Monthly Astro-Forecasts February 2014

Message for February 2014 

Happy New Year! Well, the year of the horse has only just begun...! 

February has the shape and feel of the true start to the year for a great many of us; there is a sense of new beginnings and new pathways opening up as we make some conscious choices as to what we truly want in life. Holding our true desires with clarity and vision is important as we can so easily become lost in the humdrum and routine of life; we sink in the mêlée and lose the connection to our own unique note that plays in the great big orchestra of life. When we can no longer hear our note, there is a chance that we may become distracted by other tunes or sounds which take us even further away from ourselves. At the same time, we can feel isolated and out of sync as we struggle to ‘fit’ into a life without the Truth of all that we really are. 

Of course, our notes never stop playing, they are always there, its just that we so often struggle to hear them due to the clutter, distraction and noise of life. Yet, if we pause and take a breath, we can hear our notes gently playing in the breeze. Sometimes we have to stop in order to re-centre and re-align; this takes courage, faith and strength, but when we finally re-connect to the beauty of life, our own sweet song starts to play once again. 

Life is not just about keeping on keeping on; it is about opening up our hearts and souls to the magnificent universal orchestra and realising that without our unique note, it is incomplete and unfinished. When we connect to what we truly want in life, we become free and we set our notes free to dance and play with love. Although life itself may not always present us with the opportunities to be free, how we feel inside is very much in our own hands. 

So, open up now and let that sweet, sweet music lead the way... 

The Full Moon is in Leo on the 14th at 23.53 GMT. February does not see a New Moon as there is one at the end of January, and the next is on the 1st March... 

With love, 



Forrest Gump once said that 'Life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get'. There are moments when you take delight in living in such a great unknown in life, wondering if it might be a vanilla fudge, strawberry cream or toffee one day or a hazelnut praline or caramel the next. Yet, there are also moments when you despair at such uncertainty as you like to be in the driving seat of life rather than passively unwrapping chocolates as, and when, they appear. This oscillation between delight and frustration is at the epicentre of your being and it reflects your inner dichotomy between letting go and being in control. Although you intuitively know that you can never truly control the flow of your life, there is a part of you that rebels against this, wanting to have a try anyway. 

As a result, there are times of your life when you feel as though you are bashing your head against the proverbial brick wall, trying to forge ahead even though you intuitively know that it is not in your best interests. Living with such a powerful conflict is not for the faint-hearted, and most days you take this in your stride, channelling the energy into getting things done and keeping on keeping on. However, despite turning this inner dichotomy to your advantage, you are beginning to realise that living with the conflict is not as empowering as finding a way to live without it.

The push/pull of life is a part of your nature; you cannot rest on your laurels and you need an element of the unknown in order to thrive and flourish. Yet your desire for control often undermines this taking you away from the spontaneity towards a life that feels heavy and a little cumbersome. Yet, why? Why do you need to feel in control? What is driving this need to achieve control in an uncontrollable and unknowable world? February looks set to be a month where you look beneath the covers of your life in order to take an honest and open look at your motivations. The time has come to set yourself free...


February looks set to be a month for pausing in the space between where you were and where you are going; in essence it seems time for you to focus your attention on where you are now! It is so easy to live with one foot in the past and the other in the future as this is how you find context, definition and meaning in life. Yet, when you choose to consciously pause in the moment between the two you realise the constraints of living with the conditionality of linear time.

Of course, your past is important as it holds many memories, experiences and lessons, but these are in the past and it is important not to drag these behind you like heavy chains. At the same time, although the future holds your dreams, goals and aspirations, it is, by its very nature, in the future. With too much focus on the future, you can end up chasing the horizon, trying to achieve ‘a’ before you can do ‘b’. This is part of being human, but it seems important that you realise that there will always be horizons as you are an ever-evolving, ever-expanding soul, so instead of trying to reach your destination before you feel centred and complete, why not open up to this now, in the present moment? 

