Monthly Astro-Forecasts July 2015

Message for July 2015

Life is full of moments: moments of happiness, moments of grief, moments of pain, moments of joy and a plethora of other moments. All of these moments added together make us individuals as they carve out our unique journey through life. Yet it’s important to realise that we are more than simply the sum of these moments as, just like the brief pause between an in and an out breath, there are spaces in between the spaces of life. Yet we often forget to notice these gaps and, as a result, life can feel overwhelming and suffocating as our own unique collection of moments can sometimes crash in on us like waves on a rocky shore leaving us lost, isolated, confused and bewildered.

It’s important during such times to take a big deep breath in order to refocus on the gaps allowing ourselves to feel the fresh air filling our lungs and re-connecting us to the sense of space that’s always there even though we often lose sight of it: from gazing at a sunset, to listening to a bird in song or feeling the rise and fall of the breath. We are never truly lost or isolated; it is just our perception that’s shifted out of focus. When we take a moment to re-connect to our breath and to ourselves, we step back and see all of those moments as well as the gaps in between and we begin to see and feel the love, and sense of unity, both within us and all around us.

July looks set to be a month of re-connection, of re-balancing and of deep breathing as we step beyond self-created storylines and definitions in order to be the free spirits we all truly are. It’s easy to over think this and it’s even easier to think of a thousand reasons why this is too simplistic or too difficult, but therein lies the problem: thinking! Sometimes we have to listen to that voice deep within us, the one beyond the mind and beyond our logical reasoning in order to connect to the essence right at the core of our soul. Sometimes we have to let the music of the soul flow freely, allowing it to weave its way into new storylines in life as we lift up our heads to the brilliant sunshine and let our feet start tapping a brand new dance. Who cares who may be watching!

Life is for living and we can either choose to be defined by our own personal collection of moments or we can breathe deeply into life and become so much more. None of us can know what lies around the next corner so it’s important to savour each and every breath in order to live life fully, consciously and embrace each and every moment...

With love,




The unforgettable Forrest Gump once said ‘Life is like a box of never know what you’re gonna get’. As an Aries mantra, such uncertainty has always added a hint of fun and sparkle to your life as you thrive living on the edge of the predictable and your spirit soars at the idea of being the ‘spontaneous and ever-so-slightly crazy one’. And yet, there is a part of you that still actively hunts out the small card inside the box of chocolates that lists each sweet as you actually want to make sure that you pick out your favourites rather than those chocolates which, quite frankly, should never appear in boxes of chocolates. Of course, we are all unique, so those less-than-pleasant chocolates do vary, but your logical mind says ‘why eat something you don’t like when you can choose your favourite?’ So it would seem that your head and your heart are in a little bit of conflict, yet do they need to be? Does applying logic to the thrill and uncertainty of life make it less fun? Does everything have to be completely unknowable in order for it to be a valid and worthwhile experience?

At the end of the day life is a collection of experiences and adventures, but do the ones where you’ve been slightly more discerning not count? Of course they do! The free-spirited part of you wants to be the rebel but intuitively you want to get the best out of life as well, so why not blend the two and create a brand new you? Why not let your free spirit dance and allow your formidable mind to do ‘it’s thing’ as together this a combination to move mountains...



July looks set to be a month of moments: moments to pause, moments to do, moments to be and moments to breathe. Of course, every month is always full of all of these, but, on the whole, it’s easy not to notice them as life frequently feels like an overwhelming clash of things to do, people to see and places to go, leaving very little time to actually notice the bigger picture. Intuitively you can sense these moments in time but you struggle to find the quiet in order to savour them and make them more conscious in your life. You may wonder why you need to make them conscious, after all, they happen whether you are aware of them or not, but when you become more conscious in life, you somehow become more conscious overall and you expand more deeply into life as a result. In essence, this is a cycle of expansion as living consciously brings every moment into sharper and clearer focus.

Whilst there are inevitably moments you would rather forget, the more consciously you walk through life, the richer life feels and the more self-aware you become allowing you to celebrate your true essence, to live authentically and to let your magnificence shine through in all its glory. When you live consciously, it somehow seems easier to find a truer sense of inner balance enabling you to navigate the twists, turns, ups and downs in life with more awareness and more poise. So it seems time to sit up and notice each and every moment in order to live the best life possible in the best possible way...



