Monthly Astro-Forecasts July 2012

Message For July

Welcome back! As we continue to ride the waves and embrace change both within and without, it seems that we are beginning to see both ourselves, and our lives, from a new perspective. The more we surrender to the true flow of life, the more awakened, inspired and aware we become and the more our consciousness expands as a result.

Speaking and living Truth is not an easy path to step on to, for it takes courage and belief; but once walking such a path, it becomes natural and the only way to be! Yet, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be when life throws us curveballs and challenges? How do we step into the unknown when we have responsibilities and duties? On many levels, this is what gets in the way, for the more we try to think this flow, to rationalise and seek out guarantees, the further away from it we become. Life is unknowable; it always is, even if we stick to the familiar, for we can never have guarantees or certainties, life just doesn’t work like that. Of course, throwing caution to the wind isn’t terribly easy either, so we find ourselves stuck in the middle, unable to move.

As we venture through the coming weeks, we seem to have reached a turning point, a time to rise up above the uncertainty to a place of trust and faith, and whilst what lies ahead is still unknowable, this seems to matter less. As we continue to open up to living and being Whole, life looks set to get a lot more interesting and inspiring in the process...

July sees Mars enter Libra on the 4th and Vesta enter Gemini on the 9th. Uranus goes retrograde in Aries on the 1th, followed by Mercury in Leo on the 15th. Juno moves direct in Scorpio on the 1th and Pallas Athene goes retrograde on the 30th in Aries.

The Full Moon is in Capricorn on the 3rd at 18.52 GMT (19.52 BST) and The New Moon is in Cancer on the 19th at 04.24 GMT (05.24 BST).

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As you continue to ponder the practicalities of embracing more than one pathway in life, July looks set to bless you with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. As a result, the path ahead looks clear and bright, and rather than feeling overwhelmed that you have so much to juggle, you begin to feel excited by the prospect! You have broken through a monumental milestone in your life, and this milestone is one of restriction, lack and limitation; you now realise that it is only when you connect to such feelings that life starts to take on a similar shape and form, and as you open up your heart, mind and soul to a richer and more abundant life, then everything changes and shifts. Whilst this is something that you have always been intuitively aware of, you have taken on the power of this realisation by feeling it passionately and creatively both within and without in your life, and you are loving the result!

A natural part of this process leads to you questioning and pondering ‘what’s next?’. As your consciousness and awareness expands, you are ready for more meaning, depth and purpose, but at the same time, you are also seeking out a simpler, but more fulfilling existence. Part of you is simply enjoying the ride, but the other part of you wants direction and forward movement! Despite living in the midst of such a dichotomy, you seem to be riding the waves well as you can see that this is a perfect opportunity to use trust, faith and belief to full effect. In some ways, the current climate is a test of your pioneering spirit, for you are being asked to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ and step fully into the flow with your intuition as your guide...


As you continue to stand in the middle of that swirling ball of ‘stuff’ (choices, decisions, beliefs, dreams etc.), your life has shifted into a state of flux. Whilst you are aware that change is afoot as the nature of the ‘ball’ is changing, you have not, as yet, been able to ascertain the exact nature of the change and what it will mean for you. The rate of change is rapid, and you are shifting and evolving, growing and expanding almost beyond recognition; you feel a little confused and overwhelmed, but excited at the same time, for you are ready to embrace the next chapter of your life. Standing in the midst of a ball of confusion is very human, but much of the ‘stuff’ that encircles you is not yours! You carry a great deal for others, and many aspects of your life and your path are shaped and defined by the actions, thoughts and needs of those around you.

As you step into July, you finally seem ready to take control of your life, to define boundaries and to reclaim your true power and essence. This is not about turning your back on others, but it is about honouring your Self, listening to your Self and connecting to the Truth of who you really are. Being at One with your Self is the key to becoming clearer about what it is that you truly want, what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. The more at One you become, the more you will connect with the knowledge that the swirling ball is your natural state of being, it is not something to fight or wrestle with, it is what you do with it that’s important...


On the whole, where one foot leads, the other will follow (well, there are always some exceptions to the rule!). Despite this awareness, you still seem intent on trying to get your feet to walk in opposite directions! Life feels uncertain and unknown, but instead of trusting the process, you are trying to out-think it by exploring different options and pathways. Yet, pulling yourself in different directions and fighting the flow does not seem to be getting you very far, for the more energy you expend, the less progress you seem to be making. There comes a time when you need to stop and re-think your strategy; whilst you naturally think outside of the box and cannot accept things at face value (and why should you?!), sometimes this acts against you, as you keep on looking, searching, digging and poking about long after the horse has bolted. Sometimes, you have to ride the flow and allow yourself to be carried forward to the next phase of your life.

July is one such time, for you have spent a great deal of time and energy trying to understand why life has brought you to this point in space; you are now opening up to your true essence and to your true sense of Self, for Truth is your goal, always has been, always will be. Staring Truth in the face is not for the feint hearted, but you now have the opportunity to find peace, strength and knowing from within; this is something to feel and become (rather than think). You are the manifestation of your thoughts, beliefs and storyline’s; but rather than use this realisation to confirm your doubts about your Self, use it to transform your life. It is time to walk with one foot after the other now...


July looks set to be a month of personal realisation and insight as you begin to let go of doubt and uncertainty when it comes to what you truly want from your life. You have been treading water for some time now, keeping your head down and minding your own business; yet, whilst this has allowed you to keep on keeping on, you seem a little disconnected and distant from the passion and the va-va voom within. In your efforts to ‘get things done’ and to keep the wheels turning, you have lost sight of your inner twinkle and sparkle. Of course, it is important to realise that this has been a conscious choice, for no one forced you into this space, but somehow life just seemed easier to keep on moving rather than stopping, pausing and reconnecting to your Self.

The reason for this is that, deep down, you have a longing for something more, and this something more means change on just about every level of your life, and you just don’t feel sure that you are ready to upend the apple cart of your life yet. However, ignoring this feeling in the hope that it might go away, doesn’t seem to be bearing fruit either, in fact it is only making you realise that there is more to life than apples! Of course, there is nothing wrong with apples, but with your soul seeking out something more delicate and exotic, delicious and enticing, the result is you feeling discombobulated and confused. The time has come for you to acknowledge your inner longings and to make a decision: embrace them or consciously choose to remain as you are. The time has come for you to take back the power...


Life has been somewhat unpredictable and uncertain for you over recent weeks and months; this has left you feeling restless, directionless and a little aimless at times. This is quite out of character for you in many ways, but you have been out of sorts and unable to pinpoint the reasons why. No one wants to feel restless or without direction, but you have been fighting these feelings, trying to battle against the currents, in order to reach solid ground. Whilst this is an innate part of your nature, there is a sense that you have become so focused on the ‘fight’, that you have lost sight of everything else in the process. The ‘everything else’ includes your wisdom, intuition and knowing, and without these it is no surprise that you feel out of sorts!

You need to ask yourself why the fight has become your main focus, is it your steely determination trying to be the champion, or are you lost in the fight as you are not longer sure about where you should be heading or why? The likely answer is a combination of both, but the latter needs some time and attention during July, for if you aren’t sure where you are heading, who else is?! You may feel scattered in the wind, but you need to preen that mighty fine mane of yours and re-focus your energy and strength, for you are lion, and lions don’t forget that they are lions! They simply are lions; they don’t doubt their place as king of the jungle, for it is their birthright! Therefore, you need to reconnect to your inner fires and passion, and re-focus on your Self, your path and your life. Get your destination in sight, stop ‘fighting’ and start believing...


July looks set to be a month of many contrasts as you continue to embrace change and shift on the different levels of your life. In many ways, this is nothing new, for you have been marching forwards for some time now with both knowing and belief, trusting that each challenge and opportunity will help to shape your future and your path ahead. Whilst you have embraced a level-headed and wise approach to this, you somehow seem disorientated with the process, for you feel more like a passenger than the driver. You feel frustrated that you are in the back seat, and whilst you have a panoramic view and freedom of gazing out of the window, you want to be behind the steering wheel with your foot on the accelerator and your favourite ‘road trip’ music blaring out. In other words, you no longer want to be carried along with the flow, you want to be the flow!

This is an inspirational and empowering space to be in, and one that should be celebrated and acknowledged, for you now seem ready to step more consciously into life. Once you can fully embrace such a step, then life shifts back into clearer focus and you no longer feel like a back seat passenger, but at the same time, the need to burn rubber (foot on accelerator!) subsides as well, for the frustration melts away and you can begin to live a more awakened, aware and conscious existence, one that is not determined by the speed of your ‘progress’ but by the nature of your ‘progress’. The contrasts you can expect are therefore shifts in your awareness and your expectations as you start opening up your mind, body and soul to the true magnificence of being alive...


July looks set to be a month of beginnings for you; of course, with beginnings come the inevitable endings that keep the cycle flowing, but you seem to be in a place of trust and you know that everything is changing and shifting for the best possible reasons. Some of the foundations which you have held dear in life are melting away as you take some big and bold steps forward when it comes to your thinking and your beliefs; what seemed right and relevant only yesterday feels different and changed today and whilst this may annoy the hell out of those close to you, it is how it makes you feel that’s truly important.

You spend a great deal of your life walking the ‘middle line’ trying to find the best possible route through the myriad of choices, responsibilities and pathways laid out before you. The middle line enables you to make the best of what you have, but it does seem to lack that certain ‘je ne c’est quoi’ when it comes to living your dream and feeling your bliss. Of course, you know only too well that to truly ‘feel your bliss’, you need to take a leap of faith into unchartered terrain, and you know that there is no map or GPS available that could possibly help you in such a situation; all you have is your faith, belief, knowing, inspiration and creativity. All you have?! Many would only dream to have what you have now! The time has come to let go of doubt and uncertainty, for you no longer need to remain glued to the middle line; you have all you need to live your dream and to feel your bliss, the only thing stopping you, is you...


July looks set to see you still hovering over the handle of a major doorway in your life, wondering whether to open it up or to walk in another direction. Like a moth that keeps dancing towards the light and then jumping back from the heat, you seem tantalised by this doorway, intrigued and excited, but apprehensive at the same time. Yet, as hard as you try, you cannot turn your back on it, the draw is simply too strong. It is important to acknowledge this and to realise that the door itself holds no power, but it is your own inner longing that creates the magnetic attraction that you cannot deny. You cannot help but feel a sense of excitement that you have reached such a pivotal stage of your life, but you need to ask yourself why you have not, as yet, opened the door!

There is a sense that the magic of the ‘unknown’ feels more exciting than the possible reality of what lies ahead. On some level you are worried that life behind the door may not be as intriguing and mysterious as the dream of it, and so you pause in silent anticipation, enjoying the expectation rather than the reality. This is all well and good, but how long do you plan to remain ‘in between’? Do you want to spend your days anticipating what might be ahead rather than actually experiencing it? You may have to ponder that question for a while (!), but in the meantime, it seems clear that you need to become more conscious of the choices you make and the reasons you have for making them. The time has come for you to move from anticipation to the magic of reality; life is what you make of it, after all...


July looks set to be a month of insight, self-enquiry and self-honesty. Life has been a little challenging recently; on one hand you have had plenty to do, but on the other you have felt like you are fighting just to remain in the same place. When life builds up in such a way, it can be hard to gain any sense of direction or perspective, for everything feels so ‘big’ and overwhelming. Whilst you are making progress, you seem to be struggling to keep yourself afloat and a great deal of the magic and sparkle has trickled away as a result. Whilst it might be too difficult to even contemplate taking some time out to work through this situation, you need to step back otherwise you will just keep going round and round, and round, in circles.

It is only when you have the courage to pause and step back that you realise that whilst the challenges have been very real, their size has grown out of all proportion for the more you have wrestled with them, the bigger they have become. When you step back, you will see that the ‘fire fighting’ is not necessary, what you truly need to do is to shift your priorities! You have become consumed by feeling challenged and restricted, and by fighting this, it has taken over, but all is not lost, for if you can make a conscious effort to remain centred and avoid being buffeted by the waves of life, you can begin to use all of that power, energy and effort in more constructive and creative ways. Why fight fire when fire is your natural state of being? In other words, you need to stop resisting and let your intuition lead the way towards a more empowered and inspired way of being...


You seem to have found yourself stuck in the midst of a paradoxical situation recently. This paradox is a desire to embrace change in your life equalled with a desire to cling to everything that’s familiar! Oh, to have both! Of course, logically you know that you cannot achieve the unachievable, but intuitively you haven’t given up hope. As a result, you have found yourself stuck in a kind of swampy no-man’s land, unable to move backwards, forwards or in any other direction. In order to solve this conundrum, you need to ask yourself an important question: do you truly want to embrace change or are you feeling that you ought to embrace change because that’s the ‘done thing’? In other words, what are your motivations for change?

If change is something that you long for, heart, body and soul, then you should feel far less resistance within you as the familiar will no longer feel comfortable but stagnant. Yet, you still feel a draw to the familiar, so you need to ask yourself why? Perhaps the change on the cards is not of your making or perhaps you are simply not ready to step into the unknown? Either way, you need to be open to Truth during July so you can untangle the knots and let go of the paradox once and for all! There is nothing wrong in wanting to stay with what feels familiar, and if you ‘own’ this choice, then great. What you don’t want though is to feel disempowered by obligation or expectation to do something that you really do not want to do. The time has come for you to speak, live and be your Truth...


July looks set to be a month of decisiveness, empowerment and forward movement, providing you don’t let indecision and procrastination get in the way! Gentle jesting aside, there is a powerful sense of shift in your life now as you harness a new energy and wave of consciousness connected to embracing your dreams and honouring your Self on all levels. You seem to have awakened and connected to a fresh perspective on your life and your path ahead which is inspiring you to think in terms of ‘can’s’ rather than ‘can not’s’. In many ways, it seems that the only thing now holding you back is a limit on how far your imagination can stretch; this is quite a lofty statement, but it resonates and sits with your current state of being rather well!

Of course, you shouldn’t try to run before you can walk, nor should you completely overlook the questions or procrastination (for both can bring great value to your life), but at the same time, it is important not to let either one take over and become the defining force that shapes your path ahead. You are in the driving seat now, and you need to feel yourself becoming more centred and more empowered with each passing day. The more you connect to such feelings, the stronger they become and the more you can use the power of your intent to build a new and inspirational path ahead; one that is paved with gold and one that makes your heart sing sweetly and vibrantly. In many ways you do not want a lot from life, you want to live a good life, be happy and feel joyful; all are possible, and all seem very much within your reach now...


The watery world of Pisces is a complicated and beautiful world, one that is hard to describe and one that is even harder to understand. Whilst Pisces is represented by fish, in some ways a better symbol would be a buoy anchored to the ocean floor, for you hold fast and remain strong no matter how big the storms of life become. You have taken on board the role of ‘buoy’ as you are like an anchor to others, supporting them, listening to them, carrying so much. There are times when such a role becomes a burden, a prison sentence that you feel trapped by, for you feel a deep sense of guilt that you might let someone down by having the audacity to do something for yourself. The buoy is an admirable mascot, but it feels like a mascot of self-sacrifice, rather than a symbol of freedom and bliss.

You have little, if any, fear of the ocean depths (for this is your true nature), and yet you dance about on the surface chained to the sea floor bobbing about, but restricted and powerless. However, you are not an earth soul anchored to the soil, you are a water spirit, and the time has come to dance with the waves and become one with them! In other words, for as long as you see yourself as the buoy, then that is what you will be, but once you let go of this connection, the walls come crashing down and you find yourself in natural form: fluid, free and feisty! July is a time to shift your perception and to open up your heart and soul to your true nature. This is not about walking away from responsibilities; this is about changing your essence back to its truest form. From such a shift, everything changes...



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