Monthly Astro-Forecasts December 2016

Message for December 2016

As we gaze back over the year almost behind us there is, for most of us, a mix of emotions from moments of elation, moments of joy, moments of pain and moments of abject bewilderment. Life is, essentially, a collection of haphazard moments, a kaleidoscope of ‘stuff’ which we piece together in the best way we can. We may try to arrange all the pieces in orderly fashion but life has a way of coming along and tossing all the pieces back up in the air again as we can never truly take anything for granted. Despite the challenging times, there is an undeniable sense of forward movement as we end the year stronger and more resilient; we have grown and evolved exponentially and learned a great deal more about life, love and loss (and politics!) than perhaps we ever thought possible.

There is a potent undercurrent of change which is growing in both power and momentum; people are seeking out change and pushing boundaries. Whilst we may not agree with the decisions and choices of others, we live in a world where we promote free choice and so, it’s important to learn the art of acceptance. Of course, this isn’t to say we should suddenly start agreeing with the choices made nor should we lose our voices or opinions, but it’s easy to condemn another for being ‘wrong’ simply because they share differing views to our own. Of course, such a perspective reaches deeply into humanity and across the world as change has been the instigator of so many moments over the last year. Change is perhaps the only constant we have in life as nothing remains the same and everything changes. We may not like this fact but we can fight it all we want and still find ourselves unable to change the fact.

There is much talk about standing up for ourselves and fighting for what’s right. Yet, perhaps this is where the problem truly resides? Fighting for anything suggests aggression and it flavours the moment to one of challenge. Perhaps it’s the dialogue we use that’s ultimately creating brick walls of pain and prison doors of frustration as we cannot escape from the fight until we stop seeing it as a fight? Language matters as does the energy and power of words and it seems important to acknowledge this now as we begin to turn the spotlight within in order to contemplate the path ahead as the wheel of the year turns once again. Maybe it’s time to stop ‘fighting’ and instead use the powers of love, compassion and positivity to their full effect? If we live by the example we wish to exemplify surely that’s the best way to create ripples of change? Love and compassion are hugely misrepresented and often seen as sugary sweet nonsense and too passive to be a force for good but until we all choose to become beacons of love how can we know? This is a time for becoming the embodiment of all we want to see in the world and to trust that this process begins from our hearts and souls.

The root of the challenges we have faced this year appear to have, on the whole, surfaced due to our shifting inner landscapes as our souls have started the process of evolution and adaptation to the constant billowing wafts of change. It’s easy to feel overcome by this as there have been some intensely bum-clenchingly breath-hold moments as we have sucked in every ounce of our being in order to keep on keeping on. In fact many of us still have our breaths held in slightly in a vain attempt to move through life easier and our life-force is that little bit narrower as a result, but the time has come to breathe fully once again in order to fill our lungs with air as we move beyond the ‘fight’ and instead stand firm with love and compassion, in particular, self-love and self-compassion. How many of us spread the word of love and give ourselves a battering mentally for not being enough on some level?

It will take a while to digest and process some of the experiences of the last year but there is a strong sense that ‘everything happens for a reason’ and, whilst we may never truly understand the reasons, we enter 2017 with more hope and strength than ever before. Challenges will continue and change will come knocking but this isn’t news as they always have and always will. What changes is our perspective and our willingness to live life wholeheartedly, consciously and with love…

With love,




December looks set to be a month of exuberance and effervescence as you begin to seek out new ways to express yourself in order to live the best life possible. The last year hasn’t been an easy one for you but, along the way, you have learned a great deal about yourself in the process as you have found strength and determination in abundance. At the same time, you have also discovered more about your fragile underbelly and realised that it’s not something to fear but something to love. Whilst it can be hard for you to even admit you have a softer side, you have reached a point of breakthrough and conscious vulnerability where it feels totally okay to be real and to be true to yourself. Being vulnerable isn’t being weak, it’s being real and being completely honest, and it’s from such a space where you can tap into the true essence of you in order to re-connect to your true priorities in life.

Although you have always had a sense of direction, you have become slightly distracted with things to do, people to see and places to go over recent months and this has shifted your focus away from this bubbling fizz of exuberance and effervescence which has been rising up from deep within for quite some time but you have been too busy to notice. As you take a big long breath and look back at the year coming to an end and gaze forward to 2017, you cannot help but feel excited and liberated as you intuitively know you are ready to set sail for pastures new. These new pastures could be literal or they could be in your heart and soul, but either way you are readying yourself for an adventure of a lifetime where the only limit is your imagination…



The concept of happiness continues to take centre stage throughout December as you are finally beginning to realise just how much you have been bending yourself out of shape in order to live the life you thought you ought to be living as you tried so hard to keep others happy and to do the ‘right’ thing. You have only ever wanted to do the ‘right’ thing, often, as is typical for your nature, not the right thing for yourself, but the right thing for others which has seen you deviate away from your true essence into a kind of no-mans land of disconnection and disorientation. Whilst you have achieved a great deal, the cost has been an increasing sense of inner emptiness as you’ve grown further and further away from your heart and soul.

