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Message for November 2012

Welcome back. As we step into November, there is a sense of anticipation in the air as we draw ever closer to the events of December 2012, and yet, so much is happening in November that December still feels like a million miles away!

It seems important to be firmly focused on the present moment now as we step more consciously towards Truth. What may, or may not, happen next year, next month or in the next hour is not where our focus should be now, but on the gift that the present brings us. Being conscious and awake in the moment takes strength and it takes courage, for it means letting go of the storylines and the belief systems that have shaped and defined our lives and our worlds for so long. Whilst we may not be able to extricate ourselves completely from these, just by being conscious of them we are beginning to break free.

At the same time, as we continue to strip back layer upon layer of stuff, clutter and other fragments of life that encumber us, there is a growing sense of liberation from the inside, out, as each of us begins to feel lighter, clearer and brighter. Although much of this change is occurring at the core of our beings, when we pause for a moment, we can feel those shifts echoing and reverberating into every single atom of our beings and every single aspect of our lives.

As the sleepwalkers awake and the collective consciousness stirs, there is a sense of a quickening once again as the Divine consciousness weaves its way into the hearts and souls of us all. Love feels contagious now; it is spreading like wildfire and bringing hope and inspiration, joy and union. Whilst there is much that is still unknowable as to what lies around the corner (and would we truly want this any other way?), there is a sense that the struggle to comprehend and understand the shifts and the waves is lessening now as we settle more willingly into the flow and become One with love. This may sound simplistic, but in a way, that’s the point, for none of this has to be complicated.

As we draw ever closer to the threshold of realisation and to the gateway of awakening, there is a risk of becoming lost in the throes of the buzz and the excitement of so many, and whilst this is a time of celebration and group work, it is also a deeply personal and introspective time; a time to finally awaken and become Whole...

The New Moon is in Scorpio on the 13th at 22.08 GMT (there is a Total Solar Eclipse). The Full Moon is in Gemini on the 28th at 14.46 GMT (there is a penumbral lunar eclipse).

With love,



November looks set to be a month of insight, inspiration and innovation for you. There is a powerful sense of continued shift and forward movement as you open up to the Truth as to what you truly want from your life. Whilst you have never really lost touch with this, it seems that you have inadvertently drifted off course over recent weeks and months. In your efforts to be everything to everyone, you have forgotten to include yourself in this equation; realising this is one thing, but doing something about it is quite another, for even though you have fire in your belly and passion in your soul, it can be so hard for you to rise up above the nitty-gritty of life in order to regain your perspective.

Truth is one of the pillars of your life; you live by Truth, breathe by Truth and sleep by Truth, but when it comes to your own Truth, you have bent yourself out of shape by trying to accommodate the Truth of others. Whilst you are usually focused and determined, lately this has melted into a blurred mass of confusion, and this is most unlike you! However, things happen for a reason, and it seems that this mass of confusion is a sign that you need to step back a little in order to regain your perspective. The time has come for you to extricate yourself from the nitty-gritty for a while (even if this is purely inner stillness) in order to re-connect to Truth. Truth is the light that will illuminate your path, and it is the sword that will clear the way. This doesn’t have to be a charge of a warrior, but with your exuberant sense of Self re-emerging, the passion, strength and power look set to re-surface with quite a bang...


The theme of shedding layers and lightening the load of your life continues in earnest throughout November as you begin to set yourself free from situations which drain and deplete you. You have spent a long time trying to safely carry as many apples as possible in the ‘apple cart’ of your life, and this has been a feat of great achievement and wonder; seeing those apples balanced may look precarious to anyone looking in on your life, but you have spent time placing each one in such a way that it increases the overall stability of the apple pile rather than decreases it. In fact, your focus and attention has become absorbed by trying to maintain the apples and build the pile higher, and it seems that you have begun to lose sight of the reason for the apples in the first place.

With each one representing a facet or a piece of your life, it seems clear that you live a very rich life indeed, yet, many of the apples you carry are not from your own tree, for you also carry the apples of others, taking onboard their worries and burdens, angst and pain. Over time, defining yourself has become hard, for you are not sure where your apples end and the apples of others begin. There is no denying that you are a strong and hardy Taurean soul, and so you are more able than most to be everything to everyone, but you are reaching a time now where giving back some apples to others will not only lighten your load (and give you space on that cart for something new), but will empower those around you and set you all free. You cannot carry others through life as each soul is ultimately responsible for their own journey; it is time now for you to let go of the guilt and to realise that your own apples are now ready to be harvested...


