Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 2015

Message for June 2015

Watching a tree change from season to season can invoke a plethora of different emotions from a sense of new life in the spring when leaves grow and buds form, to a quietening down after the leaves have fallen and the trees go into their wintry slumber. Animals, plants and trees move from season to season with an acceptance of the cycle of life: they adapt and they often find new ways of thriving even when they face adversity and hard times.

Human beings tend to create blocks in the natural flow by living in tree-less cities where an awareness of the natural cycles fades into the background. We are an adaptable species and find new ways of living and being as life goes on but there is a deeper sense of disconnection forging in the hearts and souls of so many as we break away from the natural cycles and flows of life. In this interconnected, 24/7, virtually driven world, there is a sense of constant stimulation and busy-ness with little time to notice the leaves on the trees changing or the majestic forests whispering in the moonlight. At the same time, human beings try to outsmart and outwit the natural cycles with technology and science, a great deal of which makes life a better experience but it often sits juxtaposed with the natural flow of things.

Living out of kilter with the rest of life feeds this deeper disconnection and it can be hard to feel like an integral part of the whole. Yet, we are. It’s easy to feel isolated from life and from the world in which we live when that world is concrete based, where life often feels more valid in a virtual world than the real world. People seek retreat in technology to distract themselves from life but distract themselves from themselves in the process. With so many souls retreating from the world there is a sense of a need for others to push in the other direction and reassert their connection to one another, earth and all who dwell on her. June looks set to be a month where this movement of ‘reconnection’ surges forwards inspiring many of us to stand up, be authentic and to reconnect fully to the universe. Although none of us can truly know what this will lead to, in a way, this doesn’t matter as it is the motivation to try that makes a difference.

The ripples of change are creating new patterns and shapes now, and there is a sense of a need to be more aware of these in order to become one with them. Life is changing whether we want it to or not: change is constant. It seems important to re-awaken fully over the days and weeks ahead as we begin to breathe more deeply into life and into ourselves once again. In a way there is no ‘do’ here, just a willingness to be authentic and to step fully into each and every moment. It is this willingness that creates a kind of osmosis effect which filters out and, like a leaf in the wind, is carried across time and space before it is breathed in again somewhere else; this is a constant force and it’s growing now as we all begin to reclaim a truer sense of balance within ourselves and with the true cycle and flow of life...

With love,




You would be forgiven for feeling as though your life has been on fast forward recently as you have barely had time to take a breath as there has been so much to do, lots of people to see as well as a plethora of places to be. Although you usually thrive under pressure, you are wilting slightly at the moment. As a result, it seems you have lost sight of the bigger picture of your life and many goals and dreams are gathering dust on the shelf, and many of your usual priorities have slipped by the wayside as you have focused on the business of keeping on keeping on, trying not to buckle under all of those things to do, people to see and places to go. Top this with a pile of ought’s, must’s, and should’s as well as a good few ought not’s, should not’s and must not’s, and it’s easy to see why you are struggling!

June brings you an opportunity to reset the balance and reconnect to your true priorities in life. Whilst you may love to be the glue that holds everything and everyone else together, perhaps the time has come for you to be your own glue for a while? Taking care of your own needs from eating well, looking after your body, using your time wisely and balancing your energy all matter. This isn’t to say that you should drop everything and run for the hills, but maybe it’s time now to stop trying to be superhuman and instead try to be you? Love yourself for all that you are and know you are a vibrant, compassionate and passionate soul...



The concept of breathing space looks set to continue to take centre stage in your life throughout June as you begin to find new ways to simplify your life. Although you are not one to deliberately over-complicate your life, it’s easy to get tied up in knots as you try to juggle all of your many responsibilities and duties, leaving you feeling somewhat bewildered in the spin of activity even though much, if not most, of it is not actually of your making. Of course, you are a giving soul and you love to help and support everyone around you. A result of such a choice (although it doesn’t always feel like a choice!) is an increasing sense of burden in your soul as you struggle to find the room to take a big, deep breath of air.

