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Message for May 2017

Life, by its very nature, is unknowable. None of us can ever truly know what lies around the next corner and none of us can know what the future will hold. Of course, this doesn’t stop us from having dreams and aspirations, as few people ever really think about the possibility that one day we will no longer have the luxury of ‘waiting for a better moment’. Nor does it stop us from taking so much for granted as we don’t plan for what may, or may not, happen further down the road of life. It’s often not until we reach a pothole and take a tumble do we awaken and realise the importance of truly living in the moment. Although the tumble can cause tremendous suffering and pain, the awakening experience can be truly rewarding as it brings us closer to life and enables us to live more consciously in the unknowable ebb and flow.

Life has a habit of throwing us some unexpected curve balls and surprises, and whilst some of these are joyful and delightful, others can be challenging and perplexing. Many of us have a tendency in life in keep our gaze firmly on where we’ve been and on where we’re heading, but so few of us have the presence of mind to be here, in this moment. Yet, this moment is really all we have as the past is behind us and the future hasn’t happened yet. However, we are complex beings, so doing what’s best for us is not always that straightforward as every single one of us is a mass of contradictions and complications; we are conflicted, imperfect bundles of atoms trying to make sense of this thing we call life.  

We may try to seek out answers to the many different questions we have about life and existence, even though we intuitively know this quest will be both unsuccessful and unrewarding as there are no clear-cut answers; life doesn’t come with an instruction manual or guidebook. Yet, this doesn’t stop us going round and round in circles, trying to pull out ‘the answer’ from a previously unexplored source or sage. The desire to find answers is strong but the wisdom to know when to stop looking is less so.

Perhaps all of this helps to explain why we are the way we are but it doesn’t really help us to deal with the barrage of change and uncertainty flooding in on every layer of consciousness at the current time. We are in perplexing and bewildering times and whilst knowing we are complex beings with a tendency to want to make sense of why things are the way they are even when we know we never will, this is how we grow and evolve, so not doing this feels counter-intuitive.

Yet, there is another way: acceptance. Acceptance is another pathway to growth and evolution, and this now seems to be the over-arching force for many. Acceptance isn't surrendering or giving up, it’s a willingness to live more consciously with the inevitable ebb and flow of life. Whilst this doesn’t make the ebbs or flows any less confusing or challenging, it can make for a more balanced life, allowing us to live more willingly in the present moment and inspiring us to live with more passion and courage. The time has come to breathe more deeply into life, to live wholeheartedly in the present moment and to have the courage to be free… 

With love,




May looks set to be a month of high energy and creative spark as you open up your heart and soul towards a new (ad)venture in life. You have long been chomping at the bit to explore some new terrain as your everyday has been feeling quite pedestrian and stale. Although you do not seem overtly unhappy, there is a restlessness deep within you that is seeking out a bigger sense of purpose and meaning in life. It’s hard to ignore such a force as it’s a potent reminder of just how important it is to find balance between mind, body and soul, as unless you are nourishing and nurturing all aspects of your Self, you can feel out of sync and disconnected from your true vibrancy. As you continue to grow and evolve, you have started to realise just how much you have sacrificed of yourself over the years in an attempt to keep everyone happy and to keep the wheels on the big bus of life rolling on and on.

Although you are a determined and motivated soul, you are also very empathic and feel driven to divert from your own path in order to help or support others. This is very admirable and it has brought you great reward, but it has also seen a growing disconnect away from the path you intuitively know you were born to walk. Of course, one could argue that the path you are walking is ultimately the path you were born to walk, but intuitively you know you have sacrificed some of your effervescent and vibrant passion for life; this energy hasn’t vanished, it’s bubbling up to the surface now in order for you to either acknowledge it and let it go or to grab it and fly…



As you continue to focus on the essence of stillness, there is a growing sense of equilibrium and clarity rising up from deep within you as you are beginning to feel less flustered and befuddled by the constant ebb and flow of your life. You have had some challenging times recently and there have been moments when you have felt lost and alone, these have highlighted your uniqueness as you see the world so differently to those around you. Whilst this can feel isolating, it’s important to remember you are never alone as your heightened awareness and consciousness enables you to connect with others, and the world, in a profound and insightful way.

