Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 2016

Message for May 2016

What do you truly want? What makes your heart sing? What makes your soul dance and your spirit soar? What makes you, you? What does your true essence really look like? Are you really happy?

May looks set to be a month of many questions as we reach a potent turning point of inner revelation and understanding. We so often go through life, turning the wheels and getting on with the business of keeping on keeping on. We may take the odd detour as we seek out more meaning or a more enriched life but we tend to hedge our bets bearing in mind the bills to pay, the mouths to feed and the responsibilities to meet. We tend to stick to the periphery of ‘unchartered terrain’ in order to get on with the business of living often without allowing our dreams to get in the way of the routines we’ve built. We may have moments when we feel a surge of creativity within and begin to contemplate living a different life but reality often kicks in reminding us of those bills and responsibilities, and, as a result, those dreams fade away.

Of course, none of us can escape reality nor can we outwit responsibility. However, responsibility isn’t just about doing all of those things we ought to do, responsibility is also being willing to be wholeheartedly and completely responsible and accountable for our own choices and decisions. In many ways it’s our reluctance to own our choices that cause the real damage, after all, if we accept our choice to hover on the periphery as the best choice for us in that moment rather than feeling as though we’ve been pushed into a corner, the dynamic of that choice changes. Equally if we accept our choice that answering any of the above questions just isn’t appropriate for us at the current time, then we can accept it and move on. However, most of us skirt this issue, acknowledging those questions exist but not wanting to answer them truthfully for a fear of the answers upsetting the apple carts of our lives as we realise that the things that make us happy and make our hearts sing are not the things we spend our lives doing.

Of course, the real world doesn’t always allow us the privilege to live a life where our souls can dance and our hearts sing, but maybe that’s the point, maybe it’s the challenges that allow us to ask ourselves those important questions to enable us to live a life of connected awareness rather than drifting aimlessly through each day? Maybe by turning to face life, we allow ourselves the opportunity to live well and thrive despite the ups and downs because we’ve allowed ourselves a chance to experience life fully and wholeheartedly?

Perhaps it’s only when we ask ourselves these questions and give our souls the time to answer that we begin to realise just how much of our lives we spend with our breaths held in as we try to navigate from one challenge to the next, not really allowing ourselves to be fully in the moment as our gaze is firmly elsewhere as we seek out a better moment. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence, sometimes we need to accept that the grass is what we make of it and if we give the grass under our feet more attention than the seemingly rich green grass over yonder, we can begin to grow, fertilise and tender what we have.

With love,




May looks set to be a month of continued insight and expansion as you begin to feel a growing sense of confidence in your own intuitive abilities. You are a wise, creative and innovative individual, yet you often seem to doubt the fires that burn brightly within your heart and soul to lead the way. Instead of allowing the flames to illuminate your path ahead, you try to rationalise and seek external guidance, trying to find the ‘best’ solution. Whilst this is inherently human and therefore understandable, there is a sense that it muddies the waters when it comes to using the spark and heat within to instigate change and explore pastures new. As a result, you have been hovering in a space of uncertainty for a while now as intuitively you know you are ready to feel the heat of your inner spark once again but you have held yourself back as you have been unable to get a strong sense of certainty when it comes to the ‘right’ decision to make.

On the whole, this is quite unlike you as you tend to allow your spontaneous side to have a loud voice but life has felt heavy lately and your focus has shifted towards keeping on keeping on rather than skipping through the hills and valleys of life with your usual va-va voom and sparkle. Of course, life isn’t always accommodating when it comes to skipping carefree as there are always responsibilities, ought’s, musts and should’s and these have felt heavy lately, slowly squeezing the sparkle out of your being. However, you seem ready now to step back a little in order to realise that there will always be reasons ‘not to’ if you look hard enough. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath in order to fan the flames within and then trust your inner sparkle to lead the way…  



As you continue to allow your true essence some room to fidget, wriggle and expand into more space in life, you are beginning to sense the inklings of a pivotal and quite profound wave of change on the near horizon. For a long time now, you have felt as though you are treading water when it comes to things to do, people to see and places to go. You have plodded on with life, feeling out of sorts, but doing your best to keep on keeping on. The reasons for this seem two-fold, firstly, you hate the thought of letting anyone down and secondly, you hate the thought of letting anyone down. Yes, you did read that correctly. You are a generous, giving and altruistic soul but you over over-give and over-sacrifice as a result. It’s not that you find value in over-giving, but you seem to measure your own sense of personal worthiness by how much you do for, and give to, others. Whilst this is admirable, the cost of such over-giving is a growing sense of disconnection from yourself: your true essence.

