Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2015

Message for January 2015

As we step from one year into the next, there is a sense that January will be a month for quiet reflection and contemplation as we prepare for the journey ahead. Of course, we each have our own journey in life, one that is unique and distinctive, yet we also collectively walk together at the same time, and it seems that both of these are growing stronger and more vibrant with each passing day as though the threads are beginning to entwine more tightly and more concisely than ever before. In many ways this is a sign that individually we are letting go of fear, anxiety and the sense that we haven’t, as yet, reached that elusive destination where we feel whole and complete to instead realise that we already are whole and complete exactly as we are. As a result, the disconnection that often appears when we live at a tangent to our own truth is fading as we open up to wholeheartedly feeling, living and being all that we know ourselves to be.

Feeling connected allows us to tap into the collective consciousness and awaken to the true flow of life. In a way, this is a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario as it’s hard to say which comes first: personal or collective evolution. There is a sense that the more we allow ourselves to be free, the more we can connect to the collective and this will, in turn, inspire us to connect ever more deeply to ourselves. A deeper inner connection will drive forward a collective spiritual revolution as each of us consciously come together in energetic harmony. Such a path feels inevitable now as the journey each of us has made up to this point has reached a kind of ‘wisdom crescendo’ where we feel able to ‘let go’ into the freefall of life and ride the waves with trust, faith and a deeper sense of knowing. Whilst this doesn’t fix or change the reality we live in, it does enable us to live more vibrantly as a result.

Faith is an important part of this journey; not so much the details as we all have our own, unique beliefs, but the bigger picture: an openness to the divine, a willingness to love and a true compassion that not only reaches out to others but reaches deeply within as well. The ‘wisdom crescendo’ is akin to reaching a mountain summit as it brings a sense of exhilaration and achievement, yet as one gazes out across the clouds and sees other mountains to climb, we quickly realise that we have not reached the end of our journey, but the beginning of the next.

Letting go involves faith and courage as it shows a willingness to trust the flow of life to carry us forth. Yet, it is not giving up; it is waking up and being fully present in each and every moment. It is a willingness to turn to face life exactly as it is and to choose to live anyway. The ‘wisdom crescendo’ is but a wave of many that lap the shores of the soul, some waves crash in on the rocks with force and power, others gently tickle the rocks. Yet, this wave feels significant as it seems so distinct from the others. As a result, January looks set to be a time for reflection but a time for inner unification as well as we open up to taking a big, deep breath of life and choose to do so again, and again...

With love,



January looks set to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life, not so much a ‘new year’s resolution’, but more of a ‘new year’s revolution’ as you begin to re-shape and re-define your approach to life. There is an air of dynamism building momentum from deep within you as you connect to a new wave of drive and determination, and this looks set to inspire you to think creatively when it comes to living the life you love and loving the life you live. On first thought, these two may sound the same but it’s not always the case that one automatically appears with the other as life rarely works out that way. Therefore ensuring you love the life you live and opening up to living the life you love allows you to approach your ultimate goal from two different directions.

Of course, the biggest challenge comes in knowing what your ultimate goal actually is! Whilst you may be a driven, enthusiastic and determined soul, there is a sense that you often run before you can walk and this can result in you running in different directions at the same time, seemingly towards a goal, but often involving lots of cul-de-sacs on the way as you test the water as you go rather than fully pondering the matter and making more informed choices. A lot can be said for spontaneity but combining it with your wisdom, courage and creativity will allow you to revolutionise your life from the inside, out...


Breathing space looks set to take centre stage in your life throughout January as you begin to take stock of the life you’re living, the life you’ve lived and the life you still hope to live. It’s easy to get caught up on the giant hamster wheel of life, keeping on keeping on, getting through each day as best as you can. Life isn’t always easy so such a strategy is understandable; however, there is a sense that by keeping your head down you are also losing sight of the bigger picture and the realisation that there is so much more to being you! Life isn’t solely about things to do, places to go, people to see and achievements to make, there is also a need to be fully conscious in order to be a part of the ride!

You are not just a cog in the universal machine; you are an awakened and evolved cog as well! Therefore, being conscious and fully awake will inspire you to breathe more freely, giving yourself the freedom to expand your lungs, exploring a deeper sense of connection to yourself and to the universe. Life doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be wonderful; sometimes it’s the simple things that actually bring the most enrichment and nourishment. So, allow yourself some time to breathe more consciously, take the time to notice the world beyond the daily grind and let yourself expand into new terrain with every breath you take...


January looks set to be a month for you to open up to a brand new way of living and being as you finally let go of some long-held beliefs which have shaped and defined your world for many, many years. Although these beliefs no longer seem relevant to your life, it is important to acknowledge the role they have played in making you the person you are today. Whilst you may feel relieved to be shedding the old, don’t forget to honour it as it sails off into the sunset. At the same time, try not to immediately start searching for replacements the moment the ‘old’ reaches the horizon, instead try to give yourself some quiet time to be in the space between there and here in order to re-centre and re-balance.