‘Life is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for’. Well, so said the Cigarette Smoking Man in The X-Files. Yet, despite the acerbic tone, his words resonate with you as you often think so much deeper than most and you love to ponder the true meaning of gestures and philosophical meanderings. Your tendency to dig deeper, to reach higher and to question more often brings you great reward in life as it allows you to see beyond the ‘every day’ towards a much richer and more colourful life. In essence, whilst some may feel the above statement is negative or ungrateful, you have stepped way beyond the concept of ‘gift’ and beyond the concept of positive or negative and into the world of existential thought and exploration.

The above quote concludes with the following: ‘...and all you’ve got left is a — is an empty box, filled with useless brown paper wrappers’. And this is where the similarities end as your mind sees so much more than an empty box or useless brown wrappers, you see space, textures, shapes and possibility. Yes, even in an old box of chocolates you can see potential! It’s a bit like a five year old finding more joy from a cardboard box than from an expensive and over-priced toy. When the imagination is left to soar, enrichment surfaces even in the simplest things; life is not about the value of the gifts you receive (and they come in many forms), it’s about seeing beyond this and reaching deep within in order to explore and savour every nook and cranny, and every little chocolate of life...



July looks set to be a month of increasing ‘you time’ as you continue to focus on your true priorities in life. Whilst there will inevitably be things to do, people to see, lists to complete and places to go, there will also be opportunities to re-centre and re-balance amongst the busy-ness of life. It’s easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel of life, keeping on keeping on because that’s what everyone does. Yet, you are not like everyone else, you are you! Of course, intuitively you already know this, but it doesn’t sit well with you as you seem to prefer the idea of being another sheep in the flock rather than being you. The flock brings you a sense of stability and a sense of uniformity, but it doesn’t seem to bring you a true sense of belonging for, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot squeeze into that sheep suit, it’s really not your colour, it doesn’t flatter your figure and the wool itches and chaffs...say no more.

Seriously though, is there a reason you are trying to be the person you think you ought to be rather than being the person you truly are? Life undeniably throws in twists and turns making it seem easier to take the path most travelled, but when you intuitively want to step off the path altogether in order to explore new terrain it seems unlikely that you will feel a sense of satisfaction unless you find a new way of living and being. Increasing your ‘you time’ is an important way to reconnect to your deeper sense in order to allow a new sense of direction to surface and emerge...



As you continue to embrace the waves of change which are lapping the shoreline of your life, there is a sense that July looks set to be a month of inspired creativity as you begin to look at your life from a new perspective enabling you to explore this change with fresh and anticipatory eyes. Of course, there is likely to be a sense of uncertainty as you are still not quite sure what this change will actually equate to in your life but you have stepped beyond trying to balance up the equation of your life and allowed yourself to be more conscious in the moment enabling you to grab hold of this change, to feel it more and to make it more tangible. As a result, you cannot help but feel excited and eager to step forward now as life feels brimming with opportunity and adventure, both of which have seemingly been lacking for quite some time.

After a period of quiet and steady keeping on keeping on with the business of life, the lion within you seems ready once again to let out an unhindered and passionate roar and to shake it’s mane in the sunlight whilst sharpening it’s claws and teeth. Whilst you may see your lion as cute and cuddly, don’t ever forget the sharp pointy bits as there is a great deal of power in your soul! In essence it seems time now for you to remember your true self and to reconnect to the bigger picture of life once again. Life may be uncertain, but it’s always uncertain: always has been, always will be, as that’s life. So, sit up, roar and grab life with all of your passion and power...



‘A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory’. These words were Tweeted by the late, great Leonard Nimoy. The wisdom in these words reaches deeply into your heart and soul throughout July as you look set to make some powerful realisations in connection to your expectations in life. You are world-class at giving yourself a hard time for not being enough, doing enough or achieving enough; you always push yourself harder, expecting more and striving towards a state of perfection. Being a perfectionist has its advantages but it can also leave you in a perpetual state of lack as you chase the dream of preserving perfection and, as a result, lose sight of all of those perfect moments.

