Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 2013

Message for May 2013

Welcome back! May looks set to be a month of re-focusing and re-alignment on a great many levels of our lives as we continue to welcome Truth and embrace the many facets of ourselves that make up the Whole. At the same time, as we open up our hearts, minds and souls towards living consciously and vibrantly in the present moment, there is a strong sense of us stepping ever closer to Wholeness and realising that we are already Whole and complete exactly as we are.

It seems that we are rapidly approaching a time of reckoning; a time of either accepting our Divinity or choosing to remain asleep, keeping on keeping on. There is always a choice, even choosing not to choose, but it is important to accept that every decision or choice has ramifications and implications. It may seem obvious to choose the path of awakening, for the energy or vibration of this feels much more ‘alive’ and energised, but for many taking the step into the unknown is simply too challenging or daunting to contemplate; it is therefore easier to accept the status quo and stick with the familiar.

As Divine beings, there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ decision, for every choice takes us on a different path of life; each one leading to new discoveries and new levels of self-awareness. Even choosing to stick with the familiar can prove valuable, even if that value comes from realising that there could be and should be more to life. We can look around at the many sleepwalkers amongst us and wonder why they choose to remain on the treadmill of life, but when we look at the uncertainty of the unknowable in our own lives, we would be forgiven for wondering who has the better deal! Yet, intuitively we know that the only path that feels right is the path to Self and the path of opening up mind, body and soul to living the best life possible. This is not about being the best; it is about being our real, genuine and authentic selves.

Authenticity, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is ‘of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine’. Being genuine, unique and authentic takes courage and strength for it shows a willingness to step away from the sleepwalkers and to embrace a path in life that, by its very nature, is unknowable, for once we step away from the ‘norm’ and from the flock, everything changes, for priorities shift and Truth rises up from within like a beacon in the night sky. Being authentic is not necessarily a guarantee for happiness and bliss, but when we open up to authenticity within and without in our lives, we open up to living the lives that we know we were born to live.

The New Moon is in Taurus on the 10th at 12.28 GMT (01.28 BST) with an annular solar eclipse – not visible in the UK. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius on the 25th at 04.24 GMT (05.24 BST) with penumbral lunar eclipse at 04.11 GMT (05.11 BST) mainly visible in North and South America, western Europe (not UK) and western Africa.

With love,



May looks set to be a month of empowerment and inspiration for you as you open up your mind, body and soul in order to step even closer from where you are to where you want to be. There is a sense that your destination has shifted over recent months, for what once seemed so important now seems less so as you open up to your Truth and to what is truly important in your life. As a result, it may appear that you are changing direction or even doubling back on your Self, but this is not something to fear or worry about as long as intuitively you can feel your inner guidance system leading the way. The more in touch with your Self you become, the more you can feel the warmth rising up from within when you are walking the path that is right for you. This may surprise those close to you, but try not to let their ideas and opinions lead you too far astray for there is a need for you to listen to your Self far more now. This is not to say that you should ignore others, but try to avoid allowing them to steer the course of your life.

As you continue to re-align and re-centre, your need to feel whole and complete gathers momentum as you wholeheartedly and consciously embrace the concept of positive being and living; you have awoken to a new chapter in your life, one that feels like a brand new adventure, but in reality is the culmination of everything you have ever done, been or said. You have reached a significant turning point in your life; one that unifies your past with your present enabling you to live more consciously and vibrantly in the present moment. Whilst what lies behind you has shaped and defined your life, it is the present that truly matters now. Although you have always known this, it seems that you are now ready to live this realisation and to open up fully and completely to living the best life possible...


