Monthly Astro-Forecasts March 2015

Message for March 2015

March looks set to be a month of inner wonder and awe as we begin to turn towards the depths of our souls in order to yield to a deeper sense of connection. This connection feels strong and vibrant, but nebulous and slightly ill-defined at the same time, as there is a sense that the more we try to make sense of exactly what we are trying to yield towards, the more complicated the process becomes. Of course, being human, we want to understand and make sense of the paths we walk and the discoveries we make, and yet, there are times when there simply are no answers to the questions we seek. It can be hard to accept the unknowable and the unanswerable but when we tune into that space deep within as we yield to the bigger picture, the need for answers, understanding and even questions fades away as intuitively we know we are exactly where we need to be.

Turning to face the depths within takes strength, focus, courage and belief and such a step also means facing those barriers (both within and around us) in order to acknowledge them before setting them free. Barriers are often walls and fences that we put in place ourselves to protect us during challenging or trying times, and, whilst they serve a positive purpose for a while, if they are left in situ, they turn into almost impenetrable fortresses over time that can seem impossible to disperse and, as a result, we can feel as though we are prisoners within our own souls. Yet, all is not lost as walls, even those seemingly impenetrable ones, are not indestructible unless we want them to be. When we open up to yielding to a deeper sense of connection, we begin to step beyond the boundaries we imagine and step into a wave of consciousness that cannot be explained or defined by words; we just ‘get’ it and become it.

Of course, it’s important not to skip over the part that suggests the walls are ‘not indestructible unless we want them to be’. We are all very good at creating our own beliefs and storylines; our lives shape our beliefs and vice versa. We so often underestimate the power of the mind but it can become a leash around our necks and shape everything we do, see, think and become if we let it. Of course, as it’s a part of us, it’s not like we can shut the mind off and everything will be fine, as life is far more complicated than this. However, there is a need for us to acknowledge the role our minds play in our lives as this is the first step to reducing the hold it has over us. When we yield to a deeper sense of connection, we realised that this unknowable state of consciousness is not an area where the mind feels at home. In fact, the mind will do everything in its power not to step into this world beyond worlds as it has no control there. Yet, we intuitively know that this is where we need to be now so it’s important for each of us to find ways to bring balance to mind, body and soul.

The more consciously connected we become, the more we will realise how much of an ally our minds can be, so it’s important that we don’t alienate the mind as a ‘bad guy’; after all, the mind is the one that kept us safe all that time ago by building those walls. Loving every aspect of our complexities and being compassionate for ourselves (warts, walls and all) is important as this is the true path to deeper connection, as without love or compassion we will struggle to let go and breathe deeply. With nourishment and love, the mind can work with us; we just need to let it now. In a way, we just need to connect to the concept of yielding to a deeper sense of connection and let ourselves be carried by the flow as the words carry their own energy and power. There is no ‘do’ here, just compassion and an open heart...

With love,



March looks set to be a pivotal month for you when it comes to stepping from the current groove of your life and opening up to forging out a brand new and life-affirming groove instead. Grooves may remind you of records and gramophones from days past, and in a way, this analogy is a good one for you as there is a sense that you have become stuck in something of a rut going round and round and round. Although surveying your daily life, you may not feel stuck, at a deeper level, there is an air of frustrated anticipation which is getting increasingly harder for you to ignore. It's not that you have been deliberately trying to quash your inner revolution it’s just that it has been easier to turn to face the other way as it has made for an easier life.

Although, on the surface, you are not typically one to seek out 'easier' in any way shape or form, the daily grind has become monotonous enough to knock your vibrant spirit into submission. However, you are blessed as, unlike so many others, you are actually aware of this and it is awareness that is the first step to change. So, the more you accept the rut you have now found yourself in, the sooner you will see exactly how to create those new grooves and establish a new way of living and being that not only brings a new tune into your life but also allows you to put a spring into your step and dance...


