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Message for July 2014

July looks set to be a month for letting go of resistance as we continue to ride the ebb and flow of life. Being human has many challenges including a tendency to over-think and over-analyse why things are the way they are. This has been the source of great innovation, wonderful discovery and tremendous advancement in the world, and yet, it has also been the source of confusion, bewilderment and isolation as many have become lost along the way. For many of those seeking spiritual answers it seems the more they have looked for insight and understanding, more questions have arisen than answers. The quest for enlightenment is not always a clear path of ascent to the summit sitting snugly in the skies; it is often foggy, the tracks un-marked and the summit hidden in the clouds, obscured from view.

Although we intuitively know to look up and follow our gaze, life often throws us challenges and curve-balls that lead us ‘off course’ and distract us from the climb. We can find ourselves lost, confused and alone as we try to work out how to get from here to there, wondering how to reach the summit, the pinnacle, of enlightenment and inner peace. Of course, we know that as soon as we separate ‘here’ with ‘there’ we are in trouble as this places us back in linear time and away from the present moment; our gaze is on where we want to be or feel we should be as opposed to where we actually are. It is only natural to want to reach the ‘summit’, after all, this is what we all seek in life; we want to live in peace, in joy and in balance.

The challenge comes when we see peace, joy and balance as states of being to reach rather than states of being already within our hearts and souls. As soon as we separate here with there we lose touch with the true magnificence of all we are. As a result, we seek answers and understanding to bridge the gap between here and there in a quest to reach the promised land of inner knowing. Such a search leads to further confusion as the act of looking beyond the boundaries of our conscious selves for ‘the answers’ leads to us losing sight of the true essence of all we are; we diminish ourselves in the process.

It is only when we take a deep breath and truly open our eyes that we realise that the mountain summit is not hidden from view or out of reach, nor is it ‘there’; it is here, just as it always has been and just like it always will be. When we step consciously into the present moment and away from the conditionality of linear thought and separation, we begin to realise we are already standing on the summit and the isolation, confusion and disconnection melts away as connection and peace rise up in their place...

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July looks set to be a month of revelation and more revelation as you take a step deeper within to re-connect to the bigger picture of your life. It has felt easier lately to keep your head down and get on with the business of living without really thinking about your goals, dreams and needs; keeping the wheels turning has made for an easier life so why rock the boat? You can argue the toss until you are blue in the face but at a deeper level you are acutely aware of the little niggle that keeps tugging at your consciousness trying to remind you that there’s more to life that keeping on keeping on. Okay, so the wheels on the bus carry you forward but you are tied to the bus route without any room to manoeuvre and no opportunities to explore new or even unchartered terrain. Yet, the bus stops frequently, so you have ample opportunity to disembark and go your own way. Yet you haven’t; you have felt a sense of comfort that everything is ticking along and it has been easier to ignore that inner niggle as you really could do without the hassle of upsetting the apple cart you have worked hard to stack.

There is a sense that despite your best efforts, life is leading you towards a natural point of crossroads; a time to make some choices about what you truly want from your life and if you really do want to focus all of your efforts into keeping that big old bus bumbling along. Your natural state is one of travelling lightly; you are a free spirit and the fire in your soul needs the freedom to dance. Although there is nothing wrong with the ‘bus’, it seems cumbersome and heavy, keeping you away from the bigger picture of your life. You may feel that the bigger picture is simply more trouble than it’s worth and therefore stick with your present strategy but the niggle within is likely to get bigger, louder and more argumentative unless you give him or her, the courtesy of an audience. Turn within, face yourself and allow the truth to lead the way...