Although you’ve never lost sight of either your heart or your soul, they have felt quite distant at times and away from the here and now, as though they are not within your grasp. This has left you feeling ‘out of sorts’, often unable to pinpoint how or why, but a sense of disequilibrium which has created some inner disquiet and whisperings of discontent. As a result, you have never given up trying to achieve inner balance, even when you have felt swamped trying to do the ‘right’ thing. Over recent months, you have opened yourself up to the idea of happiness and what it truly means for you and this has opened the lid on the disquiet, so the whispers are now much louder and very audible. Whilst you could be tempted to ignore them, you have had the courage to explore what ‘right’ actually means to you. Knowing what motivates you is important as it opens up the doorway to your heart and soul, enabling you to listen freely, to redefine ‘right’ and to finally feel the happiness rising up within…



Conscious living remains the central theme in your life throughout December as you begin to process and digest exactly what ‘conscious living’ means to you. Is living consciously the same thing or does conscious living mean allowing your consciousness to lead the way? What is consciousness? Can it be defined or does it reside in the realms of the indefinable? Whilst thinking this through is natural and understandable, it’s also important not to overthink it as conscious living is more about being in the flow of life than it is thinking about the flow of life. Sometimes, thinking can stifle the flow and create a logjam which can stop conscious living in it’s tracks as it’s a fluid and free force. You intuitively know that conscious living is the path for you now as you have reached a point in your personal evolution where you are ready to breathe more deeply into life.

Whilst there will always be the temptation to think through where you are and why, you are finding peace in not doing this at the same time as you know that your intuition is formidable and you can trust it to guide you forwards. Embracing the art of conscious living involves living consciously but it also involves opening up your heart and soul in order to become attuned to the breath of the universe: as you breath out, the universe breaths in and so on. It’s also about savouring the moment and not taking things for granted as you see the magic all around you and within you and realise the true majesty of life. Of course, this doesn’t help you pay the bills, finish the ironing or do the tax return, but the more in balance you are within, the more balance you will find in other areas of your life. So, quieten the mind chatter and breathe…



December looks set to be an interesting ending to an intriguing year. All year you have been contemplating exactly what’s needed to tidy up the edges of your life in order to bring you a greater sense of happiness. Whilst you are a perfectionist, you are also a realist and you have faced a lot of disappointment in your life when the reality of imperfection has failed to live up to your expectations. At the same time though, there is a sense that your quest for perfection has also been something of a distraction as it has kept your focus on the horizon and away from the here and now. There is a saying that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ and, in many ways, you are a believer of this, looking over the fence, gazing at what could be or should be. However, this has taken you away from the grass you’re already standing on and sometimes it’s important to acknowledge where you are in order to allow you to know where you’re heading and why.

It’s a bit like having a map and a compass: you may know your ultimate destination but if you don’t know where you are on the map, you will go nowhere fast! You have reached a point of natural pause as the wheel of the year turns once again and it seems wise for you to spend at least a little time contemplating where you are now and acknowledging the gift of the present moment. It’s easy to get lost looking ‘over there’ to your chosen destination but there’s a great deal of comfort and joy to be found in ‘over here’ as well. This isn’t to say that you should bin your goals and give up on dreams, it’s more a gentle nudge to remind you not to lose sight of where you are as it’s the here and now that will ultimately enable you to thrive…



It’s easy to get lost in life, whether it’s in the maze of things to do and people to see or in the everyday humdrum and buzz of ‘keeping on keeping on’. Life, by it’s very nature, is inherently confusing and bewildering at times and, the more you try to make sense of it, the more confusing it can become. You have spent a lot of time and energy recently trying to focus more intently on where you are and the truth of your reality, but it’s been hard to unpick the tangle of ‘stuff’ you find yourself in. You are the kind of person who tries to keep everyone happy and you think nothing of ditching your own plans if it means helping someone else. Whilst this generosity is life-affirming it can also be life-draining as each time you do it, you lose a little bit of your sparkle and fire.