As you continue to take some big, deep breaths in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel the many different aspects of your life merging into a more coalescent whole. When life is busy, it's easy to get lost in the distraction of 'to do' lists, however well meaning they may be. At the same time, having so many different focal points in your life (just pause, gaze around and you will realise just how many directions you are being pulled in at any one time) may keep life interesting but it can also leave you feeling fragmented as there's rarely time to spend long enough doing any one thing in particular. Additionally, although you may be a skilled master at juggling numerous batons at any one moment in time, is juggling really the best way of living?

The trouble with juggling is it needs your constant focus and attention just in case you drop a baton or add a few too many to successfully manage. Whilst it's perfectly possible to learn how to take on increasing numbers of batons, the question you now need to contemplate is do you really want to? Is distraction what you truly want in life or are you ready to allow a bigger and deeper sense of peace to filter into your consciousness? Opening up to space may lead to some big questions emerging connected to your path in life and the choices you make, but you seem ready now to breathe deeply and trust...


Nourishing your soul continues to take centre stage throughout March as you take the time to step consciously into each and every moment, allowing your mind to settle and rest with a gentleness and compassion that inspires you to inhale fully into each moment and exhale just as willingly as you become truly fluid and free. Such a state of being sounds truly amazing and you may wonder if it is even possible to achieve such a blissful state but try not to allow these ponderings to take control otherwise your doubt and curiosity will start to re-shape the moment and your consciousness will prevent you from believing it's even possible. It's hard not to ponder when you are a natural-born ‘ponderer’, but there are times of your life when you need to have more faith in your intuition to lead the way.

Of course you want to make sense of everything there is to make sense of but this can actually keep you away from mindful balance as being in the moment means actually being in the moment rather than contemplating it. This may sound a little ‘chicken and egg’, and in many ways it is, but try to feel these words now rather than intellectualising them. It's hard of course, but you are a vibrant being and your consciousness will guide you if you let it. There is no instruction manual or guide book as this is a path only you can work out but now seems like a good time to begin...


As you continue to contemplate the changes you are preparing to welcome into your life, there is a sense of a renewed determination rising up to the surface when it comes to sorting out the wheat from the chaff in terms of your true priorities. Of course, this is a little easier said than done as some of these priorities are responsibilities you carry more out of duty than anything else, but it seems important now that you at least explore why you do what you do in order to make peace with any of those more challenging aspects on your list of priorities. This is important as you need to find a way to create enough room in your life for your true wants and dreams to wriggle and break free into the sunlight.

Dreams need nourishment and light to flourish and, if your life is full of 'stuff' - duties, burdens and responsibilities - it can be hard to find any space to let them blossom and thrive. So, although you may not be able to let go of these responsibilities, try to let go of the burden you associate with them to instead breathe more freely; see them in a different way and let your perspective shift and re-define. It only takes a moment here and there of allowing your dreams some wriggle room to let them emerge over time, and even if you cannot give them your full time or attention, it doesn't matter as long as you are opening up to the possibility of creating space for them in your life...


Accessing the courage within sounds as though it should be second nature to you, after all, you are lion! However, there is a sense that you are often aware of a gap between where you are and that big well of courage; it is as though a void has forged its way into your being and created an incongruent divergence in your essence and sense of self. Whilst you know yourself to be strong, vibrant and courageous, you can struggle to manifest this into aspects of your life as it can feel as though it’s stuck behind a veneer of glass within; you feel as though your courage is locked behind sound-proofed glass and you simply cannot reach it. Although it may be your natural instinct to face this glass, shatter it and charge forth, something has stopped you. That something is you and you have been doing a fine job of side-stepping the issue of the glass veneer and instead allowed it to shape and define your life.

This is understandable, after all, the sudden presence of a sheet of glass encircling your inner world is something to ponder, but if you step back to see the bigger picture, you will realise the glass rose up over time; it was neither sudden nor unexpected. The reasons for this glass are varied including doubting yourself, trying to be everything to everyone else, losing sight of your dreams, self-sacrificing and silencing your natural-born roar (speaking your truth). None of these are out of your control; shift the focus, roar, feel the courage and be free...


