Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 2014

Message for June 2014

June looks set to be a month for inspired and creative thought as we continue to seek out alignment and balance in all aspects of our lives. Although this is a lifelong process, there is a growing sense of peace emerging from deep within as we stop trying to force the process by rushing ahead and instead let go and become one with all that we are. We all have quirks and aspects of ourselves that we may call imperfections, but these are what make us unique individuals. Who decides if something or someone is imperfect? What does that word really mean anyway?  Can we truly change what we perceive to be imperfections or are they present to make our lives richer with more meaning? Should we try to eradicate the imperfections or love them as an integral part of all that we are?

As you know, life is all about what we do, not about what we don’t. We can spend our lives trying to outrun the imperfections, trying to fix what’s ‘broken’ and trying to be whole, but until we stop trying to be what we are intrinsically not, how can we ever be whole? Imperfection is not about being faulty or broken, it is about being human. No one is perfect; it is not how we are made. It is our perception of perfection that shapes and defines our lives; we see others and think they are happy, and so want a piece of what they have. Yet, when we open up our eyes we see that this perceived perfection isn’t real, it’s just a reflection of what we see as our own inadequacies. We want to fix what we see as broken, and this keeps us locked in a cycle of chasing perfection and running from fear. Running is good exercise but sooner or later one has to stop for a rest.

Accepting our imperfections is not the same as giving up on self-betterment or dreams; it is simply a willingness to stop chasing that horizon of perfection that isn’t real. Perfection keeps us locked on some future point in time where everything is tip-top and tickety-boo, but we never get there as it doesn’t exist. This is not to say that we can never be happy or find joy, far from it, in fact, chasing perfection is the act that keeps us away from happiness. It is only when we begin to truly and wholeheartedly love ourselves: imperfections, warts and all, that we find a true sense of happiness.

Life isn’t all sweetness and light. Stuff happens. Dreams fade, hopes get dashed and we make mistakes, but rather than allow the stuff of life to beat us down into chasing the vision of a perfect life, we should allow it to enrich us and to bring us even closer to joy.

With love,



June looks set to be a month for re-aligning your thoughts with your life as you take a long, hard look at your inner dialogue and your beliefs. You are a deeply creative and inspirational soul, and you intuitively know that your thoughts shape your life, and yet, when you pause for a while to look within, you can see that your thoughts are not as life-affirming and positive as you would perhaps hope. Of course, no one is perfect, and you are too realistic to chase perfection, but there is a part of you that acknowledges the self-flagellating thoughts but lets them flow unhindered and unchallenged. It seems important now for you to go within in order to understand why you give yourself such a hard time for being you and what drives those thoughts that have the power to undermine all that you are. A little self-doubt can keep your feet on the ground and keep reality in check, and a little self-flagellation can inspire you to reach higher, with more gusto and determination, but there is a sense that we are talking about significantly more than a little; unusual for you, and yet, here you find yourself: uncertain, dazed and confused.

Perhaps you have finally taken on board the doubts or dismissals from others that being you matters or perhaps you have simply lost the courage to let your true essence flow freely?  Either way, the you that you know yourself to be hasn’t left the building, it is still there in all its technicoloured glory. You can never not be you, but there is a chance that if you continue to push your true essence away that you will lose sight of your magnificent and amazing self and forget that you are so much more than those limiting beliefs and thoughts. Open up your heart and soul now in order to step beyond that inner wall of doubt and self-flagellation, let your creativity and inspiration lead the way as you step back into the sunshine once again and love yourself for all that you are, exactly as you are. 


As you continue to explore the concept of ‘getting it right’ in all aspects of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to experience something of a transformation as you begin to realise that such a strategy has little to do with pleasing others or keeping on keeping on. For a long time you have strived to be the best that you can be, trying to keep everyone else happy and bending yourself out of shape as a result. At the same time, you have pushed and pulled against the currents in order to help and support others but forgetting to support yourself; placing your own needs very firmly at the bottom of the heap. Although there have been times when you would consider such action heroic and admirable, intuitively you know that you cannot continue to bend yourself out of shape without disconnecting from your true essence or sense of self. You seem torn between the devil and the deep blue sea, wanting to be everything to everyone but desperately wanting to be everything to yourself at the same time. However, you struggle not to feel guilty that you are being self-indulgent by honouring yourself as you have spent so long giving so much of yourself to others.

