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Message for February 2013

Happy New Year! No, I am not being remiss and I am aware that this is February, but with over a billion souls on the planet celebrating the New Year this month, it seems prudent to see February in terms of new beginnings!

February’s New Moon on the 10th marks the Chinese New Year (and the New Year for many other cultures as well). This will mark the beginning of the year of the Black Water Snake which suggests a years of inner focus and tapping into both the wisdom and the intuition within in order to guide us forwards.

2013 has begun on a fairly quiet note energetically, many are still feeling quite beleaguered after the energetic shifts of 2012, yet at the same time, there is a growing sense of ‘freshness’ and exuberance as each of us begins to fully re-centre and focus on living consciously and vibrantly in the present moment, and this is our true gift and blessing. Of course, we cannot forget that we live in the everyday world and have responsibilities to meet and commitments to fulfil, but when fully awakened in the present moment, we step beyond the chatter of the mind and connect more consciously to the peace and joy of what truly lies within us; we stop chasing and start being.

February looks set to be a month of inner vision; where energetically we connect more clearly to the new vibrations that shape and define our lives and our paths. The concept of ‘Self’ is shifting, as each of us begins to feel even more integrated and a part of the Whole. With such a vast percentage of the world in a celebratory mood, this is a powerful opportunity for each of us to tap in to the collective celebrations and to open up more fully to the joy of being awakened, connected and Whole. This is a feeling and a state of being; so there is nothing to ‘do’ here, for this is a time to go within, to step beyond the mind and to connect to the true power and bliss that resides within us all. When in such a space, life looks different, perceptions shift, goals change and the world feels like a brighter place once again...

The New Moon is in Aquarius on the 10th at 07.20 GMT and the Full Moon is in Virgo on the 25th at 20.26 GMT.

With love,



February looks set to be a month of inner shift and outer focus as you begin to sharpen and hone your vision of your path ahead. You have been working hard over recent weeks and months trying to form a clear picture of your goals and dreams; whilst they have never left you, there is a sense that life has cluttered up the picture for you with things to do, people to see and places to go. As a result, your own vision has become a little clouded and hard to grab hold of with your usual muster and gusto; this has left you feeling confused and frustrated, for you are overflowing with enthusiasm and energy but have struggled to find the focus to channel this into something constructive and palpable.

However, as February progresses, there is a sense of you becoming more inwardly focused once again; this is not egocentric or indulgent, but simply an opportunity for you to re-connect to your Self and to your dreams. You have spent quite some time treading water, trying to be everything to everyone, and whilst you have done a great job, you are much in need of some ‘space’ in order to re-centre and find your Self once again; you function better when you are feeling centred, focused and connected, and everyone benefits when you are feeling good!

As a result of this inner focus, it seems that your perspective on life is beginning to shift as well. You are a determined soul and sometimes keep pushing hard even when intuitively you sense a need to step back or try a different approach. Your determination is admirable, but if you don’t listen to your inner Self, there is a chance that you end up banging your head against the proverbial brick wall; giving up or changing approach is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wisdom and strength; so, listen to your inner self to guide you now...


February looks set to be a month of galvanised and focused forward movement for you; it seems that you have been patiently waiting on the sidelines for quite some time for the starting pistol to fire to set you moving along a new pathway in your life. You have been watching, waiting and hoping for that pistol to fire, feeling frustrated that you seem stuck and unable to make any progress. However, over the coming weeks you look set to realise that by waiting for the starting pistol to fire that you have lost sight of your own intuitive guidance system which has been waving frantically at you trying to get you to take a big step forward! It seems that you have become so caught up in life and in trying to do the right thing at the right time, that you have lost your connection with your inner Self to guide you.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last, for you are human after all! So, don’t beat yourself up by berating yourself for not acting quicker, instead be gentle and kind to yourself and celebrate the fact that you are now free to move ahead. Waiting for the starting pistol is inherently human and natural, for it seems right to follow the pack, yet you are not a true member of the flock as you are a vibrant and buoyant individual! Trying to fit in and blend makes for a quieter life but it does take you away from your intuition and sense of Self; once you fully embrace your inner Self and powerful spirit, you will realise that you function best when you follow your own lead. Of course, life carries no guarantees, but intuitively you know that you are ready now to embrace a brand new and exciting chapter of your life; on your terms and in your own unique way...


As you continue to focus on being fully present and aware in the current moment, it seems that your perseverance is beginning to reap rewards now as you seem less tied to the past and less shaped by expectations of the future. Intuitively you know that the present is the only moment that truly matters, but your mind does battle with this regularly, seeking answers and wanting a deeper sense of understanding of your ‘lot’. As a result, you can become lost in memories, beliefs, patterns and expectations and lose sight of your Self and your life, as it is, in the present moment.