This isn’t to say you should become selfish and ignore the needs of others, but you do need to strike a much clearer sense of balance as you are way out of kilter which explains why you so often feel lost and overwhelmed. Deep within the core of your being resides your inner fire and your inner roar, this is where your passion, creativity and spark reside, and this is the source of your imagination and your va-va voom. When you are connected to this inner power, your soul lights up and you illuminate the world with your passion and flair. Yet, when you become lost in the humdrum of ‘stuff’, your light diminishes and even you struggle to see it. December looks set to be a month for you to let your inner light shine brightly, to let your roar go ‘Grrrrrr’ as you re-awaken your passion and zest for life, and begin to find a new way of being you…



December looks set to be a month where your inner world comes to life as you begin to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what nourishes you and what depletes you. You are a naturally giving and generous person, and you often give so much of yourself to others as you try to make a positive difference to the world. You know only too well that you often sacrifice your own needs in this equation and, whilst you have, over time, begun to listen to yourself more, there is a need for you to place yourself centre stage for a while in order to prioritise and honour your own needs. It’s unquestionably hard for you to focus on yourself as it somehow feels indulgent or selfish, but you need to turn to face the discomfort in order to push through it. What stops you? Is it truly just a desire to help others at all costs or is there a part of you that feels undeserving of your own love and compassion?

Only you can answer this question but it seems important that you answer it honestly now as you have reached a crossroads and what happens next will be ultimately flavoured by your true motivations. Loving yourself, being yourself and honouring yourself are important and necessary as they allow you to truly love and honour others. At the same time, if you do, at some level, feel somehow undeserving it’s important you acknowledge this so you can begin to change it. It may be difficult to ascertain why you feel this way but it’s time now for you to find a deeper and richer sense of happiness in life. Joy is not a default setting that appears by helping others, it has to come from within. Helping others can feel empty and hollow unless you feel connected and alive. You are ready now to love yourself and to set yourself free…




You may recall the reference last month which suggested the notion that your life can sometimes be just as bewildering as the instruction guide for flat pack furniture, well, the good news is that December isn’t looking quite as mystifying as you have a really good instruction booklet, the bad news is that it’s written in a different language. You would be forgiven for feeling as though you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea a lot of the time as you make progress on one hand, but on the other, you seem to face setbacks and challenges, each one thwarting your progress. However, when you look a little deeper, whilst there is an undeniable air of treadmills and running on the spot, there is also a sense that every little challenge and blip is bringing you a greater sense of wisdom and understanding.

Of course, you are also mastering the art of patience and although the sharp inhalations of breath are a sign of hiccups, use the breathing to your advantage and fill your lungs full of life force. It would be easy to lose sight of both the wood and the trees but grab hold of that Libran humour in order to see the funny side of life as taking everything so seriously really doesn't make things any easier. Sometimes it’s important to realise your body language and internal dialogue can shape and define your experiences as it’s ultimately your perception that guides the flavour of your life. If you feel beaten, shoulders sagging, defeated and broken, then life feels infinitely heavier than if you take a deep breath and stand strong. You are a phenomenally strong soul, don’t doubt this, use it. By the way, none of this suggests a hard time ahead, whilst the instruction booklet may be in a different language, there are always the pictures! In other words, you have options…



December looks set to be a month of conscious connection as you continue to focus on living a wholehearted and creative life. You are a passionate and vibrant soul, playing a unique note in the orchestra of life and, whilst it blends in perfectly with the whole, it’s also possible to make out it’s individual beauty and resonance. In essence, whilst you are very much a part of the interconnected whole, you are also a unique spirit, so it’s important for you to have your own space to dance freely in life. Restriction and routine clips your wings and can leave you feeling stifled and saturated, so there’s a need for you to strike a balance between being a part of the orchestra and being the soloist you know yourself to be. Of course, this is where the challenge resides as it can be so hard to know when the time is right to fly free!

However, for some months now you have had a sense of inner shift and a growing restlessness to break free from the humdrum of your everyday life. Whilst there are duties and responsibilities that are too important to let go of, there are many things on your ‘to do’ list out of habit rather than necessity. It’s time now to sort the wheat from the chaff in order to make more space in your life to breathe. If you were to simplify your life, you will find more naturally occurring space which will allow you to see the bigger picture with greater ease and help you to realise that it’s possible to still be a soloist even when you’re a part of an orchestra as the two are not mutually exclusive. It’s easy to get stuck in an ‘either/or’ perspective when you feel stifled, but it’s time now to understand the true nature of conscious connection as you feel yourself awakening within and find new ways to let your unique note resonate with love and joy…




Variety is the spice of life and you certainly know how to spice up your own life! Variety is your lifeblood as it keeps you motivated and energised; monotony depletes and diminishes you. Spice brings colour, zest and effervescence in abundance as you just love to sample as many dishes as possible. This isn’t greed, it’s an innate curiosity to go off road in order to explore all of life’s alleyways, nooks and crannies. Any cook will tell you how important it is to carefully blend spices together to create the perfect recipe and perfecting the art takes skill and expertise. You have both in abundance but there has always been a tendency in you to grab hold of as many spices as you can handle as you just love to dabble and experiment! There's nothing wrong in such an approach but it’s important to appreciate that too many spices at any one time can both overwhelm and potentially ruin an otherwise great dish. In other words, less is more!