Although you have long sensed the inner discord, you have ignored it as being everything to everyone has been a key motivator in your life; you have felt so much joy in doing so much for so many. However, over recent weeks and months you have reached a kind of crescendo of fidgety unrest as you have felt unable to keep over-giving quite so relentlessly as you are now seeing the cost of this in a slightly withered and beleaguered inner spirit. Your inner spirit is still strong, but it needs the room to stretch and expand once again as you have much to do! This isn’t about stopping your altruistic tendencies, this is about showing yourself some of your extensive love, compassion and altruism as well…



Some people find a book can trigger a domino-effect of memories, for others it’s a film or a song. And there are others that see a building, a tree or a garden and their memory is injected into life with all of the senses invoking a cascade of emotions and insights. Everyone has their ‘trigger’, some are visual, some are auditory, some are kinaesthetic, and others are a combination of all three, as well as there being some who connect in a more creative, spiritual and imaginative way. At the end of the day, no two people are alike, and you are a unique and exceptional individual. As a result, the role you were born to do matters because the world is less complete without you fulfilling it. No pressure then. The challenge for you is in knowing what your ‘role’ actually is as you can find yourself lost in those moments of deep sensory connection where you feel as though you can hear everything, feel everything and sense everyone all at the same time.

This can be overwhelming and you often find you have to close the door to your soul in order for some respite. However, this only stems the flow, it doesn’t allow you to find ways to live well with your creative genius and magical vision. Sometimes, you need to do the opposite of closing a door, you need to open it wide and step through into the cascading waterfalls of emotions, senses and life. For a deep-thinking soul like you, such a step may feel like over-stepping the mark, but you seem ready now to live a more connected and enriched life, one where you are allowing your emotions, creativity and philosophical natures to merge and create a brand new way of living and being…



May looks set to be a month of contemplation, deliberation and scrutiny as you find yourself approaching a crossroads in your life. It’s an intriguing and exciting place to be as you can gaze back on the path you’ve already walked as well as turning to the left or right to see the other pathways leading to new opportunities. The path ahead is an unmade track which looks intriguing but possibly slightly too unconventional and unpredictable for you. As you gaze back, forth and from side to side, it’s important not to forget to look at where you are now as well as this is the only true reference point you have as it represents being here, now. The other pathways are full of possibilities and the unknown and whilst they look tempting, unless you know where you are now, how can you make a valid and informed decision about where to go next? It’s time to ask yourself some big questions: what do you truly want from life? Why do you want to go left? Right? Is the unmade track really too risky?

Only you can ask these questions and only you can answer them but it’s important to do this as choices made now will ripple throughout time and space as they always do. Even not making a choice has consequences. The grass often looks greener on the other side of the fence, particularly from a distance, but when you get closer, it’s just grass. Be sure of what you want and why, know yourself and know your heart’s desire; don’t be fooled by façades or led up the garden path by scanty facts. Dig, discover and find out as much as you can. Going ahead into unchartered terrain carries no guarantees, but neither does turning right, left or standing still. Life, by its very nature is unknowable, so trust your instincts and put one foot in front of the other…



Believing in yourself continues to take centre stage throughout May as you begin to feel the inner rumblings of shift occurring deep within your being. There is a sense that your willingness to breathe more deeply into yourself has opened you up to layer upon layer of profound and challenging questions. Self-questioning rarely makes for an easy time but you seem to have grabbed hold of the challenge and decided to use it as an opportunity to shift your life from where you are to where you want to be; you have decided to roll up your sleeves and dig deeply in order to turn this challenge into an opportunity. Undoubtedly this self-questioning has created ripples of doubt within you as you have tried to make sense of why things are the way they are but this hasn’t stopped you from continuing to breathe deeply into both your life and yourself in order to feel more connected and more integrated.

As a result, you are beginning to feel a growing sense of anticipation and excitement as the inner rumblings of shift build and grow into something more tangible to articulate and grab hold of. You are a firm believer in the concept of ‘life is what you make of it’, but recently you have struggled to make sense of life so you have struggled to find your true place. However, the tides are turning now as you allow your true essence the room to blossom and thrive, bringing with it a deeper sense of knowing as to what your true place actually means to you. As these changing currents continue to tickle your consciousness you look set to allow your own personal evolution to take place as your self-belief inspires you to not only step from here to where you want to be, but to do so with confidence and a strong sense of purpose…



The concept of being you looks set to take centre stage throughout May as you begin to dig a little deeper beneath the surface when it comes to fully understanding what being you actually means. Of course, you have always been you (who else could you be?!) but there is a sense that you spend so much of your time trying to be everything to everyone, you have lost touch with your true essence and sense of self. Being you is not a by-product of life; it’s not that little bit left over after you’ve ticked off your hefty to-do list. Neither is it an afterthought or a default setting. It’s so easy to lose touch with your true essence, after all, life gets busy and it can be hard to remain centred when there are so many things to do, people to see and places to go. Yet, knowing your true self is a willingness to live wholeheartedly and to allow your essence to flow freely without hindrance or self-judgement.