As you continue to let go of the layers of emotions that have shaped and defined your life for so long, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel the deep inner rumblings of transformation. You have given so much of yourself for so long and it may be hard to give yourself the time to stop and take note of this transformation as it has become second nature to give so much of yourself to so many. And yet, you intuitively know that you need to pause in order to re-align your thoughts, emotions and sense of self once again. Emotions are powerful game-changers in life and your emotions have often been put to one side as you cater for the needs, wishes and desires of others. Giving so much of yourself is admirable, but it has come at a cost; the cost is your own connection to your deeper self. Although your deeper self has been patient and quiet for a long time, the rumblings of transformation are emerging from a need for you to honour yourself and your own needs more.

You are a passionate, compassionate, generous and loving soul, but it seems so hard for you to turn towards yourself with these in your heart. Perhaps you feel undeserving or perhaps there just hasn’t been the time what with giving so much to so many, there could be many reasons why you struggle to focus your compassion, love and generosity onto yourself, but today is a new day and your deeper self wants some breathing space. Admittedly, your emotions are a whirlpool of the unknown, but they are a part of you, so is denying them really good for you in the long run? Is shutting them out the best path to happiness? Of course, at the end of the day, only you can decide what’s best for you, but do take the time to think this through as the rumblings of transformation present you with a prime opportunity to take a big deep breath and let go...


July looks set to be a month of continued realisation as you open up your heart and soul towards the ‘mirror of truth’ in all areas of your life. You may recall that the mirror of truth is using your formidable ability of clear sight to look into your own eyes and into your own life without trying to see what you think you should see and instead allowing yourself to see ‘what is’. It is a part of being human to project and try to shape reality into what we perceive it to be, but what is perception? Is it truth or is it something else? Of course, perception is objective as no two souls see something in exactly the same way, but it is through the willingness to fully open your eyes and see without blinkers that sets you above the rest as it allows you to connect to your deeper self in order to see the truth of all that you are. Of course, there is a chance that you may not like all that you are; for some reason you may feel inadequate, ‘less than’ or ‘not quite’ in some way, but this is no reason to deny what is, as denial simply keeps you away from being you.

Yet, you know all of this, none of it is new to you. You know that seeing yourself with your eyes wide open is an important step to make and you are willing to do this now, yet, at a deeper level, it is hard to let go of the perception of what you think you will see and what you want to see. Such a dichotomy and one that looks set to stir up a deep pool of emotion within you over the days and weeks ahead. As one of life’s philosophers, your tendency for thinking, questioning and pondering is undeniably profound and yet this so often ties you up in knots as you try to get to a point of inner peace. Perhaps it’s time to accept that you can find peace and happiness exactly as you are? Perhaps it’s time to love being you?


‘You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist’. These wise words from Friedrich Nietzsche look set to stand centre stage in your life in July as you begin to contemplate a new way of living and being that lets go of boundaries of trying to conform to the ‘right way’ or the ‘correct way’, replacing it with a willingness to live freely instead. You have spent a great deal of time trying to get life right, trying to keep on keeping on and trying to get from where you are to where you want to be. There have also been times when you have stopped focusing on where you want to be and instead kept your head down as it felt like a safer strategy for living. Although these are all part of the business of being human, intuitively you know that the layers of conditioning and expectation that have shaped your life for so long have driven forward a need for you to live the right way and this has kept you at arm’s length from your creative and free-spirited self.

Yet, what is the ‘right way’? Who defined it? Who decided it would be the best strategy for life? It’s easy to get carried along by the wheels of expectation, perception and the ‘norm’, but you know that there is so much more to life than trying to be like everyone else. Fitting in and belonging can bring you a sense of unity, but when such a strategy disconnects you from your true self, the unity is hollow as you feel empty and diminished within. It therefore seems time for you to stop trying to be the person you think you should be and instead start to open up to the person you truly are. Let your inner light shine, let your radiance lead the way and know that your way is the right way for you. Of course it can be hard to fly free in life, particularly if this stirs up change, but you seem ready now to soar...


