Monthly Astro-Forecasts December 2015

Message for December 2015

In many ways, life is a story of two halves: night and day, endings and beginnings, life and death. It is often easy to try to fight the system in order to create a life more in tune with what we want rather than what we have. In the northern hemisphere, as we near the turning point of the year at the winter solstice, it is important to remember that in the southern hemisphere, the summer solstice arrives. So, although we may feel in a time of winter retreat and hibernation, it's important not to forget that on some level we are awakening at the same time. Although we may not live in the southern hemisphere, we still feel the effects of both turning points and this helps us to embrace all aspects, and both halves, of life.

It may seem obvious to state that we need to embrace both halves to be whole, but surely there are more than two halves to take into account as there are the spaces within the spaces, the silence, the void and the unknowable reaches of the universe as well! Intuitively we know that we are more than the sum of our parts, but can we really make two halves more than one? Indeed, do we want to? Before this gets too confusing and mind-bending, it’s important not to overthink this but to intuitively feel the meaning as logic has no place in this seemingly illogical meandering!

It is part of being human to want to rationalise and make sense of life, to understand what makes us tick and what doesn’t make us tock. We long to wholeheartedly embrace acceptance, to live consciously and to be whole, complete and evolved beings, but things are rarely as straightforward as this. There sadly isn’t a check list available for ‘spiritual and personal evolution’; we have to find our own way. None of us are alike; we are all unique and, as a result, what works for one, doesn’t work for another.

We live in a world of paradoxes, extremes and questions. We are rarely lucky enough to have all the answers and the wiser amongst us will see the blessing of this rather than feel irritated. Sometimes answers just lead to more questions and sometimes answers bring more confusion than clarity. We are interconnected and integrated beings living in a vast and infinite universe; when we see ourselves as a tiny speck in this vastness, our quest for greatness can sometimes seem rather futile, but it is our quest for greatness (for wisdom, knowledge and compassion) that defines us as human beings.

As the wheel of the year turns, it seems important for each of us to acknowledge the paradoxes and spectrums both within and without in life. When we choose to love our imperfections and quirks, we break down barriers and each and every one of those tiny specks in the universe merges into a flickering flame that we can each carry within our hearts and souls; we truly become one when we open up our hearts and souls. Love isn’t exclusive, compassion isn’t selective. Unity is both personal and collective.

December looks set to instil a deeper sense of connection and a stronger sense of unity as well as inspiring each and every one of us to breath deeply: into ourselves, into life and into each other…

With love,




As the wheel of the year keeps on turning, one year comes to a close and another looks set to begin. Life is full of endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings, and you are always doing both at any given moment in life. The perpetual shift and constant change in life are certainties, and whilst there are times when you try to dig your heels in to resist, intuitively you know evolution and growth come from change, and you also know that change happens with or without your approval or cooperation. It’s easy to see why, when life gets tough or challenging, you begin to focus on life in more linear terms of trying to keep on keeping on, getting from here to there, trying not to get stuck in a rut but, at the same time, trying not to take too many risks either.

Despite your vibrant creative streak and fiery, ram-like determination, there is a sense that you've opted for a pair of comfortable slippers rather than your usual all-terrain hiking boots; it seems you’ve accepted the inevitability of the path of your life and are allowing the path to weave it’s way forward, passively trusting the ebb and flow to carry you forth. Hello? Earth calling Aries. Comfortable slippers? Pur-lease. Take a moment to gaze at that burning inferno at the core of your being, feel the heat of the flames of your creativity and see the dazzling sparks of your courage. To coin a phrase: ‘No one puts Aries in the corner’! Get up, dance, be the free-spirited fiery sprite you know yourself to be. This doesn’t stop change of course but it allows you to be a conscious and vibrant part of it…



The Taurean bull is well known for its solidity, stability, strength and determination. Admittedly, it may sometimes snort loudly in the corner, stamping its front foot, looking slightly wild-eyed and unpredictable if someone should irritate it, but, by being a part of you, you have learned how to incorporate this into your daily life. Or so one would assume! There is a sense that you often push away and deny your bullish tenacity as you feel it's somehow uncouth or unpalatable in day to day life. Whilst you think nothing of standing up for those around you, when it comes to your own needs and rights you often hold back and flaccidly smile, hoping everything will turn out okay. You squash your wilder side within as you fear it doesn't 'fit' into your life; as a result, your wild side can feel like an awkward and uncomfortable part of you that you’d rather ignore. Yet, it's a part of you so how can it not fit? Denying it is surely denying your true essence?