As you continue to open up to creating more ‘you time’ in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how out of balance your life has become. Although, on the surface, things have been ticking along, it seems that, over time, ‘you time’ has been squeezed out in favour of things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve. Whilst you are not a ‘go getter’ at all costs, you are driven and your in-built perfectionist streak can make it hard for you to take a breath and let go. Yet, intuitively you know that without ‘you time’, everything else starts to fade into indistinct shades of grey as the colour rubs away from your life. It’s as though without the balance of acknowledging your own worth and the need to honour yourself, the significance of all of your other achievements lose their edge as you are unable to truly savour them.

It’s easy for life to shift out of balance, particularly when you are under pressure and have lots of responsibilities to meet, and yet, being aware that things are out of balance is harder than not knowing, as you feel the disconnection all of the time. However, despite it being challenging, knowing is also a blessing, as acknowledging the imbalance is the first step to change. Each step doesn’t have to be a giant leap as just little bits of ‘you time’ here and there are initially enough to shift your consciousness into a more balanced space. Don’t push or struggle; breathe, let go and become...


March looks set to be a month of intrigue and inspiration for you as you unlock a door within; one that has been locked for quite some time. This door seems connected to your personal sense of spirit or your essence, and it’s one that’s been troubling you for quite some time as you really don’t like closed doors, particularly when you want what’s on the other side! As your quest for inner wholeness and balance continues, the concept living well and being well take a foothold in your consciousness and begin to re-shape and re-define your priorities, your dreams and your sense of self. The door within was only closed shut because you found yourself distracted by too many things to do and you felt slightly overwhelmed at expanding your sense of self whilst, at the same time, trying to contain and manage all of those distractions.

Although many of these distractions are still in your life, you now seem somehow stronger and more robust, so flinging open the door to your soul feels natural and right; you are ready to breathe deeply into life, to see life exactly as it is and to consciously choose to step more wholeheartedly into each and every moment. Whilst you may already be very aware of the bigger picture of life, things are shifting now as you become an active and vibrant part of that magnificent panorama rather than a spectator standing in awe. Being here, being real and being you are not to be underestimated; they are a sign that you are ready now to live the life you were born to live...


The Art of Loving Acceptance looks set to take centre stage in your life throughout March. Whilst you are well aware of the role of acceptance and you actively embrace the concept in your quest to find balance in your life, there is a sense that you frequently wrestle with it as your warrior spirit cannot help but feel it’s a little too passive an art to acknowledge. Of course, intuitively you know that acceptance is anything but passive as it takes courage and strength to turn to face ‘what is’ and loving ‘what is’ takes even more faith and strength. Yet, there is a part of you that struggles with accepting your own ‘what is’ as your mind is so often full of ‘what if’s’ instead.

It’s only natural to think about striding beyond the perceived boundaries of your life in order to grow and thrive, but it’s important to realise that growth can only really succeed through acceptance as you need to be in the present moment before you can fully be anywhere else. You know this, but it frustrates you as you have so many dreams and possibilities floating around the depths of your consciousness that you want to turn from thought into reality. At the same time though, you are also more than ready for peace as the constant wrestling to get ‘there’ and not be ‘here’ has taken its toll on every level of your being. March looks set to be a month to actively embrace loving acceptance and compassion for yourself to be fully in this moment and to show your inner warrior the peaceful path to joy...


Whether it be toe-tapping, hand-jiving or full-blown ‘body popping’, there is a sense that finding your own, unique, dance of life is so important for you now. No two souls are the same, so your dance will be unlike any other, and yet, there is a part of you that has always wanted to fit in and be a part of the life you see all around you; it’s as though you sense a need to shape your dance into one that conforms with the majority. However, you’ve failed to notice that there isn’t one set dance that fits all. Even those ‘sheep’ that willingly follow the flock of ‘normality’ are all unique! And, being honest with yourself, can you really say you would be happy to bend yourself completely out of shape just to feel like you belong? Surely that’s a contradiction in terms as you cannot belong if you are not being you?