Okay, you may not be happy with your life in the current moment, but by projecting your thoughts and hopes behind you and in front of you, you are missing out on the wonder of being truly awakened and alive in the present moment. You understand this concept, but have struggled to truly embrace it, for your mind can’t quite make sense of it; you seem to feel that by being ‘present’ that you are somehow going to lose your reference point and be unable to make sense of your struggles or lose sight of your goals. However, by keeping your focus away from the present, you are denying yourself the most precious thing of all: life.

As February gets underway, there is a powerful sense of shift occurring deep within you as you begin to step beyond the endless chatter of your mind and begin to rest more coherently and consciously in the present moment. There is a growing sense of peace, stillness and joy rising up from within you; this has always been there of course, but you have simply been too distracted to notice. Therefore, as February progresses, it seems to be your time to reclaim your sense of Self and to be fully, wholly and completely present...


February looks set to be a month of expansion and awareness for you as you begin to see beyond the boundaries of your everyday life and start to re-connect to your dreams and goals. Whilst you have been working hard and keeping on, keeping on, there is a sense that the magic and sparkle has drained away as life has become routine and quite ‘pedestrian’ in both shape and form. You are a determined soul though, and won’t give up without a fight, so you have kept your head down trying to forge ahead, not wanting to upset the apple cart and trying hard not to disrupt the flow of your life. Yet, by pushing ahead, are you not already upsetting the true flow of your life? By keeping on, keeping on, are you not ignoring the signs and carrying on regardless? Of course, back in the real world, you have bills to pay and responsibilities to meet and you may feel that you cannot afford to give your intuition a look in for it may take you away from what you have now, but if what you have now is not what you want are you truly honouring yourself in the best possible way?

Now, this is not necessarily a sign to throw in the towel and walk away, but it does seem to be a sign for you to stop pushing quite so hard in order to regain a little breathing space to listen to your inner Self once again. You are a wise and vibrant soul, yet your inner light is hidden away at the moment, buried under layer upon layer of things to do, places to go and people to see; where is the room for you? Lots of questions for you to ponder this month, but each one seems important now, for you are fast approaching a major crossroads in your life; one that looks set to transform your life from the inside, out...


As you continue on your path of inner evolution and empowerment, February looks set to be a month of inspiration and excitement as you begin to step beyond your self-created boundaries and reach towards a brand new way of living and being. This may sound very grand and perhaps a little melodramatic, but the energy that is now rising up from deep within you is akin to a shaken bottle of champagne about to be uncorked; the fizz and bubbles within you are about to be unleashed with vim, vigour and a great deal of enthusiasm! Yet, this doesn’t seem to be an uncontrollable outpouring of energy, for you have been working hard to get to this moment; it seems that you have been patiently (well, as patiently as a fiery Leo can be!) and calmly for the right moment to set your inner fizz free once again in order to make the most of the currents flowing within and without in your life. In other words, you have been watching and waiting for the right opportunities to come knocking in order to maximise your chances for success.

There is a chance that the outpouring of fizz may be even more ‘enthusiastic’ than even you envisaged, so try not to get too carried away or lost in the moment; remember your vision and your goals, and keep these in mind as you begin to explore new ways of being and new pathways to your dreams. You are a vibrant soul, and your energy is passionate, bright and exuberant, and this is to be celebrated now as you finally embrace your true essence and open up to living the life of your dreams. Of course, life doesn’t always take you along the easiest paths, but when you are feeling centred and fully immersed in your empowering ‘fizz’, you think, flow and exist ‘beyond the box’, making it easier for you to navigate along the un-made road ahead. You are now stepping into unknown territory which looks set to be exciting, magical and amazing...


February looks set to be a month of consolidation and galvanisation for you as you bring together the different threads of your life into a clearer and more defined Whole. You are a multi-layered, multi-talented soul, and you often pull yourself in many different directions trying to be everything to everyone, including yourself. In fact, trying to be everything to yourself is perhaps your biggest challenge, for it means that you put yourself under immense pressure trying to ‘do more, be more and achieve more’. Whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your ‘lot, nor is there anything wrong in trying to live the best life possible, but there is a sense that you attach a great deal of your happiness onto what you achieve and accomplish externally as opposed to actually feeling Whole, complete and happy within. Your strive towards ‘perfectionism’ is admirable in many ways for it sees you continually learning, expanding and developing, but it seems to keep you away from you; a kind of distraction from your Self.