As you continue to work hard at keeping on keeping on, it seems that you have become increasingly aware of the lack of sparkle in your life; you have got lost in the mechanics and chatter of life and mislaid your connection to the magic and passion. Whilst your hard work has seen you moving your life forward in positive ways, without a heart-level connection to what you are doing, it is hard for you to feel excited or inspired by the path that you are following; it feels a little empty or hollow. There is a sense that you are reluctant to pause in order to re-connect to the passion and sparkle just in case everything starts to unravel in that pause moment and undoes all of your hard work. At the same time, you have a sense that in such a pause you may realise that all you have been working towards actually doesn’t seem that important in the bigger scheme of your life. Yet you are a determined soul, and once you start something you rarely give up or walk away for that is not in your genetic make-up. However, by carrying on regardless you could end up even further away from your Truth simply because you have lost sight of why you are doing what you are doing.

May looks set to be a month where you decide to let your courage lead the way in order to bring a pivotal pause moment into your life; a time to briefly rest and re-align your mind, body and soul so that you can take a fresh look at your life and your path in order to re-evaluate where you are now and where you are heading. If you decide to make some changes, this is not a sign of failure or weakness, but a sign of vision and strength, for you are listening to your Self and allowing your intuition to light the way forward. At the same time, the more you listen within, the more you will realise your true power, strength and vision; you are a gifted soul and the time has come for you to shine...


As you continue to move beyond linear thought and open up more consciously to the present moment, something is stirring deep within you. This stirring comes from an acceptance that you cannot possibly understand everything all of the time, and as you open up to this at soul-level, it seems that you are beginning to feel quite differently about your Self and your life. Acceptance is not ‘giving up’ but it is letting go of the vice-like grip that you have on the side-rails of life; you are reluctant to let go until you fully understand the context of your life, but as you realise that you can never fully understand everything, it somehow seems easier to take a deep breath and to loosen your grip. Whilst you might not be quite ready to let go completely and jump in feet first, you are nearing a pivotal time of shift in your life where clinging on no longer feels like the wisest option before you. Of course, you have no idea what the future holds, but this holds true if you cling-on or if you don’t. You may feel that you are best to keep hold of the ‘devil you know’, but as this has been causing increasing unrest within you, you intuitively know that you are ready for change.

May looks set to be a month of expanding awareness of the bigger picture of your life as you look beyond what you know to the vast and incredible landscape beyond. You are great at tying your Self up in knots trying to rationalise and understand, but by letting go a little, you will realise that there are times when an acceptance of the unknowable is more empowering than a fight to understand or know. In other words, pushing against the currents is not always in your best interests, sometimes you just know that you need to go with the flow more in order to gain a clearer knowing or feeling in connection to what happens next. Whilst this knowing might not give you the understanding that you crave, acceptance will bring you a warm and fuzzy glow within letting you know that you are on the right path...


May looks set to be a month of inner archaeology and investigation as you begin to explore some of the knots and tangles that have accumulated over the past few years. Everyone collects tangles, for that’s a part of life, but you often struggle with these for you feel that they become your defining feature; you feel that you are a sum of all of the tangles within rather than a more glorious sum of the many different facets of your Self (tangles included). In other words, you become so focused on the tangles or problems that you lose sight of the rest of your magnificent Self in the process. Yet, your tangles really do not define you, of course, they help shape and define your life, for they are a result of being alive, but you are so much more than the tangles and knots. As the month progresses, there is a sense that by opening up and accepting your tangles (rather than trying to push them away), you will begin to realise that they are not the giant obstacles that you think they are and instead realise that every single knot, tangle and jumbled mess plays an important role in your life.

You are the accumulation of everything you have ever been and, by default, this has to include the tangles, for it is the tangles where you have learned the most and realised what a strong, intuitive, inspirational and creative soul you truly are. Life is about learning and growth, and it is the challenges that bring you the biggest learning opportunities; these are not signposts of failure in your life, but flags of victory where you have learned something new or discovered something different about your Self. Whilst it may be hard for you to openly accept your tangles and imperfections, it seems that the more open you are about your Truth, the more you will realise that by striving for a distant goal of ‘perfection’ (a life beyond tangles), that you are denying your Self the joy of living in the perfection of imperfection in this very moment...


