Monthly Astro-Forecasts November 2014

Message for November 2014

November looks set to be a month of letting go as we reach towards an inner reconciliation between living the life we think we ought to live and living the life we intuitively know we were born to live. Life often gets in the way and acts as a distraction to our dreams, particularly when we take on board duties and responsibilities as they can build upwards like bricks in a dam unless we are careful. Whilst these are a part of life, they do not have to be the force that shapes and defines all that we are. It’s easy to see why the dam forms though as we so often allow duties, ought’s and should’s to take the front seat and, in time, they take a stronghold and we can lose sight of the bigger picture of our lives.

The dam takes shape and form only because we allow it to. Although we cannot completely eradicate those duties and ought’s from our lives, we can change how we perceive them: if we stop seeing them as bricks in the dam and start seeing them as something less restrictive, we change their power in our lives. Whilst this does not remove the ‘to do’ list, it can mean that we no longer feel trapped and such a shift in perception matters, as it can set us free. Therefore letting go can open us up to a new level of inner freedom; one which may initially feel a lot like where we are now, but the difference being we feel a great deal differently about being there.

It seems that once we are prepared to stand consciously in the present moment (and this is made easier by seeing life from a new perspective), we can then begin to open up to the layers within that run deeper still: those layers that we know exist but rarely get the opportunity to touch or experience. These layers represent the less tangible and the more nebulous snippets that we are all aware of but find it hard to grab hold of because they feel slippery or out of reach. The reason for this is because we are usually too distracted by the business of life to pause for a moment, take a deep breath and take hold of what lies deep within. This may sound simple and in many ways it is, but the ability to stand still and go within shouldn’t be underestimated as it takes courage and focus. When we feel like buoys being tossed about in the stormy seas of life, finding foundations under our feet can be hard enough but finding stillness and the time to breathe deeply without agenda can often feel like a luxury that we cannot afford. Yet, standing still and breathing have no cost; they are ours by birthright. It’s just that we forget the simplicity of reconnecting to the light within.

November looks set to be a time that re-inspires each and every one of us to pause for a while in order to let go of the distractions and self-built dams, and to open up to living consciously and vibrantly in each and every moment...

 With love,



November looks set to be a month where your inner fire burns brightly illuminating a new path ahead or a new chapter in your life. You have long been one to watch out for ‘signs’ or indicators as to the best time to act but it has become increasingly harder to see such signs because life has grown chaotic and fragmented in so many ways. It’s not that life has become dull or testing but it feels as though a layer of heaviness has set in like a raincloud hovering above your head: you want to dance free like the fire sprite you truly are but the duties and obligations you carry weigh heavily on your shoulders. In a way you feel trapped between reality and your dreams: unable to be as free as you dream but, at the same time, unable to let go of all of those people to see, places to go and things to do.

It is important to realise that there’s a choice as it is your perception that ultimately shapes your reality: how you see your life shapes and defines the shades and tones of your world. Of course, your perception doesn’t change reality, but how you react to situations is important, as change is an integral part of life. You seem ready now to find a new way to be free and to allow your fiery, feisty inner sprite to do more than toe tapping: you want to spin and dance, not giving a hoot who may be watching. Being you is a joy; don’t lose sight of that...


Your need for some ‘wiggle room’ continues in earnest throughout November as you start to feel a strong urge to break free from some of the cycles you now find yourself in. Although wiggling doesn’t sound particularly liberating, allowing yourself the time and space to focus on you is important as it suggests a shift away from self-sacrificing every ounce of yourself for others and a step towards finding a new level of balance in your life. Wiggle room is your way of rocking the boat without really having to rock the boat! In other words, you are beginning to acknowledge your Self and your own needs but maintaining the status quo at the same time. Not one to run before you can walk, you have realised that wriggling gives your body a stretch without really changing anything. This may sound a little defeatist or pointless, but it isn’t as you have to start somewhere.

You are simply not the sort to up-sticks, tie all your possessions into a handkerchief and walk off into the sunset; the temptation is there but your sense of duty to life (and to everyone in it) is too strong. Wiggle room looks set to give you an opportunity to take stock of your life and to contemplate your true needs and priorities. It is all too easy to keep on keeping on in auto-pilot mode but you have reached a threshold where you are no longer happy to ignore your own needs. So, wiggle away and give yourself the space to breathe and be you...         


November looks set to be a month of breathing in and breathing out; nothing much unusual as this is what you do all the time but a new focus is emerging over the days and weeks ahead as you become more conscious of your breath and begin to see it as a new way of interacting with the world. It’s so easy to get tied up in the pedestrian nature of life as the things to do take over and detract from the more inspirational aspects of being alive. Your breath, your trillions of cells, your organs and your consciousness are all little miracles and yet, they just do what they do, day in day out. It’s not that you take it all for granted, you just stop thinking about it as the business of life keeps your brain full and occupied.