December looks set to be a month to think about the spices in your own life which truly enhance and intensify the flavour and to set aside some of the other spices which are maybe around due to habit or curiosity. Of course, you’re unlikely to want to put some of those spices down, but you are now in the process of making one of the most important dishes of your life, so do you really want to throw everything at it in the hope of making something work or would you rather take a breath and trust your intuition to guide you? At the end of the day the choice is yours, but it seems important to at least listen to your inner voice as it’s a part of you after all. Have faith and belief in yourself to let go and simplify but to enrich at the same time. Less is more and that’s your mantra now…



December looks set to be a month to go ‘off list’ as you put your ever-growing, never-ending ‘to do list’ down and take a big, deep breath of life. You have spent a great deal of time and energy trying to make progress on your path in life but often feel thwarted by the need to tick off more items from your ‘to do list’. As mentioned last month, the list never ends and it has become more of an irritant than a positive focus in your life. Many of the items on the list are there because you feel they should be there and you have lost sight of many of the things that bring you true joy and a sense of purpose. Of course, life doesn’t always allow one to run carefree through the valleys and hills, but this isn’t to say that life should just be about the mundane. The list only remains because you allow it to, so why not let it go and instead let your intuition lead the way?

In many ways, you have become trapped by your desire to get life right and work through your list as that is the way of the world isn’t it? Yet when have you ever followed the flock? You are a sure-footed, independent, feisty mountain goat so why does the prospect of going ‘off list’ worry you? Over time, doing the ‘right thing’ has become habit but who defined what’s right? Is the right thing the done thing or should it be what’s right for you? There are certainly many questions to ponder this month! It’s time now to ask yourself perhaps the single-most important question you ever could ask yourself: what lights up your soul, brings you to life and makes you truly happy? Answer that and the concept of a list will fade away as you realise you now have an opportunity of a lifetime to reset the balance of your life in order to carve out a brand new way of living and being…



‘Slow down you move too fast…’ Simon and Garfunkel penned these lyrics and they seem rather apt for you during December as there is a distinct need for you to slow down as you really have been moving through life at a million miles an hour! Whilst you are used to working at high speed, there are times when a slower pace of life allows you to notice where you are in the here and now, and helps you absorb the present moment more consciously. Although this may not necessarily help you to get where you’re going any quicker, it will remind you of where you’re heading and why. It’s easy to become lost in trying to get to where you want to be as it’s your ultimate goal after all, however, there is a chance that you have meandered slightly off track over time and, because you are moving so fast, you’ve failed to realise you are now heading in a slightly different direction. Alternatively, you are still heading in the right direction, but as you’ve grown and evolved as a soul, you are now ready for a new destination. Either way you look at it, it seems clear you need to consider your current trajectory. At the same time, it would be wise to ask yourself exactly why you are moving so fast.

Are you running towards something or away from something? Is reaching your goal in the fastest time truly the best course of action or have you become lost in the distraction of keeping on keeping on? Is speed your ally and friend or is it a way of not having to think too deeply about anything much? This is your time to answer these questions as honestly as possible as you seem ready now to slow down in order to reacquaint yourself with your true essence and then allow this to light up and lead the way…



As a fluid soul, you weave and meander through the currents of life, consciously ebbing and flowing with the tides. Yet, at the same time, the lead-lined boots you so frequently wear anchor you to the spot rendering you unable to move, let alone flow! You may wonder how you can be both fluid and solid at the same time, but you have mastered the art! You may wonder why a fluid soul such a yourself would even own a pair of lead-lined boots let alone wear them, but ask anyone who knows you who the most determined, strong-willed person they know is and the most likely answer is yours truly! Your perception of yourself as a piece of driftwood doesn’t do you justice as you drive and direct the currents with skill and precision. You are a master of the waves and you rarely, if ever, travel passively. Yet, you find it hard to see this quality of yourself as you have grown used to the idea of passive, gentle fluidity and rather like the romantic image this conjures up in your consciousness.

However, if you cannot accept your determined side, how can you master it and embrace it? How can you navigate the ebb and flow until you acknowledge your ability to do so? Admittedly, you are a constant source of fascination to yourself! There have been chapters in your life when others have seen you as the fluid, floaty Piscean and you have taken on board their perspective but December is a month to reconnect to your own perception and to put on your shiny boots with pride! The time has come for you to take ownership of your strengths and to accept your skill at navigating the waves and currents of life. This is important for two reasons: firstly others need your guidance and strength, and secondly, you are ready now to grab hold of life with both hands as you re-write the rule book of your life…


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