July looks set to be a month of contemplation and reflection for you as you ponder some of life’s great questions: Who? How? Which? When? Where? How? Such questions would suggest a period of fairly intense deliberation as you roll the questions around your consciousness in the hope that the answers will tumble to your feet willingly and without delay. And yet, intuitively you know that the answers to these somewhat lofty questions are not clear-cut, after all, none of them are specific and none of them actually relate to any particular question or aspect of your life. It seems that although you are in a questioning frame of mind, the focus of your questions is quite general, focusing on the ‘bigger picture’ rather than on anything particular. Perhaps this is due to lethargy or boredom, maybe its habit or perhaps it is because you are sensing some unrest within but haven’t, as yet, put your finger on what it relates to? 

Awakening to the rumblings of unrest can be challenging as it means turning the spotlight towards your inner world and facing all you see there. You may balk at this, after all it doesn’t really sound like fun, and, at the same time, it sounds a little daunting and unknowable; why upset the apple cart if there are still loads of ripe, healthy apples? Yet, you know that this is about more than apples. You also know that facing your inner world is not something to fear, after all, everything you see within is a part of you, but there is a chance that you may feel uneasy gazing so intently within as you intuitively know that this is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. This new chapter steps beyond the lofty, unfocused questioning and towards opening your eyes to all that you are, inspiring you to face the inner unrest in order to see its source so you can start to find a new path to peace and balance. The unrest is a tool for transformation, showing you the locked door within; your willingness to face it is the key...


July looks set to be a month of inspired thought and creative ideas as you begin to ease your foot off the accelerator of life; you have been on ‘full steam ahead’ mode for quite some time, pushing on, keeping on and doing your best to get it all done. Although your drive and determination are unquestionable, more recently some doubt has arisen in connection to what your motivations actually are; you have been charging ahead for so long, there is a sense you have forgotten exactly where it is you are trying to get to and what it is you are trying to achieve. This is not uncommon but few ever get the luxury of realising that things are not quite as they should be before it’s obvious that things are not quite as they should be.

As a result, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to take a long hard look at yourself and your life in order to reconnect to all you hold dear: what do you really want? And, the now infamous old chestnut, do you live your life as though you believe it really counts? A seemingly repetitive question but an important one as it takes you deep within yourself, away from the distraction and clutter of things to do, people to see and places to go, and into the realms of personal truth. Of course, it is hard for you to completely step away from the distraction as it has shaped and defined your life for so long, but the time is now upon you to ask yourself why. Why immerse yourself in distraction? Why be so busy with things to do, people to see etc? Do you fear the essence of you that lies beneath the distraction? Would you rather not ‘go there’ when it comes to becoming vulnerable with your own true nature? Lots of questions, maybe not quite so many answers, but don’t become distracted by this, instead, take a big deep breath and let go of the need to keep charging ahead; now is the time to re-connect to your deeper self and to feel at peace with the real essence of you... 


As you continue to keep your focus on the present moment and away from the conditionality of where you want to be or where you think you ought to be, it seems that you are beginning to feel the true power and enrichment of conscious living and being. It is hard for you to keep your awareness in the here and now as you have spent most of your life stretching into the past and reaching out to the future in your quest to make sense of life, to live the best life and to make the most of life. Your gazing has given you context and meaning, but it has also left you acutely aware of what you don’t have in the present moment as it is a natural human tendency to compare past to present, future to present, future to past etc. However, the more you keep your focus on the present moment, the more you are realising just how precious this moment is as, in truth, it is the only one you have. Although such a realisation may, on first glance, appear to take you away from the infinity of time consciousness (past, present and future), in fact it seems to enrich your experience as it takes you even deeper into the realms of infinity.

Your willingness to be conscious of exactly where you are in the here and now acts as a gateway to a life far richer than you ever imagined possible; you now know that being in the present moment does not eradicate dreams and doesn’t diminish what went before and what may happen ahead, but it enriches it all as it makes every single moment cherished, special and important. You are the sum of all you have been, all you are and all you will be, but you are more than this as well, for you are a spark of the universe and a piece of God. Whilst this realisation may not pay the bills, cook the dinner or do the ironing, it can bring you a deeper sense of peace as you let go of the inner struggle and find joy now...