As you continue to create some space in your life, May looks set to be a month of inspired self-awareness and vision as you open up more clearly to Truth. Truth has a capital T, for Truth is unique to the individual; your Truth is not the same as someone else’s Truth, everyone is different, with different goals, beliefs, values and expectations. Truth is your essence; your way of living, breathing and being, and whilst it may not be the same as others, it is your Truth which makes it right for you. Leaving the moral and ethical issues aside, it seems that the more you open up to your Truth, the more you are realising just how far you have strayed from your own path in order to accommodate the needs, desires, wants and Truths of others. This is a sign that you have been trying to be everything to everyone; admirable and noble, but it has left you feeling disconnected and discombobulated when it comes to your own vision, dreams, needs and wants.

Becoming aware of all of this is an important and significant step for you as it is a sign that you are beginning to re-centre and re-align your inner world. Trying to be everything to everyone is important to you, for you need to know that you can make a difference to the lives of others, but until you are everything to your Self, you are unlikely to ever find the feeling of wholeness and completion that you seek, for this comes from within and not from external sources. In many ways, this is the difference between doing and being; doing comes from trying to be everything to everyone else, but being comes from opening up and being everything to your Self (and by default being so much more to so many). Of course, intuitively you already know this, but your stubborn, proud streak often sees you denying your Self in order to be the champion and the saviour to others. Perhaps the time has come to stop defining your Self by your actions and self-sacrificing, and instead to define your Self by your natural vibrancy and Truth? Be your Self...


As you continue to ponder what you truly want from your life, it seems that you are beginning to open up your heart and soul as you let go of all of those ‘ought’s’, ‘must’s’ and ‘should’s’ and instead allow your Self to connect to your Truth. May looks set to be a month of inner revelation as you take an honest look at your Self and your life; you have spent a long time keeping on keeping on, trying to keep the wheels turning on the bus of your life, and whilst this has seen you make progress, you now seem more willing to accept that there is more to life than the bus. Not a new concept for you, but one that you seem to struggle with as you somehow feel obliged to ‘finish what you started’. You are not a quitter, and your determination to keep on even when the wheels have fallen off and the engine has failed is a mark of your strength, but sometimes, it is the act of walking away that shows even more strength and vision. Of course, only you can decide to make such a decision, but if the answer to the question as to what you truly want from your life is not what you are currently working towards, then perhaps you need to ask your Self why are you carrying on regardless?

Life is a complex conundrum; right and wrong is, in many ways, a personal concept, for although the path that you might be following logically feels right on many levels, if intuitively you know that it is not for you, then this makes it wrong for you. Accepting this can be hard though for you may feel like you are ‘bucking the trend’ and going against the norm by feeling this way, but if you don’t get the warm fuzzy feelings, then this is not ‘wrong’ on your part, but simply a sign that you are a unique being with unique needs and dreams. The time has come to embrace your uniqueness and to celebrate All that you Are. Let your intuition lead the way now, and know that there is more than one bus...


As you continue to make peace with your inner whirlwind, it seems your acceptance of your slightly chaotic, but formidable inner world is beginning to bring you great clarity and vision when it comes to the bigger picture of your life. You have spent a great deal of time trying to push away the whirlwind in order to find an oasis of calm, but the more you have realised that the whirlwind is your true and natural state of being, you have found a new way to re-centre: by being your Self, chaos et al, you are allowing your true essence to flow free and unhindered. As a result, you are now seeing your Self and your life from a new and empowering perspective, one that feels exciting, inspirational and expansive on so many levels and in so many ways. Acceptance of your whirlwind is not a sign that your life will become chaotic though, far from it in fact, for the more you become One with the swirling mass of energy within, the more tranquillity and stillness you create in your life. The reason for this is a merging of consciousness where your whirling thoughts coalesce with your expansive intuition enabling you to step beyond the chatter of life to a place of awakened insight, vision and discovery.