May looks set to be a month of shifting perspective as you begin to see the bigger picture of your life with more clarity than ever before. It can sometimes be hard for you to know what to do with such clarity as it doesn’t seem to happen very often, and there are times of your life when you feel more discombobulated and befuddled than clear and focused. However, it’s important not to feel overwhelmed by the prospect before you even reach that point as you cannot truly predict exactly how you will feel until you experience it. Easier said than done, but try to see this as a prime opportunity for you to re-define and re-shape the story of your life. You are a wise and vibrant soul, and this is a pivotal time for you to allow the essence of stillness to grow and flourish into all aspects of your life enabling you to ride the ebb and flow with courage and confidence as you step into the unknown with a growing sense of knowing that everything is exactly as it’s meant to be...



As the tinglings of creativity and passion continue to stir and rise up from deep within your heart and soul there is a growing sense of possibility bursting into life with great vigour, energy and excitement. In many ways, you feel as though you are nearing a new chapter in your life as there is a strong sense of new beginnings but, at the same time, your mind is also lingering on the ramifications of this as you intuitively know that with beginnings inevitably come endings. Yet, you also know this new chapter is an important step so the excitement somewhat outweighs the melancholy. However, you’re a complex and sensitive soul so it’s hard for you not to accommodate this low-level downhearted feeling but it’s important not to allow the melancholy to take over or this may become the defining flavour of May.

Of course, logically you accept the continual process of change and you know that nothing ever stays the same but there’s a part of you that resists this, longing for the comfort of the familiar. You know that it’s change that brings you deeper understanding and a growing wisdom, but you still long for a rest in the warm blanket of continuity and permanency. Change takes you into unknown terrain and it can throw your sense of inner equilibrium into turmoil leaving you wondering whether you are coming, going or stuck somewhere in-between, and it can challenge your beliefs as they become outdated and outmoded. However, it’s in these unknown spaces where you have the potential to truly flourish and thrive as this is where you grow, learn and evolve. So, take a deep breath and move with the natural ebb and flow of your life as this is a magical and vibrant time for you to shine…



May looks set to hold your focus on the 1% of your existence (mentioned in April) that’s magical, amazing and extraordinary as it starts to grow and expand. The other 99% of your time continues to tick along as you deal with the everyday pedestrian mundaneness of keeping on keeping on. This 1% therefore feels very significant as it represents moments that lift your consciousness and inspire you to the infinite possibilities both within, and around, you. However, there is a sense you believe such moments are extremely rare and there’s a chance such a belief is actually preventing you from experiencing more of these moments in your life. Of course, ‘1% of your existence’ sounds tiny but remember you are a being of infinite consciousness and this goes way and beyond the concept of linear time so 1% can represent so much more than the fleeting moments you perceive it to be.

In many ways, it seems as though your perspective has shrunk in accordance to the routine of your life and you’ve stopped looking beyond this as your focus has been on the daily ebb and flow, and little else. Whilst this is understandable as it’s a management strategy, it’s kept you bound by the restraints of your ‘everyday’ and away from the magic of possibilities all around you. As a result, you seem to have lost sight of the bigger picture and disconnected from your hopes and dreams as they somehow seem impractical and inconvenient to your everyday. Intuitively you know this is not your natural way of being and you seem ready now to take a deep breath and reach back out into your dreams in order to expand that ‘1%’ into every aspect of your life…



You are a complex and complicated soul as there really is nothing straightforward or ‘black and white’ about you! You live in a canvas of a richly vibrant palette of colours representing your creative, passionate and courageous perspective on life. No two strokes of the brush are the same as you never quite know what you’re going to get when you allow your true essence to flow freely and this makes being you exciting and invigorating as the unknowable nature of your existence is tantalising and exhilarating.  In many ways, this is reflected in the choices you make (or do not make) in life as you are not afraid to face your fears or step into unchartered terrain when your intuition calls. However, despite your innate tendency to ‘live on the edge’, there is a sense that your tendency to try to do ‘what’s right’ combined with your desire to keep others happy both prevent you from living quite as close to the edge as you would like.

In your heart and soul, you are a ‘living by the seat of your pants’ kind of soul but in your everyday world you seem to hedge your bets and spend a great deal of your time trying to create the ‘right life’ rather than simply living it. The power of your mind is often under-rated but you are a profoundly deep over-thinker and this seems to be at the root of your somewhat challenging predicament as you are a perfectionist at heart. Let this go and love yourself: faults, quirks and imperfections included! Also try to remember that this is only a predicament if you choose to see it as one as keeping others happy does not have to be mutually exclusive to living the life you were born to live...