It seems that with one foot in the past and one in the future, you are left with no feet to ground yourself in the present moment. Your feet have a purpose: they keep you upright and they help you walk; they also give you roots and help you feel centred and aligned! There is a need for you to open up your heart and soul in order to examine why you are reluctant to fully engage with the present moment; such a perspective does not undermine your past or future, but it helps you to place your attention on the current moment realising that you are more than the sum of your parts. So, as you pause in that space between where you were and where you want to be, take a moment to give thanks and gratitude for all that you are. Life may not be perfect but you are a magnificent soul and an integral part of the universal whole...


The path from here to there is a path that frequently holds your attention; it is a path that sparkles and glistens in the sunlight as it represents the epitome of all that you seek and desire in life. At the end of the path (although out of view), you know that you will find all that you have been searching for in life and the hope, expectation and longing will all bear fruit as you finally reach those greener pastures and chocolate box cottages of your dreams.

You often find yourself caught in moments of longing where you open up your heart and soul towards living the best life possible, embracing happiness, joy and bliss, and being the you that you have always known yourself to be. However, there is a snag in this unfolding dreamscape; although you have a general sense of what that ‘final destination’ looks like, you haven’t really formulated a clear intention as to what you truly want from your life. You often find yourself caught up in the details of what to do, who to see, where to go and new ideas to explore, but you rarely seem to sit down to form a clear picture of what you actually want. 

Of course, happiness is a commodity that is hard to measure and hard to shape and define, and although happiness appears to be your true goal, it seems that you have become a little too lost in the details and forgotten to gently carry that desire for happiness with you always. If you did keep a gentle hold of happiness, you would realise that you already have all that you need to be truly happy in life; there is nothing specific to do, see or achieve in order to be happy.

This may come as a shock to you as the path still twists and turns out of view, but this is a part of life; you never know what’s around the next corner. You can continue walking along the path hoping one day to reach the land of happiness, but why not be happy now instead of holding it on a pedestal in the hope that one day you will achieve perfection and reach the ‘right’ place in life? Happiness is a state of being; embrace it and become it...


February looks set to be a month where you continue to trust the unknowable in life as you step forwards with courage, passion and belief. Although stepping forward suggests progression along the path of your life, there is a sense that, for you, stepping forwards is more about stepping into the sunlight in order to be seen, heard and taken notice of.

You often hover in the background, standing on the periphery, not really sure if you are here, there or somewhere in between; this is a reflection of your inner world as it seems that you hold some doubt as to whom you truly are and what you really want from life. You are a vibrant, creative and passionate soul, but you frequently doubt your truth and seem to find it hard to be yourself in a world that feels so chaotic and tumultuous. Yet, is being yourself really so challenging? Surely you were born to be you? You have spent a great deal of time trying to be the person you thought you should be and the person you thought others wanted you to be and you have lost sight of the person you truly are. 

It can be easy, standing in the background, as it means that you can move through life without ever really having to push your boundaries or stand up on the rooftops to say ‘hello world, here I am’. Whilst you might not be one to be so brash and bold, it does seem important now that you re-affirm to your Self and the Universe that you love, honour and respect all that you are.

Standing in the background might make for a quiet life but it doesn’t seem to fill you with the joie de vivre you know to be possible, yet only you can decide to take the step from where you are to where you want to be. You have a glowing light within you that represents your unique spark and essence, and this light shouldn’t be covered up and hidden away deep in the recesses of your soul; why not let it out and allow it to illuminate your own life as well as bringing new life, new sparkle and new va-va voom to the world?


February looks set to be a month where you make some important decisions and choices in connection to what happens next in your life. Although those decisions could simply be to keep on keeping on as you are now, it seems more likely that you will feel inspired to lift up your head to gaze around at the spectrum of possibilities and pathways all around you.