May looks set to be a month where you open up more consciously to your inner world in order to connect more fully to your dreams; it seems that you have been trying to reach for clarity in your quest for peace as you have tried to push away the whirlwind (after all, there aren’t many souls who would choose a whirlwind within!), but the more you open up and accept that your true and natural state of being is just not like everyone else’s, then the more you will be able to rest in the joy of being you. You are a vibrant, passionate and magnificent whirlwind; your inner world is a formidable force for change and your acceptance of this is your key to living the best life possible, to letting go of fear and to stepping ever closer to your dreams...


May looks set to be a month of inspirational awakening for you as you continue to celebrate All that you Are and revel in the glory of your mysterious and unknowable depths. Only you can truly understand the complexity of your inner world, and in fact your understanding of this is not a sign that you understand your Self but a sign that you have accepted that you are inherently unknowable due to your expansive and ever-shifting tendencies. As an empathic and intuitive soul, you are deeply connected to the undefined and unknowable aspects of life; these excite you and give your life depth and meaning. Even though you don’t truly understand it all (how could anyone?), this excites you even more, for you love the thrill of not really knowing what lies ahead. Such a philosophy would confuse many, but you seem happy in the knowledge that life is unknowable and intangible on so many levels. Of course, whilst this gives your inner world great depth and meaning, it can make it a little challenging to deal with the responsibilities of everyday life and it can feel quite mundane and pedestrian.

Yet, you are beginning to find ways of merging your inner and outer worlds together into a more cohesive and beautiful Whole, for you have realised that as nothing in life is truly knowable, that you can open up your mind, body and soul to living the best life possible. There is nothing to fear in uncertainty, and your willingness to embrace this so whole-heartedly in your life allows you to step towards your dreams with passion and gusto, for intuitively you know that life is for living. Whilst this is not a green light to throw caution to the wind, your awareness injects courage and strength into your vision allowing you to let go and trust just that little bit more than most. You know that nothing is permanent and that the winds of change are always gently at work, and this inspires you greatly enabling you to live life fully and wholeheartedly with passion in your heart and joy in your soul...


As you continue to open up to your true, free-spirited and visionary Self during May, the winds of change are beginning to gather momentum deep within. Although you can sense the inklings of change, at the moment, it seems hard for you to give them shape or form for they seem indefinable and slightly out of reach. This is slightly frustrating for you as you want to leap ahead and embrace the next chapter of your life, but until these changes are more tangible, you cannot do much with them. However, rather than focusing on the frustration and impatience, why not use this precious time to re-focus and re-align your thoughts, dreams and desires? What lies around the next corner might not, as yet, be clear, but if you can have a clearer sense of Self and purpose, you will be in a much stronger position when change rises up and comes knocking at your door. There is a sense that the changes you may be hoping for may not be the changes that come knocking, try to keep an open mind though, for it is your ability to think outside and beyond the box that keeps you confidently riding the waves of life.

Sometimes things do not turn out as planned, but this is not usually a sign of failure or misdirected intent, but often a sign of a ‘bigger picture’ opening up in your life. Your willingness to embrace the waves as they come lapping against the shores of your life is important for it shows just how open-hearted and open-minded you truly are. It is your ability to see possibilities where others see problems that sets you apart from the masses, and it is this very ability that now looks set to see you riding the currents with a brand new sailboat heading towards a beautiful new horizon in your life. Your perception and your beliefs matter, and these are defined and shaped by you and you alone. Whilst others influence these, at the end of the day, you are at the helm of your life; always have been, always will be...


May looks set to be a month of shift in your life as you begin to step from where you are to where you want to be; although this is a journey that you have been making for quite some time, you seem more galvanised and focused now, almost as though your destination feels more tangible and more clearly defined. As a result, you seem stronger and more centred which is inspiring you on many levels and encouraging you to think more expansively in terms of what you truly want from your life. In many ways, everything is changing, for how you see your Self and your life is no longer the same and such a shift is likely to lead to some life-changing realisations in connection to your path ahead. What once seemed so important now seems less so for you have realised that it is happiness and joy that you seek rather than the external measures of success that once held such stock for you; you are using your happiness as a measure of your life which feels right on so many levels.