Although, in many ways, your needs in life are quite simple (happiness, stability, purpose etc), they do lack energy as, without your wild side, the push, determination and tenacity that drive you forwards are lacking. As a result, you can feel as though you are drifting through life rather than striding forth, ebbing from place to place without gaining a true sense of purpose or meaning. Whilst there are undoubtedly times when drifting is quite pleasant, it’s frustrating for you as you feel so detached from the process of being you and it’s then hard to stand in your true power. Your bull is a majestic, beautiful and incredible force of nature; don’t deny it, love it and let it love you…



December looks set to intensify the theme of ‘being yourself’ as you begin to shed layers of doubt and uncertainty in connection to the truth of your essence. This may sound a little ‘fluffy’ and vague as ‘the truth of your essence’ sounds impressive but does it actually mean anything? Well, yes, and no. It is without meaning as your essence is beyond comprehension and definition, so, in many ways, the truth of your essence is akin to seeking the horizon which never truly arrives. Yet, at the same time, there is deep and profound meaning to be found in the truth of your essence as it suggests a willingness to turn and face the depths of your soul, to shed facades and to embrace the truth of being you. Whilst you can understand the meaning of these words, you cannot help but feel frustrated as, despite suggesting an explanation, you still haven’t truly been given one as ‘embracing the truth of being you’ is no less vague than the ‘truth of your essence’!

It seems clear that the one thing you want more of at the current time is clarity and the one thing you definitely want less of is flowery profound statements. However, intuitively you know that, when it comes to being you, clarity is hard to grasp as you are perpetually changing and shifting, growing and evolving. Waiting for clarity may make for a long wait as it keeps your focus on the past, retrospectively gaining meaning for things that have already happened rather than living consciously in the present moment. Your essence, your truth and being you is confusing but when you let go of chasing clear-cut meaning and start breathing fully into life, you will find that life breathes deeply into you…



‘One step forward, to the left, to the right, and back.’ There are times in your life when you feel as though you are moving in many different directions, keeping on keeping on, but seemingly always finding yourself back at where you started. The dance of life is a curious thing as it can feel intensely frustrating and incredibly rewarding, often at the same time. Although you may not be a natural ‘Fred Astaire’ or ‘Ginger Rogers’, shaking your mojo on the dance floor is something you’ve learned to value in life. There have been times when you prefer to stand on the sidelines nervously doing a hand jive or tapping your toes, hoping no one will notice, but you have evolved to a point where you are much more happy with the idea of letting it all hang out (metaphorically not literally!) without caring a jot who might be watching.

Being you is the singularly most important aim in your life as you know that, by being you, everything else slips into place. Being you doesn’t make life perfect, nor does it fix everything that’s broken, but being you enables you to gain a stronger and truer sense of yourself and this allows you to listen to the rhythm of life and move according to the energy or emotion it stirs rather than trying to be the person you feel you should be or ought to be. It’s an inherently human trait to want to be better, to want to be like those who seem so content with life, yet, under the surface, we are all alike. So many of us fight the rhythm, ignore it or try to fit a waltz into a jive shaped tune. The only difference is in our perception: so, be at one with the music and dance…



You have been on a powerful and profound journey over the last year; you have discovered a great deal about yourself, revealed some of your deeper mysteries and opened up to a greater sense of truth in life. In many ways, you are still processing this change as your journey of discovery continues in earnest. Yet, at the same time, you have reached a natural point of pause: an opportunity to take stock of where you have been, where you are heading and, most importantly, where you are now. You are a creative and vibrant soul, and your passion and exuberance for life light up the fires of your soul as you yearn to discover new terrain. This year, most of your discoveries are within you as you have awakened your soul and reconnected to your true essence and sense of self. As a result, you now have a clearer sense of direction in life and you also have a clearer understanding of all of those previous moments and past events that have brought you to this point in time. Most importantly though, you have discovered the magic and the joy of the present moment and realised the value of being here, now.

