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Message for March 2013

Welcome back! March looks set to be a month of inspired vision and energised focus as the wheel of the year changes once again. The Equinox is a time for balance, and there is a need for each of us to find a stronger and truer sense of inner balance now in order to let go of doubts and fears when it comes to embracing the path ahead. Of course, what lies ahead differs for each and every one of us, but the ability to open up to the flow of life is something that we can all do.

I have been contacted by so many individuals who feel ‘lost’ at the current time; as though the wheels have fallen off the ‘2012 bus’ and what happens next has yet to be decided. Well, in many ways, the wheels have fallen off the bus, for we have reached a time now where we need to walk our own paths ahead. Whilst we may have travelling companions and guides to walk with along the way, ultimately, the path that we walk is our own; it is unique to us. Feeling lost and empty can be hard to manage, for our natural instincts tell us that it is not right to feel this way. Yet, it is only by leaning more deeply into these feelings that we realise that they are important steps along the path of self-discovery, for it is within the emptiness that we can truly find meaning, purpose and joy.

As the concept of Self continues to shift, it seems that each of us is beginning to face Truth and open up to what this really means in our lives. Acknowledging Truth is one thing, but embracing and living it is quite different! Yet, unless we step consciously towards Truth, how can we grow or evolve? What lies ahead is unclear, for no one can ever truly know the answer to this question, but we have a choice, we can either sit and wait in uncertainty for the answer to come to us or we can move through the discomfort in order to create and define a new way of living and being that enables us to live the best lives possible and inspires each and every one of us to shine...

The New Moon is in Pisces on the 11th at 19.51 GMT and the Full Moon is in Libra on the 27th at 09.27 GMT. The Equinox is on the 20th and BST begins on the 31st.

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March looks set to be a month of insight, vision and galvanisation as you begin to hone your focus towards a new chapter of your life. You have worked hard at letting go of aspects of your life that no longer serve a positive or fulfilling purpose, and instead of clambering to fill the gaps, you have allowed the space to take on its own shape and form, and become embraced by the stillness it has created within. Although this stillness is not new to you, there is a sense that it feels quite different, for it has the presence of both strength and vision bringing you a stronger sense of Self and destiny. As a result, your path ahead seems clearer now and although you are still not absolutely sure which direction you are meant to be taking (for you still have more than one choice ahead), you seem more relaxed in this knowledge and willing to trust the flow of your life to carry you forwards at the right time and in the right way.

Such a stance takes courage and faith, and you seem to have both in abundance now, and whilst there may be times when these wobble and you feel like you are teetering on the edge of a precipice, there are also times when such uncertainty feels life-affirming and exciting. This may feel confusing at times, but it seems that the more you can rest in the stillness within and allow those ‘gaps’ or spaces to grow, the more relaxed you will feel about whatever happens next. Of course, in many ways you would prefer the path ahead to be clearly mapped out, but intuitively you know that there are still a few too many unknowns in your life for this to happen. However, there is a strong sense that the shape and feel of the path ahead feels amazing and incredible, and you would be wise to keep hold of this powerful vibration in order to ride the waves with positivity, courage, confidence, knowing and joy...


As you continue to find new ways of reconnecting to your own in-built navigation and guidance system, it seems that you are beginning to realise that you are far more centred and balanced than you previously thought. Over recent weeks and months there have been some stormy seas in your life, and you have felt decidedly like a small dingy trying to navigate 50-foot waves; as a result, you have felt in a place of disempowerment for you have been clinging on, trying to keep going even though the odds have felt stacked against you. However, as you step back slightly from the intensity of this you can now see that the storm is quite localised and the bigger picture of your life is far more tranquil and calm. As a result, you have made an important realisation that there are some situations or aspects of your life (people, connections, responsibilities etc.) that are simply too volatile to sit comfortably with everything else that you have created, built and nurtured.

