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Message for January 2020

Well, after the trials and tribulations of 2019, most of us are hoping for an opportunity for some good things to look forward to in 2020 as many of us have been put through the ringer physically, emotionally and spiritually. As the energetic volume has been turned up by the chaos we see around us (and within us), we have each experienced dark nights of the soul and been pushed towards facing the depths of ourselves. As a result, we have had to face those aspects deep within that we have long tried to avoid, be it pain, trauma, guilt or a plethora of other emotions as well. At the same time, memories have surfaced, and over-arching dynamics have become clear, each one pressing buttons and pushing us towards facing them with an open heart and an open mind.

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight we can look back and see the wisdom we have accrued from these experiences, but at the time, the intensity is profound and overwhelming, leaving us unsure if we are coming or going, even doubting whether we want to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Yet, here we still are, still moving forward, wiser, brighter and stronger than ever before.

There is a distinct aura of anticipation as we step into 2020, lots of ideas as to the significance of the date and how it’s a year for balance and insight (20:20 vision). Both might well be true, but there is also a strong pull towards the concept of unity and togetherness, of shared responsibility, accountability and gratitude. Quite a mixture, but they all flow together so well as they reflect a willingness to be accountable for our own choices and actions which then feeds into a collective accountability as well.

There is a lot of hate, judgement, suffering and pain in the world, and it’s all too easy to feed into this and feeling it to the point when it takes over and eats us up from within. There’s a need to let go of the need to feel better about ourselves by belittling or judging others. So many try to clamber out of the mêlée of chaos and pain by stepping onto others to lift them up, and whilst those at the ‘bottom of the heap’ are usually strong and resolute, no one should be stepping onto (or over) anyone as this is surely now an age of unification, love and togetherness? It’s not a case of ‘them and us’ as we are one tribe, one race, one species…

Even when we find ourselves with very little, there are still ways we can reach out and make a difference offering our time to others and becoming a part of something bigger. It’s time to buck the trend of narrowing perspectives and instead turn towards opening up our hearts and souls, reaching out expanding with love and compassion. With so many people struggling and just about managing, it’s easy to see why their focus becomes so narrow as the capacity to reach outwards seems to reduce in correlation to the level of hardship they face, but the more each of us can open up, the more we can bring about change.

January is traditionally the month to set our New Year’s Resolutions, but it seems more important to set an intention towards the state of being we want to achieve over the coming months and years. Rather than focus on the details, it’s bigger picture time! So, whether it’s joy, contentment or love, focus on the state of being and let the details take care of themselves. It’s time to stop beating ourselves up when we ‘fail’ or feel we’re not good enough, it’s instead time to love and honour ourselves and carry this forward in our hearts and souls…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful. 

With love,



As you step from one year into the next, from one decade into the next, there is a sense of both relief and excitement in your heart and soul. The relief is a reflection of the many challenges you faced in the past year, and the excitement comes from an inner sense of knowing that the future looks brighter and extremely inviting. Whilst you are very much a present moment kind of person, you are very aware of both the past and the present as they shape and define every move you make. As a result, you are able to gaze ahead towards new horizons without getting lost in them or becoming distracted by what may, or may not happen, rather than on what’s happening now. Of course, the curious side of your nature would like answers to the many questions you have as well as wanting to make sense as to why things are the way they are, but your wiser, more life-scarred self, knows the importance of when to ask questions and when not to!

January looks set to be a month of continuing to expand your consciousness and seek out new goals as you re-shape your ‘to do’ list and re-define your true priorities. Your courage, passion and inspiration are burning brightly, so it’s time to channel this inner fire towards new ventures as you start to see the bigger picture of your life with more vision than ever before. Start the process with a vision quest or taking some time to put pen to paper as to what you truly want from life. You are ready to step beyond the comfort of your everyday world as you embrace your true essence and let it lead the way…


Letting go has been a powerful theme for you over recent months as you’ve sensed a strong need to create more space in your life. Although the reasons for needing this space were never particularly obvious, you intuitively sensed the need to trust the process and went with it wholeheartedly. Whilst you could certainly do with some breathing space as your life has been on fast forward for quite some time, the need for space goes much deeper than this to a need to immerse yourself more deeply into the moment without being cluttered up with the ‘stuff’ of everyday life. ‘Stuff’ in this instance covers a wide range of areas but mainly all of those things, people and ‘doings’ in life that are inessential clutter and distraction. It’s time to clear away this stuff in order to breathe more deeply so you can begin to focus on your true priorities. At the same time though it’s important not to try to fill up the space you create with more stuff but to honour and cherish it for what it is.