Of course, this is a choice and there is never truly a right or wrong choice; just the one you make. Yet, there is a sense that opening up to your own dance is growing in importance as you are beginning to realise that you have never been one for group dances, discotheques or mass-participation events; you need to be the you that you know yourself to be, not the you that you think you ought to be. Therefore, letting your toes, fingers and hips go free to find their own movements is an important step forward in March as you begin to tune into your true essence and allow your inspirational, magical and vibrant self to dance...


March looks set to be a month of renewed vim and vigour when it comes to moving closer to your dreams and goals. Although you are a driven soul, there is a sense that life’s distractions and responsibilities have been weighing heavily on your shoulders recently sapping your drive and determination to stride forth with courage and confidence. It’s easy to feel lost underneath great piles of ‘stuff’ as they sap your creative spark and flair, and it’s also easy to park your dreams on the sidelines as it’s somehow easier to stop chasing them rather than trying and becoming distracted. However, despite your best efforts to find ways of parking your dreams, you haven’t been able to let them go as they simply mean too much to you. There’s no denying that you have been carrying more than your fair share of ‘stuff’ but you do need to acknowledge that a good percentage of this is stuff you have chosen to carry willingly.

Of course, you would never turn your back on someone in need or walk away from a commitment, but there are times when you need to look at the bigger picture to see that over-giving doesn’t always serve a positive purpose as it not only leaves you depleted and disconnected from your own dreams but it also diminishes what you can give to others as the pot of giving needs time to re-charge; without it the battery goes flat. So, this month take some time out to re-charge and replenish, re-centre and re-focus, and, most of all, keep hold of those dreams and nurture them into being...


Be here now. These three little words could quite easily stand alone as your reading for March as they beautifully portray the theme for your month ahead or, being slightly pedantic, they beautifully portray your theme for now. Be here now. Be where now, you may wonder? An understandable pondering from someone such as yourself but intuitively you know you’re being mischievous of thought as you know only too well what these words mean to you. Over-thinking, over-analysing and over-pondering keep you stuck in linear thought trying to make sense of something that really cannot be made sense of. Being here now means exactly that: BE HERE NOW.

It doesn’t mean thinking about it, working it out, trying to outwit it or thinking you know better; it means being here now, nothing more, nothing less. It also means letting go of your ideas of what these words mean and just being here now without agenda. Of course, you don’t consciously do any of these things, but you know just how clever your mind is at trying to untangle knots and creating new knots in order to avoid untangling other knots. In other words, if you are not comfortable with the concept of being here now, if you allow your mind to step in, you can easily find ways to be anything other than being here now: you can be way back in the past, miles into the future or in another dimension completely. The power of your mind is magnificent; just make sure that you use it to enrich your life rather than to complicate it...


Over recent months there has been a great deal of use of words like incongruence, disconnection, fragmentation and discombobulation when it comes to you. Each word has tried to encapsulate the state of inner fracture and delicateness that you perceive to be happening right at the core of your being. It’s important to realise that this is a perception though as others looking in see strength, robustness and coalescence! Of course, your perceptions are important as these shape and define your life, so when you feel fragmented and discombobulated, this filters out into all aspects of your life flavouring your reality. It seems important that you begin to explore where these feelings stem from as they seem to have taken quite a firm hold in your life. Although you are still ticking along, keeping on, keeping on, your usual magic and spark are conspicuous by their absence. They haven’t left the building, but they are not dancing around freely, bouncing from the walls or bubbling up with the effervescence of champagne.

March is time for you to reclaim your bounce, your bubbles and your buoyancy as you step beyond the mindset of feeling out of sorts to instead take a good look at your life with fresh eyes. Whilst you may not be able to change everything overnight, and there may be aspects of your life that you feel you cannot change at all, you can change your perspective and although this takes work and belief, such a shift can lift the weights from your shoulders enabling you to bounce, float and bob about with flair and joy...  


keryndawer 2nd March 2015 4:36 pm

Thank you so much Sarah-Jane for this report. You are so right (for the Aries forecast) about feeling like I've been stuck in the groove of a record for A LONG TIME and just can't seem to "jump" out of it. I'm so happy to hear what you and others have written about the life-changing possibilities available in March. YIPPY!!! :)

Blessings and Love xo


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