Life is like a garden, and, like all of nature, gardens experience different seasons: everything is in a state of constant shift and movement as nothing ever stays the same. Whilst you know this, you still find it hard to fully accept as you want to create perfection and then live it, be it and maintain it. This is understandable but it can leave you feeling frustrated as where you are now never seems enough as the horizon always seems more tantalising and bright. You seem ready now to shift your focus away from the gap between where you are and where you want to be back to this moment in order to experience the joy of being in the moment. When you allow yourself to be in the moment, you can truly touch and feel the joy that’s present and it’s this joy that looks set to take centre stage now and lead the way...



July looks set to be a month of intrigue and curiosity for you as you take a deeper look into your core beliefs and philosophies. On the surface you may wonder whether you even have any philosophies to explore but intuitively you know that your whirlwind mind and your inquisitive heart have opened you up to a plethora of belief systems, ideologies and states of being over the years. There are times when you curse your innate tendency to dig, explore and probe, as the more questions you ask, the more questions arise. Although you have accepted the fact that not every question has an answer, you still seek out the answers all the same. Yet, there are also times when you feel blessed to be you as your perspective on life and the world feels so broad, so deep and so enriching. Okay, so you may not be able to make sense of life despite all of this depth and enrichment, but you feel better because you have at least tried to explore the bigger picture!

There is a layer of perplexing confusion within you connected to knowing whether you should be grabbing hold of your wisdom and applying it to you own life or if you should keep on digging and exploring in the hope that more answers come along in order to better prepare you for living your own life in the best possible way. Well, in true Libran style, perhaps embracing both would be more appropriate as you need to find a way of being you and thriving in this moment as putting life on hold stifles your lifeforce and creativity. Be open, be inquisitive and love yourself exactly as you are...



‘Life is like a box of chocolates...’ well, if you’ve read any of the other signs this month, you will know that there is a distinctive chocolate-fuelled theme in the air! Yet, you’ve never been one for off the shelf boxes of chocolates; you’re more suited to carefully choosing each one individually after they’ve been freshly made by the chocolatier. Of course, when you finally sit down and open the box, this means that you already know what’s in every chocolate but the thrill for you comes in being able to choose the more unusual and unique combinations of flavours. You thrive on being a little bit different from the flock and you simply love to indulge in the exquisite and rich flavours and colours. When you sit down though, does ‘chilli and coconut’ or ‘garlic and cabbage’ (okay, I made that up for effect!) really make for a pleasant chocolate indulgence? It sounds good and very ‘on trend’ but there’s a sense that style over substance can sometimes leave you feeling a bit miffed that you didn’t throw in a few toffees, fudges or coffee crème’s for good measure and comfort.

So, what is this all really about? Well, in the spirit of being the unique and inspirational you that you know yourself to be, don’t try so blooming hard! Just be you. It doesn’t matter if it’s white, dark or milk chocolate, nor does it matter if it’s caramel, mint or garlic; if it floats your boat, then great! Try not to feel as though you need to impress quite so much, focus instead on pleasing yourself. This isn’t about becoming selfish or switched off to others; it’s about truly knowing yourself, being yourself and loving yourself for it. So, fruit and nut or walnut whip, it matters not...



July looks set to be a month for transformation and liberation as you continue to lighten the load and shake yourself free from those aspects of your life that have been weighing you down. Of course life isn’t always as easy as this as there are some things that are simply too complicated to shake away; they are deeply entwined into the fabric of your being and you may feel too duty-bound to do anything other than carry on as you are. This is a part of being human: life’s complex, bewildering and overwhelming at times! Yet, it is important that whilst you may not be able to become the footloose and fancy free soul you intuitively know yourself to be, this is more about perception than reality. If you see yourself as a bird trapped in a cage of responsibility and duty, then this shapes and defines your life, yet if you see yourself willingly choosing to carry this responsibility, everything feels lighter and easier.