You often feel as though you are living in a breath-hold of epic proportions as you focus on keeping on keeping on, trying to do your best to keep all of those batons of responsibility up in the air. Yet slowly turning blue in the face really isn’t a good look for you and it certainly doesn’t seem to allow you the opportunity to thrive and blossom. Although you intuitively know it’s time to breathe, at some level you are still fighting it as you don’t want to feel as though you are letting anyone down by saying no or stepping back. You are not an insignificant piece of this puzzle: you matter! So, stop, breathe and allow your lungs to re-fill with life-affirming and life-giving sustenance as you simplify your life and smile...



There are times in life for everything: moments or fragments in time to experience the infinite spectrum of emotions and thoughts, and to make choices and decisions in the blink of an eye. Life is a continuous rollercoaster of change and there are times when it feels as though all of those moments crash in on themselves in one big life changing bang which is so monumental, it can take your breath away. Although, thankfully, such moments are rare, there is a sense that you have been building up to something of a ‘crescendo of moments’ recently as you have pushed on and pushed ahead with vim, vigour and steely determination but the cost of this has been a disconnection from your emotional and spiritual roots.

You are a vibrant, inspirational and intuitive soul, and these gifts help you to ride the waves of life with wisdom so don’t ignore them by trying to ignore change: welcome it and know that the more consciously you ride with the waves, the more of an opportunity of a lifetime the forthcoming crescendo will prove to be. In many ways, life is as you make it and although embracing a ‘crescendo of moments’ will likely cause powerful ripples in the pool of your soul, there is a sense of optimism and hope that this is an opportunity to seize as it looks set to transport you towards a stronger sense of acceptance, hope and contentment than you have ever experienced before. June looks set to be a pivotal and liberating month for you, so take a deep breath and enjoy the ride...



June is a special month, not least because it brings the summer solstice and the onset of ‘your time’ of the year. Yet this year it looks even more significant for you as there is a powerful sense of release in the air: a sense that you are preparing to consciously let go of the past, a willingness to stop chasing the future and a fuller awareness of where you are now. The release is connected to feeling your feet in the here and now rather than spending your time looking back at the path you’ve already walked and ahead at the path you hope to walk. Although both are important, neither are as significant as to where you are now as the present is the only truly defining moment anyone can ever have.

Of course, this is not a new concept to you, but understanding a concept and actually living it are not the same thing! You have a tendency to judge yourself on past choices and berate yourself for not being further ahead than where you are: you look to where you think you need to be instead of looking to where you are now, seeing a gap or a fault rather than feeling gratitude for all that you’ve already achieved. Being in the here and now doesn’t mean you should give up on dreams or goals! June looks set to be a month where opportunity flows freely in the here and now. Yesterday is behind you, tomorrow hasn’t happened yet; so take a deep breath and smile...



Breakthrough looks set to be a central theme in your life throughout June as you begin to shift your perspective towards your true priorities and goals in life. A time of breakthrough suggests a period of change and shift as you step from one chapter of your life to another, and you seem ready for this now. However, there is also a sense you are aware of a twist and a lurch in your solar plexus as you are not, as yet, clear as to what this change actually involves; you want it, need it and welcome it, but you are apprehensive all the same because you cannot see it, feel it or touch it. Yet, despite this uncertainty, there is a feeling of inevitability that change is coming anyway and your inner fighting spirit is preparing itself ‘just in case’ you need to resist the process.

However, take a breath and you will realise that the only fight is the one between you and, well, you, as this is your time to shine and your time to re-shape and re-define your life. Nothing in life is guaranteed or set in stone, and whilst this puts those butterflies in your solar plexus into a furious flutter, this is a good thing as it means you are not being complacent and you are also taking this important turning point in your life seriously. It’s easy to say ‘your life is in your hands’ as it can feel flippant, but feel the power in these words and trust that your life is in your hands. This period of breakthrough looks set to bring you an incredible opportunity to grab hold of life and to breathe deeply into each and every moment...



