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Message for March 2014

Welcome back!

March looks set to be a month for taking some big deep breaths and re-affirming our connection to life. We so often take life for granted, ticking along and along until one day we don’t tick anymore. It is usually only when something trips us up that we shift our focus and realise just how precious and fragile life truly is. Until that point we often bumble along, keeping our heads low, waiting for the right moments to create change, to embrace truth and to live.  And yet, we have a choice: should we tick along fast asleep waiting for that moment to be awakened or should we awaken now and chose to live each day fully and consciously?

On the surface, this doesn’t appear to be a hard decision, after all, aren’t we all trying to live as consciously as possible? If only life was as simple as this though. If only we didn’t have responsibilities and duties (and guilt) carving out storylines leading us in directions where we feel powerless or obligated to ‘stick with it’. If only we knew exactly what we truly wanted from life all of the time and had the courage of our convictions to embrace this wholeheartedly. If only being human wasn’t so blinking complicated!

When we choose to take a deep breath and step into the present moment, worlds collide and universes expand as we realise that we no longer need to seek completion in order to find true happiness in life. We step beyond living conditionally and trying to fix ourselves as we realise the true perfection of imperfection; we all have quirks, nuances and oddities, but this makes us wonderful and amazing! The time has come to love, honour and accept ourselves exactly as we are.

As we face the choice of either keeping on keeping on or choosing to awaken consciously and make the most of every single moment, wave upon wave of thoughts, ideas, fears and beliefs are likely to surface over the coming weeks as we realise that how we now live is ultimately up to us. Whilst we may not have a choice over the challenges we face in life, we do have a choice as to how we handle them. Life is for living after all.

No one knows what life has in store for them; we can never be sure what lies around the next corner. So, instead of taking it all for granted, the time has come to live consciously in the moment and to treasure the true magnificence of being alive...

With love,



Setting yourself free continues to be an important theme at the epicentre of your life throughout March as you begin to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to your true priorities and your true needs. You are very good at collecting things to do, people to see and places to go, and you hate to do a u-turn as you never want to let anyone down, particularly yourself. The trouble is you set such high and unbending goals for yourself, many of these end up being impractical and cumbersome in day to day life. As a result, you end up juggling all of the time, trying to tick off all of the items on your ‘to do’ list in life and the passion and energy slowly seeps away as you get stuck on the treadmill rather than remaining focused on what’s truly important. It is time now to lift up your head and turn towards conscious living in order to re-connect to the passion that feeds and nourishes you from within.

Although you are never one to give up or walk away from a challenge, intuitively you know that pushing on is not always in your best interests; sometimes you have to step back and look at things from a different perspective. When you realise that it is the quality of what you do and not the quantity, it somehow becomes easier to take a fresh look at life and your ‘list’, letting go of a great deal in the process. There is no right or wrong here and no need for recriminations, just a willingness to open up to the Truth of your life and an ability to be totally honest with yourself. Honesty might seem like an odd word, after all, your honesty and integrity are deeply important to you, and yet you are very good at self-bluster, covering over the cracks, trying to kid yourself that everything is as it should be even though you know it isn’t. Remember the theme for March! Setting yourself free is your goal now, so open up, take a deep breath and let go...


March looks set to be a month for resetting your inner scales as it seems as though they have grown a little inaccurate over time. Scales, like all measuring equipment, need regular calibration in order to remain accurate; your inner scales are no different and the calibration comes from stepping back from the chatter and humdrum of life in order to regain your clarity and focus. It is so easy for life to get in the way of you being you and, as a result, your inner scales go haywire as you lose sight of your true priorities and disconnect from your essence or sense of Self. When you shift your focus back to centre, you quickly realise that things are not quite as they should be, but, more often than not, you choose not to re-align your scales just in case it upsets the apple cart of your life; you have grown used to living with the imbalance, so ‘better the devil you know’ and all that.

However, there comes a time when you can no longer carry on regardless as you know that the only way you can regain any sense of clarity and direction in life is to cut through the clutter and re-connect to those all-important inner scales once again. You may not like what you see as you realise that you have to make some changes in your life in order to re-establish balance, but the Truth is rarely easily accommodated without creating at least a few ripples of change. Yet, there is a choice: you can resist Truth and balance or you can lean into the discomfort and allow yourself to breakthrough to a new level of clarity and distilled vision. It seems likely that the strategy of resistance can only last for so long, but you are strong and stubborn, and if anyone can make a success of resistance, then that would be you! Jesting aside, you seem ready now to stop fighting yourself as you embrace balance from within. You may not know where this will take you in life, but when you feel truly centred and balanced, your trust is in the present moment as you intuitively know that the future will take care of itself...