Being you is that effervescent fizz and sparkle that lights up your soul with a warm glow when you live your life in accordance to your intuition and sense of self. Perhaps your biggest challenge is not standing firm, nor is it bending over backwards trying to be everything to everyone. Perhaps your biggest challenge is in knowing exactly whom you are? Is ‘being you’ possible in the present moment? Do you want it to be? Does being you feel like it’s destined or does it feel like an irritation that gets in the way of you keeping on keeping on? These may sound like silly questions but they’re not as they are fundamentally important when it comes to either living the life you feel you ought to live or living the life you were born to live….



May looks set to be a month of inner unification and soul-level interconnectedness as you begin to discard your armour and battle dress as you stand in the middle of the mini revolution that’s been occurring right at the heart of your being. This revolution has been hard fought and arduous, and no one could ever doubt your resilience and resolve to stand firm and fight for your beliefs. However, it seems important to note that the battle has been between you and, well, you. Your mind and your creativity are both vibrant and energetic forces in your life but they frequently oppose each other with great gusto and determination. Your head and your heart often take up arms against one another as you try to find new ways of achieving balance in such a tempestuous and seemingly turbulent inner relationship.

Your head, the logical philosopher seeks out answers and meaning, but your heart, the creative warrior, seeks out adventure and unknown terrain. You often feel as though these two forces are irreconcilable as they represent two completely opposing forces in your life. Yet, they’re neither irreconcilable nor are they opposing unless you particularly want them to be. After all, these two forces are two facets of your being, they make you, you. They only do battle as you allow them to. Why not call a truce? Why not use your formidable intelligence, intuition and ingenuity to find a way to bring these forces together rather than allowing them to tug in different directions slowly pulling you apart and fragmenting your soul? You have reached a point of breakthrough in your life which is enabling you to redefine yourself and your path in life, so why not use all of your facets to create the life you’ve dreamed of living…



As you continue to contemplate your vision of the masterpiece of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to expand and breathe into new dimensions and spaces as you allow yourself the time to rest in the moment and savour the spaces in between the busy-ness. It’s easy to get lost and distracted with the business of keeping on keeping on, after all, there are always new boxes to tick off on your life long to-do list. However, you have come to realise that this list is more of a distraction than anything else as many of the items listed are not there because they light up the fires of your soul but because you think they should be there. Over time, the list has grown longer and some of your long-held dreams have slowly been pushed down the list, some have dropped off the bottom of the list completely.

The reason for this is not a decrease in your desire and passion but more a sense of overwhelm when it comes to getting life right, doing what’s expected of you and what you expect of yourself. You wholeheartedly believe that one day you will get to the bottom of that list and finally create the space to re-invigorate your dreams even though you intuitively know it’s not possible to get to the end of the list as it’s always growing. As a result, your dreams can end up feeling out of reach and you can feel frustrated with the lot you have in life as it’s not the lot you’ve dreamed of. This is not to say you are necessarily unhappy but you do seem to carry around at least a modicum of unfulfilled dissatisfaction. The time has come for you to re-assess your priorities and to re-connect to the fiery passion within in order to bring your masterpiece to life…



The concept of compromise has been at the centre of your existence for the last few weeks and you have felt quite flat and lacklustre in life as a result. You have always been a generous and accommodating individual but this has often been at the expense of your own needs and desires. Over time, the fluidity of your generosity has contained a hint of self-irritation as you’ve struggled to assert your rights in life. You feel as though you’ve created a rod for your own back by bending and flexing so willingly for others as this has left you in an awkward and somewhat ungainly position to focus your energy towards the fulfilment of your own dreams. You have many dreams, most of which are vibrant and full of energy and enthusiasm; there is much you want to do, achieve and become, and these dreams frequently spring to life from the depths of your consciousness as you think about the life you have versus the life you know you could be living.