June looks set to be a time for regaining the central ground of your life when it comes to your dreams, your beliefs and your thoughts. Although you are quite a balanced individual, recently there has been a sense of inner divide as you have split yourself into many different directions trying to be everything to everyone. As a result, you have lost your sure-footed stance in the central landscape of your inner world as you have oscillated between being there, here and over there. Trying to please all of the people all of the time rarely works especially when you forget to include yourself in the equation. You can rush around until you’re blue in the face trying to ‘get life right’ by doing or saying the right thing or chasing perfectionism, but unless this drive comes from the core of your being, it is likely to lead you further off balance as it is likely being driven by ‘ought’s’ and guilt rather than by compassion or that incredible inner sense of knowing you have.

You frequently forget you are the wisest person you know and acknowledging such a thing isn’t an act of big-headedness but an acceptance of your own gifts. Being you is an amazing gift and the more you embrace your wisdom, the more you will realise there really is no need to rush around from here, to there and back to here again in an attempt to be everything to everyone. In fact, you will realise that being here is really the only place you can ever truly be, so by being here consciously and willingly, you can begin to reclaim the central ground within and find a new level of balance and harmony in all areas of your life...



As you continue to find peace with your true nature and wholeheartedly accept your natural state of being is one of an active mind and an expansive, ever-evolving soul, there is a sense you are beginning to find a deeper sense of inner knowing as you stop trying to be the person you think you ought to be and instead focus on being the person you truly are. Authenticity brings you the opportunity to step from the shadows in order to experience the rising sun over a new dawn in your life. Being you is an art, it may be an easy concept to grasp but understanding the concept and actually living, breathing and doing it is very different. Being you means allowing your vibrancy and creativity to shine. Being you means not trying to be the person you think you ought to be any longer and having the courage to be the person you really are.

Whilst you may carry a modicum of doubt within you connected to being unsure if you actually know who the real you is, when you take a deep breath, you know and it becomes clear. You have spent a long time on the side lines of life trying to get life ‘right’ and waiting for the right moment to let your inner light shine brightly. June looks set to bring you such a moment and inspire you to have the courage and self-belief to be you, only you and truly you. Part of being human involves game playing, acting and hiding behind facades; everyone does it to some extent. However, for you the days of smoke and mirrors are over as you take a deep breath and shine...



You know only too well that trying to blend in isn’t possible when your uniqueness stands out. Trying not to get noticed when your soul illuminates the world is something of a thankless task as the harder you try to blend in, the more you stand out! Being you isn’t the easiest role to have in life but you thrive on the uncertainty and you blossom in the vibrancy and uniqueness as you simply love being you. Yet, there is a sense that you often curse such a role as it ‘gets in the way’ and creates minor and not-so-minor irritations in your life as you want to be you but you also want to be the you that others want you to be, the you that you think you should be and the you that you believe you need to be.

With so many versions of ‘you’ floating around, it’s perhaps not surprising you can feel a tad overwhelmed and confused as to whom exactly you are and which ‘you’ is you! You are a complex soul and an easy answer to this conundrum would likely prove unsatisfactory to you as you thrive on riddles and questions within questions. A straightforward answer would likely feel boring as it would mean you would no longer be trying to find the real you, you would actually be the real you instead. It seems the chase of the quest is far more exciting than the reality! The journey/quest brings you opportunity, adventure and uncertainty; the destination seemingly doesn’t. You feel you need to get to your destination but, at the same time, you don’t really want to. So, why not make the destination the journey and find new ways of living, breathing and being you...



June looks set to be a month for continuing to lighten the load of your life as you begin to find new ways of living your life that feel both liberating and invigorating. There is one thing guaranteed to stoke the fires of your soul, even when the going feels tough, and that’s a tingle of adventure. You are a free spirit at heart and even though life often sees you sacrificing this in order to get on with the business of life, it’s hard for you to deny your true essence indefinitely as your free spirit finds ways to seep out and break free. In a way it takes far more effort to contain your free spirit and push ahead with life than it would to let your free spirit dance and find a new way of living and being. Of course, it’s easy to make such an observation but actually doing it may feel somewhat more challenging as it involves having complete faith in yourself and actually believing you have what it takes.