Gazing at these opportunities does not necessarily mean that you are ready to pack your handkerchief, tie it to a stick and set off on a quest to who-knows-where, but opening up to the bigger picture looks set to inspire you to contemplate an important question: what do you truly want? In essence, it seems that over the days and weeks ahead, you will be given an opportunity to pause for a while in order to look openly and honestly at the life you are living and the life you aspire to live. Of course, this will simply highlight the gap between where you are and where you want to be, but the purpose of this exercise is not to rub salt into the wound but to inspire you to contemplate how to get to where you want to be. 

The first step is to affirm what you truly want in life and to be clear about that goal. The second step is to open up your heart and soul towards the energy or vibration of that goal; feel the passion, the creativity and the vision rising up from within as these take you to the core of your being and to the seat of your soul. You may wonder why you might need to connect with your core, but the answer is simple: by re-connecting to your essence, you are allowing yourself some time to connect to all that you are and all that you know yourself to be.

It is easy to get lost in the humdrum and routine of life, but when you pause for a moment, take a breath and let go, you quickly realise that you are not defined by what you do but by all that you are, and you are so much more than the sum of your parts. So, although the big decisions now upon you may feel heavy and onerous, take a breath and re-centre, and you will intuitively know how to respond... 


You are a creative and inspired soul, and your capacity to see beyond the cycles and routines of life enables you to gain a stronger sense of connection to ‘the bigger picture’; you see both the details and the whole together, and such a perspective allows you to channel your energy and intent towards ticking all of the boxes on your ‘to do’ list of life in order to reach that momentous point in time where you have achieved the perfection you have been seeking in life.

Your drive to push ahead in order to reach your goal is admirable and inspirational, as your unbending intent feels so steady and strong. Yet, despite the bluster and push, there is also a sense of uncertainty within you as you seem unsure if you still know where you are going and why. It is all too easy to get caught up in the wheels of life as you push ahead and clutch that ‘to do’ list as a reference point and guide. Surely once you tick off everything on the list then you will have achieved all that you have wanted to achieve and be exactly where you want to be in life? Although you would love to answer this question with an emphatic ‘yes!’ there is something stopping you; a nagging doubt that those items on your ‘to do’ list are perhaps not so important anymore. 

February looks set to be a month where you take a closer look within; looking beyond the things to do, people to see, things to achieve and places to go as you let go of the distractions and clutter. It seems that you have been so focused on being busy and getting stuff done that you have disconnected from your centre and from all that’s truly important in your life.

It is time to remember that life is not about quantity but it is about quality and you have a choice now: keep on keeping on or stop using that ‘to do’ list as a way to live your life. Why not just live your life and accept that you are an ever-changing, ever-evolving soul? Don’t be defined by all you have yet to achieve (the list), define yourself by all that you are...


As you continue to take those big, life-affirming breaths and feel the joy of standing in the free flow of life with the fresh air filling your lungs and the sunlight gently caressing your face, there is a sense that you are growing increasingly centred and aligned with your sense of Self and sense of purpose in life. Deep breathing is a sure sign that you are no longer feeling as though you are a piece of driftwood being tossed about in stormy seas; you now feel strong like the mighty oak, the tree of life growing majestically within. Take a breath and feel the roots reaching deeply into the earth, and see the branches reaching up towards the sun.

There have been times recently when you have felt very disconnected from your inner tree and you have felt disorientated, discombobulated and fragmented as you have struggled to find your centre and reclaim a sense of balance in your life. It is all too easy to get caught up in the twists and turns of life, particularly when so much seems to happen in the blink of an eye, but it is important that you do not forget to nurture the tree within as this is your source of wisdom and knowledge; it is where your strength, tenacity and creativity emerge and blossom. 

It can be hard for you to see yourself as a majestic and mighty oak as you are an air soul and there are times when you feel more akin to a leaf floating in the wind, yet, you are strong, resolute and determined, and when you put your mind to it you can move mountains and create mighty forests.

February looks set to be a month where you take a little time to tend and nurture the tree of life within you, to feed it with life-affirming and life-giving thoughts and to nourish it with big, deep breaths and loving kindness. Love yourself, be yourself and give yourself permission to embrace your true and natural state of being. Once you open up to your true strength, wisdom and creativity, you will soon realise that not only can you weather the storms but you can also begin to feel blessed for the opportunity to reconnect to the wonderful experience of being alive.