Stop! Before you tie yourself into even more knots, take a big deep breath and exhale; empty your lungs fully before taking in another big, deep breath of fresh air. As you become more conscious of your breathing, open up your heart and soul to your breath and you will realise that the push, pull, struggle and guilt no longer need to shape and define your life; they remain simply because you are used to them and expect their presence, but the more you align yourself with your true self, the more you will realise that being you no longer has to feel contra to the flow. Breathe into any resistance and be gentle with yourself; breathing freely once again may feel strange for a while but once you allow the fresh air to permeate and fill your lungs you will realise that everything can flow exactly as it is meant to.


As you continue to step beyond the power of your mind and into the magnificent world of clear sight, there is a sense that June looks set to be a month of realisation and revelation as you turn towards the mirror of truth and take a long, hard look at all you can see. The mirror of truth may sound ominous and somewhat foreboding, but it isn’t. Your perspective seems to fear truth in case you see something you would rather not see about yourself or your life, and yet, unless you turn to see it, how will you ever truly know yourself? Intuitively you know this to be true, but, at the same time it’s hard for you to open your eyes fully to all that’s before you because that would mean owning it. It’s not that you particularly want to avoid your reality, but you have spent a long time building upon the vision you have of yourself and your life, and you are not overly keen to upset the apple cart of this vision by adding the inconvenience of ‘what is’ into the mix. This may sound slightly ridiculous, but the power of your vision is so powerful, you can stop seeing what is and confuse truth with vision, expectation, hope and belief. 

Although this is something you do well, intuitively you know that by continuing to see what you want to see above what actually is, you are denying yourself the opportunity to connect to your true essence and your destiny in a more enriching and life-affirming way.  It is a part of being human to project and perceive, and yet your consciousness expands way and beyond the realms of ‘being human’! Why limit yourself by your thoughts when you can let go of your perceptions and instead be you? The resistance that rises up within you when you open up to ‘letting go’ is palpable, and it seems important to turn to face this resistance now in order to set yourself free from what you think you see and instead open up to all that you truly are.


June looks set to be a month for diving deeply into your inner world in order to re-discover your depths, your creativity and your true sparkle. You have spent a long time keeping on keeping on, trying to keep the wheels on the bus of your life well oiled and inflated, and you have done a good job as the bus has plodded on, and on, and on. You have pushed beyond the limits that even you thought possible, and, in the process, you have seen just how strong, motivated and passionate you truly are. Yet, despite your progress, you cannot help but feel a little ‘flat’ or deflated that even though, on the surface, life seems good, at a deeper level it is hard to ignore the niggle that’s suggesting otherwise. For a while you were happy that the bus of your life was plodding on, covering ground and making progress, but plodding doesn’t suggest moving with ease or lightness, and it doesn’t suggest fun, frivolity or adventure.

Of course, you know that life cannot just be about these things as hard work is the true key to getting anywhere or accomplishing your goals, but, hand on heart, you don’t truly believe this, it’s just your way of self-justifying why you are the way you are. In essence, it seems that you have sold yourself a story that keeps you safely within the boundaries of what you know and justifies you staying within those boundaries in order to keep on keeping on. Even though intuitively you know that there is more to life than this, it is easy to push your intuition to one side as ‘hard work’ trumps intuition when it comes to doing ‘what’s right’ in life. However, there is a sense of some inner rumblings as your true sparkle and effervescence start to fizz, and your true passion for life bubbles up to the surface. Can you truly continue to contain the fizz? Do you want to? At the end of the day only you can decide how you live your life: keep the cork firmly in place or let your essence fizz, pop and sparkle.