Although you say you know you have what it takes, wholeheartedly believing this takes courage as it means stepping beyond the safety net of your life and taking a leap into the vast unknown. It’s choosing to live your life fully, vibrantly and making the most of each and every moment. You long for your free spirit to soar into the sky once again as your creativity flows free and your sense of self expands beyond anything you thought possible. Yet, the only obstacle keeping you away from this is your own belief. You already are that free spirit, remember that and let the fire within you illuminate your soul...



June looks set to inspire you to breathe more deeply into the nooks and crannies within as you continue to create more space in your life, letting go of ‘stuff’ of all kinds and on all levels. Having a ‘spring clean’ of such epic proportions can invoke a great many emotions from sadness to letting go of stuff which has an emotional or sentimental attachment (from memories and beliefs to possessions and beyond) to a sense of liberation at the freedom created by lessening the load. You seem highly motivated now to continue this process in earnest as the more you let go of, the lighter and more energized you feel! As a result, there could be a tendency to get a bit ‘gung ho’ and over keen, so it’s important to think before you act, but, at the same time, too much procrastination can stifle and choke the process.

You have spent a long time carrying quite a burden in life due to the many duties and responsibilities you bear. At the same time, the natural human tendency to accumulate ‘stuff’ of all types builds up slowly over time and it can be hard to notice this until everything feels stagnant and stuck. This can lead to everything feeling even more cumbersome and heavy, leaving you feeling even more over-burdened, so it’s important to make the most of opportunities for a spring clean as the breathing space they create is precious. Yet, don’t feel you have to fill the spaces with other stuff; let them breathe and rest, like a field left fallow to recover where, in time, wild flowers flourish as new life appears. Spaces are a precious opportunity to rest in the moment and to keep life in balance, so savour them, treasure them and feel blessed to have them...



As you continue to embrace the philosophy of acceptance in your life, it seems you are beginning to feel a sense of peace growing within as you let go of your in-built tendency to push yourself hard in order to get from here to where you feel you need to be. You will always have aspirations of course as these inspire you to expand your boundaries and evolve, but it seems you are ready now to focus less on the gap between where you are and where you want to be as you are beginning to fully appreciate the value of the here and now. It’s easy to get caught up in an ever-growing spiral of chasing horizons and, over time, the pressure and frustration grows as the horizon never gets closer and goals ebb and flow with the passing of time.

Therefore having a clear and fixed goal is not always wise as it leaves little leeway for you to breathe, expand or change course, and it’s hard not to feel frustrated or disappointed if things don’t turn out quite as planned. June looks set to be a month of soul-searching as you seem ready to further expand your boundaries in life and allow yourself to grow ever more fluid in order to become one with the flow of life. Not like a piece of driftwood though, but like a champion surfer riding the crest of the waves; just as a surfer becomes one with the wave, it’s time now for you to become one with the true ebb and flow of life. Acceptance is a willingness to live more consciously in each and every moment; it is a willingness to breathe fully into life...



June looks set to be a month of magic and sparkle as you sense a new stirring deep within you which fills you with tingles of excitement and anticipation. Life has felt undeniably heavy recently as you have focused most, if not all, of your energy towards the business of keeping on keeping on. Getting things done has been necessary but there has been little room for creativity or breathing space which has left you out of kilter and off balance. Although you are skilled at the art of balancing on one leg or juggling many batons at any one time, doing so constantly can become tiring as well as rather dull. You need the room to stretch, to wiggle, to wriggle and to be you as confinement or containment stifles your spirit and makes it hard for you to feel interconnected and an integral part of life.

You are a vibrant and passionate soul, and although you would do just about anything for anyone, the cost is an increasing disconnection from yourself as your essence starts to wither through lack of wiggle room. It can be hard being you as you often feel an intense wave of guilt within if you say no to someone or prioritise your own needs, but unless you do, the lack of space and movement will lead to cramps and discomfort. So, it seems you need to strike a new balance in yourself between balancing on one leg (or ideally striking a new pose) and taking some wiggle time for yourself. Wiggle time does not have to be an activity, it can simply be resting in stillness in the moment, but it needs to be something that nourishes you from the inside, out...



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