Space is a creative force, if tended and nurtured it allows your spirit to soar as you feel more interconnected and awakened. Space allows you to see the bigger picture and it also brings you the gift of perspective which seems to be much needed in your life at the moment. However, space can create discomfort as it feels like a void or emptiness, but it’s not something to avoid, it’s a force to love as it’s space that looks set to shape and define your path ahead. The old adage ‘less is more’ is very apt for you throughout January as you find new ways of living the life you were born to live…


January looks set to be a month of inner knowing and increasing awareness as you finally locate a rather significant piece of the puzzle of your life. You’ve been treading water for quite some time, trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are, and, more importantly, why you are the way you are, but you have never been able to get a clear sense of the bigger picture as to what makes you tick. You have spent a long time digging, probing and contemplating the bigger picture, but it seems time now for you to decide exactly what bigger picture you need to look at as there are an infinite number of them! In short, it would be wise to take a step back in order to sharpen your focus and think about exactly what you’re trying to achieve as clarity of vision is the centrepiece of your journey throughout 2020.

In other words, opening up your heart and soul to work alongside your phenomenally busy brain in order to find a new way of living your life. You have spent a long time trying to get your life ‘right’, not an uncommon trait, but when you have no clear definition of ‘right’ it’s hard to ever reach the horizon. At the same time, intuitively you know that ‘right’ is also different for each soul as no two people see truth in quite the same way. So, instead of seeking out a non-defined sense of ‘rightness’ it’s time for you to start loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are. You may not be perfect, but no one is. You’re ready now to find new ways to define happiness and to seek out a simpler, but more joyful existence…


You have spent a great deal of time in your life thinking about the best ways in which to live your life. You have weighed up the pros and cons of different life choices and often erred on the side of caution ‘just in case’ things don’t quite go to plan. As a result, as you look back over your life you see a smattering of ‘just in case’ around many of your major life choices. Whilst you have explored your dreams and thought about your true priorities, there is a strong sense that you have held back ‘just in case’ it’s not the right moment or ‘just in case’ you make the wrong choice. For an intuitive, creative and passionate soul like you, this seems quite out of character and it feels as though you lack the belief in yourself to embrace your heart and soul. As the new year begins it seems important for you to begin to think about what stops you from believing in yourself and taking a chance?

Nothing in life is guaranteed and whilst there will always be things to do, people to see and places to go, you sense the need to live more wholeheartedly in the moment and to stop deferring things to a better time as there may never be a better time than now for you to stride forth with passion in your heart and your intuition guiding the way. It’s true, you can’t know what the result of such a strategy would be, but you also know that you can’t know what the result of not doing it would be either other than a continued sense of ‘if only’. Life isn’t about building up a catalogue of regrets, it’s about grabbing your dreams with both hands and living the best life possible…


January looks set to be a month of self-revelation as you begin to peel back the layers to your soul and connect more deeply to your true essence. You’ve been on fast forward for quite some time and you’re understandably weary from the massive expenditure of energy (of all kinds). In many ways you’re ready for a well-earned rest but intuitively you know that it’s not quite the right time for rest as this is more a period for seeking out inner truth and stripping back yet more layers of clutter in your life. Clutter in this instance can mean physical stuff and it would certainly be wise to let go of the inessential trappings of modern life. At the same time though, stuff goes deeper than this to those people around you who sap your lifeforce to those long-held personal beliefs that you see repeating patterns and cycles.

It’s time to start a fresh chapter and to make a clear declaration of intent as to what you would like to happen next. Whilst we don’t always get exactly what we want, it’s important to set an intent in order to give power, shape and form to your dreams and goals. Although you’re always determined to get from where you are to where you feel you need to be, this is a time for lightening the load in order to clarify exactly where ‘over there’ is. You have learned a great deal about yourself over recent years and you seem ready now to put all of this wisdom into action as you open up to shifting your direction as you find ways to simplify your life more. The concept of ‘less is more’ certainly holds true for you and the more you let go, the more your creative and spiritual wisdom will flow freely... 