As a result, when you do pause, even for a short while, you can feel isolated and disconnected from life, the universe and from your Self, as you no longer feel like an integral part of that magnificent little miracle that makes you, you. This frustrates you as much as it irritates you as although you can see it you frequently feel unable to step from where you are to where you want to be. Yet, herein lies the problem: life is not about getting from where you are now to where you want to be, life is about being here now. Try not to get lost in the journey: be conscious in this moment, treasure it and let your breathing lead the way...


As you continue to break free from those storylines and patterns that have shaped and defined your life for so long, there is a sense that are you now feeling slightly out of kilter with the ‘gap’ that these storylines have left behind. Although you feel a sense of relief that you are beginning to feel a stronger sense of space in your life, you were not prepared to feel quite so unsure as to what to do with it! There is a part of you that wonders if a step back into those safe, comfortable, tattered old slippers of routine would be better, but intuitively you know that you are ready now for something new and you are rather keen to try out a new pair of Jimmy Choo's or some other fancy footwear. Of course, sometimes the grass that looks greener on the other side is, in fact, the same grass.

Although there is no clear suggestion that your 'something new' is actually those tattered slippers in disguise, there is a sense that you need to take your time before throwing them gleefully in the bin. Sometimes, taking your time allows you to incorporate the old with the new creating a new level of enrichment in life. Of course, you are excited about your path ahead and, even though those gaps still feel odd, there's no clear reason why you should put those slippers back on out of panic. Keep them in your trusted backpack by all means, but leave the door open for the next chapter of your life to unfold...


As you continue to explore the true extent of your potential and begin to accept that this comes without boundaries, there's a sense that you are beginning to realise that no boundaries means just that: no boundaries! You have always been open to the concept of expansion and personal growth but you have never really contemplated exactly what this means in your life. Although you have long contemplated stepping beyond convention and exploring new terrain when it comes to living the best life possible and embracing your gifts, there is a sense that you haven’t quite connected the dots together and realised that living the best life possible comes from opening up to living the best life possible rather than simply pondering it.

You are not usually one for procrastination or cogitation, preferring instead to grab life with both hands, but it seems that you have grown so used to the idea of living a life within boundaries that the possibility of a world beyond this feels too incomprehensible and beyond achievable, and, as a result, you are struggling to make the concept tangible enough to articulate. Yet, surely the point of this is not to try to contain your new realisations into something that ‘makes sense’ but to step into them in order to become truly free? November looks set to be a month of shifting awareness as you start to see that the more you become conscious of  your consciousness, the more likely you are to embrace the true art of living without boundaries and living the life that you intuitively know you were born to live...


November looks set to be a month of some repetitive self-questioning. This may sound a little tedious and pointless, but it seems that you have been busy pondering the bigger picture of your life by continually avoiding answering the question as to what truly makes you happy. It’s easier to keep busy and get lost in distractions rather than take a deep breath and open up to answering this potent question. Your consciousness keeps repeating the question as you know it’s time to stop keeping on keeping on to instead pause and connect to your deeper self. Although you may feel frustrated that your deeper self cannot pay the bills or get on with the business of living, your tendency to dismiss your inner longings isn’t hugely successful as they keep knocking at the door of your soul reminding you that there’s more to life than keeping on keeping on.

You are a vibrant, creative and intuitive soul, and the more you acknowledge this the more you will realise that the repetitive self-questioning is not designed to irritate you but to inspire you to step out of your routine and think outside of the box. Your life is your life; it may not always feel like it, but it is. Loving yourself and your life is important; this is not a luxury or indulgence as being you is something to treasure and be proud of. Maybe, just maybe, by pausing for a while to honesty answer what truly makes you happy, you will then be able to re-asses your life and make some empowering decisions about what happens next?


Knowing yourself and making sense of life continue to take centre stage throughout November as you open up to a new chapter: one that feels inspirational and exciting, life-affirming and empowering. You are very good at making sense of what makes the wheels of your life turn, particularly when life feels overwhelming and confusing. Yet, this strategy tends to keep you thinking about the mechanics of life rather than getting stuck in the nitty-gritty of simply getting on with the business of living your life. The distinction may be subtle, but it’s important as understanding life keeps you at a distance from simply being alive and being aware in the moment. As a wise soul, you know the difference between doing and being, thinking and being, and living and breathing, but it can be hard to let go of the vice-like grip your mind sometimes has on ‘working it all out’.

Whilst you will never stop probing, digging and pondering the meaning of life, don’t forget to live it as well as this really is your time to be you and to love yourself for it. Of course, you always have been you and always will be you, but rather than thinking about the ‘you’ that got you to where you are today and the ‘you’ that you still aspire to be, try focusing on the incredible and magnificent ‘you’ that you are today. Don’t over-think this or try to pick it apart to understand it’s hidden or diffuse meaning, instead step consciously into this moment know that being you is not only enough it is incredible at the same time....


November looks set to continue to merge together the different pathways in your life as you open up to the bigger picture of your life, your dreams and your aspirations. Although your dreams and aspirations might appear, at first glance, to be the same, there is a sense that your aspirations are connected to setting goals and working towards success whereas your dreams are those more inspirational and adventurous flirtations with the unknowable in life; one feels more tangible and pedestrian, the other feels, well, intangible. In a way, it’s like having different layers of dreams, the first layer are those things that feel within your grasp and achievable, the second, less tangible layer, feels beyond your comfort zone.

