Monthly Astro-Forecasts February 2015

Message for February 2015

February looks set to be a month for re-igniting the flames within as layers of beliefs start to fall away and crumble into stardust. Of course, letting go of the beliefs that have shaped and defined our lives for so long is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Yet, intuitively we know that the time has come for us to break out of existing patterns of belief and thought, and we know that we are ready to turn to face the new. It seems important to acknowledge the crumbling beliefs turning to stardust though as this gives them a vibrancy and a sense of eternity; whilst those beliefs may no longer serve us, as individuals we each have a unique purpose, so they are not necessarily for the scrap heap as beliefs go in cycles are there are always different souls at different stages of evolution.

Of course, using this belief it would be easy to feel as though we have stepped beyond current ideology into a new plane of consciousness, and whilst, in many ways, we have done this, it is important not to allow the ego a role in feeling superior or more advanced than others. We are all unique and what resonates with one may not resonate with others. Life is a complex tangle of threads; there are knots, there are tangles, there are many beginnings and many more endings. At the same time, despite the many threads that weave together linking us to one another and the universal whole, no one ball of thread is the same.

Allowing those beliefs to fall away and crumble, transforming into stardust allows us to connect with another deeper idea that we are all energy and pure consciousness. Just like our beliefs, we are also stardust. Although we may be tiny specks of dust in a vast and unending universe, the universe would not be complete without us. This is a common thought amongst us and yet, how many of us truly feel the power of this? How many of us allow the energy of our connection to wholeheartedly consume us allowing us to breathe in and out, in tune with the universe?

Disconnection has long been the cause of abrupt endings and rushed beginnings in life as we struggle to feel whole, to feel complete or to feel enough. So many of us feel somehow 'less than', as though we first need to be fixed or mended before we can breathe in tune with the universe. Of course, in the orchestra of life we all play different instruments and we have a fondness for different melodies, but when we step into the space in between each note we can feel the commonality that binds us all together. Whilst it's easy to see all those things that separate and divide us, it's time to see the simplicity and the love that unites us. Yet, such a shift cannot come from external sources; it can only come from within our hearts. It is only when we open up to our true nature, allowing those outdated beliefs to fall away with love and to embrace a deeper sense of connection to the universe, and we begin to intuitively sense the magic within.

Re-connection is perhaps an over-simplification of the next stage of life but it works well to describe the powerful shift we are experiencing now. Our willingness to let go of those old beliefs does not necessarily signify a time to welcome in new beliefs but a time to stand in the space they leave behind in order to re-centre and re-balance. Whilst it's only natural to want to fill the gap, it's our willingness to choose to not do this that looks set to break the cycle allowing the stardust within to light up and shine brightly from our hearts and souls...

With love,



February looks set to continue the theme of your ‘new year’s revolution’ as you open up to the concept of ‘letting go’. Letting go can feel quite blasé and nonchalant, particularly for someone as spontaneous and unpredictable as you, and yet, despite some reservations, there is a sense that you are more than ready to ‘let go’ of a great deal in your life, particularly those beliefs and patterns that no longer serve a positive or life-affirming role for you. Whilst you are rarely one to cling on to the old (better a clean sweep), it seems that letting go is easier to conceptualise than it is to embrace and live. It’s not that you don’t want to embrace a new way of living and being, it’s more that you are not quite ready to let go of the ‘old’ because you do not, as yet, know what you will be accepting in its place.

Such reservations are understandable, after all, you are human, but this also frustrates you immensely as you want to be the footloose and fancy-free soul you know yourself to be! Don’t give yourself a hard time as this only looks set to compound the tussle between where you are and where you want to be. Instead, take a deep breath, be compassionate with yourself and realise that your revolution is already under way, and, if you are prepared to accept that running before you can walk isn’t such a good idea, then you will soon appreciate this golden opportunity to write a new chapter in your life...