As you continue to open up to all that’s truly important in your life, June looks set to be a month for expecting the unexpected as your priorities start to shift and change. You have long been driven towards achieving your dreams and living the best life possible; you have opened up to your gifts and allowed them plenty of leeway and room to manoeuvre. Your courage and strength have proven to be powerful catalysts of change in your life as you have turned to face your true essence and allowed your gifts to flow freely and without hindrance. Allowing your true essence to flow freely takes passion, commitment and vision as it can mean standing alone and stepping beyond the flock in order to be the lion you truly are. You have all of these qualities in abundance and being the feisty lion comes very naturally to you as it is you. However, despite the appearance that you are striding through life confidently and courageously, there is a sense of doubt and uncertainty coming from deeper within. It seems that although you are very close to living the life of your dreams, you are not actually living this life because you have not allowed yourself to fully align with your dreams.

This may sound strange, after all, if you are aware of your dreams and driven towards achieving them, how can you not be aligned with them? Well, it boils down to belief and conviction, and although you are passionate and courageous, when it comes to being you, you struggle with being at peace with yourself as you wonder if you have got it ‘right’. Now, quite what ‘it’ actually is, is open to debate, but it is that unique quality of intuitively knowing that everything is as it should be. You cannot help but wonder if you are missing something and if you feel like this then there most likely is an incongruence somewhere, but don’t let this take away from all that you already are. Be open to change, let the incongruence teach you rather than diminish you, and know that life is about evolution, growth and expansion.


As you continue to ponder and contemplate your life and how you live it, it seems that you are beginning to open up to finding an answer to the question posed last month: do you live your life as though you believe it truly counts? As something of a perfectionist, it can be hard for you to open up to such a question as this means delving deeply within and exposing your vulnerabilities, your frailties and your faults. Yes, everyone has faults and you are no exception! Of course, in reality, you know you have faults but this doesn’t stop you from trying to eradicate them by bettering yourself and always striving for more. Such a strategy is understandable, after all, isn’t life about growing and evolving? Well, yes, but not always, as it depends on the motivation for growth and evolution! There is a sense that your strategy for bettering yourself comes more from a desire to push on and away from those faults rather than leaning into them, understanding them and growing because of them.

There is a difference, and this distinction grows in importance in June as you look set to face an opportunity to turn within in order to take a step closer to your true self: your strengths, your gifts and your faults. Seeing your quirks, nuances and contradictions in all their glory may not feel like something to relish, but as you intuitively already know what these are, it won’t come as a shock to you. What may come as a shock is a need to turn to face them and to love them all as a part of you; no more pushing them away, ignoring them or denying them. This is not the same as giving up on growth or evolution as it is a sign that you are ready to open up fully to being you. You will still grow and evolve, but in a way that feels richer and more life-affirming as you seem more aligned and centred in yourself. It seems that by wholeheartedly embracing all that you are, you are allowing yourself to believe that your life truly does count and living it to the full is what matters now.


As you continue to keep your focus on the here and now rather than on the there and what if, there is a sense that you are opening up to the true enrichment of present moment awareness. Now, this is not a new concept to you, but understanding it’s workings and actually living it are two very different things, and stepping from the mind to the moment is a powerful indicator that you have allowed yourself to breathe freely in the moment and to be at one with the breath rather than trying to understand what the breath actually means. Of course, with you being you, you will always seek meaning and understanding as that’s how you are wired, but the more you can step into the here and now, the more you will realise that there is no ‘there’ to get to as you are already exactly where you need to be.