Whilst most of the time you are too busy bending and yielding to the currents of life, when you do pause, you feel the gap between here and there quite acutely as your sense of the life you were born to live continues to burn brightly in your soul. In a way it’s easier to ignore it as when you do acknowledge it you feel understandably sad that it’s still ‘over there’ rather than in the here and now. However, all is not lost, you haven’t gone past a point of no return in the world of dream fulfilment nor have you reached a world where your passion, motivation and enthusiasm no longer matter. In other words, don’t let where you are now define you, give your dreams the room to dance and let your soul lead the way…



May looks set to be a month of transformation, alteration and amendment; a month of conversion and shift. Okay, despite trying to avoid use of the ‘C’ word, there is no word that better describes your life at the moment: change. It’s not a word you’re particularly fond of, it’s not that you dislike change, but you don’t really like change, particularly when it’s not the kind of change you’ve instigated or asked for. Although you accept that life changes all the time and no two moments are the same, you do rather like the status quo as it enables you to feel as though you have firm foundations beneath your feet. Even though this is not the most solid foundation and you do know it’s not infallible, you like to believe it’s solid enough to not rock the boat unless you decide to stand up and rock it yourself. Perhaps this is wishful thinking, perhaps it’s stubbornness or perhaps it’s simply a desire to stay in the familiar rather than stepping into new and unchartered terrain?

On one level you want change as you want to feel the life force thumping through your veins as you re-invigorate your mind and soul. Yet, on the other, you wonder if upsetting the apple cart is really a good idea as, although what you have now isn’t your ideal, it’s not really that bad. So, it seems to be a decision between the unknown or accepting ‘not really that bad’. Whilst the latter has a certain ring to it, it doesn’t really represent the sure-footed, savvy, innovative individual that you know yourself to be. Or does it? Only you can answer these questions. Perhaps your perception of yourself is different to the vibrant, strong and determined soul that’s visible to everyone else? So, open your eyes, look deeply within your heart and soul and allow your true essence to wholeheartedly embrace the wave of change…



Stepping fully and more consciously into the moment looks set to be your central theme throughout May as you begin to shift your focus away from ‘over there’, ‘what if’ and ‘maybe’ to the here and now. Although you have always been a deep thinker even you realise the value of being in the present moment as it allows you to be more consciously connected to your hopes, dreams and beliefs. At the same time, such a focus enables you to be more engaged with life and, as a result, interact on a more enriching level. As you gaze ever more deeply into your soul there is a sense that you are beginning to seek out a more purposeful existence as you long to let your inner creativity and spark free. You are a talented and gifted soul but your mind often chips away at your confidence trying to find a more logical or ‘sensible’ path forward in life. Yet, no matter how hard your mind tries, it cannot quieten your creative spark completely as it’s an integral part of you.

It’s your creative spark that ignites your passion for adventure and for pastures new, it’s your creative spark that inspires you to push your boundaries and to ‘take a chance’ when it comes to trying something new. Of course, your creative spark cannot bring you guarantees when it comes to the outcome but you know to deny your spark is to deny your soul the freedom to breathe fully. If only life wasn’t so complex and bewildering! Keeping your focus in the here and now is a powerful way to sit with the ebb and flow of thoughts, feelings and events exactly as they are. Let your mind be heard but let your spark twinkle too…



The world of your imagination continues to shape and define the flavour of your life over the weeks ahead as you find new ways to express your creativity and allow it to flow freely. For a long time, you boxed up your creativity as it didn’t quite fit into the life you were living. Even though the life you were living wasn’t quite the right fit for you, you carried on living it anyway as things just seemed easier that way. You have been perched on the precipice of a new dawn for quite some time now; one foot dangling excitedly into the unknown but one hand clinging on tightly to where you are now. Part of you longs to let go and soar but that little voice within you holds you back and instils a deep sense of doubt. The time has come for you to turn to that little voice, to listen, and to take a good, long look in the mirror.

Whilst you know this little voice is a part of your consciousness, it carries great power over you and it’s important for you to find out why. Is your little voice the voice of wisdom, a voice of caution, a voice of fear or a voice of chaos? Maybe it’s a bit of all of these? Each day brings with it change and new beginnings as well as endings and farewells. Yet, after each day comes the night and then a new day so why would you fight your own cycle of evolution? You are a creative soul, not even you can deny that. Yet you keep yourself busy with a life full of distractions trying not to have to make the decision to dive into the unknown and explore your true essence. Your imagination and creativity want to be acknowledged, heard and loved...  


kay 3rd May 2016 2:06 pm

May already looks to be "a month of many questions as we reach a potent turning point of inner revelation and understanding." The questions you pose are the right questions for me at this point. Thank you, Sarah-Jane.


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