You spend a great deal of time thinking about, and musing over, the life you know you could be living. You create the vision of what could be in great detail, knowing that you can fulfil your dreams and live the life you were born to live. At the same time, you are aware of the bigger picture of the path you need to walk in order to get to where you need to be, enabling you to gain a clearer sense of direction and purpose in life. With such a visionary perspective, it often irritates and frustrates you that you are still thinking about such things rather than living this vision. You feel the gap of every single millimetre between where you are and where you want to be, and this can be quite painful at times as it reminds you of how far you still need to travel to reach the promised land of your vision becoming a reality.

Of course, if you took even a brief moment to contemplate the notion that thinking about the life you were born to live takes you away from actually living the life you were born to live, you would quickly realise that there is no gap between ‘there’ and ‘here’ as you are already exactly where you need to be in order to live the life you were born to live as you are already, by default, living the life you were born to live! Your dreams are only dreams because you haven’t grabbed hold of them and you feel the gap between there and here because you lack belief in yourself even though you know you are a vibrant, passionate, visionary and talented soul. The time has come for you to stop procrastinating in musings and ideas in order to start being the you, you already are...



When you take a step back to gaze at the life you are living, it is easy to see the knots, tangles and twists of an over-active and over-busy brain. To an onlooker, your head is like a maelstrom of chaos, moving at a million miles an hour, never resting and always active. To many, this can appear abnormal and peculiar, but to you, this is business as usual! Your head is naturally busy, the chaos is your ‘normal’ and anything less than a million miles an hour feels slow and dawdling. Yet, you often feel as though you should be different as you listen to the perspective of others and wonder if you should be residing in stillness and tranquillity instead. As a result, you can do battle with yourself, wrestling with the maelstrom, trying to tame the energy into a more manageable flow. Why? Why would you want to slow down when this is your natural flow? Rather than trying to fix ‘what is’ wouldn’t it be better to embrace it and love it instead?

You are perfect exactly as you are, although you can struggle to accept this as it can feel slightly over-inflated to acknowledge your perfection! Doing battle with your natural essence only leads to disconnection and discombobulation but accepting your inner whirlwind enables you to ride the flow with courage and confidence. May looks set to be a month for you to be proud of the rollercoaster within as it looks set to catapult you from where you are to where you now need to be. Try not to over-think this (!) but allow the process to unfold naturally as life is changing moment to moment and where you think you need to be is unlikely to be where you will end up. Keep an open mind and enjoy the ride… 



The essence of being you is a complex and complicated matter as you are a profoundly complex and extraordinarily complicated soul. This isn’t a criticism, simply an observation of the vastness of your consciousness and the enormity of your creative spirit. Over recent weeks and months you have grown more aware of your essence and this has led you into some moments of deep thinking and profound insights as you have begun to realise just how complex you really are. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to live the best life possible by living the life you thought you ought to be living, and whilst this has brought you happiness and reward, you have also felt a little disjointed as you have always (albeit most likely subconsciously) known of the infinity of possibility residing beyond the concept of ‘ought’.

However, now you have started to look beyond the boundaries of your everyday life, you are opening up to new layers of insight and revelation in connection to how you could be living your life. This has, inevitably, stirred up some deep, and often difficult, feelings as you have wrestled with the notion of upsetting the apple cart of your life. This inner wrestling is doing battle within your heart and soul as you are feeling the incongruence between the way you have been living your life and the way in which you now see the bigger picture of possibilities of what ‘could be’. It’s important not to get carried away with what ‘could be’, after all, you are a dreamer and a visionary so the possibilities are endless. However, what is important is a need to find ways to allow your true essence more freedom to naturally grow and expand into every nook, cranny and crevice of your life…



The concept of happiness continues to take centre stage throughout May as you begin to question what happiness really means to you. Does happiness mean ‘having it all’? Is it something to get or feel? Is happiness what emerges once you’ve fixed the unhappiness? Does happiness come by reaching the end of your bucket list for life? Is happiness a constant state of being or is it fleeting moments of joy? So many questions to contemplate and so little time to contemplate them! May certainly looks set to be a busy month for you as you make some big decisions about where you are in your life. You have spent a great deal of your time looking ahead to the horizon of a nirvana-like existence of happiness and success, and you have worked hard to make this a reality. Yet, what’s the cost been for such a vision? Do you feel closer to the horizon or is it still on the horizon? Are you closer to happiness?