This is a sign that you have ‘let go’ of the side rails in order to set sail towards pastures new, but it is also a sign that you have realised that there is no point in clinging on to anything in life for this simply leads to fears and feelings of lack. By shifting your awareness and opening up your consciousness to living a life beyond fear, lack and ‘clinging’, you are connecting to feelings of empowerment, inspiration and awareness which are bringing you new opportunities for happiness. Although this shift is predominantly an inner one, it seems clear that the more centred you become, the more this will filter out into every aspect of your life enabling you to step more consciously and concertedly towards your dreams. In fact, the concepts of ‘towards’ and future focus seem to disappear as you open up to living wholeheartedly in the present moment; in short, you are no longer chasing rainbows but being the rainbow instead...


As you continue to step beyond your mind and open up your heart and soul towards living a more conscious and expansive life, it seems that you are beginning to see some new ways of embracing your destiny and living the life that intuitively you know you were born to live. In a way, such a realisation feels quite intangible and unknowable, for it is more of a feeling and a sense of knowing rather than a clearly defined pathway to bliss, yet despite the woolly edges, you cannot help but feel tinges of excitement and anticipation as you begin to open up to a new dimension in your life. You have spent a great deal of time trying to be, do and achieve so much in order to meet your somewhat high expectations of your Self; you want to be perfect and you need to present a vision of Wholeness in order to feel valid and worthwhile. Such a perception has seen you chasing the promised land of perfection and losing sight of the perfection in the here and now.

Whilst perfection may not be impossible, your need for it keeps you focused on some future state of being rather than opening up and celebrating All that you Are now. Life might not be ‘perfect’, but you have so much to be thankful for, and it is this awareness that looks set to take centre stage during May as you realise that by living consciously in the present moment, you are stepping more fully and more vibrantly into your true power; for the present is all there is. Accepting the present is not about giving up on your hopes or dreams; it is about living in the here and now, and focusing all of your power, energy and intent into this moment in order to make happiness and joy something you have now rather than something that sits on the horizon of your life. Once you can accept the present, reconnecting to your dreams becomes easier, for you let go of the boundaries, expectations and insecurities and instead focus on what you truly want...


May looks set to be a month of revelation, insight and more revelation as you step beyond the boundaries of your life and begin to reconnect to your vision as to how you truly want to live; it is as though you are stepping through a doorway into a new dimension of your Self and now seeing your Self, your path and your life from a completely new vantage point. It may take a while to adjust to this powerful shift, but there is also a sense of you taking a huge sigh of relief as you feel able to breathe out for the first time in ages; it is as though your breathing has been shallow where you have been unable to rest or find any clarity in the busy-ness and chatter of everyday life. A pause moment enables you to take a deep breath and re-centre, and this feels incredible, amazing and inspirational all in one go! As a result, you are likely to feel re-energised, re-motivated and re-inspired to dust off those dreams and take stock of your life once again.

You have been running in a hold pattern for quite some time, and now the pattern is dissolving, everything in your life seems somehow more alive and more awake, and everything seems more possible. This is hard to put into words as it is more of a knowing than anything else; a sense that all is well in your world once again. Whilst such a knowing won’t necessarily fix any challenges, it will help you to rise above the chatter in order to find clarity and wisdom from your experiences and it will help you to see a new path ahead. It seems that the more you take the time to breathe freely and to let go of the chatter, the more stillness, vision and clarity you can welcome into your life. This won’t stop the currents from swirling or the tides from turning, but it will help you to become One with your true essence and reconnect you to the inner freedom that is yours by birthright. You are a free spirit; so be free...



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