The Danes are reportedly the happiest people on the planet and there is a word they use that doesn’t have an equivalent in the English language. Hygge (roughly pronounced ‘hooga’) means creating a warm, happy atmosphere and truly enjoying life. Despite the very long dark winters, the Danes wholeheartedly embrace hygge and this joie de vivre shines through quite clearly. Yet, although this is a Danish art, this somewhat nebulous word is not beyond the reach of everyone else on the planet and it doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to Denmark to find it. March looks set to inspire you to open up your heart and soul to the concept of hygge as you allow some of your self-created boundaries to melt away and you let go of the need to keep chasing happiness. You no longer need to keep chasing happiness not because it is no longer important but because you can be happy now, in this moment. Chasing anything keeps it on the horizon, stuck in linear time, so by opening up to embracing hygge now, you are letting go of the conditions you have placed on being happy and accepted that this is already with you in the here and now.

Of course, such a realisation will bring a cascade of other realisations as you see that, by letting go of chasing horizons, you are accepting that it is not the destination that’s truly important but the state of being that is invoked by where you are. In other words, by focusing on how you want to feel rather than on what you think you need to do in order to be happy, you are shifting the focus away from horizons and towards wholeheartedly embracing happiness, joy and conscious living. Such a shift will help you to see that you can find joy without having to achieve a long list of goals first; in essence, you can bring happiness and joy (and hygge!) into your life by opening up and allowing it to flow freely. Of course, everyone is different, and, just like hygge is unique to the Danes, the time has come for you to find your own unique path to joy...


March looks set to be a month of new beginnings as you begin to contemplate ‘what’s next’ in life. Just like the daffodils turning to face the morning light, there is a sense of renewed energy and passion rising up from within you as you find sustenance and energy from the dawn rays. The light within you shines brightly; always has and always will. And yet, so often you feel disconnected from this light and unable to tap into the life force of inspiration and passion it carries. The reason for this disconnection is due to a misplaced sense of burden and responsibility; a sense that you simply do not have the time to bathe in the light within as there are always things to do, people to see and places to go. Life is just too busy for you to be at One with your inner light. However, for those looking in, it seems clear that many of the distractions are only there as a way of avoiding the light; in other words, the ‘stuff’ is not what keeps you away from you but you place the stuff there to keep you away from you.

Why you might ask? Well, to be at One with your inner light means being at One with your Truth and your sense of Self and both of these mean illuminating every aspect of your life, your path and your Self in order to remove the distractions and ‘stuff’. Your resistance is natural; after all, you have managed to keep on keeping on for this long, so why would you want to risk throwing everything in chaos? Understandable, but it seems clear that you are no longer content to ignore your inner light; you want to face the light and Truth in order to evolve and be free. You have spent so long trying to be the person that you thought you ought to be so it will be hard to open up to being the person you want to be, but the drive to do this is growing in strength now as you realise that being happy and being you are important concepts after all...


As you continue to contemplate what you truly want in life there is a sense that you are beginning to let go of the plethora of ought’s, should’s and must’s that have shaped and defined your life for so long as you open up your heart and soul towards the bigger picture. In this context, the bigger picture is connected to Truth, to passion and to inspiration as each of these comes together to form the essence of being you. You are not one for shirking responsibility in life and you thrive on the challenge of being the best that you can be; the challenge now comes in the form of being the best exactly as you are rather than continually striving towards some distant ‘finish line’ that you hope will see you suddenly transform into ‘the best’ as you tick off those final things to do, be and achieve. In other words, the need to chase is over as you open up to accepting that what you truly want from life is already with you; in the here and now.

This is not about reaching yet more goals or ticking things off your very long bucket list, this is about feeling a sense of balance and joy from deep within as you realise that what you want from life cannot come from external fixes or a list of successes; what you want from life is a feeling of being truly alive, of being at One with yourself and allowing your true essence to shine brightly without hindrance, fear or those ‘ought’s’ getting in the way. March looks set to be a month of inspirational shift as you step beyond the edges of the boundaries of your life, your mind and your consciousness to open up to the bigger picture and what it really means to you. What you want from life is personal to you but the universe is waiting for you to declare your intent, to step into your Truth (by following your heart and soul) and to realise that you are already blessed with the gifts of free thought, inspired vision and passion...


As you continue to open up to the concept of defining your Self by all that you are rather than by all that you do, want to do and feel you need to do, there is a sense that you are beginning to see your Self and your life in a new light. You have long had a sense of the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and this gap has proven to be something of an Achilles heel for you as you have worked so hard to overcome the ‘gap’ to find peace, having reached your goals and achieved your dreams. Yet, it seems that the more you have focused on overcoming the gap, the more you have focused on the gap itself leaving you feeling a little disorientated and overwhelmed with everything you have yet to do in order to reach the promised land of ‘no gap’. Although it is only natural to want to be gap free in life, the reality is that there will always be a gap in some shape or form as this is the nature of being human; without a gap, there is nowhere left to go as it suggests being in a space where no forward movement or evolution is possible.