As you eagerly continue on your journey of awakening, it seems that you are beginning to realise that trying to expedite the process as quickly as possible in order to get the hard bit ‘over and done with’ is not quite working out as you planned. There is no denying that you are a visionary, and with your ability to think outside of the box, it is easy to see why you are keen to move beyond the ‘hard part’ of awakening, for this involves much soul-searching, naval-gazing and uncertainty. Whilst you are generally quite happy to spend time pondering the meaning of life, you find this somewhat harder when the spotlight is turned within; illuminating those parts of yourself which you resist (for different reasons) is only natural, but it seems important to face them now in order to re-connect to your Truth and sense of Self.

Distraction is a tool that you have mastered over the years, for it is much easier to get lost in distraction rather than stand in the cold light of day and lean into the nooks and crannies within in order to unearth and liberate All that you Are. Intuitively you know that the path of awakening has to include this process, but the more you try to rush the process, the more you seem to unearth that needs to be dealt with. Sometimes, there is a need to pause for a while and allow the thoughts and feelings to surface freely so that you can make sense of the experience. Without such moments, awakening is hard, for how can you be awake when you are trying so hard to be asleep?! This is a powerful time of shift in your life and it looks set to be a time of magical inner discovery and delight, if you allow it...


November looks set to be a month of liberating and exuberant excitement and buzz as you stop treading water and step onto a beautiful crafted surfboard to carry you forth on the crest of the waves of life. Such a romantic and idyllic vision, and one that you have been contemplating for some time; yet, beneath the surface, you have doubts. These doubts are connected to the sturdiness of the surfboard and its ability to carry you aloft and keep you safe; you wonder where your supplies will go and how you will fit the kitchen sink onto its back. Hmmm, a once magical scene now seems far less so! Being practical and trying to cover all eventualities is wise, but it is possible to be too cautious at times. Where has the fun, the sparkle, the sense of adventure gone?

On many levels life feels like a heavy burden for you, and yet, the heavens seem to be opening up the birdcage of your life giving you an opportunity to fly free. You have been stuck in the routine for so long, that you seem to have disconnected with your ability to become One with the bird and feel the wind in your feathers as you soar and dance in the sky. Although there comes a time when said bird has to feed, rest and nest, allowing these to get in the way of the flight of freedom seems sad. November brings you an opportunity to extricate yourself from the metaphors and from the burden and cumbersome feelings in your life so that you can re-connect to the joy, buzz and excitement once again. Whilst this doesn’t eradicate the need for the ‘routine’ stuff, you will soon realise that this does not have to define your life. You can be free; you just have to want to be...


‘Hallo. Look who’s back!’ Well, it could be the roar or the mane glistening in the sunlight, or it could be the brilliant white teeth shining brightly or the razor sharp claws being twanged with anticipation, but it seems that your mojo is back with a vengeance in November! Your confidence, self-belief and vision have new life and passion, and your creativity and inspirational flair seem unleashed and free. You seem more upright now, more impassioned and more awake, and your perspective on life has shifted exponentially. This is an exciting and empowering scene, for you are back at the centre of your solar system, with your sun shining brightly, knowing that you are now firmly back in the role that you were born to fill. You have re-aligned with your true nature, and this feels wonderful, amazing and incredible.

It could be all too easy to get carried away here and get lost in the dizzy and intoxicating heights of excitement, but it is important that you keep your feet on the ground in order to make the most of this significant time of your life. With your mojo back, everything now feels possible, and whilst it is not beyond the realms of possibility that you could sail ahead without a care in the world and never have a worry again, it seems wise to keep those paws on the ground in order to move ahead wisely and instinctively. You are approaching a major crossroads in your life now, and whilst this inspires and empowers you even more, let your inner light guide you, for your inner sun is wise and inspirational, and if you step beyond the roar, the mane, the teeth and the claws, you will realise that it is your inner world that leads the way now...


As you continue to deviate from the ‘bus routes’ of life, you are beginning to relax as you explore less structured terrain in your life. Having a little freedom to think, and act, outside of the box feels liberating and exciting, for it is a sign that you are moving beyond the need to ‘keep on keeping on’ and instead thinking more about enjoying the journey. You have less pressure on your shoulders to get from ‘a’ to ‘b’ as quickly and as efficiently as possible; if you want to stop for a while to gaze at the scenery or to take a ramble in the beautiful wilderness, then you can. In addition, if you fancy stopping for afternoon tea and scones, you can do so without feeling guilty that you are not keeping busy and ticking off something else from your rather long ‘to do list’ of life.