Realising this is an incredibly powerful step forward, for there is a sense that, up until now, you have just tried to ride those waves without realising that you could simply shift direction slightly and be on calmer seas. Whilst it does not seem that you are choosing the storm, you have found it hard to step back enough in order to extricate yourself from the situation, for you have become so focused on trying to cling on that everything else has slipped out of view. March brings you an opportunity to shift the dynamics from clinging on to becoming chief navigator once again enabling you to find a new course or path ahead. What happens next is, in many ways, in your hands, for you have some big decisions to make now. Try not to let fear be your guide and remain stuck like glue to the image of you needing to cling on, and instead let your inner power and strength guide you forward now with passion, belief and wisdom...


March looks set to be a month of continued practice and perseverance when it comes to present moment awareness; this has been an ongoing theme for you, and whilst you may feel a bit fed up of the constant reminders to keep your awareness on the present moment, you can’t help but drift your focus towards the past and future in order to bring your path context and dimension. You are not a linear soul, but your need to understand and find meaning can keep you locked in a perpetual cycle of digging, excavating and self-analysis as you try to establish a stronger sense of Self and a clearer sense of meaning in your life. These are understandable, but there is a risk that the more you focus on trying to gain clarity and wisdom before you take the next steps forward in your life that you may end up never truly living your life as you are in a constant state of expectation and hope (future focus). At the same time, by trying to use the past as a context for your present, your energies remain backward focused preventing you from being present and aware in the current moment.

So, what is it about the present moment that is so important? Well, the present is really the only point in time that truly matters, and by having your focus ahead and behind you, you are missing out on experiencing this consciously, vibrantly and wholeheartedly. Okay, so you are a thinker and a philosopher, and you need to understand and make sense of ‘it all’, but you are also a divine and magnificent soul and by fully embracing the present moment you are opening up to living a richer and more fulfilling life simply because you are shifting from digging and analysis to living and being exactly as you are. This is not to say that you love your life in the present moment, but by living it, breathing it and being it, you are shifting the power balance back to centre and allowing your Self the opportunity to live the best life possible...


March looks set to be a month of renewed passion and focus for you as you step beyond the routine of your life and begin to connect to a ‘bigger picture’ that feels life-affirming, positive and expansive in so many ways. You have worked hard over recent weeks and months, and you have kept your head down and just got on with the tasks at hand. Yet, this has extracted the magic and sparkle from your life leaving you feeling stuck in something of a rut, for life has felt quite contained and restricted. Whilst there is a part of you that loves routine, for it brings you a sense of stability and familiarity, there is another part of you that needs more space and freedom to breathe, live and be. Such a contrast can be hard to live with for it can feel like you are a living paradox wanting routine with one hand and freedom with the other, but you are an old hand at living with this paradox, for you have done it all of your life! However, it seems that you have forgotten this lately and become increasingly disempowered at the thought of walking that hamster wheel for the foreseeable future.

It is important to realise that you are not stuck on the hamster wheel of life, but you have chosen such a path in order to give you more opportunities to embrace the space and freedom; you keep one to feed the other. However, it is also important to realise that these two sides of the human penny of your life do not have to be separate, for there are ways of bringing them together in a more cohesive and vibrant Whole. Of course, such a move suggests stepping into unknown territory, for a merging of your paradox will take you towards pastures new, but you seem ready now. So, take a deep breath and allow your Self to connect with All that you Are in order to live the life that you were born to live...


As you continue to let your inner fizz roam free, March looks set to be a month of exploration and adventure as you begin to open up some new doorways in your life. Your natural exuberance and vitality are finding new outlets and channels of expression now as you open up to your true essence to lead the way forward. You have spent a great deal of time trying to be everything to everyone; trying to keep everyone happy and trying to be the person that you thought everyone wanted you to be, but the cost of this was an inability to be all that you wanted to be for your Self. Whilst this maintained the apple cart of your life, it created a growing sense of inner discord and imbalance within you as you moved further and further away from your own Truth. Although you have resisted change, for your loyalties and pride make it hard for you to follow your own path without feeling a sense of guilt for ‘letting others down’, you have now reached a stage of your life where you intuitively know that you have to open up to change in order to find some much needed breathing space and room to manoeuvre.