Of course, many strive to reach this state of enlightenment but the more you focus on not being where you want to be you simply make the gap more prominent and noticeable. It therefore seems clear that you need to become more mindful of the gap and see it as a stage for learning, evolution and wisdom. The gap simply shows you the way; it is not purely a representation of what you are not but it also shows you all that you are. In other words, if you shift your perspective away from trying to get from where you are to where you want to be in order to find happiness, peace and joy and instead open up to living consciously and vibrantly in the present moment, you will realise that the gap brings you great riches and wisdom. Live in the moment, be yourself and love yourself, gap and all...


March looks set to be a month where you continue to expand your consciousness and your awareness as you focus on the experience of being alive. Such a focus may sound a little strange; after all, you are alive so why focus on it? Yet, being alive is not the same as living; being alive is being aware, being awake and being conscious and sadly so few ever really open up to consciously living life as ‘stuff’ gets in the way. Of course, this sounds slightly mad as ‘stuff’ (clutter, distractions, repeating storylines and beliefs) are always present, but when stuff is allowed to take over, life becomes mechanical and the focus remains on survival, keeping one’s head above water and keeping on keeping on; much of the joy gets sucked out of the room. Over recent weeks and months you have taken a step beyond the ordinary and embraced a new level of extraordinary in life; you have reconnected to the joy of being alive and realised just how precious a gift life truly is. Although such a shift is in itself likely to transform your life, as you become One with it, there is a sense that everything will begin to change as you realise that nothing is the same anymore.

Although your journey from where you were to where you are has been scattered with challenges and obstacles you now realise that each one is precious as it has made you the person you are today. When you look into the mirror with your eyes wide open and truly see your reflection, you know that you are a vibrant, extraordinary and magnificent soul; there is no ego here, just an acceptance that you are a Divine soul and this is to be celebrated! Opening up to your divinity is important as it opens up the pathway not only to conscious living but also to allowing your true essence to shine brightly. Being you is important, and the more you realise that being you is a precious gift, the more you will see that the time is now upon you to be you, only you and nothing but you...


As you continue to accept the concept that seeing yourself as being here or there (or somewhere in between) does not truly define you, there is a sense that you are beginning to step beyond linear time towards a state of awakened consciousness where the paths of the past, present and future all merge together into one, cohesive mass. Although you may resist the idea of a merging of all that you are as you have spent so long trying to unravel and understand the many different facets of being you, there is a sense that by allowing all that you are to come together freely and fluidly, you have opened up to simply being all that you are. Such a shift may sound simple and ‘small’, and yet, this looks set to be one of the biggest transformations of your life! Allowing your essence to flow freely by being yourself suggests a willingness to break down the barriers within that keep you from being you. These barriers have shaped and defined your life for a long time as you have placed new bricks and fences in place in a bid to keep on keeping on.

At the same time, these barriers have allowed you to play out the storylines of your life, to get on with the business of living without ever really having to stop and contemplate what you are doing and why. Of course, you have always had dreams, but dreams are only life-affirming and life-giving when they step beyond being dreams; you have to breathe life into them for them to come alive. By allowing your barriers down (and everyone has barriers to some extent), you are opening up to your true essence and touching the depths of your soul. Yes, this makes you vulnerable and exposes your soul, but it also allows you to reach deeply within in order to get to the core of what makes you, you and what truly drives you forward in life (what makes your heart sing). It is from such a space that you can begin to re-connect to living consciously and vibrantly, ‘simply’ being you and embracing your amazing, true and authentic Self...


As you continue to re-align your life with your Self, your dreams and your Truth, there is a sense that you are beginning to see your path ahead with fresh eyes. Things that once seemed so important now seem less so as you realise that sitting at the heart of your dreams, goals and Truths is an overwhelming desire to be joyful, content and fulfilled. In many ways, what you do is nowhere nearly as important as why you do it, but you have spent so long focused on what you do that you have forgotten the emotion, passion and ‘va va voom’ of your life-force. Yet, forgotten does not mean destroyed or gone forever; as soon as you reconnect to your effervescent and sparkling Self, you will realise that it is only lost and forgotten because you closed the door on it. Denial of Self is a common human trait so you are not alone, but you now have an opportunity to step through denial to embrace an open-hearted and whole-hearted acceptance of your Self.

Such opportunities do not come along very often so it seems important throughout March to keep your focus on the essence of being you; stay connected to your life-force and your spark as these will guide you forwards and lead the way. You have spent a long time keeping on keeping on but intuitively you know that you no longer want to continue along such a path as it is taking you further and further away from you. When you allow yourself to connect to the passion and energy within, you know that your biggest goal in life is a state of being. Although part of this may come by what you do, most of it comes by how you feel, so keep this in your focus now and open up to feeling your way forward. You are not the sum of your achievements, failures and dreams, you are so much more than this. Try to let go of the pressure you place on your own shoulders to do more and instead focus on being more, as you already are so much more than you ever give yourself credit for...