You may look back over the last twelve months and wonder what you have achieved as, on the surface, many aspects of your life appear unchanged. However, when you look within, you can see just how much you have changed, evolved, blossomed and grown. December looks set to be a powerful and pivotal month as you let go of old beliefs, de-clutter on all levels and allow yourself the space for the flames of your true essence to flicker freely in the wind. You are a free spirit and you seem ready now to wholeheartedly embrace the ‘you’ you know yourself to be…



Being you has never been as straightforward as it sounds as you are a multi-layered, complex, diverse and mysterious being. You have spent most of your life trying to understand your true essence and to know the intricate workings of your soul, but it seems the harder you look, the more confusing things become as your depths know no limits. Being infinite isn’t a new concept to you but accepting that this ultimately means you can never fully know every crevice and corner of your soul is somewhat harder for you to stomach. You are naturally an inquisitive soul, so question marks, mysteries and blanks usually only serve to feed your curiosity; you are not one to let life pass you by. Intuitively you know life is unknowable and mysterious, but logically you struggle to accept this so your head, heart and soul are often doing battle trying to out-manoeuvre each other in order to edge ahead in the somewhat lofty high-standards you have set for yourself; each piece of you wants to impress you and they work very hard to come out on top!

It seems important to acknowledge that this battle is only taking place because you are allowing it to; you are not powerless to intervene nor are you powerless to hold up your hand and say: ‘enough’. In a way, you enjoy the complexity of being you as it makes life more interesting but it keeps you away from the inherent simplicity that resides at the core of your being. Simplicity may sound boring but it’s magical and wonderful as it allows you to be you, to accept the unknowable and to live life anyway. Let simplicity be your mantra now, find richness and joy in it and breathe freely…



No one has ever said being human is easy and you seem to have tested out this theory on many levels of your life! You have spent a long time trying to make sense of your life and trying to rationalise why things are the way they are in order to gain a more logical explanation of the apparent randomness of life and life events. You have devoted a great deal of time and energy on this matter as it has been important for you to feel a sense of being on solid ground even though life is more akin to a whirlwind. You want solid ground to take stock, make sense and take a breath as this helps you to ride the waves but when there is no solid ground you flounder as you feel out of your depth. However, whirlwinds are your comfort zone!

You may feel out of balance but this comes because you are trying to ease the winds in order to rest on solid ground; in other words you are fighting against your true state of being because you don’t believe it is your true state of being. Listen to your intuition as it knows otherwise! Don’t live your life by trying to be like everyone else as you are unique. If you stop fighting the whirlwinds, you will learn how to become one with the flow enabling you to find your ‘solid ground’ in new ways. Allow your perception to shift and you will realise that solid ground is just a space where you can breathe deeply and you are gifted to do this in mid-air! Embrace your true essence, stop fighting the flow and let go of trying to be like everyone else: be you, only you and nothing but you…



December looks set to be a month of continued revelation and self-discovery as you begin to trust your intuition more and allow it to lead the way when it comes to living your life. It has been easier for you to deny or ignore your free-spirited, wild inner nature as this part of you calls out for adventure, pastures new, freedom of expression and wholeheartedly dancing with life. You ignore it because it feels easier not to upset the apple cart of your life as you have worked so hard to keep every apple polished and perfectly stacked. Whilst you are not usually one to bury your head in the sand, it has been easier to go into ‘ostrich mode’ as you have lost faith in your wild free-spirit to grab hold of life, to take a chance and to boldly step into unknown terrain. There are many reasons for this apparent change of character, mainly a weariness from keeping on keeping on in life as you have worked hard to keep the wheels of life turning.

Yet, there is also a sense that you have simply stopped allowing yourself to dream and be creative as it feels somehow counter-productive. It seems important for you to challenge this belief now as denying your inner nature, however wild, spontaneous and unruly he/she may be, closes off your heart and soul from living life fully and embracing each and every moment with the effervescence one would expect from a vibrant soul like you. Life is, by it’s very nature unknowable and uncertain; polishing those apples may feel safer but does it make for a happier and more enriched life? Only you can answer that question, but the time has come to allow your wild, creative and magnificent inner self the freedom to answer…



You have been through a rather intense period of internal shifts lately, some of which have been quite explosive in nature. As you process these, there is a sense you are beginning to realise just how valuable such upheaval can be when it comes to finding new solutions to long-standing problems and issues. Although you are still processing your recent breakthrough and making sense of it’s implications for your life and your path ahead, it seems clear you have broken through the inertia you have been immersed in for quite some time. As a result, a new wave of determination is sweeping in, inspiring and empowering you to step onto a new path in order to live a more enriching and fulfilling life. You have reached a turning point where living well is more important than doing well. Whilst you will never give up your aspirations, their focus is changing as you realise that living well is the only true path to happiness and fulfilment.