As you continue to map the journey between here and there, finding wisdom in all of the gaps and spaces in-between, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise the true value of present-moment consciousness. It seems that you have spent a great deal of your life trying to get from here to there even when you haven’t really been sure where either here or there actually are; you have lost sight of both your present and your destination of choice, and found yourself in a kind of no-man’s land which seemingly resides somewhere in-between.

There have been times when you have felt deeply frustrated being on the road between here and there, and there have been times when you have become so distracted by ‘stuff’ (life!) you have completely forgotten that here and there actually exist. In a way it is these latter moments that can now act as a reference point for you as you do seem ready now to finally let go of the concept of here and there. However, there is one important distinction: you are not letting go because you are distracted, you are choosing to let go because you are consciously opening up to the wisdom that neither here nor there actually define you. 

Focusing on the gap between here and there keeping you locked in a cycle of want and living conditionally, and by letting go of both, you are opening up to the concept of being conscious in the present moment; such a shift allows you to realise that you no longer need to chase ‘there’ as this just keeps you away from where you are now.

At the same time, the more you open up to being consciously here, rather than trying to rationalise and understand it, the more you will realise that you no longer need to use the present purely as a reference point for the future and as a measure of how far you have yet to go, but you can actually use it as a reference point for living your life now, in this very moment! None of this is news to you but there is a sense that you have struggled to let go of the journey between here and there as it has become entrenched in your psyche. Set yourself free, embrace the present and love yourself for doing it...


The art of being you continues to stand centre stage throughout February as you open up to living your life, embracing your Truth and being your Self in so many different ways. You have long been pulling against the currents of your life as you have been unhappy that most of these currents were not of your making. For a plethora of different reasons, you found it hard to stand firm and follow your heart, and, as a result, you went with the flow. It is important to acknowledge though that although it may not have been what you wanted, you still chose to up-anchor.

Yet, this is not a time for personal recriminations or what-if’s, this is a time to break the cycle and create some new currents. You have always been world-class at trying to be everything to everyone and trying to be the person that you thought you ought to be, yet this seems to have taken you further and further away from living the life that you truly want to live as well as taking you further away from your Self. 

February looks set to mark the beginning of a new chapter of your life that sees you re-aligning your Self in order to not only create those new currents but to surf on the crest of the waves with a new-found confidence for life. It is important that you don’t spend too long trying to make the ‘right decision’ in terms of what’s next as this can keep you locked in a cycle of conditional living and chasing horizons.

The ‘right decision’ is a tough one for you as you are a possibilities person and have a multitude of different keys to different doors in life; this keeps your interest elevated and your motivation well-fuelled but it can also leave you feeling a little confused when it comes to knowing what you truly want from life: you get lost in the details and lose sight of what you truly want. As a result, you can become tied up in statistics as you try to work out which right decision will bring you all that you want and need. Sometimes you have to let go of juggling and instead rely on your formidable intuition to lead the way. Take a breath, re-centre and trust...


February looks set to be a month of achieving new levels of understanding and insight when it comes to your Self, your life and your path. As the theme of living authentically continues, it seems that you have reached a stage of reckoning; a junction in the road. This junction might at first seem like a straight forward choice of left, right or straight on, and although these options are before you, you could always turn back or stay put at the same time (not to mention upwards and downwards!).

In essence, it seems important that you step beyond the obvious now and open up to new possibilities and choices as you begin to see the bigger picture of life. Although you have always been open-minded, there is a sense that your consciousness will begin to expand exponentially once you open up to the idea of the bigger picture and realise that life is far from straightforward, left or right! In fact, it seems that the more you let go of conventional thinking, the more you will realise that what happens next, is, by and large, in your own hands. It is important to acknowledge that turning back and staying put are choices as this removes a layer of pressure that you so frequently place on your shoulders: that you must keep on keeping on etc. 