On the surface, everything seems ‘tickety-boo’ and content, but deeper within, it seems that you are still struggling against the feelings that you have to be busy, to be ‘doing’ stuff in order to keep on moving forward. You feel guilty when you stop, and whilst you try to push this away and enjoy the moment, that whisper in your ear is an annoying distraction that won’t go away. November looks set to be a month where you face this inner nag head-on and go face-to-face in order to reclaim your Self. Such a game of chicken may feel daunting, but who’s in charge of your life?! This is your moment to let go of that force within that constantly tries to pull you back and keep you ‘in line’. Of course, this force is a part of you, but you seem ready now to accept that embracing more to life is not something to feel guilty for, it is a joy and something to celebrate and savour...


November looks set to be a month of inspiration and awakening for you as you begin to liberate yourself from some of the more challenging aspects of your life. You have spent a great deal of time trying to juggle a great deal, and the effort to keep all of those batons up in the air has been immense. There is a sense that you have worked hard to keep going, and you fear that to pause for too long could see the batons come crashing down around you, and then you would be left to pick up the pieces. However, as November progresses, it seems that you are realising that most of these batons in your life are distractions that you have collected along the way in order to avoid facing those cracks beneath the surface. Yet, the cracks are not huge; they are not chasms or gorges, they are just cracks. Everyone has them, and you are no exception!

It therefore seems time to start loving and tending your cracks (your Self) in order to find a deeper sense of Wholeness and completeness. Any truly significant batons will remain intact, but perhaps the time has finally come to let the others go? In other words, this seems to be a time in your life to focus on your true priorities and to have the courage to step towards what you truly want in life. Much easier said than done, but if you keep on trying to juggle all those batons and ignore the cracks, then the end result is an exhausted you and a disconnection from your Self. The cracks are simply signs to pause, to listen and to awaken; they are not to be feared, but loved. This is your moment to experience true liberation, and whilst this takes courage, heart, belief, faith and strength, you have all of these by the bucket load...


As you continue to peel back the layers and let go of a great deal of clutter in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel a little ‘bare’ and exposed. Whilst you are ready to face your depths and acknowledge your Truth, peeling back layer upon layer of clutter and bluster is quickly taking you into the cold light of day when it comes to what’s left. The drama, the colour and the magic seem to have dwindled, and you are really not sure how comfortable you feel about this. Yet, if you look a little closer, you will see that none of these have truly been lost, for it is the storylines that are melting away, and beneath these lie the real gems and treasures. You do not need high-drama and techni-coloured excitement in order to feel alive and connected to life; in fact, these take you away from your Truth and from your essence. You have become lost in the storylines because you have lost your centre, and the storylines have been your way of compensating for the emptiness within.

November looks set to be a significant turning point for you as you lean further into the discomfort and realise that by peeling back the layers you have set yourself free from a great deal that no longer serves you in life. You find yourself left with those treasures of Truth and visions within that are your true warriors and pioneers in life. With these warriors in full action, you intuitively know that the storylines no longer matter, for they no longer shape and define your life; you do that. Stripping life back to the bare bones isn’t always easy, and you may face some resistance (both from yourself and from those close), but you seem ready now to be free...


As you continue to regain a fresher perspective on life, it seems that November will bring you a much needed opportunity to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to your true priorities. There can be no denying that you like to have lots of different things to focus on in life, for variety is the spice that you find intoxicatingly alluring and exciting. The more exotic the spice, the more your curiosity and attention is piqued, and the more excited and alive you feel. Although you are happy with some of the more everyday spices, you do love a little bit of the unknown! There is nothing wrong with this, for you are an adventurer in life, and staying in the same spot, doing the same thing, day after day, after day, would be a living prison sentence for you. However, there are times when you become so distracted by the latest new spice, that you lose yourself in the moment and lose sight of the bigger picture.

November looks set to be a month to walk up the mountainside of your life (to take some time out to reflect) in order to gaze down on the myriad of different pathways and possibilities that you have before you. Your spice collection is vast, and this feels amazing and incredible, but at the same time, having this isn’t bringing you all that you would hope. It seems that you have become overly focused on collecting spices rather than on finding those special ones that illuminate your life and set fire to your soul. As a result, you seem unable to fully re-centre and feel the fires within. ‘Less is more’ is your motto now, and whilst you will never stop trying new spices, you seem ready now to take a huge leap forward towards a new way of living and being...