This doesn’t eradicate dreams and goals, it enriches them as your focus shifts to the present moment enabling you to make the most of every single moment rather than placing your energy and focus on some moment in time when you have reached the ‘promised land’; you become free to live life, to breathe and to be you. Although intuitively this all makes perfect sense to you, you cannot help but feel a sense of unease at the prospect of letting go as you worry that you may lose your control over the situation. Wake up call! As much as you may want to control what is, you never can. Letting go takes faith and courage, and it means flowing freely with the currents of life, but it also means accepting that things don’t always work out as planned or hoped. This is not necessarily a sign of impending challenge, but it is a sign to let go of the fear and angst for both can consume and diminish you. Breathe freely now, live life consciously and be


June looks set to be a month of some frivolity and rambunctiousness as you reconnect to your creativity and to your inner world. Before you sigh audibly at this prospect because it sounds a little boring, take a few moments to think it through. You are a shining light and your light radiates brightly into every aspect of your life; as a result, what lies within you shapes and defines every aspect of your existence. Therefore your creativity and your inner world are the core of all that you are! The frivolity and rambunctiousness look set to arise through a willingness to be at one with your true essence and to dance freely and openly, not caring if anyone else is watching. In other words, it seems that you are ready to let your inner sprite sprout and to allow this mischievous little imp to inspire and empower you to let your light shine without hindrance or doubt. Mischievous may suggest trouble ahead, but your imp is only really focused on your inner world: your thoughts, your beliefs and your dreams.

As a result, your imp may stir up some restlessness as you contemplate what you truly want in life, but this is only a reflection of what you have been thinking for quite some time. Dancing without a care in the world may sound a bit risqué, after all, despite the dancing you still have to live, function and get on in life, but this is the point as you no longer have to see life and dancing free as two separate forces; they are all part of the same whole. Do you truly believe that ‘real life’ means no dancing? If so, then perhaps you need to reassess things as intuitively you know this not to be true? You seem ready now to go within to seek out a new meaning to life. Of course, if you are not ready for the answer, then don’t ask the question, but the dancer in you wants to do more than toe tap and hand jive on the sidelines.    


Distractions. Focus. Letting Go. Focus. Distractions. Clutter. Stuff. Focus. Possibilities. Potential. Focus. Sound familiar? This is a very brief summation of the stuff and the chatter that goes round and round your head. Circles go on and on, round and round, on and on. Although you are more than used to your inner world, to an innocent bystander, it looks like a tumultuous place fraught with multi-directional currents, flows and stuff. Some may see it as a twister, steadily eating up everything in its path. Others may see it as a maelstrom, sucking everything into its core. Yet you know differently as you know that your inner world is fiery, unpredictable, chaotic and raw. It is exactly as it should be. There really is no point in trying to see your inner world as others see it; they are not you and could never understand your complexity. There is also no point in trying to quieten down the chatter and noise of your inner world as you were born that way and it is the chatter that allows you moments of brilliance, flashes of genius and twinkles of wonder.

Yet you still try; you feel as though you need to be still in order to realign your life with your vision. You think that in order to gain the clarity you so desire you need to change your essence and follow the flock. Stillness and inner silence works for some, but it isn’t you; never has been and never will be. Why try to be something or someone you are not? Why try to be a sheep when you are clearly a tiger? Yes your world is a frenetic and highly energetic place, but this is your muse and your source of inspiration, so become one with it, love it and love yourself for all that you are, exactly as you are. Let your brilliance and chaos glisten in the sunlight, let your wonder explode like sunbursts and stop trying to bend yourself out of shape to ‘fit in’.  You are already a part of the whole and you are already magnificent, so own it.


June looks set to be a month of clarity and confirmation as you start to see yourself and your life from a fresh perspective. There is a sense that you have grown weary of trying to be the you that others want you to be and you are ready now to make some lasting changes to your life. However, even though you know what needs to be changed, you seem reluctant to upset the apple cart in case it upsets the apple cart! In other words, you are really not sure if you want to rock the boat even though you want to rock the boat. Such is life. As you stand in betwixt the devil and the deep blue sea, it seems important that you stop fearing either the devil or the sea as neither truly are your enemy. The more you fear them, the more they turn into that proverbial monster in the wardrobe, gaining in size and strength, being fed by your fear. If you see the devil and the deep blue sea as a Hobson’s choice, then this is what it will become and you will lose your desire to create positive change as it will feel like too big a challenge (no one likes continually running uphill).