Although turning back and staying put are choices, and they are both choices that you have opted for in life, it seems that by acknowledging them, you have somehow released yourself from layer upon layer of fear, guilt and anxiety about what happens next. Knowing that there is no ‘ought’ or ‘must’ and seeing that these have been replaced with choice will liberate you from some of the storylines and beliefs that have long shaped and defined your life.

Of course, there will always be things to do because you just have to do them, but the dynamic and vibration is shifting now as you realise that living authentically is not always about doing what’s ‘right’, after all, what’s right for one isn’t necessarily right for another. Living authentically is about honouring your Self, listening to your Self and being your Self. Open up to these new levels of understanding and be prepared for the beginnings of a new adventure...


As you continue to sharpen and hone your focus in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to peel back the layers of your life in order to find a true sense of clarity in terms of what you truly want from life. This has been a powerful and long-standing theme for you, but it seems persistent and determined to push-on in an attempt to get you to let go of the distractions in life in order to find a sense of inner peace and inner knowing.

Even when you would rather occupy your time with things to do, people to see or places to go, the knight of clarity keeps on with his charger in hand determined to keep nudging and prodding you until you pause for long enough to take notice. Of course, the knight is a part of you, he is the wise-one; the one that sees beyond the clutter and distractions to the real Truth of what it is to be you.

Intuitively you already know what it is to be you but for some reason you find it hard to openly acknowledge this, preferring instead to be busy with things to do, people to see etc. Yet, why? Why is it so hard to open up to clarity in your life? Is there something you don’t want to see or acknowledge? Or do you worry that by opening up to your Truth that you will have to let go of the clutter and distraction that has kept you ‘safe’ for so long?

Safety in this context is a protection from Truth; an ability to distance yourself from your Self in an attempt to avoid making any big decisions or choices that might lead you into unknown terrain. There is a part of you that really struggles to see your own magnificence; you stumble about in distractions in a vague effort to occupy your exceptional and creative mind hoping that you will forget to notice that gleaming light of magnificence radiating brightly. Yet, that all-important knight is nothing but persistent, and as hard as you try, you haven’t been able to ignore the light, mainly because you haven’t actually wanted to. Confused? Well, it seems that although you fear what lies beyond the boundaries of your life, you are ready to stand in clarity and let go...


As you continue on your quest for home, it seems that your vision of ‘home’ is growing clearer and brighter. Home is that place in life where you feel truly happy and content from the inside, out. It is not about achievements, goalposts or destinations, but it is about feeling centred, aligned and in balance.

You know when you are home when your inner smile radiates throughout your being, bringing you a sense of confirmation that all is well. Such a goal sounds simple enough but you fear it is a little more complex due to the plethora of ought’s, must’s and should’s that shape and define your life. Many of these are in situ because you placed them there and due to your empathic and compassionate approach to life, it is so hard for you to say ‘No!’ or stand firm.

At the same time, it is part of being you to do so much for so many, and without such a role your life would feel a tad empty. Yet, whilst giving so much brings its rewards, there is still a sense that until you are ‘home’, you will never feel as centred and aligned as you want to be. All the while, you do your best to keep your head above water as the burden of ‘stuff’ gets heavier and heavier.

This might sound cumbersome and a little negative, and, well, it is. Life doesn’t have to be about the struggle to stay afloat, nor does it have to be about keeping on keeping on. You are a vibrant, intuitive and wise soul, and you know that to stay entrenched in duty is not in your best interests as it keeps you away from being you and from finding home.

This is not selfish, nor is it self-indulgent or self-focused; being home not only brings equilibrium to your life but it will enable you to give so much more to others as you no longer feel entrenched with cumbersome duties as the whole vibration of your life shifts to one that is lighter, brighter and far more life-affirming. Home is not so hard to find: take a deep breath and you will instantly connect with your inner smile. Let that smile lead the way now. And yes, it really is that simple...



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