Of course, only you truly know what the ramifications of such a step can be, but you seem to have reached a point of breakthrough where you know that maintaining the apple cart is serving no one anymore. Yet, instead of feeling a sense of fear at this realisation or allowing guilt to keep you keeping on, your inner fizz is breaking down walls and creating new opportunities for you to express your Truth and to live the life that you intuitively know you were born to live. You are feeling alive and awakened, and this feels refreshing, exciting and incredible, for it is a sign that you are feeling re-centred and focused. Your roar is strong, and your energy looks set to guide you forwards now with passion, belief and great strength...


As you continue to bring together the many different facets of your life into one, there is a strong sense of peace emerging from deep within you as you move from a space of ‘chasing, doing and getting’ to a space of being and living. In essence, it seems that your focus is now on feeling and being Whole from the inside, out, rather than on trying to find Wholeness through the things that you do and choices that you make. Such a shift may seem small, but it is incredibly important for it shows that you are finally beginning to realise that you already are Whole and magnificent in this present moment; you are no longer seeking this in your life, but you are being it instead. As a result, March looks set to be a month of vision, inspiration and creation as you let go of both the ‘to do’ lists and the chasing in order to be present, conscious and awakened in the current moment.

You may wonder what ‘present focus’ actually entails, but try not to let your mind take over for it will take you away from being, and back to chasing and doing. It is only when you are truly centred and in a state of present focus that you can realise that it is your thoughts and your beliefs that shape and define your life. As a result, you can begin to re-shape these in order to create a more inspired, balanced and joyful life without getting lost in the details of doing more, being more and achieving more. Of course, you are likely to end up doing all of these, but the dynamic is shifting away from you needing these to find yourself and instead towards you choosing them in order to enhance your current state of Wholeness. This is quite hard to describe, for it is a state of being, but feel the words and you will intuitively know what this means for you. These are enriching times, and the more you realise that you are already a vibrant, wonderful and beautiful soul, the more you can embrace the moment and find bliss...


As you continue to work towards achieving a balance between head and heart in your life, March looks set to be a month of shift as you begin to let go of feeling at odds with yourself and instead start to feel a growing sense of inner harmony and accord. Your mind is a powerful and defining force in your life; always has been, always will be, but you have reached a pivotal stage of your life where you are finally allowing your heart (your intuition) to have some say in what happens next. Your mind brings you a great deal, but it can also leave you frozen in uncertainty and paralysed in indecision as you allow fears and doubts to circle within like vultures in the desert waiting to strike. Whilst such fears and doubts have solid and concrete foundations based on your experiences, they can prevent you from stepping into new or unknown terrain in your life.

Just because things once turned out a particular way does not necessarily mean that they will again, and it seems important for you to step beyond this belief now and move away from the frozen stasis of procrastination and uncertainty in order to connect more consciously to your heart to open up to your dreams and to your destiny. Of course, your mind plays an important role, but it is not the only facet of you, so try to open up to the bigger picture of All that you Are in order to embrace the magic and passion of living the best life possible. Although there is a chance that your fears could prove valid, take this opportunity to realise that you are strong, wise and incredible, and even if the path ahead twists and turns, you have it within you to ride the waves to a brand new shore. Just know that you do need to walk the path first in order to find out! Intuitively, you know that you are ready, and even though this means facing your fears, you know that they no longer shape and define your life, for you can do that now...