As you continue to allow your somewhat feisty and deeply creative free spirit to dance freely in the wilds within, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel a wave of breakthrough heading for the shores of your soul; you intuitively know you are nearing a time of change and although change is rarely easy or straightforward, you also know that things cannot continue as they are, as nothing is truly permanent – ‘what the winds bring, the currents take away’ a Hebridean saying. Although this realisation frustrates and irritates you, it also sets you free as you know that change is frequently ‘out of your hands’; things happen in life that unlock new doorways, close old ones and create even more. Whilst there have been times when you focused on the anger of trying to cling on to what you had, feeling the injustice of it all as you fought the good fight and all that, you are now realising that fighting ‘what is’ isn’t really that productive. You have instead opened up to a more conscious awareness of the bigger picture and this has allowed you to step beyond frustration and into a more empowered space of peace and strength.

This is not about ‘giving up’ on what’s important but it is about accepting that you cannot cling on and let go at the same time; whilst you can dance freely and still ‘fight the good fight’ of keeping on keeping on, there comes a time when doing it all becomes overwhelming and cumbersome slowly squeezing the dance out of your soul. The breakthrough wave heading for the shore brings tingles to your soul; partly angst, knowing that your quest to dance freely in life has dropped a pebble in the pond and the ripples have consequences which are now heading your way, but mainly a silent excited anticipation as you prepare yourself for a wonderful opportunity to allow the waves to wash over the shores of your soul refreshing everything as the sand returns to its natural state. Yet, all is not lost, the waves may have washed the beach but this sets you free, inspiring you to dance like no one is watching...


As you continue to ponder and contemplate the concept of being perfectly imperfect, slightly chaotic and a little bit kooky (denial can’t change what is!), there is a sense that you are beginning to realise that it is a blend of the chaos, imperfections and kookiness that make you, you. You stand out from the crowd; you are not the poster boy/girl for convention nor are you run of the mill; you are you and there really is no one else quite like it. Although such a realisation inspires you it also frustrates you as you feel a kind of hidden pressure to perform, succeed and excel. Of course, you want to do well in life but it has always been hard for you to know exactly what this means. Is it making lots of money and climbing the ladder or is it a willingness to be you and to know that being you is not just enough but wonderful at the same time? Intuitively you know the answer to this question but logic keeps you focused on doing more, being more and achieving more.

You seem stuck in a dichotomy of head and heart, ought versus free-will and duty versus destiny. Such a dichotomy is hard to handle as it has reached deeply into your heart and soul like ivy creeping over an old building but your awareness of the dichotomy is a sign that you have reached a stage of reckoning; a time to face the unrest and find a new way of living and being. You have always known that you were destined to live a life less ordinary; it is your birthright. You have also always known that despite your all-encompassing outlook on life, it has been hard for you to wholeheartedly accept your imperfections, chaos and kookiness as positives. You have therefore spent time trying to fix them or eradicate them rather than embracing them and loving them.  They are a part of you and they have the power to inspire and empower you to become One with the whirlwinds of thought and the sunbursts of creativity within, leading you into a brand new way of living and being...


As you continue to befriend the winds of change as they gather pace and momentum in your life there is a growing sense of acceptance rising up from within as you begin to contemplate the idea of making peace with the moment. Of course it is hard not to think about all you are leaving behind and it is tempting to dream about what may lie ahead, you also know that it is this moment, and only this moment, that really matters now. At some level, this perspective feels a little selfish to you, after all, by becoming one with the present, you are no longer giving so much energy to what was and to what may be, and you are no longer giving energy to the past or the future, and this somehow feels a tad self-indulgent to you. After all, you have spent so long trying to use the past and the future as a reference point for the present that both seem essential guides on the path of life. Yet, to be conscious in the present moment is not to eradicate either the past or the future but to acknowledge that one is now behind you and the other hasn’t happened yet.