And yet, you seem unwilling to let these go so there is a part of you seemingly keen to dance with the unknowable in life, wanting to take a chance on being the best you that you can be. It can be hard to live with such incongruence, and this has surfaced in your life before, and yet, you already know that the incongruence is not the source of your frustration; it’s your perception of it that chokes the dam. In other words, stop seeing obstacles where there are none and start embracing your incredible intuition, creativity and sense of adventure to boldly go where you have never gone before. Be proud of all that you are and love yourself for having the courage and the strength to be you. As the pathways of your life start to merge and the sense of incongruence fades away, seize the moment and breathe...


November looks set to be a month of awakened inspiration for you as you begin to see your life and your path ahead from a very different perspective. For a long time now you have been giving yourself something of a hard time for not doing more, being or achieving more but you have lost sight of the real meaning of ‘being more’. Status, salary or letters after your name may make you feel more significant but being more is not about justifying yourself or showing the world how clever you are, being more is about the act of being: being in the moment, being at one with yourself and simply being. Being is not doing, it is not achieving, nor does it involve self-flagellation or the mantra ‘must do better’. Stop giving yourself a hard time, feeling like you still have to get from where you are to where you think you need to be in order to be happy.

Be in the moment, breathe in the moment and realise that, in this moment, you already are where you need to be. You only ever have this moment so why not be conscious in it and make the most of it. Spending your time trying to achieve the best possible outcome is admirable but it keeps you locked in a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy of lack as you never feel like you are enough. You are enough, in fact, you are more than enough! Chasing status or qualifications may occupy your time but why not occupy your time by being you?


‘Thanks shallot’ said the broad bean to the onion. ‘That’s ok, you’ve bean worth it; it was such a turnip for the books’ was the reply. No, you haven’t entered another reality; that really was a pun-filled conversation between vegetables. What on earth could onions and beans have to do with your month ahead you may ask? Well, absolutely nothing, but it did get your attention! November looks set to be a month for raisin the roof (sorry) as you begin to see your life from a softer, yet clearer, perspective. You do a mighty fine job of giving yourself a hard time to keep on keeping on as you hate the thought that you are ‘letting the side down’ by not pushing yourself until you are weary and worn-out. Yet, such determination can leave you feeling isolated and disconnected from your true nature as you become so distracted by pushing on that you forget to be you.

As a result, your focus on life narrows and you can find it hard to see beyond the routine nature of your days; you stop noticing the ‘bigger picture’ or your inner voice calling to you to take a breath and re-focus. You therefore need bad vegetable humour to distract you momentarily in order for you to question your spot in reality. Although you may feel torn between the desire to run free in the hills and the need to ‘do what’s right’, try not to let this tear you in two. Instead, stand in this moment and let your gaze soften as you find a new way of living and being you...


November looks set to be a month for re-evaluation as you take stock of the life you are living, the life you have lived and the life before you. Although you are not usually one for focusing too strongly on the past or the future, preferring instead to focus more consciously on the present moment, there is a sense that you need some context in your life now as you need to realise just how far you have come! Sometimes, stepping back to see the journey of your life is helpful as it can inspire you to see the bigger picture and help you to realise that the path you have walked is far more significant than you ever thought. You often doubt your own ability to be the ‘you’ that you know yourself to be, but when you stop to gaze around at the full panorama of your life, it’s clear to see that you have never truly lost your connection with your essence.

Of course there are times when life feels pedestrian and heavy going, and there are times when you have felt disconnected and out of sorts with yourself, but there have also been times when you have felt engaged, awakened and truly alive. There is a sense that you are nearing a crossroads in your life and it’s your ability to step back from the details in order to see the bigger picture that will serve you well. Believe in yourself and know yourself to be the ‘you’ that you were born to be...


There’s no denying the fact that sometimes your life feels onerous, hard-work and exhausting. You can feel as though you are covering and re-covering the same old terrain as you try to move forward only to be pulled back by someone or something stuck in an old storyline or pattern. Every time you start to take an exhalation of free air, you suddenly feel as though the doors slam shut and you have to hold your breath once again. You are a strong soul and if anyone can handle this it’s you but you seem understandably frustrated that these cycles keep repeating themselves even though you are ready to set them free. Sometimes it’s not your perspective that’s the problem, sometimes it’s the reality that those around you are not moving in exactly the same direction as you. There is no one else quite like you and although you are evolving at an almost exponential rate, not everyone is running at the same pace as you are.

As a result, incongruence and fracture emerge as the forces of your life (i.e. you and those close) are not pulling in the same direction. This is a natural part of life but you feel frustrated as though you are tied to a piece of elastic that keeps snapping you back to where you were even though you get to within a gnats whiskers’ distance of where you want to be. Stop struggling and breathe. Let yourself evolve naturally and trust that others will evolve in their own time and in their own way. You can’t lead everyone by the hand; it’s not in your remit. Be you, be free and love yourself for it...



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