As your head continues to spin with all of the buzz and whir of the process of ‘awakening’, it seems that you are beginning to find your own clarity in amongst the turmoil. You are not one to follow the flock, but you also resist being too obvious in your uniqueness at the same time, so you frequently hide your Truth away. This results in your inner world being tense and grumpy as you inwardly vent your frustrations at not standing tall. Grumpy is a great word, for it is not too heavy and serious, but it gets the point across beautifully! Your inner spirit is grumpy for he/she wants to speak Truth, live Truth and be Truth by following destiny and opening up to all that life has to offer, but with you holding back, it is hard to see a way forward, so your inner spirit grumps, stomps and groans in frustration...

In essence, the solution is clear; you need to make a choice between standing tall or fitting in. Whilst the latter has always been the easier path to follow in life, it seems that you are finding it increasingly difficult to bend and flex with the flock, for your own perceptions of life are changing so much. Standing tall carries an element of risk, for you have no real idea what this may lead to, but at the same time, you intuitively know that you are ready to bring Truth into your life in order to live the best life possible. This is likely to upend the apple cart and churn up the status quo, but with your rotavator in one hand, and new seeds in the other, you have plenty of new fruit to sow and cultivate. So, there you have it: two possible pathways. Now it’s up to you...


As you continue the process of inner unity and finding a balance between your head and heart, it seems that you are beginning to see your Self, your life and your path from a new and quite different perspective. What once seemed so important to you now seems less so, as you realise that it is not what you do with your life that matters, but it is why you do it. Such a shift may seem small, but it is sending shock waves deep within as you begin to gain a clearer sense of direction. A little confusion seems inevitable during November as you question your choices and the pathways that you have already travelled in life, and whilst there is much to learn from the past; it is the present that matters most now.

Therefore, try not to get lost in thinking about what might have been had you made different choices; the fact is, you didn’t, so why waste energy on churning something over that you cannot now do something about? Learn from it, grow from it and move on. Move on does not mean forgetting though, it means absorbing the experience and growing as a result. With your inner union in full swing, there are likely to be days where you feel chipper and bright, interspersed with days when you feel less so. This is only to be expected as you come back into balance; a space that has been out of your reach for quite some time. Balance is therefore likely to feel somewhat strange and alien, but take your time and celebrate this powerful and amazing union of head and heart for it looks set to transport your life to a whole new dimension...


The chortles and the chuckles about the boiled cabbage (see October!) are still echoing and bouncing about the ether as you step into November without the smell of this delicacy in the air. It seems that you have finally begun to let go of the ‘ought’s’ that have shaped your life for so long and opened up your heart and soul to Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Now Truth is a funny thing, for it is not set in stone for the whole of man and woman-kind to adhere to; Truth is highly personal, for your Truth is not like the Truth of anyone you know, and vice versa. You have spent much of your life trying to follow the widely accepted Truth of family, groups and those close, but it is only now you are opening up to your own understanding of Truth that you are beginning to make sense of your life, path and Self.

Of course, the more consciously you step into Truth, in a way, the less the world makes sense, for you begin to see everything in a very different light. What once seemed acceptable, no longer seems so and what once seemed too outlandish (even for you) now seems much tamer. In essence, it seems that the more you open up to your Self and to Truth, the further away from your everyday reality you become. At this point, you may recall the boiled cabbage for some light relief, but there really is no escaping from the fact that you are changing and evolving quicker than the speed of light. Try to ride with this and become One with it; these are exciting and transformational times, and, with or without the cabbage, the winds of change are gathering momentum...


LauriLumby 2nd November 2012 8:35 am

As a Capricorn, I concur with the GRUMPY!!!! SOOOOOOO Grumpy. I just want to get on with it....get on with the new life....the new choice....the new ME! I wrote a poem the other day entitled "I'm Tired of Being Good." Ha.....the curse of the Capricorn....loyal, of integrity, NICE....all apparently to gain approval, love, acceptance because we are SO unique. (aren't we all!?) Thank you for naming and giving validation to my grumpiness. Now I know for sure what I have to choose.......WHAT I WANT DAMNIT....not what is "socially acceptable."

Lauri Lumby

COBALT 2nd November 2012 11:21 am

Very good. Coyote medicine came to me today. Simplicity and trust...

COBALT 2nd November 2012 11:21 am

Very good. Coyote medicine came to me today. Simplicity and trust...

kay 2nd November 2012 9:29 pm

Nice one, Sarah-Jane. Your words always resonate with me. Thank you.

jannereeves 6th November 2012 2:07 am

Nice read, i am a sagittarius and the whole thing you mentioned here some how relates to my life. Reading it was really inspiring and motivating. Today i am trapped between different pathways, confused to select one but this November seems to bring new light of hope to my life. Thanks for your post.


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