There are moments of being human that feel inspired and ‘magical’, and then there’s the rest of existence that feels, well, mundane, in comparison. Sadly, the ‘rest’ takes up a much bigger chunk of life that those special moments. As a result, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of pedestrian-ness, turning the wheel and forgetting to stop or pause when those magical moments appear. In fact, it’s even easy to forget that those magical moments actually exist when life feels cumbersome or full of distraction. For a long time now you have been consumed with things to do, people to see, places to go and ‘to-do’ lists to complete, and this never-ending ‘stuff’ has locked your focus away from noticing the magic or inspiration leading you to lose sight of the bigger picture of your life.

There are times when you feel as though you have no room to breathe or think as the ‘stuff’ has grown ever larger and more consuming, and the harder you have tried to search for some space, you’ve grown ever more aware of the lack of wiggle room. Such a cycle can feel never-ending, like a snowball on a rampage down a mountain, and yet, if you pause for a moment and take a deep breath, your consciousness rises up above the clutter and the claustrophobic haze of ‘stuff’, and you realise that those moments of inspiration and magic haven’t left your life, it’s just that you’ve simply stopped noticing them. February looks set to be a moment of shifting priorities as you take some time to breathe...


Honouring the spaces between spaces and the moments between moments looks set to be important to you throughout February as you begin to notice the myriad of tiny pauses and gaps that sit in-between the stuff and distraction of life. It’s easy to lose sight of the pauses which can seem so fleeting and so insignificant, but when you begin to notice them you realise that it is the pauses that weave together the bigger picture (the ‘stuff’) of your life, not the other way around. You are a creative and philosophical thinker, and you love to ponder life, the universe and everything in between, and yet, it is only when you allow yourself to stop thinking quite so intently, you begin to connect to a deeper sense of self and a more profound sense of being.

The reason for this seems clear: the spaces in between the spaces, those moments of pause where you are neither doing nor being, are the true nourishment for your soul. These are the moments that bring you wisdom, self-knowing, knowledge and understanding. It may seem strange, after all, these moments are neither here nor there, but this is the point: when you step consciously into these moments, you stop thinking in linear terms and let go of conditional thinking. You may feel a sense of frustration as those precious moments are not clearly defined, and there are no signposts or directions on how to find more of them in life. Try not to fret, just open up your heart and soul, and trust...


February looks set to be a month for shedding the old and embracing the new as you turn towards a new way of living and being. This is unlikely to come as a shock to you as you have been pondering how to live a better and more fulfilling life for quite some time. And yet, despite giving this a lot of brain time it seems that although you have embraced the concept of ‘the new’ you haven’t really given much thought to what this really means for you and your life. The main reason for this seems to be because although you have realised the need for change in your life, you haven’t actually made any conscious choices or decisions as to what change you want! So, you have the bus of your life packed up, the oil changed, the screen-wash tank full, healthy snacks and sing-along tracks, but you haven’t looked at the map and decided on a destination.

One could argue that you needed to prepare before you embark on a new journey, and this may be true, but until you at least have some idea of where you are heading, how can you know what to pack? Over the weeks ahead there is a sense that you will begin to gain a stronger and deeper understanding of your path ahead as you open up to what you truly want in your life. You seem ready now to pack those finishing touches as your inner compass and sense of direction fine tune and lead you towards pastures new...


In your January reading, you were asked the question ‘what do you truly want?’ February looks set to re-iterate and push the point as you are asked ‘what do you really, really want?’ Not wanting to trivialise the matter with Spice Girls lyrics, but it seems clear that knowing what truly matters to you is deeply important now as knowing yourself and your true needs will help you to make some big choices over the weeks ahead. Life is rarely as straight as a Roman road as there are usually many twists, turns, dead-ends, pot-holes and bypasses along the way. Of course, being so forthright, you often charge ahead as though life is a Roman road, even though you cannot see what lies ahead around the next bend.