As you continue to observe the undercurrents of shift in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a clearer sense as to what’s occurring deep within your heart and soul. You’ve been through a powerful process of awakening and you have changed in so many ways. Although you may see the same reflection looking back at you in the mirror, when you look closer you can see a myriad of subtle changes including how you feel about yourself and what thoughts surface when you look in the mirror. You have always been quite a harsh self-judge, often feeling that you could, and should, do better, but this inner critic is softening as you’ve realised that love and compassion are much better ways to motivate yourself to make changes.

You are also beginning to find a sense of peace with the ever-changing landscape in your life, the comings and goings, the beginnings and endings. You have always struggled with change as it takes you quite a while to re-adjust energetically. However, you now seem more balanced and centred, enabling you to ride the waves of change with a deeper sense of knowing, trusting that everything is as it should be. This doesn’t mean you’ve upped anchor and are being carried by the tides as you are still at the helm of the ship of your life, it simply means you are more able to manage the inevitable changes, up and downs you comes across. January looks set to be a month to allow yourself the time to fully absorb the shifts you’ve experienced in order to find a new equilibrium. At the same time, try thinking about what makes your heart and soul sing as this is a wonderful moment to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out…


As you continue to contemplate the fabric of existence and watch in awe at the myriad of threads that weave and twist together to make the great big tapestry of life, there is a sense that you are  beginning to reconnect to the magic and mystery of your heart and soul. It’s as though, that despite looking inwards, you are now more aware of the bigger picture and whilst this has inevitably brought up many questions, most of which don’t have answers, you have found a sense of peace with not knowing. This doesn’t mean you’ve given up soul-searching, far from it, but it suggests a willingness for you to be happy with getting on with the business of living your life even if you can’t quite make sense of it. So, instead of waiting for a better moment to act until you have a clearer sense of things, you are diving in and trying to live more consciously in each and every moment.

Of course, this is a work in progress, but there is an overwhelmingly strong sense of shift which is opening up the doors to your hopes and dreams. You have so much you want to do, so many things you want to achieve, and you finally feel a sense of urgency to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. You’ve spent a long time thinking about your life and your dreams, and the time has come for you to focus on your true priorities as you enter a period of increased awareness and heightened motivation to discover and create a new way of living and being you. January may feel a little slow, but it’s a transition period enabling you to seek out clarity as to what truly warms your heart and soul…


January looks set to be a month to clarify and re-shape your goals and dreams, whilst many would see this as setting your ‘New Year Resolutions’ it’s not quite the same, as these goals and dreams reach far deeper into your consciousness. At the same time, many New Year Resolutions are very specific and clearly defined, such as losing weight, saving up money, finding a dream job etc. It’s as though you are beginning to see beyond all of this towards a bigger goal which is far more nebulous and hard to define. You may wonder if this is even progress if your goal is so hazy and wishy washy, but it’s not. In short, you have reached a stage of your evolution where you are seeking out a state of being, a sense of purpose and a feeling of deeper connection. These may sound lofty goals, but intuitively you know that you are more than ready to open up to these in your life as you have been working towards this for years.

Yet, how do you go about achieving a state of being and what should you seek? Well, it’s less about what to do or how to do it, it’s all about feeling it and connecting to the essence of joy and balance and allowing these to weave their way into all aspects of your life. You are a wise, intuitive and creative soul, and these all need the room to dance freely now as you continue to seek out an untethered life. Being untethered isn’t particularly about being footloose and fancy-free, nor is it about ignoring the needs or wishes of others, it’s about being true to yourself, honouring yourself and listening to your own needs. It’s time to walk your own path now and to love yourself for doing it…


As you continue to ride gracefully on the leading edge of the wave of life, there is a sense that you are nearing a shift in current and instead of feeling as though you’re pushing against the currents, January looks set to carry you towards pastures new. Your determination and mettle need to be rewarded as you have kept going, even when life has felt against you, but intuitively you knew you needed to keep moving forward as standing still was creating a stagnancy within you. Of course, pushing hard against the currents has inevitably created layers of self-doubt within you as you doubted you were doing the right thing, it also created an aura of energetic fatigue as it was jolly hard work at times trusting your intuition even though all the signs were suggesting you should stop and go back.