Accepting this stops you trying to be in all places at once and allows you to step consciously and wholeheartedly into where you are now as an accumulation of past, present, future and so much more besides. Yet, the inner battle rages on as you seem reluctant to wholeheartedly let go and be in the moment. What’s wrong with this moment? Does it make you feel vulnerable? Has the past and/or the future become a refuge away from where you are now? Are you unsure what the moment may bring you? Could the walls of what you have built come crashing down if you stop bolstering them with the past and future? So many questions, yet, you already know all of the answers! You do not fear the moment; it’s just that it’s been easier to keep on keeping on as you know that in this moment everything changes as you finally become One...


July looks set to be a month of renewed wonder and awe for you as you continue to make peace with all that you are. You have spent a long time trying to do your best and trying to be you but you have felt a great deal of external pressure to conform, fit and baa with the flock. As a result, you have often felt unfulfilled trying to live the life you thought you ought to live as opposed to living the life you knew you wanted to live. There were times when baa-ing suited you as it meant you could move quietly through life without really having to contemplate the bigger picture, but at a deeper level you intuitively knew that a life of baa-ing would be unfulfilling as it kept you away from all that you are. Of course, throw into the mix your frequent confusion and bewilderment as to what exactly ‘all that you are’ entails, and it is no wonder you have felt confused, over-whelmed and under-whelmed at the same time. This is why being a sheep became easy as it meant you never really had to deal with the inner unrest and the deeper need to be you; baa-ing was a distraction.

However, although you baa beautifully and melodically, you have never really settled on the idea of being covered in wool and eating grass. Yet, the journey from sheep-dom to you-dom has always seemed too unknowable for you to comprehend exactly what you needed to do to transform. However, this has been at the root of the problem as there is no ‘do’. Over recent weeks and months you have started to realise this and opened up your heart and soul to being you. Simples. Well, if only, as simple is not a word that easily fits into the equation of your life! Being you is not cut and dried, nor is it as easy as just not baa-ing anymore as maybe there is a need for a little wool in your life. Keep your focus on being you and let the details take care of themselves... 


As you continue on your quest to establish balance and equilibrium in your life, there is a sense that you have reached a crossroads of uncertainty. This uncertainty feels a little nebulous and ill-defined, but it’s hard to ignore or dismiss; kind of like something you can’t quite put your finger on but you sense it all the same. Uncertainty usually arises from disequilibrium which can be subtle and innocuous but it can reach deeply into every aspect of your life. Disequilibrium happens as a result of something that’s sapping and diminishing you rather than nourishing and nurturing you, and although you know that things are not quite as they should be in your life you feel like you are going round in circles trying to find the cause. Crossroads, uncertainty, disequilibrium and equilibrium are all part of the cycle of life and yet it is all too easy to focus on the challenges of disequilibrium rather than the opportunities it offers.

Of course, feeling unsettled isn’t easy to live with but as you already know that this is a sign that your life is out of balance why not make the most of the warning signs to readdress the balance and seek out a new way of living and being? It may be hard to feel excited about reaching a crossroads when you can’t quite put your finger on why you are there in the first place, but perhaps the time has come for you to trust the process and let the uncertainty rise up to the surface? You can resist it, ignore it and push it away as often as you like but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So, it seems reasonable to assume that by turning to face the uncertainty you will begin to see beyond the nebulous and uncomfortable feelings it stirs up and begin to see the bigger picture as to what exactly is out of sync in your life. Once you know you can begin to re-shape and re-define your life, creating positive change and opening up to equilibrium once again. Fighting the flow makes you a fish out of water, so become one with your true essence and set yourself free...


ShelleyT 1st July 2014 2:13 pm

Spot on! Thank you for the horoscope .... Very accurate...


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