If you sacrifice well-being over achievements, then those achievements can quickly become hollow and empty as you are unable to truly savour them and enjoy them. Living well is an art and you are blessed with the ability to bring balance into every area of your life with your creativity and passion; the key for you is in believing that it is possible to live well. This may sound slightly odd, but you have faced many challenges lately so your usual effervescent optimism for life is a little jaded. December is a month to re-ignite your passion for life and to re-shape and re-define your belief that living well is your focus now as this will lead the way to a deeper and stronger sense of fulfilment and joy…



Life is a collection of moments: a jigsaw puzzle of experiences, thoughts, ideas and memories. Moments come in many shapes, colours, sizes and textures, and you have experienced a great many moments during your years on earth. Standing in amongst the scattered pieces, it can sometimes be hard to make sense of why things are the way they are but when you step back to see the bigger picture, often a deeper sense of knowing emerges as you begin to see wisdom in the patterns. There are times when, no matter how hard you look, you cannot see a pattern, but there are also times when you see not one, but several, patterns at the same time. It can sometimes be hard to make sense of life as the seemingly random and unknowableness becomes frustrating as, however hard you try, you always want to find meaning. This is a human trait; an inherent quest to ‘know’.

Of course, this inquisitiveness has led to scientific and medical advancements but it has also led to brick walls when you realise just how many questions exist that simply do not have answers. Intuitively you accept this but it irritates you as you find it hard to accept that anything is unknowable in life. Your determination is admirable but there are times when this motivation to dig and understand takes you away from the present moment, so instead of reaching a place of acceptance and inner balance, you become out of balance as you push against your intuition in a determined effort to find ‘the answer’. Sometimes, there is no answer. Sometimes, the solution comes from accepting the unanswerable nature of the question and letting go of the question. Sometimes though, you just need to ask a different question…



There are times in life when everything shifts into clear focus and you feel a strong sense of inner knowing that everything is exactly as it should be. There are also times when the mists roll in, obscuring the view and leaving you having to trust your formidable intuition to guide you forwards; challenging, but never impossible. However, there are other times when everything feels higgledy-piggledy and you have absolutely no idea if you are coming, going or lost somewhere in between! You have been oscillating between all three states over recent weeks and months making it hard for you to re-align yourself with your path in life. You have felt out of kilter but have been unable to adjust or tweak things as the shift between clarity, mists and confusion has been intense and overwhelming at times.

December looks set to calm the stormy seas slightly enabling you to regain your usual sense of inner balance in order for you to take a big deep breath and re-centre. It seems unlikely that the oscillation of twists and turns will cease completely as that is a part of life but your ability to ride these oscillations is changing as you move from feeling powerless to instead feeling empowered as you realise the opportunity these shifts actually present to you. With a willingness to let go and ride the waves of life, the gift comes from being more present and engaged with life, so, rather than trying to navigate through the shifts, you become one with them and accept each one as an opportunity for growth and evolution. You are a wise and creative soul, and the less you resist the oscillations, the more insight and wisdom you will find within them…



At the core of your being, a storm of epic proportions has been raging as you have been doing battle between your head and your heart as you have tried so hard to find ways of honouring your own needs and dreams whilst, at the same time, keeping everyone else happy. This seemingly impossible challenge is one you set yourself and you have been gallantly trying to win the war for ages without actually wanting to accept the obvious: it cannot be won. In other words, you have been at war with yourself for trying to achieve the unachievable: for trying to be, do and achieve everything for everyone, with the obvious exception of yourself. Yet, in many ways, this war is a distraction as it keeps you locked in battle doing the undeniably honourable act of self-sacrifice but all the while avoiding having to take a deeper look as to why you’re so keen to stay locked in an un-winnable war.

To someone standing on the outside looking in, this is a sorry sight to behold as you are stuck swimming round and round the goldfish bowl of life, giving yourself a hard time, denying yourself an opportunity to find peace, never seeing the vast ocean on the other side of the glass. The war is your way of not facing your true self or avoiding acknowledging your wants, dreams and needs as it seems easier to deny yourself rather than risk creating upset in the lives of those around you if you seek out change or pastures new. Enough! Stop beating yourself up, stop waging war on yourself and stop trying to deny yourself happiness and joy. Be the fluid soul you know yourself to be, explore the oceans, explore your true essence and love yourself for it…



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