Living in the moment takes courage and you have this by the bucket load, but it seems a little empty barrelled when you live with such courage but feel disconnected to your true sense of self. Knowing what you ‘really, really want’ won’t necessarily transform your life in an instant but it will help you to realise what you need to do to get yourself back on the road and moving in the right direction for you. It’s easy to get distracted trying to be everything to everyone else, but the time has now come for you to be everything to you. So, take a deep breath, feel your courage roaring like the lion you are, shake your mane in the sunlight and decide ‘what you want, what you really, really want...’


February looks set to be a month of innovation for you as you begin to find a new way to be the ‘you’ that you know yourself to be. This may sound slightly strange, after all, surely you already are you and how could you be anyone but you? This is true, but being you and being the ‘you’ you know yourself to be isn’t exactly the same as there is a sense of distance between where you are and where you intuitively know you need to be. This isn’t to say you are particularly unhappy in life but there is a growing sense of restlessness stirring deep within telling you that some tweaks and adjustments are needed in order for you to rekindle your inner spark and fire.

Of course, you may be content to tick along, keeping on keeping on, but this seems unlikely as you are still reading these words! You are great at trying the be the person you think you ought to be, trying to please others and trying to give your everything at all times and, whilst this is admirable, it takes you away from you having any time for you. Allowing the ‘you’ you know yourself to be to emerge seems as simple as creating some ‘you time’ in your life; honouring and respecting yourself, letting go of the self-sacrifice and learning how to be self-compassionate (yes, really). ‘You time’ is being creative, breathing deeply into the moment and re-connecting to the bigger picture of life; it’s not rocket science, it’s simply acknowledging all that you are...


Living well, being well and being you continues to take centre stage throughout February as you open up your heart and soul in order to contemplate the bigger picture of your life. The phrase 'bigger picture' is one that frequently frustrates you, after all, it says so much but really it also says nothing at all. You like clarity in life, and nebulous statements can feel irritating as you want direction and a sense of knowing, but instead nebulous phrases whilst well-intended, open you up to more pondering and to even more questions without answers. As you know, accepting the fact that there are questions that don't have answers is not something that rests easily with you but you also know that the constant quest to seek out 'answers at all costs' depletes you as it keeps you focused on the future and on trying to find more in order to be more.

You have now reached a stage of your life when you are wise enough to know that there will always be questions in life as that is a part of being human. Equally, you know that there will always be a large amount of guess work when it comes to knowing how to 'live well, be well and be you' because life didn't come with an instruction manual. You could allow this to leave you in a perpetual state of frustration or you could channel your formidable energy towards living well despite the lack of answers to the many questions you have. Sometimes, letting go is the only answer. Let go, stop pushing and start living...


Learning how to cast yourself adrift in order to become one with the true ebb and flow of life is something you have often considered to be one of your primary goals. You know yourself to be fluid and free, and you also find it easier than most to accept the impermanent, ever-changing nature of life. You seem to thrive on the knowledge that what lies around the next corner is unknowable and you find inspiration in the most unusual of places. Intuitively you know yourself well, but when you measure up reality with intuition you frequently feel disheartened as a fluid and free life feels quite distant from the life you find yourself living. Of course, it's easy to gaze at the grass on the other side of the fence and feel 'less than' but is this just a case of 'grass envy'? It seems unlikely as you genuinely seem quite happy in your own skin.

This disquiet seems to have its root in your perception; your unrealistically high expectations of yourself often mean that you feel you should be better, stronger, brighter, happier, richer or maybe more successful than you are. As a result, you place yourself under immeasurable pressure to push ahead to that place in life where you aspire to be without realising that you already have all you need now. Your perception keeps you locked in a linear thought process of needing to stride forwards, onwards and upwards; you do this naturally, just be being you, so shift your perspective and allow yourself to finally become one with that ebb and flow...


February looks set to be a month where you continue to embrace the present moment and to open up your heart and soul to living consciously in the here and now. You are a deeply passionate and compassionate individual, and although you thrive in the company of others, you also need time alone to be at one with your thoughts and creativity. It's easy to get lost in doing as there is always so much to do, see and be, and yet, being is perhaps a more natural state for you as you are a visionary and a pioneer of unchartered terrain. However, unchartered terrain doesn't necessarily mean you need to cover as much new ground as possible in life, exploring every option and possibility just in case you miss 'the one'.