Intuitively you know all of this, but life just keeps you busy enough to prevent you from going too deeply within and connecting to your true essence. The reason for this seems clear: once you find the happiness and Wholeness within, many of your external goals lose their meaning. You tend to identify your Self with your achievements, which many souls do, but if you went within, you would immediately sense that you are already life-rich as you are such a beautiful and vibrant soul. As February progresses, it seems that you will begin to consolidate this awareness and allow yourself to step fully within, for you are ready to awaken to living a richer and more joyful life. This doesn’t mean that you give up on your goals; it simply means that they no longer need to define you, for you do that already. You no longer need to chase; accept and be instead...


As one of life’s thinkers, you often find yourself lost in thought, trying to make sense of your Self, your life and the world. You seek understanding and meaning for life events, and often dig deeply within in order to find this. Your thoughts give your life reference and context, but they can also tie you up in knots as you get lost in your mind and lose sight of your Self and your life. You may find this statement odd, after all, your mind is an important part of you; that it is, but it is not you! In other words, your mind is a feature of your essence, but when given free rein to take over, you can become mind-driven and disconnected from your Self, your essence and sense of being. It seems clear that in order for you to function to your best ability that your mind needs to work in harmony with your intuition; balance between the two (head and heart) allows you to flow more fluidly through life.

When in ‘mind-mode’ you often find yourself tied up in knots trying to work out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be, your focus in future-based, often using references from your past. However, when in a more balanced space, your focus shifts to the present moment, and in this space you become more centred as you let go of the past and the future and focus whole-heartedly on the now. Your mind creates something of an inner hurricane for you, which can lead to moments of pure genius, but it can also throw your life into chaos as you become paralysed in thought and unable to tap into your awesome sense of Self and amazing presence. You are a wise soul and a shining light, and February looks set to be a time when you embrace this fully and move beyond the doubts, the fears and the hurricane mind once and for all...


It seems that your hard work and perseverance in connection to letting go of those outdated and outmoded storylines and belief patterns will begin to pay off in February as you find yourself with the inner space and freedom to create a new chapter of your life. For a long time, you have been peeling back the layers, trying to get to your core and trying to understand your Self and your path in life, and, as you now near your time of realisation, you may feel a little trepidation in connection to what you may discover, for your depths are deep and no-one truly knows what lies within (including you!). However, this is not a moment to fear, but a moment to celebrate, for it is a sign that you are not only ready to re-shape your life, but you are treating this time with great respect and caution by not taking anything for granted. As a result, you look set to apply your wisdom and intuition to the situation in order to re-write the rulebook of your life; this feels empowering and inspirational in both shape and form, for there is a sign that you are ready to instigate positive and life-affirming change.

As February progresses it seems important for you to keep your focus on remaining as centred as possible, and to avoid getting sucked too deeply into distractions; try to keep at least one eye on your chosen destination, for it is your intent and focus that lead the way now. Opportunities may come knocking, but what seems more important now is your belief and focus on creating change from the inside, out. You are in the driving seat and you seem ready to roll into fifth gear with your foot on the accelerator as you confidently head towards a brand new way of living and being. Yet, this is not some adrenalin-charged rush; it looks set to be a confident and empowering charge ahead...


February looks set to be a month of crossroads for you; yes, more than one, several, in fact (you rarely do things by halves!). It seems that your life is beginning to converge and diverge on different levels as you bring together your true priorities in life and finally let go of those aspects of your life which no longer serve a positive role. It is hard for you to let go though, so try not to underestimate the likely power of your feelings this month; honour all that you are letting go of, for at some time, and in some way, it has served a positive role in your life.

At the same time, as you create more space, try not to immediately fill it will new possibilities or ideas, be at One with the space for a while and allow yourself to naturally expand for you already have more than enough within you to ‘fill’ the space, you have just been trying to squash it all in. So, as your sense of Self starts to naturally expand and find room to breathe, you are likely to feel more centred and confident than ever before as your true priorities are given the freedom to stretch and manoeuvre in a more positive way. Less is more in so many ways!

Space and letting go may sound lacking in energy, for resting in the space and naturally expanding sounds quite passive. Yet, this is the whole point! You no longer have to chase and to do in order to juggle the many different aspects of your life, by resting you are allowing your natural state of being to rise up with courage, strength and vision. You are not one of life’s chasers, you are a creator, and you seem ready now to fully embrace this role as you re-shape your life. Ego is not involved here though, for creating is the power of intent in action. Feel your thoughts and your intentions and bring them to life...