These are important questions to consider as your whole inner infrastructure is undergoing a major refurbishment as many of your long-held beliefs are crumbling into dust and falling away. Instead of rushing around trying to keep the structure up in the air, you have, perhaps for the first time, allowed nature to take its course and let it all fall. This may sound scary and a bit like giving up but this couldn’t be further from the truth as it’s exactly the opposite: your willingness to let go is enabling you to honestly answer these questions and realise that it’s not what’s on the horizon that’s important, it’s where you are now. Happiness isn’t a force to go out and get, you have it now, so love it, honour it and tenderly nourish it…



As mentioned in your April forecast, there are many moments of ‘almost perfection’ which often get overlooked as you strive for the lofty heights of perfection in life. You work hard to get life right and anything less than this can feel deeply unsatisfying and unrewarding. Yet, what is ‘right’? What defines ‘rightness’? It’s a bit like the concept of ‘normal’, it’s a moveable measure as everyone has their own version of it, seeing anything else as ‘abnormal’ which is not only unhelpful but potentially very divisive as well. Getting life right is an inherent part of being human as you want to live the best possible life in the best possible way. Yet, have you ever considered the idea that getting life right is perhaps less important than living life well? If ‘rightness’ is a moveable measure, will you ever reach the point where everything is absolutely exactly as it should be? It seems unlikely as the goalposts are constantly shifting and moving.

So, does this mean that striving for ‘rightness’ can only lead to dissatisfaction as you have set yourself up to attain a goal that’s unobtainable? It seems important to contemplate these questions as there is a sense that you often give yourself a hard time for not doing more, being more or achieving more which stems from this drive for ‘rightness’. Yet, when you take a look at your life you know you haven’t given up but you are doing your best; so don’t berate yourself for this. Perhaps the time has now come for you to see the joy in all of those moments of ‘almost perfection’ as these are many and they are not failures of not achieving perfection but they represent the perfection of being an imperfectly perfect human being…



For a fluid, free-thinking, creative and passionate soul, you do have a tendency to write your beliefs in the immoveable, rigidity of concrete. Some may call this determination, others may see it as courage but there is also a possibility of a smattering of stubbornness as well! Yes, you are fluid and free-thinking, and your perspective on the world is far reaching as your consciousness reaches far and wide, but you are also a tenacious stalwart soul, often clinging on tightly to your own ideas, ideals and beliefs. After all, you created them, so you are keen to take full ownership and copyright for them. Yet, even you know that, over time, beliefs change and even those carved in stone fade with the passing years. Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself why your stubborn streak digs his/her heels in so deeply? Is it a determination to stick with what you’ve already discovered and therefore an unwillingness to evolve? Unlikely. Is it a desire to have the last laugh as you really did get the answers to those questions right back then? Unlikely.

So, what drives your apparent unwillingness to let go of beliefs and ideas that have grown dusty and outdated? It seems most likely that it’s habit; pure and simple. There nothing deeper or more profound, just a tendency to stick to the familiar because that’s what you’ve always done. So, you don’t really get stuck in old beliefs you just keep accumulating layer upon layer of new ones to accommodate your fluid, free-thinking, creative spark. Of course, there will come a time when the weight of this becomes too great and you will sink under the pressure, so why not take the helm now, break the habit and let go? Letting go will set you free…



You are a multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional soul; your consciousness reaches out far and wide into the far-reaching depths and dizzying heights of existence. Your creativity is your lifeblood as it is a way of being that allows you to express your true essence and inspires you to live with vibrant interconnectivity as an integral part of the integrated whole. Of course, much of this can feel vague and slightly nebulous as there are no clear boundaries or definitions, but that’s the point as there’s nothing clear-cut or defined about you! This can lead to even more confusion as it can be so hard for you to gain a foothold when nothing is tangible and everything is indefinable. However, whilst it’s easy to get lost in this, it’s important to realise that this is your natural way of living and being, so, as a result, you will only feel lost if you forget that this nebulous, fantastic, mystical world is of your own making as it is you.

Instead of trying to fight for clarity, why not dive into the depths of your being in order to see the joy of being you? You are multi-layered and multi-dimensional for a reason and that reason isn’t to feel overwhelmed or lost, it’s to have the capacity to bring together the boundless possibilities of your consciousness and the magic of your creativity into the here and now. You often forget your gifts but it’s time to grab hold of them now in order to celebrate the clarity that comes with being a complex, intangible soul. Yes, there is clarity to be found in confusion, as confusion only exists because you fight your true essence. So, the time has come to start loving yourself and allowing your majestic, vibrant and indefinable being to thrive…


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