It’s only natural to want to fill the spaces that appear in your life but sometimes those spaces carry more than fresh air and can be a source of tremendous inspiration and nourishment. In other words, don’t turn your back on the emptiness that remains once you let go of the ‘old’ as it seems likely to contain a great deal more than you might expect. It’s not always easy being comfortable with ‘space’ as it often reflects back into the depths of the soul. Yet, although it strips back layers to truth which can sometimes be uncomfortable, space also invites a deeper inner connection and this looks set to be the source of great enrichment for you now...


The grass often looks greener on the other side on the fence and the sunshine often appears brighter on the other side of the hill. It’s easy to perceive how much better things are ‘over there’, particularly when things ‘over here’ are not as good as they could be, and it’s understandable to allow your gaze to wander, particularly as that greener grass and brighter sun look so appealing. Yet, intuitively you know that the sun shines on everyone in the same way; it doesn’t discriminate or choose to give some more sunshine than others. Of course, there’s a choice when it comes to standing in the shade or living in the Tropics, but the philosophy of greener grass and brighter sun occurring everywhere but where you are now really doesn’t have much credence in fact.

Yet, when you can see the grass is greener and you can see others wearing sunglasses, how can you not think that things must be better over there? Such a frustrating conundrum! January looks set to be a month for shifting the focus of your gaze and realizing that the grass under your own feet is actually rather green and that is because the sun is happily gazing down upon you. It seems you have become so focused on looking over ‘there’ you have failed to notice that the life where you are now is actually rather good. It seems time for you to stop splitting yourself in two by being here but wanting to be there and instead allowing yourself to live fully, vibrantly and consciously now…


‘What do you truly want?’ looks set to be the question that shapes and defines both your January and your year ahead as you begin to reconnect with everything that’s truly important in your life. For quite some time now, you have felt stuck on the treadmill of life, trying to be the person you thought you ought to be and trying to be everything to everyone around you. Although both of these are not untypical for a gallant and generous soul like you, it’s important to realise that there comes a time when over-giving of yourself becomes more of a detriment than a blessing (to both others and yourself). Sometimes, over-giving can deplete you as there is nothing left to give and you can become understandably reluctant to let go of any more when you can only just about keep your head above water.

Although things haven’t, by and large, been quite as bad as this, intuitively you can sense the top of the slippery slope that leads in this direction as you have been over-giving, over-doing and over-being for too long. Over-being may sound odd, but when you over-give, it becomes increasingly harder to be you, as a result, you ‘over-be’ as you push hard to reclaim your sense of self and this can feel a little hollow at times. You seem ready now to reset the balance in your life, to honour yourself more and to finally reconnect to the question: what do you truly want?


January looks set to be a month of re-connecting to your deeper values and innermost needs as you shift the focus of your life away from doing, pushing and chasing towards being and conscious living. Such a shift may sound rather passive but it takes great strength to stop pushing so hard to instead let go and trust the flow more as it takes courage, determination and a willingness to let go of the handrails that have been your comfort blanket and reassurance for so long. The handrails are of course safety rails so you may be reluctant to unpeel your fingers from the bar; this is understandable, but it seems important that you at least explore these rails in order to understand their presence in your life and your need for them.

There is a sense that they have been around for so long that they are now second nature and a part of the furniture of your life. As a result, you don’t notice them and the role they play in your life. Safety rails have a purpose of course, but when they are carried around at all times (‘just in case’), they can become more of a burden than a blessing as they can prevent you from being you. Caution is wise but sometimes you need to trust a little more. You are a vibrant, passionate, creative and innovative soul, and the time has come to use these skills to fly free...


January looks set to be a month of wonder and awe as you take a step beyond the boundaries in your life in order to explore a new way of living and being. You have long contemplated living a life that allows you to fulfil your hopes and embrace your dreams; you have spent a long time shaping such a life in your mind, weighing up the pros and cons of different choices and decisions. Yet, despite having spent so long thinking about this, there is a sense that, when it boils down to it, you are still not completely clear as to what you truly want in life.

Many of your dreams are external goals; achievements to tick off your ‘to do’ list in life, yet what about the bigger picture? What about living joyfully, peacefully or contentedly? Only you know what’s truly important to you, but there is a sense that you have become so focused on what needs to be done to get you to where you want to be, you have lost sight on where you are now and on the deeper significance of how you want to live and how you want to feel. This isn’t about your ‘to do’ list, it’s about living well, being well and being you. The aforementioned month of wonder and awe comes from consciously embracing the realisation that life is about being rather than doing. Stepping beyond boundaries is an opportunity for you to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out...  


As the power of your consciousness continues to expand and grow, there is a sense that you are beginning to see a new side to yourself as you open up to seeing both yourself and your life from a different perspective. You have long been open to re-invention and re-birth as you know that you are constantly evolving, growing and changing with each passing day. As a result, it has been hard for you to accept any attempts to make the moveable world immoveable; in other words, you don’t fight the flow of change, you ride with it. This has been hard to accept for many around you as it seems to be inherent within most humans to resist change and to cling on to everything that’s familiar.