Battling ahead, keeping on keeping on really isn't a good look for you and although you know this, changing it can be somewhat harder as life is rarely black and white; you want to get life 'right' and your perfectionist streak doesn't make it easy for you to be in the moment, to be happy in the moment and to realise that you already are all you need to be in this moment. Trying to be the life and soul of the party and trying to smile politely when all you want to do is shout, sing, dance or even scream, keeps a part of your soul locked away. Take some time this month to rest in quiet contemplation, savour your own company and dance without giving a care that anyone is watching...


February looks set to be a month for exploring new heights in your life as you begin to lift your head up above the parapet of keeping on keeping on. Although you have long realised there's more to life than the nine-to-five grind of responsibilities and duty, it can be hard to do anything about this as the responsibilities are so big and they can, over time, consume your life and erode your belief that living any other way is possible. Yet, despite the weight of your responsibilities, you haven't been able to let go of the curiosity of everything that lies beyond those perceived boundaries of your life and this suggests an inner whiff of disquiet about accepting a life of pedestrian nine-to-five. Of course, duties are duties and you are not one to shirk these, but is it really so impossible to discover a new way of living and being that allows room for your inner spark to twinkle and shine?

Change doesn't have to mean upending the apple cart of your life although it's easy to feel that this is the case. As a result, this reserved and fearful perception can keep you stuck where you are as you feel unable to move backwards or forwards, leaving you feeling trapped and 'less than'. Contemplating change and actively doing something about it are very different things but you seem ready now to keep your head lifted high up above the parapet in order to live a richer and more fulfilling life...       


‘Mind the gap!' No, you haven't stepped back a decade or so and found yourself standing on the platform about to alight a train. 'Mind the gap!' There's no escaping the eagerness of these words to penetrate your consciousness in February. And yet, unlike the announcement at train stations, the gap in this case is not a hole and 'mind' is not a warning to watch out.  Mind is mindfulness; it is a need to be more aware of the present moment and to gently observe where you are now. The gap is not a gaping chasm that leads to the electrified train tracks unless you perceive it to be. You have always been astute and had a greater awareness of the universe than most.

It's not that you are necessarily smarter or wiser than everyone else, but your perspective is wider and more far-reaching, and you are not afraid to step into pastures new when it comes to opening up to new ideas, beliefs and ideals. And yet, there is a sense that, despite your expansive consciousness, you cannot help but feel a sense of trepidation about 'the gap' you perceive to be present in your life. You want to be 'there'; that place where everything has fallen into place and where all of the boxes are nicely ticked. Even though you intuitively know that the concept of ‘there’ keeps you away from ‘here’, you crave it all the same. Mind the gap is your opportunity to realise that the gap is only there because you've put it there, so love it and let it go...


Acceptance is a powerful word. For some it means resignation, for others it means empowerment. Others see acceptance as letting go and being fully present in each and every moment. You are an intuitive soul and you have long sensed incongruence between the life you are living and the ability to accept the life you are living. Although for many, the solution would be clear, to you, things are about as clear as mud as you cannot see a way to turn the incongruence into congruence in order to bring a new level of acceptance and balance in your life. Of course, your natural state of being is one of shift and change, but does this have to mean living a life that feels outside of yourself?

It's hard to put into words as your essence is beyond words, but it seems you have lost sight of your own vibrancy over time as life has felt heavy and the incongruence has felt immoveable and unchangeable. Yet, intuitively you know this isn't the case, it's just that you haven't, as yet, worked out how to bring together the different facets of you into a more congruent whole. The key to this comes in acceptance. Although you are aware of where you are, your awareness of the incongruent, discombobulation of your life feels like too big a hurdle to face as you naturally want to be in that space over 'there' that feels whole. Until you can be fully here, now, how you can be anywhere else? Acceptance is empowerment, it's letting go and it's being here now...



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