March looks set to be a month of realisation and acceptance as you reach a stage of your own personal transition and metamorphosis that gives you a little space and time to think about where you have been, where you are going and where you are now. It is, of course, the latter that is the most important, for it is the present moment that ultimately defines you, for it is all that you can ever have. This should not feel limiting in any way though, it should feel expansive and amazing, for once you have truly embraced the present, then you can live a more conscious and awakened life; everything changes as your perception reaches out beyond the ordinary towards a life far less ordinary and increasingly more extraordinary. Whilst you may not want an extraordinary life, for this can suggest the unexpected and the unknown, there can be no denying that you are not an ordinary soul; never have been, never will be.

There is a fire in your soul that illuminates the mysterious depths within you revealing your passion, your power and your intensity. You were not born a sheep; you were born a beautiful scorpion. So, whilst you may have a sting in your tail, you also have the ability to withstand situations and environments that few others could bear; you have learned the art of adaptation and adjustment. See your Truth and realise that it is your friend, not your foe. As you step more consciously towards the present moment and to your Truth, there is a sense of you beginning to see the bigger picture of your life; a picture that reveals a new path ahead which incorporates all you have been, all you are and all that you will be. In a way, there can be no other path, but by consciously embracing such a direction, you can shift the dynamics away from being carried along by the currents to a state of riding the waves and creating your own flow...


As the crossroads in your life continue to converge and diverge, there is a sense that you are finally finding a path through the chaos and uncertainty in order to find some much needed stillness and clarity. You have become so adept at pushing ahead and trying to keep your head above water, that you have forgotten the art of trust, intent and belief; you know that the more you connect to the vision of what you want to create in the life, the more you change the vibration of your life towards achieving this. However, by becoming lost in the chaos, you have taken on a role of disempowered pawn, and this has left you doubting your Self on so many levels and in so many ways. March looks set to be a month where you step back a little from the routine of your life in order to take a fresh perspective and have a re-think in connection to what you want, what you need and what you desire. Clarity is the name of the game now, and the more you allow yourself to peel back the layers and focus on your Truth, the more you can concentrate your energies and your somewhat formidable intent towards creating a new way of living and being.

You seem ready now to embark on a new chapter in your life and this chapter feels quite different in shape and form for it is the result of many months (even years) of shifts, changes and adaptations that have slowly come together to form a new opportunity or path ahead. On one level you seem too tired to be able to embrace this new direction, but on the other, you are chomping at the bit in order to break the routine and re-define your life. You are a free spirit, and whilst you would be forgiven for forgetting this in the midst of the chaos and the buzz, the more you can re-connect to your true essence now, the more you can enjoy the moment and take the helm as you set sail towards a brand new dawn...


The energy and dynamic of your beliefs, hopes and expectations continue to take centre stage throughout March as it seems that you are undergoing a period of fairly intense and rapid shift as you begin to discern between what you truly want and what you think you should want. Such a realisation is important for it suggests a willingness to step beyond the boundaries of your life and a desire to step into the unknown when it comes to living the best life possible. You are well known for trying to be everything to everyone, for rocking the apple cart isn’t naturally in your make-up. Yet, you have been wanting to upend that cart for some time now, and whilst you don’t particularly want to cause chaos, you instinctively know that as soon as you pull one apple out from the bottom of the heap that the rest could come tumbling down at the same time.

There was a chapter of your life when such a thought would have kept you frozen in doubt and uncertainty, unable to act or move forward, but you now seem stronger and more aligned as you realise that the only way to create change is to create change! Yes, the apples could all come tumbling down, but you could find a delicious new fruit in the process or realise that there is more to life than apples! At the same time though, you could realise that having apples is, in fact, what you truly want, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with such a realisation, as long as you embrace it and ‘own’ it thereby taking back the reins of your life. Apples do not have to be the routine baseline of your life for you can expand their definition or meaning, for example, you could make cider or apple pie! So, think creatively and outside of the box and it seems that the more you can shift the dynamic towards conscious living and awakened decisions, the more you can find your own balance and allow the power of your beliefs, hopes and intent to guide you forwards...


