Monthly Astro-Forecasts November 2015

Message for November 2015

November looks set to be a month of magic and sparkle as we reach the culmination of a profound and intense inner journey (well, the culmination of this particular part of the journey to be more precise). Although we may spend the month feeling as though we are trying to navigate our way through a box of dynamite whilst carrying a lit match, there is also a growing sense of excitement rising up from deep within as we feel alive with possibility.

In many ways it is hard to articulate the true essence of this shift and change as it goes beyond vocabulary and understanding; we can feel, hear and taste the change but we can’t, as yet, touch it or see it. As a result, there is an air of cautious expectation as we can sense a new path ahead but we have no idea what’s around the corner. Intuitively we can feel the eagerness within our hearts and soul to stride forth renewed and invigorated but, at the same time, we are more than aware of the need to walk very carefully through that dynamite as every step, shake of the hand or cough matters! Of course, this is a spiritual or energetic journey rather than a physical (or literal) walk through dynamite, but, in a way, it feels even more profound as so much is at stake.

Dynamite breaks down seemingly immovable objects, and whilst dropping that lit match isn’t advisable, there is a sense that we are ready now to clear the way of debris: of outdated beliefs, of false hopes and of linear thinking. Clearing the way doesn’t have to be explosive and yet, there is an undeniable sense of satisfaction that comes from lightening the load and breathing freely once again. Many of us have spent years, decades and longer trying to reach a point of awakening or breakthrough; that point where we step from a place of fear to one of strength, but it’s an intense and challenging dark night of the soul to experience. It takes courage, faith and a willingness to let go in order to clear the way, but it is ‘letting go’ that so often thwarts so many as it involves truly letting go and going into a spiritual free fall. Intuitively we know this is the only way but logically who wants to let go and spiral into the unknown? The dynamite and lit match are representatives of the fear so many of us carry in connection to letting go, we hold back as it seems logical not to let the dynamite and match get too close and yet, we’ve created both and we’ve created the scenario so why can’t we uncreate it?

We want to breakthrough but our fear holds us back, preventing us from letting go as it feels too big to comprehend. However, resisting it doesn’t stop it happening so isn’t it better to take a breath and go willingly rather than be pushed kicking and screaming? Of course, at the end of the day, no one can answer this question other than ourselves. There is no right or wrong, there just is. The magic and sparkle can be amazing, breathtaking and awe-inspiring if we allow it to be or it can be another arduous and challenging chapter to endure. Our perception matters as it flavours the moment; it doesn't change it, but it does alter our experience of it.

So, November looks like a month of intensity but it’s also a month for new beginnings as we shed the old and open up our hearts and souls to the unknowableness of the moment…

With love,




November looks set to be a month for grabbing hold of the moment and making some important decisions about what's truly valuable in your life. You have a strong sense of self as well as a strong sense of direction in life, but there is a hint of discontentment deep within you as you can often feel tied between duty, responsibility, freedom and adventure. It’s as though your heart longs to dance free, but your head feels obligated to keep on keeping on, never letting anyone down in the process. There have been times in your life where you have felt torn between being the best ‘you’ you can be and being the ‘you’ you feel you ought to be. In some ways, it may seem strange that you have such an inner struggle, after all, you are one of life's vibrant, passionate and determined individuals, yet it is exactly these qualities that can, at times, undermine you as you often try a little too hard to keep everybody happy.

In your attempt to take care of the needs of others, there is a risk that you downgrade your own needs and this is the root of your inner struggle, as intuitively you sense an imbalance, but you are too stubborn to do anything about it. Stubbornness can be a very useful quality at times, as it can see you accomplishing a great deal, but it can also prevent you from seeing the bigger picture of your life. You have now reached a threshold which looks set to present you with an opportunity to shift the balance of your life in order to channel some of your passion and determination towards living the best life possible and being the ‘you’ you were born to be…



As you continue to find new ways to ride the ebb and flow of the currents of change in life, there is a growing sense that you are beginning to master the art of surfing. It’s as though, when faced with the unpredictability of the waves of life, instead of feeling frustrated at the prospect of constant change, you have decided to accept it, adapt and find a new way of thriving. Your resourcefulness and open-mindedness has allowed you to accept the inevitability of change without becoming disempowered or disenchanted as a result. Yet, change doesn't always feel gentle and rosy like an ebb and flow, sometimes it feels stormy and wild, and this can be unnerving as you can struggle to find any semblance of solid ground on which to rest and take a breath. As you know, change is always in the air and you have faced your fair share of it over recent months, but there is a sense of strength and resilience rising up from within you as you choose to step more consciously into the current moment, letting go of the inevitable worries and concerns as to what may, or may not, lie ahead.

Embracing the moment takes a great deal of courage as it shows your willingness to let go of the need to try to control, resist or change. This doesn't mean you've given up, rather you have chosen to live more consciously and intuitively in order to make the most of each and every moment. You have found the wisdom of being here now rather than spending your time worrying about what may or may not happen tomorrow. Trust your wisdom, let it guide you and as you continue to surf, don't forget to enjoy the ride…



‘Let your truth find its own way’. These were the parting words at the end of last month's reading, and they look set to continue to spark inner reflection and debate as you contemplate the concept of truth and what it really means to you. For a long time now you have felt yourself opening up to the concept of living more wholeheartedly and more in connection to your true self. Such a shift has caused ripples of excitement within you as you have felt ready for 'something new’ for quite some time. Although you still have no clear or concise idea as to what this ‘something new’ actually is, you intuitively know it’s exactly as it needs to be. You have let go of a great deal over recent months and years, and, as a result, you feel so much lighter within. However, there is still a sense of inner shift going on as you continue to peel back layer upon layer and allow your true self to emerge without expectation or judgement.

Of course, your mind is keen to make sense of these shifts but you know you need to allow the process to happen in its own time and in its own way. The concept of truth is perhaps your biggest obstacle though as it’s hard for you to not want to understand, rationalise and process it. So, you find yourself torn between ‘going with the flow’ and wanting to understand the true essence of what exactly makes the flow, flow. It seems important for you to stop trying so hard to be the ‘finished product’ as it doesn’t exist, instead be you and love yourself for it…



November looks set to be a month for reconnecting to the stillness that resides at the heart of your being, although in your everyday life you may feel anything other than still, right at the core of you lies a pool of tranquillity. You may feel that this description is a little ' fluffy bunny’ and you are rather more grounded and practical than this, however, despite wearing sensible shoes, there is a side of you that's deeply creative and intuitive, and it is this side where the pool of stillness resides. For most of the time, this stillness just lives quietly in the corner of your soul, unacknowledged and unnoticed. It's not that you deliberately turn your back on this valuable resource, it's just that life has far too many distractions and you simply don't have the time. Yet, despite your busy life, there are also times when you long to reconnect to the stillness as you know this is the true path to yourself.

Such a longing possibly suggests a deeper reason for you being so distracted, such as an avoidance of the stillness as you are unsure exactly what lies at its heart. