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Welcome back!

July looks set to be a month of inspiration, insight and vision as we continue to strip back layer upon layer to reveal the Truth within. Such a process may sound onerous and full of challenge, but it also feels deeply cathartic as we are ready now to let go of the clutter in order to reclaim balance. Quite what balance means to each of us personally is unique; some find balance in the stillness and tranquillity, others find balance in the eye of the hurricane, whilst others still find their sense of balance riding the winds of the hurricanes and the maelstroms of life.

There is no right or wrong, as we are all unique and it seems important now to let go of the expectations and precepts of how we all ‘ought to live’, for we cannot all walk the same path. Such an acceptance allows us to step free from tolerance to a place of free and awakened living; a space where judgement no longer has a home and where acceptance is the liberator.

Whilst it might be hard to comprehend an Earth like this, once we can step into such a space within our own hearts then everything begins to change, for this is where change truly begins. It is our willingness to accept, bend and change that allows us to harmonise and find balance. Although such a path is not for everyone (for a myriad of different reasons), we cannot influence their choices or make them change, all we can do is to look within ourselves to grow, evolve and expand.

Once we realise that we cannot single-handedly change the world (if indeed we actually want to) and instead focus on the infinity of the universe within our hearts, then we let go of the need to fix and instead embrace the vibration of being whole and complete. Such a vibration reaches deeply into the hearts and souls of others, but it is up to them if they embrace, ignore or reject it.

This may appear to be something of a self-focused perspective, for looking within can feel inherently indulgent, yet it is only when we find peace, acceptance and unity within us that it then has the opportunity to expand and lovingly embrace All there Is.

Swami NiranjananadaSaraswati ‘There is no peace in the Himalayas, and there is no noise in the world; everything is within you. If you are at peace within yourself, you can find peace anywhere in the world, and if you are not at peace with yourself, you will never find peace in the isolation of the mountains’.

Of course, going within presents us with challenges in itself, for to truly go within takes courage and a willingness to lean into the discomfort of Truth and unfamiliarity of living authentically. Even though it is our natural state of being, it takes strength, vision and courage to be true to ourselves; we have to look into and beyond the storylines, the beliefs, the pain and the joy to realise that inner peace and unity does not come from fixing the pain or pushing it away, but it comes from reabsorbing it and realising that every single aspect of ourselves makes up the Whole. This is not an invitation to wallow in the pain or to allow it to define us or shape our lives, but it is a willingness to realise that the pain is just as important, and a part of the Whole, as everything else.

As we each take a deep breath of life now, such realisations ebb and flow like waves lapping the shores within, and yet when we allow them to be, they make sense and we stop trying to force an understanding. July is therefore a time of allowing, being and going within in order to find that unique sense of peace within...

The New Moon is in Cancer on the 8th at 07.14 GMT (8.14 BST). The Full Moon is in Aquarius on the 22nd at 15.55 GMT (16.55 BST).

With love,



July looks set to be a month of twists and turns as you step more consciously into the rush of life in order to re-connect to your passion and your drive. There is a sense that, over the past few months, you have somehow stepped back from your Self as you have focused your intent on keeping on keeping on and this has seen you step from being a vibrant and integral part of the flow to a more placid and ‘invisible’ piece of driftwood. In essence it seems that by trying to push ahead and ‘do the right thing’, you have lost sight of your vision and this has taken you away from your sense of purpose in life; you have stopped riding the waves and instead felt as though the waves have been carrying you and leading the way. Of course, one could say that the waves are always leading the way, for they are waves and that is their nature, but there is a distinct energetic and vibrational difference between consciously riding and surfing the waves and unconsciously being carried along. Such a distinction matters, and throughout July you look set to become increasingly aware of this as you begin to lift up your head and start to make some new decisions about how you live your life.

Twists and turns may sound chaotic and unruly, but this is your natural and true state of being, for you are not a placid soul and stagnancy does not sit well with you. As a result, there is an air of excitement and anticipation rising up from within you as you begin to embrace the twists and turns wholeheartedly and realise that it is the rush that fires up your inspiration and motivation in life. Although you cannot live on adrenalin alone, when you consciously connect to your Truth and to the rush, you re-connect to you and open up your heart, mind and soul towards living a richer and more fulfilling life. July therefore looks set to be a time of awakening your inner passion and allowing your Self to embrace this passion on every level of your being. You may not know where this will take you, but intuitively you know that you are on the right path...


July looks set to be a month of magic and sparkle as you take a conscious step towards living the life you love and to loving the life you live. There is a powerful sense of liberation and personal empowerment rising up from within you which looks set to inspire you to grab life with both hands and to take a long, hard and honest look at your Self and your life in order to re-establish a sense of balance and harmony on all levels of your existence. Living the life you love is important, for it shows a willingness for you to give some priority to your own needs and wishes. Loving the life you live is equally as important though for it shows a shift in vibration towards acceptance and conscious living; in other words, a willingness to love your Self and your life as you are and not placing conditions on this to happen only once you have achieved a or reached b.

You are a visionary and an inspired soul, but it is oh so easy for you to get lost in trying to be everything to everyone and in trying to do everything for everyone. Admirable, but diminishing at the same time, for how can you be everything to your Self when there is nothing left in the fuel tank? Of course, you may feel that there is no need to be everything to your Self as being everything to everyone else is more than enough, but deep within you know that the time has come for you to step beyond this distraction in order to face your Truth and your Self. It might somehow be easier to defer your own needs and dreams for the sakes of others, as that way you never really have to take that chance or step into the unknown, but is this really how you want to live your life? Only you can answer this question, but during this time of magic and sparkle, it seems that embracing your Truth is the key to both living the life you love and loving the life you live. In other words, be your Self and everything will come together in unity...


As you continue to fully embrace the concept of acceptance in your life, July looks set to transport you from a state of ‘ticking along’ to a state of empowered and inspired self-awareness. You have spent a great deal of time trying to get from where you are now to where you want to be, and this desire has, at times, consumed you. Yet, it seems that you are already much closer to where you want to be than you realise; you have become so focused on the details that you have lost sight of the bigger picture. Of course, ‘where you want to be’ is not as clear-cut as it sounds, for there is rarely anything simple about you. Whilst you have a general idea of ‘where you want to be’, what that actually entails is a completely different ball game for it changes with each passing day. This is not because you are fickle or indecisive, but you are growing and evolving at an almost exponential rate, therefore what seemed right yesterday is unlikely to feel right today. This could make for a confusing life, and this confusion is the force that led you into over-analysing your Self and your choices in the first place. However, through the art of acceptance you have stepped back from analysing to a space of conscious awareness which has enabled you to take a deep breath of life and be you.

Although there are still many questions in connection to your path ahead and to your own personal evolution, the sense of urgency to answer these looks set to diminish in intensity as you begin to realise that you can live your life now before you have all of the answers and you finally accept that you will never know all of the answers as there will always be new questions. By realising this and letting go of the many conditions that you place on your own shoulders, it seems that the space this will create will enable you to explore a new pathway in life, one that looks set to inspire you to be free...


July looks set to be a month of evaluation and realisation for you as you begin to step back from the distractions and the chatter of life and open up to the Truth of your reality. As you peel back layer upon layer of chatter and ‘stuff’ there is a sense of you feeling increasingly uncomfortable exposing your softer underbelly, yet your shell is not impenetrable rock but a permeable and fluid layer of protection, and it seems important to embrace this concept over the weeks ahead as it looks set to be the key to transport you from feeling lost in the chatter of life and trying to keep on keeping on, to feeling inspired, empowered and fully conscious of your Self, your life and your choices. You may wonder how not being impenetrable is a good thing, for it keeps you safe but it also keeps you isolated and disconnected from the Whole. So, although being permeable and fluid can leave you feeling more vulnerable and exposed, it also allows you to feel more integrated and connected, and it is this integration that is important as it will enable you to let go of the anxiety and doubt in order to live more consciously and aware.

It seems that it is your perception of the situation that once again takes centre stage here, for the more you fear your permeability and interconnectivity, the more isolated you become, and whilst you can never be sure where stripping back the layers might take you in life, intuitively you know that you need to take a chance on being you now as the chatter and the ‘stuff’ is becoming increasingly unfulfilling in so many ways. You therefore seem to be standing at a crossroads now and what happens next is, ultimately, in your hands. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but it is important that you make a conscious choice and take ownership of your destiny. Of course, this is no guarantee that things will turn out as you want them to, but that is not the point; what is important here is that you stop trying to keep on keeping on and instead embrace the joy and expansiveness of life in order to live the best life possible...


‘You can go your own way’ is a line from a well-know song by Fleetwood Mac and there is a strong sense that these words could be applied to just about every area of your life during July. As a vibrant, passionate and spirited soul, you have an air of independence that many envy, yet, at the same time, you often give up this independence in order to feel needed or a part of the collective as being connected matters to you. It seems clear though that you have confused the concept of connectivity with interdependence and these are quite different kettles of fish. Interdependence does give you a sense of feeling needed, but the cost is usually your own freedom and spark, for you step away from these in order to bend and flex with the collective. Connectivity on the other hand would enable you to interact and ‘be needed’ whilst still maintaining your own sense of your Self and your fiery spark of passion and creativity. Fitting in and belonging clearly matters to you, and of course it should, for it helps you to feel alive and to sense your integration with the Whole, but when this comes at a cost of you losing your Self in the process, then clearly something is amiss.

July looks set to show you that you can ‘go your own way’ and still be a vibrant and integral part of the Whole. Being independent does not immediately equate to being isolated and disconnected, in fact, the opposite is true, for the more you embrace your Self and your Truth, the more alive and vibrant you are likely to feel. Of course, interdependence can be a hard storyline to break free from, but once you are aware of this in your life, you can begin to shift the dynamic to something far more life-affirming and enriching. Your perception matters, and the more you can connect to the bigger picture and feel your life-spark pulsating and emanating heat, the more you will realise that ‘going your own way’ is your true and natural state of being...


July looks set to be a month of taking a long, deep and life-affirming breath as you step beyond a layer of anxiety that has been dominating your life for quite some time. Anxiety might not be the best choice of word to describe this somewhat innocuous layer of inner unrest, but it seems the more appropriate word given that it has stirred up so many questions in your life. Yet, although this anxiety has been a thorn in your side by upsetting the apple cart of your life, it has also been a blessing as it has helped you to realise that you have become so entrenched in keeping on keeping on that you have lost sight of the bigger picture of your life. In a way, you have been taking short inhalations of breath, not allowing your Self the ‘luxury’ of life-affirming inhalations for you have felt a sense of time pressure, yet, by not breathing deeply, you have been denying your Self the essence of life itself: fresh air. Fresh air might not change your reality nor is it likely to hand you your dreams on a platter, but the more you breathe and re-connect to life, the more likely you are to channel the anxiety and unrest positively towards creating the life that you intuitively know you were born to live.

Such a shift feels empowering and inspirational for it is a sign that you are re-aligning your Self with your Truth and allowing your life to be re-shaped and re-defined according to what you truly want. Of course, such change could stir up another layer of anxiety, but it could also stir up a new wave of energy and enthusiasm for life as you open up your mind, body and soul towards living a more enriched and more nourishing life. Taking deep breaths seems to be the key for you to re-connect to the life-giving essence of inspiration for it reminds you of your divinity and of your role as a creator; you are an inspired soul, and the time is now upon you to capture this inspiration in every single life-affirming breathe in order to fully embrace life and to feel the joy of being you...


As you continue to open up and become your true essence, it seems that the ‘concept of you’ is changing shape and form. You have long realised that without context, the concept of you is hard to grasp, but more recently, you have realised that with context, the essence of you becomes contained which is not your natural state of being. So, both having and not having context seems to be the answer to the question of being you! As paradoxical as this may sound, when you step back from thinking about this, you realise that it makes sense, for there are aspects of you that can never have context for you are simply too fluid and diverse to be contained by contextualisation. Yet, your efforts to find meaning often contain you in cycles of perplexed over-thinking as you struggle to find answers where there are none. At the same time though, there are parts of you that you know very well and this is where the context resides, for these are those parts of you that give you a sense of foundation in life. Therefore, when you accept that you are not an open book and that there are parts of you that are simply too abstract to understand, everything changes, as you step from trying to make sense of it all to being it all instead.

By allowing your Self to be your Self, the vibration of your life changes as you stop chasing the horizon (that destination where ‘all will be revealed’) and start to live your life consciously and whole-heartedly now. Whilst you may not understand All that you Are, accepting that you may never fully understand the concept of you is important throughout July as it is a sign that you are stepping away from the mental wrestling matches and instead embracing the richness that life has to offer you in this very moment. Whilst this won’t stop you from shaping dreams and goals for the future, it will bring your consciousness back to the present enabling you to realise that, in truth, there is no ‘concept’ of you to ponder or understand, for you are just you; always have been, always will be...


July looks set to be a month of balance and re-alignment as you begin to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to your true priorities in life. You have long been adept at trying to balance the needs and wants of others with your own sense of Self, and although you have done a sterling job of this, you have realised just how much it has fragmented you at the same time. It is important to realise that all that you do for others comes from choice, and even though some of those choices may feel more like obligations etched in blood that you cannot escape from, at the end of the day, they are still choices. How to perceive these choices is important now, for the more cumbersome and onerous they feel, the more they are likely to tie you down and feel overwhelming. Of course, you may not feel able to make a new choice and walk away, but if you can shift the dynamic and see the positives in your situation, then the whole energy changes from one of burden to one of choice. Feeling empowered matters, and the more you realise that you do have a choice as to how you feel and perceive things, then the more you will be able to change the storyline and dynamic of your life.

With all of this empowering decision-making going on you might wonder if there will be any time for you to work out your true priorities, but it seems that the more you focus on the choices you make and why you make them, the more you will step free from the chatter and the distractions of life in order to re-centre and find your Self. Making the conscious choice to make conscious choices in your life seems to be at the heart of this time of change for you, as once you become fully conscious and awake then everything changes as you are no longer a sleep-walking pawn in the game of life but an awakened and inspired soul that is free to ride the waves and to live an enriched, conscious and fulfilling life...


As a possibilities person, you are one of life’s dreamers, and, as a result, your aspirations are always so full of life and energy. Your syrupy optimism drives your forwards, onwards and upwards and the sugar rush brings you energy when you need it the most. Yet there are times when you feel fed up with the syrupy treacle; you want something clean, refreshing and sharp to cleanse your palate and something wholesome to detox your system from the somewhat intoxicating allure of sugar. It seems that there are times when even you struggle to keep your sense of belief and optimism upstanding, and, when you feel this weariness, you just know that something is amiss in your life. There is a strong sense that you use your optimism to keep on keeping on; to see you through the tough times and to inspire you through the discombobulation. Whilst this is understandable, it seems that your determination to capture the nectar of life can sometimes take you away from your Truth as you lose sight of your Self and get lost in the stickiness of the syrup.

Although positive thinking and optimism are your allies in life, there are times when these can tie you up in knots, should’s, ought’s and must’s as you place yourself under enormous pressure to do more, be more and achieve more. Yet, sometimes you need to say ‘Stop!’ in order to regain clarity and in order to re-establish your sense of Self. Positive thinking and syrupy optimism are great when they are working with you and enabling you to achieve your dreams, but when you feel overwhelmed and sick of the taste of syrup then you intuitively know that the time has come for you to step back for a while in order to take a break. You will always keep on keeping on, as that is your nature, but July looks set to bring you an opportunity to reconnect to the magic and sparkle that lies beneath the syrup enabling you to cleanse your palate and also inspiring you to realise that there are other ways to achieve your dreams...


July looks set to be a month of undulating hills, birdsong and rainbows as you open up your mind, body and soul towards your dreams. This may appear rather wishy-washy to a grounded and realistic soul such as your Self, and you may grumble that dreaming of rainbows and green hills is not going to do anything other than remind you of what you don’t have in life. Yet, if you pause for a moment, you will also realise that such dreams can bring you so much more, for they also re-affirm what you have now, in this moment. How? You might ask. Well, by taking the time to take a deep breath of life and opening up to the true magnificence of life, you are shifting the vibration of your life towards one of gratitude and open-hearted awareness. Whilst this, in itself, cannot change your reality, it can help you to see beyond the challenges and inspire you to re-connect to the bigger picture of your life. It is all too easy to be aware of all that you do not have in life, but when you connect to all that you do have in life (even the simple things), then your energy expands and you realise that the hills, birdsong and rainbows matter as they are a sign that you are no longer stuck chasing a dream but you are living it instead.

Such talk often irritates you, as although it feels positive, it doesn’t pay the bills, make decisions or do the housework. Life goes on, and you find it hard to justify the time to meander into daydreaming. Yet, the more you focus on the bills to pay, decisions to make and the things to do, the less connected you become to both your Self and to the Universe. Although you may feel that this connection cannot ‘fix your life’, you also know that nothing matters more, for once you feel truly connected, then your belief in both your Self and in life amplifies as you step away from the treadmill and towards those rolling hills. This is all about perception, and whilst perception doesn’t pay the bills, it does bring you the vision and inspiration to lift your head above the parapet, to fully embrace life and to live the life of your dreams...


July looks set to be a time of inspiration and vision for you as you continue to expand beyond the boundaries of your life and embrace a new dimension of living and being. As an expansive and free-thinking soul, you are continually aware of the infinite nature of the universe and of the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. Despite knowing this, actively incorporating this realisation into your life has been somewhat more challenging, for you have found your Self caught between a variant of the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. The ‘Devil’ is your own tendency to over-think, over-analyse and place your Self under enormous pressure to do more and be more, and the Deep Blue Sea is the unknown that resides in the world beyond your mind; that infinite and expansive terrain where dreams reside and where anything is possible. Although your mind is a great ally, it can also tie you up in knots and leave you doubting your Self and your ability to stride into the unknown with gusto and self-belief; you cannot understand or truly ‘know’ the unknown, so your mind keeps you on the edge where you occasionally dip your toes into the water but never fully allow your Self the experience of letting go of the hand rails.

Your mind wants to wait until the unknown becomes known in order to make some rational decisions about what happens next, but intuitively you know that this isn’t possible, for the unknown will always be unknown; you can never know what lies around the next corner in life. Yet, rather than allow such a realisation to diminish you and to contract your energy, the time has come to lean into the discomfort and set your Self free, for once you embrace the unknown, you are no longer stuck between the Devil or the Deep Blue Sea but you are free to roam the seas, the depths and the heights with passion, inspiration and joy. Leaning into the discomfort comes from a willingness to acknowledge the role that your mind places in your life and instead of trying to do battle with your mind and the infinity of your being, love your nuances and quirks, and embrace life wholeheartedly on every level of your being...


July looks set to bring you a new wave of enthusiasm and inspiration as you continue to bring together the many different facets of you into one, beautiful and cohesive Whole. Your life has changed recently, and the things that once seemed so important now seem less so as your perception has shifted and you have allowed your own sense of Self to re-emerge and re-surface. Such a shift has enabled you to embrace your diffuseness and fluidity, and to realise that these are your greatest strengths as they allow you to meander through life exploring Truth, wisdom and meaning in your own unique way. You are not one for following the lead, nor are you truly one for drifting with the currents (although you often like to believe this as it makes for an easier life); your natural state of being is as an inspired and enlightened soul with a passion for life and an ability to not only ride the waves but to direct the currents as well. It has been all too easy to drift, for life has been cumbersome and heavy lately, but now the clouds have parted and the sun is shining once again, you are realising that drifting depletes you.

Now there is no point in self-recrimination and self-flagellation, for you cannot go back and change things, but what matters now is your willingness to reclaim your sense of Self and to live consciously and vibrantly in this very moment. The present is your gift and it is all you have in this moment. This realisation should not diminish you but it should help you to connect to the precious gift that life gives you and to realise that every single moment matters. The past is behind you and the future hasn’t happened yet, and whilst this does not mean that you cannot dream or have plans, by fully embracing the present you are allowing your Self to step beyond the state of drift to a state of conscious and vibrant awareness; a state where you are awakened, alive and breathing deeply. You are ready now to be you; to be free and to be riding the waves with confidence, joy and belief...


betsy. 1st July 2013 10:11 pm

First: Woohooo! Love this message! Ty, Sarah-Jane. <3
Second: "Swami NiranjananadaSaraswati ‘There is no peace in the Himalayas, and there is no noise in the world; everything is within you. If you are at peace within yourself, you can find peace anywhere in the world, and if you are not at peace with yourself, you will never find peace in the isolation of the mountains’." Love, love, love this quote. If it wasn't so long it would make a nice tatoo so I could always remind myself of it, until my skin got wrinkly & I could no longer read it, in which case it would be more beneficial for me to memorize. LOL.
Third: Love my personal sun sign forecast, too. Thank you so much, Sarah-Jane! Much love to you! :smitten:

kay 2nd July 2013 9:13 am

What a time of uncovering! Excellent post. Love the quote. And you're spot on with the Aries reading. This is exactly where I've been. Time to ride the waves again as conscious creator. Thanks, Sarah-Jane.

shapeshifter 2nd July 2013 1:09 pm

Thanks to all this catharsis, my insides are now flowing in waves on the outside. Not a pretty picture lol.

Kay, I responded to your message.

Emma852013 3rd July 2013 3:28 am

Thank you so much for this amazing forecast. Being a Leo it feels as if you truly spoke to my heart! The feelings about how to maintain my spark and not annihilate it by interdependence is a huge issue Ive had ever since I was a child. As a child my light and immense energy and spark was not very accepted around me nor by my mother (I have forgiven her) and it is now at an age of 27 that Ive finally understood what a unnecessary and huge sacrifice it's been to hide away from the world, my spark and in essence myself.
Many times Ive contemplated isolation and at times been very isolated but this isn't the way. It is time for all of us (if we aren't already) to enjoy the immense happiness that comes from truly being who we are! :)
To love ourselves fully we need to keep our spark at all times, your words are gold to me and Im sure to many people.

Much love and bliss to you!!

Emma852013 3rd July 2013 7:03 am

Dear Betsy, Thank you for sharing those beautiful words of wisdom that say so much about our lives as human beings and how powerful we are :smitten:



betsy. 3rd July 2013 1:44 pm

Emma, I am unsure what words you're speaking about. LOL. If it's the quote, it wasn't mine, it was included in the message. (I don't want to take credit for anything brilliant I said, because I so very rarely do!) :2funny
"...what a unnecessary and huge sacrifice it's been to hide away from the world, my spark and in essence myself. Many times Ive contemplated isolation and at times been very isolated but this isn't the way. It is time for all of us (if we aren't already) to enjoy the immense happiness that comes from truly being who we are!" Ty for sharing this, Emma. I too contemplate isolation (& am actually fairly isolated now) but know it's not the answer either. I think my answer is to grow thicker skin so other's reactions to my authenticity bother me less & less. So much easier said than done, but I have to start somewhere/sometime/somehow. Ty for sharing, Emma. Much love to you! :smitten:


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