balance between doing and being grows ever more distinct and clear in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how out of balance your world has become. You have spent so long giving so much of yourself in life’s busy-ness that you have forgotten the value of being: being in the moment, being conscious and being you. Being is not quite the opposite of doing; it is more a state of awareness that filters into every aspect of your consciousness. ‘Being’ radiates a mindfulness of life exactly as it is and such an awareness helps to cultivate a stronger sense of balance both within and without in your life. However, being is not giving up nor is it a passive letting go of your dreams; being is acceptance and a willingness to be vulnerable as you let your true nature flow free.

Vulnerability is not weakness, it is having the courage to let your inner light out, to love your imperfections (we all have them) and it is allowing your true essence to shine. Being takes strength and it takes motivation as it’s so easy to get lost in the distraction of doing and chasing. Your perspective has shifted recently and you seem ready now to create the space in your life to wholeheartedly embrace the concept of being. This may sound like a rather passive and uninspiring dream, but intuitively you know that doing and chasing no longer bring you satisfaction; you are ready for something deeper, richer and more rewarding now...


As you continue to evaluate and explore the different layers of your life there is a sense that you are beginning to see a new storyline emerging, one that feels both inspirational and exciting. It seems that you have finally let go of the notion that you need to live your life by ought’s, must’s and should’s and this has liberated you in so many ways! For a start, you no longer feel overwhelmed with all the responsibility in your life as you can now see that you are not a prisoner without choices but a human being with the ability to change both the pattern and dynamic of your life. Whilst you may not be able to change aspects of your reality, there is a sense that you are moving into a position where you can begin to step more freely into the true flow of your life.

This has the air of a mini-rebellion, but more of an inner revolution than an outer one; in essence, you are breaking free from the beliefs and storylines that have shaped and defined your life for years. This is not to say that you have been unhappy, but it seems likely that you have been aware of a sense of disconnection between your dreams and your reality; one just doesn’t seem to match up to the other. This newly emerging storyline feels empowering and enriching as you seem ready now to open up to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live...


December looks set to inject a little fairy dust into your life and the spring in your step starts to grow bouncy once again. Over recent months life has felt quite heavy for you as all of those ‘things to do’ have accumulated and grown; no matter how many you tick off the list, as quickly as you tick one off, more appear. As a result, you have felt somewhat frustrated at the lack of magic and spark in your life. However, the winds of change have been building up momentum and the currents look set to shift in the days and weeks ahead as you begin to reclaim your bounce and zest for life. There is a chance that you might not notice the changing currents at first as your focus is so honed on getting that tick list completed but it seems important to accept that the list can never truly ‘end’ as there will always be things to do; that’s what being alive involves.

Acceptance brings a change in dynamic so instead of pushing yourself so hard, it is important that you start to accept the fact that your life always will involve ‘things to do’ but this doesn’t have to be all there is. In fact, it is, in many ways, vital that you open up to embrace a stronger sense of expansion and possibility because this is the ‘force’ that can inspire you to embrace the magic of being you allowing that spring in your step to take you towards pastures new...


FresnoHye 2nd December 2014 10:59 pm

Thank YOU So Very Much!!!!! I So Love The Way You Put It! :angel: As "I Become", and I Am "embracing", "Becoming Who I Am, "wholeheartedly" becomes "a bit involved", at times. Only Because, So Much Of MY Heart Is Already Given To Who I Am Becoming. Thankfully, LIGHT Of LOVE, Shares Freely, just like Family, (and All Human Kind) Should Share With One another". (note: I composed the above, "before" I viewed my Horoscope...and I Must Add a 'gazillion, million, trillion'- plus a few billon' more THANK YOU's. In General Because YOU ARE YOU :angel: , and as I 'sense' you may (or not) Be... I Am Aware of Who I Am "Ultimately" Becoming To BE. I LOVE Trees, and Listen To Them "Remind" me to Be 'on Cue'...And It Was The Roots of a Certain .org that 'set the stage' for "True" SELF (re) Discovery. I've 'always KNOWN'. I had little idea, that there would be the myriad of "branches" to 'take hold of' during the "Growing To Become" Process. Thank You, too for the "birth right" remark. NOW my dear, and 'leery' mom, (Jo Abrahamian), will better understand, that my "birth "mark"" is HOLY


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