As you continue to open up to change in your life, it seems that you are beginning to let go of your fears and doubts when it comes to stepping towards something new. Whilst you realise that nothing is guaranteed, you also know that to remain as you are is not only disempowering, but disengaging as well, for when you ignore your inner guidance system, you lose contact with your sense of Self. As a result, you now seem more focused towards pastures new and ready to ‘take a chance’ on embracing your dreams; this is not necessarily an invitation to throw caution to the wind, forget about your responsibilities and ignore your common sense though, it is more a sign of you reaching beyond your ‘everyday’ life and acknowledging that there can be more to life.

Of course, you are free to throw caution to the wind, but whilst you are a free spirit at heart, you are not that free to forget about common sense! Okay, this could tie you up in knots, after all, how can you be free when you are not really free? Well, this boils down to perception and belief! Feel free and you become free; your consciousness expands and you see your Self, your life and the world differently, but feel trapped or hemmed in, and the walls close in on you and everything changes shape. In a way, it is the energy or dynamic that matters most in February, for it is ultimately your perception and beliefs that shape your reality; once you open up to being more expansive and feeling more free, then life seems to change and impossibilities become possibilities, intangibles become tangible. There is no clear instruction as to how you can make the best of this though, for it is dependent on how willing you are to go within and connect whole-heartedly to your expansive and buoyant nature. What happens next is up to you...


February looks set to be a month of empowerment and enlightenment for you as you continue to glide on the thermals of life and fly free like the eagle. The eagle is a significant analogy for you though, for flying free is not your only similarity as you have the sharp focus and vision of eagle in your life now. It seems that your months of inner work and contemplation has honed your ability to see clearly in terms of your goals and dreams, at the same time, it has enabled you to realise all of those many things which are actually not that important in your life. You love collecting ideas and opportunities though, you see them as bright shiny opportunities, a bit like a magpie. Yet, why? What drives you to collect so much? Part of you feels that having more is the best way to be prepared in life, but underneath this is a sense of insecurity that you somehow are not ‘enough’ as you are and you need to have as many skills as possible in order to achieve success.

However, the more you collect, the more you weigh yourself down and this can make it hard (although not impossible) to glide those thermals and soar in life. Your natural state is one of the majestic eagle, not the magpie! It is time now to believe in your Self, to stop feeling somehow inadequate as you are and to realise that you are actually rather magnificent already. The more you place conditions on your life (once I have achieved this, then I can do that), the more you constrict your expansive consciousness, for the more you become trapped in waiting for these conditions to be met before you can live the life of your dreams. Well, newsflash! You have all you need now and you can live the life of your dreams now! Waiting puts your life on hold, so why not embrace your magnificence and live life now?


As the stillness continues to call you and beckon you away from the chaos of your maelstrom of a life, there is a sense that you are finally allowing yourself to let go of the push and charge in order to go deeply within, right to the heart of your Self. Whilst living in a maelstrom doesn’t make for an easy life, it is your natural state of being, and what creates the chaos is your seeming reluctance to embrace your true essence; by becoming One with this formidable power, you naturally stop struggling and resisting, and instead start flowing with wisdom, intuition, peace and vision. None of this is new to you though, but you so often find yourself tied up in knots in life that you lose sight of your true power and feel disempowered as the twists and turns of the current carry you this way and that.

February looks set to be a month where you finally allow yourself to find strength from the stillness at the heart of your somewhat tumultuous maelstrom and begin to embrace, own and take responsibility for your true power. You are a vibrant, passionate, intuitive and amazing soul; it is not egocentric to accept this, for it is fact! Stop trying to negate your Self or your gifts in order to downplay your role in life; you keep the cogs turning and the wheels moving, and whilst this can be exhausting, you actually love what you do! Okay, so there are times when you are run ragged and exhausted, but look closer and you will see that such times arise when you disconnect from your swirling inner power and turn into the flotsam and jetsam instead! During such times, pause, reconnect and reclaim your power; practice makes perfect. February looks set to be a major turning point in your life; one that sees you centred and Whole and wholeheartedly embracing your true magnificence and becoming One with your amazing maelstrom. These are your gifts, love them and be them...


Lillycath 1st February 2013 7:59 pm

I certainly enjoyed your forecast. And I thought that what your wrote about Cancer spoke to me particularly. Thank you.


tfisher 2nd February 2013 1:52 pm

Wow Sarah-Jane Grace, you are spot on with my Gemini self! I am truly impressed!!

Blessings to you in 2013.


spring 2nd February 2013 8:02 pm

I always get excited when I see your posts...such insight and wisdom! Thank you Sarah-Jane sooo much :smitten:

Sarah-Jane 3rd February 2013 12:40 am

Thank you all for your lovely comments! These forecasts flow from my heart and soul, so it always means so much to me to know that they resonate with others.
Bright Blessings, Sarah-Jane


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