So, here you find yourself being carried along by a wave of passion and enthusiasm, taking you in the direction you had worked so hard to reach, but there is a sense of doubt rising up from within you as you seem unsure if you are actually ready to keep going! It’s as though now what you have been aiming for is nearly here, you’re not quite sure if it’s truly what you want. For anyone else, this would be a questionable state of affairs, however for you this is perfectly natural as you are fast moving and ever-changing, so what seemed right only yesterday may not feel right today. It’s important to know that it’s never too late to shift your focus, nor is it better to keep going just because you feel you should. Listen to your intuition as it’s your best friend and guide; this is a golden opportunity to review your path and to choose your next steps with wisdom and self-belief…


As you watch the door opening right in front of you, there is a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness as you try to peek through the gap to see what’s on the other side. There’s no doubt you’ve worked hard to reach this point as you have strived towards your goals for years. Although life has often got in the way, you’ve never let them go and they have always held a place in your heart. You have kept your head down and focused on keeping on keeping on, trying to get from where you were to where you felt you needed to be. The path may have felt bleak at times and there have been countless challenges to face along the way, but your steely determination and realism have kept you grounded and able to navigate these challenges as and when they arrived. For a while you came to expect challenge, and this did seem to narrow the path somewhat as it closed the door to your dreams and kept you focused on keeping on keeping on rather than on expanding your horizons. Fortunately this started to shift, and you are now in a position of choice and expansion.

The door opening in front of you holds behind it everything and nothing at the same time, this may sound strange as what use would nothing be? Well, your dreams aren’t just about things to do and goals to achieve, they also involve your desire to attain a state of being that brings you a deeper sense of peace and balance in life. The door holds everything and nothing because there is great wisdom in nothing as it allows you to breathe freely into life. Nothing is more than the absence of something, it’s freedom, space and a place to be. Balance is the key now…


You have always been one to see life from a slightly different perspective to most people, it’s as though you see the things that others miss and hear things that others don’t hear. It’s not that they lack the ability to do these things, but they do lack the ability you have to wholeheartedly open up your senses to the world in which you live. At the same time you do pay attention, and this is a skill that is sadly lacking for a lot of people today. You are also empathic, and your intuition is finely tuned, so you pick up so much more than most. Of course, whilst this enables you to sense so much, it can also be extremely challenging as it can be hard to switch it off and there are times when you go into sensory overload and need to find a quiet room away from others in order to re-establish a sense of balance once again.

Your open-ness enables you to read people extremely well and you can usually tell a great deal about others even when they don’t speak. As a result, you are usually ahead of the game when it comes to conversations and learning as you can gauge the flow before it even starts. However, there are times when your awareness lets you down and you can’t quite get in sync with others, and this can leave you feeling discombobulated and confused as it feels as though something has gone wrong, but this is simply your consciousness switching off for a while allowing you the space to focus more intently on your own path without the chatter of everything echoing through your head.  January looks set to bring you such a moment to enable you to re-shape and re-define your way of living and being…


Deep within the recesses of your heart and soul reside a great many hopes and dreams. These are the hopes and dreams that, as yet, remain unlived as you haven’t found the time or space to explore them. You have spent a great deal of your life thinking about your hopes and dreams, but you have also spent a great deal of your life distracted with the busy-ness of keeping on keeping on, as you’ve tried to be everything to everyone and avoided listening to your phenomenal intuition to guide you forwards. Whilst you know you have what it takes to achieve your dreams and live a more fulfilling life, you are too busy with the distractions to give it much thought. It’s as though there are two sides of your being pulling in different directions and you simply don’t have the capacity to entertain the dreamer within you. Yet, why? Surely your dreamer is your true nature?

You are a visionary and your energetic spark lights up even the darkest of days. Do you feel that the dreamer is an indulgent and inessential part of your life that’s a bit inconvenient because it wants to dance free and upend the apple cart? Have you ever thought that the dreamer only wants to do this because you want to do this? It’s not a separate part of you; it is you, and it’s time to own this now as your unlived dreams and hopes are finding new energy. It’s time to decide if you truly are happy being distracted or if you’re finally ready to honour yourself by being yourself. There is no pressure here, there is no right or wrong; it’s just what’s right for you. Make a decision and set yourself free from the oscillation. January looks set to be your moment to re-affirm your true nature…


Barbs2 6th January 2020 7:32 pm

Thank you I look forward always to your wisdom


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