Yet, change the perception and you will see opportunity where you previously saw challenge as you will see that whichever path you choose to walk in life involves choice, change and shift. You cannot escape the reality of what is, so why not make friends with it and ride with it rather than resisting it? The realist in you (some may call this the pessimist!) may groan at the reality of ‘no choice’ here, after all, one way is the devil, the other is the deep blue sea and intuitively you know that standing still isn’t an option. You can choose not to act but sooner or later your hand will be forced. Take strength from the moment, don’t reluctantly slide into it; be the passionate, vibrant you and let your inner light lead the way towards pastures new.


As you continue to realign your life with your essence, there is a sense that you are making peace with your inner traveller and becoming one with all that you are. Your traveller has a wanderlust; a desire for change, for movement and for new horizons, but this is not something new as you have always been this way and always will be. Although there are times in your life when you want nothing more than to settle down into a quiet life, your inner world is ablaze with the vision of new horizons to explore and new terrain to conquer. Standing still feels akin to no life to you as evolution has to form a central role to all that you are and all that you do. Of course, you do ‘park’ this in order to get on with the business of life, but the wanderlust is never very far away, entering your thoughts, your dreams and your consciousness. This can create a great deal of restlessness as you try to keep on keeping on, juggling your inner traveller with work, bills and life.

And yet, do you really need to juggle? Are these forces so distinct and separate? The traveller does not have to be a wayward wandering minstrel, taking you away from all that you know, trying to encourage you to pack your hankie, tie it to a stick and leave everything behind. That is your perception – so change it! Why not allow your traveller to become a true explorer, trekking through the wilderness within inspiring you to embrace your true essence in new ways in your life. Being you does not have to mean rocking the boat, but being you is a life long voyage. You can spend your life as a kind of virtual tourist; visiting places but never really absorbing the essence of the journey or you can start being you and loving yourself for it. The traveller within wants you to live your life fully, wholeheartedly and with passion; it does not want to trick you, undermine you or lead you astray - it is a part of you, so why would it? Love it, love yourself and be free.


Questions. Questions. Questions. Life is always full of questions and, somewhat frustratingly, not quite so many answers. You are an inquisitive soul and part of your life path involves digging deeply trying to make sense of life, trying to understand what ‘it’ is all about. Perhaps your biggest question is in knowing what ‘it’ actually is, for it seems nebulous and beyond all logic and reason. You feel that until you truly know what ‘it’ is then how can you ever really make sense of anything; such a perspective highlights your wisdom and insight, but it also highlights a fundamental ‘flaw’ and that flaw is over-thinking. Trying to make sense of life is a part of being human, trying to see the bigger picture is a part of being a spiritual being but trying to see the whole picture takes you into super-human territory. Now, intuitively you know that you are super-human, but there is a risk that you can become so consumed by the need to understand and get ‘it’, that you lose sight of everything else in the process, thereby negating all that you are.

Perhaps the time has come for you to realise that there is no ‘it’ to get? Perhaps you have been pushing for answers as a way of distracting yourself from the here and now, trying to make sense of ‘it’ rather than what is? Stop trying to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as this isn’t the source of happiness; being the rainbow is what makes you happy and you are this already. At the same time know that the quality of the answers you get in life comes from the quality of the questions you ask, so perhaps the time has come to ask a different question? No more seeking out what ‘it’ is all about and instead being open to what is. Letting go of the questioning does not mean giving up on evolving or growing, it simply means a whole-hearted willingness to be at one with yourself now, in this moment. Questions bring richness into the tapestry of your life but don’t allow them to keep you away from being you.


keryndawer 4th June 2014 1:04 pm

Wonderful Astro- forecasts Sarah-Jane. Thank you :)

I especially liked your introduction. I've spent far too much of my life expecting perfection of myself, and unintentionally, from others. Not a healthy way to live and I have faced the consequences of this out - of - balance Life.

Thankfully I'm learning to Love and Appreciate all the beauty in imperfection and it has truly enriched my Life :)



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