Perception may not seem that important in life but when you consider it’s your perception that ultimately flavours every single experience and every single moment, it suddenly matters much more! You have been hovering on the periphery of change for a long time now and you seem eager to grab hold of the reins and head off towards pastures new. However there is a sense of hesitation within you, a feeling that you’re unsure if you should come, go or stay where you are. Waiting for the ‘right time’ is understandable but is there ever a perfect time? Sometimes you have to believe in yourself, trust your instincts, pat that proverbial horse on the head and say ‘giddy up’...



There is a sense that life has been feeling increasingly heavy lately and your energy levels have taken a hit as a result. It’s akin to the airless, stagnant feeling that surfaces in hot, humid weather in those last few hours before a powerful thunderstorm crashes in, breaks through the heat and restores a sense of balance once again. It’s hard to feel enthusiastic when life feels heavy as everything becomes that much harder to accomplish and your low energy levels can leave you feeling demoralised and frustrated. And yet, whilst life feels heavy you cannot help but sense the winds of change within which are gathering momentum. Unlike the thunderstorm, these winds are gentle and they feel inspiring and energising. However, there is a sense of trepidation within you in connection to the inevitable change on the near-horizon even though you know that change is a constant force in life as nothing ever remains the same.

Despite knowing this, change is not always easy to embrace as it feels so unknowable and unpredictable. Of course, this is the point, but with you being you, you like to have a clear sense of direction and some inner knowing when it comes to what happens next; reality versus your ideal of reality are at tangents to one another. Sadly, this is a paradox that you are unlikely to win as guarantees just don’t happen in life. However, rather than feeling frustrated, why not choose to feel the fresh air on your face, let go of resistance, embrace the winds of change and allow your inspiration and courage to carry you forth as your energy levels begin to thrive once again as a new chapter begins...



July looks set to be a month of fluidity and expansion as you continue to search deep within in a quest to know yourself and to become one with the true ebb and flow of life. You are an intuitive and wise soul, and you know that the more you let go and trust the flow of life, the more life flows with you. Whilst this doesn’t intrinsically change what’s good and what’s not so good in life, it helps you to take a more philosophical and mindful approach which allows you to remain centred and balanced despite the inevitable ups and downs, and this helps you to make more informed decisions when it comes to living the best life possible.

You have long known that a good life is about being happy, being real and being you but this realisation has not always been easy to embrace as the constant stream of things to do, people to see and places to go often leaves you feeling discombobulated and overwhelmed. However, the more conscious you become, the less out of balance you are likely to feel as you learn the art of bending and flexing with the flow rather than trying to outwit or fight the flow. This is not the same as giving up and drifting aimlessly, it’s about letting go of resistance and allowing yourself to step consciously into the currents in order to ride the waves with passion, belief and faith. The more you step into the flow the more in tune you become with your true essence and it is this that will ultimately set you free as being the ‘you’ you know yourself to be is the real key to happiness...



The theme of wiggle room continues in earnest throughout July as you begin to realise just how tied up in knots you have been lately. You have mastered the art of ‘over giving’, ‘over doing’ and ‘over thinking’ and whilst this has seen you do so much for so many, your own sense of well-being has suffered as a result as you feel undeniably deflated and flat. Your tendency to over give, over-do and over think pulls you in many different directions at once and it’s exhausting! A little bit here, a little bit there, and it’s no surprise you find yourself tied up in knots and tangles. Yet, the quest for wiggle room, for finding some breathing space, is growing in momentum as you begin to seek out ways to create some much needed room in your life. Breathing space is about the little moments when you re-connect to yourself and find your sense of balance once again. Wiggle room is an awareness of the need to stretch and expand consciously into these moments to give you some much needed ‘you time’.

Wiggling may feel restless and hard work, but this is more about a state of being than doing as it’s a shift in consciousness from ‘over giving’ and ‘over doing’ to a more balanced space of being you; there is nothing you specifically need to do other than open up more to those precious moments of breathing space which are present in your life even though they may be buried underneath all of those chores. You are ready now to take time out for yourself, to love yourself, to honour yourself and to breathe...


Peter fox 1st July 2015 8:49 am

Simplistic works for me! Thanks Sarah-Jane. Have a wonderful July.


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