As you continue to embrace the concept of intent and belief, and allow yourself to accept that you already have all that you need and you already are Whole and complete, it seems that you are finally beginning to accept that you are ready to live fully, wholeheartedly and consciously in the present moment. You have spent so long striving to be more, do more and achieve more that you placed condition after condition on your Self and on your life taking you further away from actually living your life as your focus was on trying to fix your life first in order to live it. Now you have realised that you are already free to live your life in this very moment, your awareness and energy has shifted away from what you still need to achieve and towards what you already have. With this comes a wave of gratitude, for giving thanks for all that you have and all that you are is important, for it suggests an openness to the flow of life and a willingness to accept yourself just as you are.

This is not about giving up on dreams or goals; it is a shift in your consciousness away from feeling the need to chase dreams and feeling somehow inadequate without them, towards knowing that you are already bright, magnificent and vibrant exactly as you are now. Once you can truly immerse yourself in this amazing space, your dreams and goals change in vibration and energy, for they move beyond definition and become more of a state of feeling or state of being. In other words, you move beyond trying to work out the logistics of how to get from where you are now to where you want to be to instead trusting the process of your life and knowing that your vision and intent will lead the way now. So, follow the energy and vibration of your vision in March, and start to feel your way forwards; whilst you are one of life’s thinkers, you are also a creator and the power of your intent is formidable...


March looks set to be a month of empowered and inspired vision for you as you begin to reconnect to your dreams and priorities. Although you have never truly let go of these in your life, there is a sense that you have become so bogged down by the duties and responsibilities (things to do, people to see and places to go) that you have filled up all the nooks and crannies within leaving you no free space to breathe or to be. There are two ways of looking at this situation: firstly, could it be that you have deliberately filled up the spaces within with ‘stuff’ in order to avoid looking at the spaces within, for within them lies your dreams, and intuitively you know that to embrace your dreams means making some big, and potentially difficult, decisions? Secondly, could it be that by trying to be everything to everyone, you have lost sight of your Self and now define your Self by the nooks and crannies (the duties, the responsibilities etc)? Neither question is easy to face or acknowledge, for they both suggest a strong degree of personal accountability for you for being in the situation that you now find yourself in.

Whilst there is no point assigning blame or pointing fingers, it seems that you now have the opportunity to answer these questions honestly and from the heart, in order to break free from the dynamic and begin re-shaping and re-defining your life. You are a vibrant and passionate soul, and having space and quiet within is important for you to thrive and feel aligned; without it you feel a deep sense of disconnection and discord that reaches deeply into all aspects of your life. You seem to have a reached a time of your life where you need to think about your Self more, for whatever your motivations for being busy and distracted, intuitively you know that this approach is not serving your best interests. So, honour your Self, love your Self and listen to your Self now; embrace the spaces within and make them your own once again...


spring 2nd March 2013 4:22 am

I always find it amazing how you write such unbelievably relevent posts....however you do this...Thank you..really helps to clarify where I am. :smitten:

Deeni 2nd March 2013 3:36 pm

Leading up to Wednesday, February 27th, I felt as though I was in the eye of a hurricane. Sometimes, I felt like I was temporarily being swept up by it. All we had worked for, for the last 20 years was on the line. I kept telling myself and my husband, ALL IS WELL.

As my husband and I sat in Court, waiting for our chance to speak the Truth, we both sat there with all knowing smiles on our faces, confusing the daylights out of all presiding over our case. It is easy to smile, when you know the Truth.

Stakes were extremely high. I have maintained all along "Their greed will be their undoing, and the Truth will set us free!"

We knew the Truth, we told the Truth, and we intended to have Justice that day. We were told "You can't afford Justice". Yes, sadly that is one unfortunate Truth we were up against, however, we remembered who we are, and why we came.

We remembered our Power.

And Justice, was done!

I would formally like to express my deep Gratitude, to all entities I prayed to for assistance. Thank You. Namaste.


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