Whilst you are not that keen on change and loss, your acceptance of it in the flow of life enables you to live your life more consciously as you do not chase horizons nor do you try to cling on to the past. Of course, such a liberated attitude can make it hard for you to settle comfortably into a role in life and stick with it without question as your free-spirited essence needs the space to roam, dance and be free. Yet, if being a free-spirit is your true essence, should you really fight or resist it? The new perspective emerging in January looks set to be a willingness within you to give your feisty, free-spirited self more freedom and space to be you...


As you continue to find harmony and unity between your passionate heart and your powerful mind, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a new sense of clarity when it comes to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. You have always been aware of the gap between where you are (here) and where you want to be (there) and although you have remained driven and motivated to reach ‘there’, it seems your awareness of ‘there’ has diminished the power of ‘here’ as you have felt a deep sense of lack connected to feeling incomplete until you have achieved the dizzy heights of ‘there’.

Even though you intuitively know the power and the value of the present moment, it’s hard not to focus on where you want to be as this is a part of being human. Goals and dreams feed the spirit and inspire your creative and innovative flair. Yet, if you feel as though you cannot be truly happy until you have reached destination ‘there’, then the present moment will never be enough. January looks set to be a month for you to realise that here is not only enough but it is also rather magnificent as well. A willingness to be more conscious in the present moment will help you to realise that you are already whole. Of course, your dreams will still drive you forward, but not at the cost of now; after all, the present is all you ever truly have, so treasure it...


January looks set to be a month of clarity and vision for you when it comes to re-shaping your life and re-honing your dreams. For a long time now you have been keeping on keeping on, doing your best to fit in and working hard to be the person you felt you ought to be. As a result, there is a sense that you have become disconnected from your true sense of self, feeling more like one of the flock rather than the magical, mystical, unique sea goat you truly are. It’s easy sometimes to forget the real you as life so often consumes you with things to do, people to see and places to go. Yet, at the same time, you never truly lose sight of the real you as your awareness of the discord and disconnection is a sign that you know something is amiss.

This is a good sign as it means the journey back from where you are to where you want to be isn’t all that arduous; there is a sense that a shift in focus is all that’s needed to remind you of your strength, courage, vitality, vision and creativity. Quite what you do with all of these is up to you, but it seems clear that ignoring them isn’t serving you too well! Of course, it’s ultimately up to you how you live your life but the clarity and vision coming your way looks set to re-ignite a passion in your soul for embracing the magic of being you...


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your life and your ideals, there is a sense that you have reached a point of realisation that the picture or vision you have of your life is quite different to the reality you are living. It seems that such a perspective is a common part of being human as dreams versus reality can often drift apart over time. However, for many souls, this drift is something they never notice as life is too full of distractions, and so they can end up slowly moving further and further away from their dreams until they reach a point of disconnection. Yet, you are not like most people and so you are acutely aware of the incongruence between the two.

As a result, you frequently feel a sense of lack that, despite knowing of the incongruence, you still haven’t managed to bridge the gap. Of course you already know focusing on the gap gives it more power in your life but it’s hard not to notice it as you’ve chosen not to ignore it! January looks set to be a month of seeing the gap in a new way; not as something to conquer, but as something to love. There will always be a gap in life, that’s part of being human as we always have new horizons to explore. So, instead of seeing the gap as a challenge, love it and accept it, knowing that it is there to inspire you, and it’s presence will help you to evolve, flourish and blossom...


As you stand in-betwixt 2014 and 2015 there is a sense that you are not quite sure whether to breathe a loud sigh of relief that one year is behind you or to whoop loudly at the adventure you intuitively know lies ahead. There can be no denying you have faced your fair share of challenges over the last twelve months and these have eroded your ‘you time’, ‘rest time’, ‘self-compassion time’ and ‘quality time’. Of course, there have been things to do, people to see and places to go, many of which are part of the mass of responsibility you carry on your shoulders and, although you have felt overwhelmed with the pressure at times, there is also a sense that you rather like the distraction of being busy as you sense that the ‘you time’, ‘rest time’ and self-compassion might open up a can of worms.

The can of worms is a fear that turning the spotlight back onto you might lead to a realisation that all is not quite as you want it to be in your life. Of course, all is not quite as you want it to be, but knowing this and doing something about it is quite different. January looks set to be an inspirational month for you, one where you start to honour and respect yourself much, much more. Remember, if you want to fully embrace life, you need to live it. You also need to love it, and this includes loving yourself, knowing yourself and being yourself...


keryndawer 10th January 2015 2:41 am

Thank you Sarah Jane! This month's forecast ( the "general" one and then for the individual signs), really hit - the - spot for me. As an Aries, I do feel to be embarking on a wonderful and timely Revolution (to heck with resolutions!) and I feel,as well, to have almost reached a personal "wisdom crescendo" that begs now to intertwine with the collective. Beautiful :) :) :)

Thank You and Many Blessings xoxo


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