As you continue to ponder and contemplate the concept of authenticity, there is a growing sense of realisation that being you is easily the most important goal you need to have in life. Of course, there are many things to do, see, be and achieve, but none of these really matter unless you are you. You may scoff at these mad ramblings as you feel that you are you, after all, who else could you possibly be? But deep down you know that you being you comes from being your Self, knowing your Self, loving your Self and honouring your Self. All of these come together in the concept of authenticity but consciously embracing authenticity is not quite so easy as it sounds. Or is it? Maybe, just maybe, your perception of being authentic (being you) sees such a pathway as arduous, risky and challenging making it easier to deny your true Self, taking you away from the risks of standing up and proclaiming to the world that you are you and you are here? Perhaps it is just easier to keep on keeping on as you manage just fine as you are? Well, this may be true, but is ‘managing just fine’ truly your life aspiration?

Questions, questions, but where are the answers? They can only come from you, and only you, as no one knows you better than you know yourself. If only you felt as though you knew yourself well though; there is a sense that you often feel a stranger to the authentic you, not because you are not capable of authenticity but because you have spent such a long time looking the other way. Yet, all is not lost as your capacity to be authentic has never left you, it has just tucked itself away, out of sight, after all, why would it want to hang around where it’s not wanted? Your authentic Self is waiting for you to welcome him/her again with open arms and an open heart, feeling the warmth of your greeting as though you were seeing a dear and special friend. Celebrate all that you are, be yourself and love yourself for it...


March looks set to be a month of clarity and vision as you take a giant leap forward when it comes to embracing your gifts and setting yourself free. Although these sound sequential, one does not necessarily follow the other! Possibly something of a chicken and egg scenario, but the more you try to analyse and understand, the more perplexed you are likely to become. There is a sense that you will be challenged over the days and weeks ahead to let go of the storylines and preconceptions that have shaped and defined your life for so long; just because a belief or storyline has always been with you doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good fit for your life and your path. It can be easy to slip into storylines as they feel familiar like an old jumper, but sometimes jumpers need de-bobbling or washing in order to reveal their true colours. Now this is not to say that these storylines are necessarily ‘wrong’, but there is a sense that you have become so used to their presence in your life you have stopped seeing them; they are there because they have always been there not necessarily because they need to be there or because they add something to your life.

As you begin to see the truth of these storylines and beliefs, you are likely to feel a bit like a fish out of water as you are removed from your comfort zone (and that old jumper is soooo soft!), but until you step beyond your comfort zone you won’t be free to see that you have a wardrobe full of other knitwear delights. Swiftly stepping beyond the woolly jumper analogy, it seems clear that you have placed yourself in something of a trap: where you are feels familiar and warm (albeit not perfect) but everywhere else feels decidedly chilly. Setting yourself free and embracing your gifts both come from a willingness to step into unknown terrain, it means taking off any jumpers that no longer fit or serve a positive purpose in order to move through life with more ease. Travelling lightly is important now; take with you all that you truly need, take a breath and let go...


As you continue to re-centre and re-align, there is a sense that your understanding of ‘home’ is growing ever stronger and brighter. Home is where you feel happy and content, and when you are home you are not focused on doing but on being whole, aligned and in balance. You seem driven now to find home as life has felt quite heavy and cumbersome lately; you have been carrying a great deal of things to do, people to see and worlds to save, and this has been exhausting. Hang on, worlds to save? A slight jest perhaps, but maybe not as you seem happy to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders as you try to fix everything and everyone. An admirable quality but not one that gives you any room for breathing or for being you! You may argue that saving the world is being you and perhaps it is, but when you spend so much energy trying to give every ounce of yourself to others, squeezing yourself dry in the process, there is clearly an error in your equation.

Whatever way you choose to live is up to you, but where is the joie de vivre? The va-va voom? Is your quest for home truly about finding happiness or is it a need to collapse in a heap on the sofa through sheer exhaustion? You are a generous, giving and warm-hearted soul, your empathy and compassion see you helping others, but there is only so much you can do; you cannot fix all of the people all of the time, no matter how much you want to. What about saving you? This conundrum of ‘saving the world’ and trying to find ‘home’ is a big one as you cannot help but feel that being home is elusive or somehow selfish and indulgent; it isn’t! Your soul is searching for home now, you may resist and try to dig your heels in as you give just a little more, but resistance is not your ally now. Trusting, loving and letting go are your allies now as you open up your heart and soul towards true happiness, balance and contentment. You are ready now to take a big deep breath and take those final steps home...


COBALT 3rd March 2014 4:13 pm

Yippee! Even with the challenges and obstacles, I AM FINE!


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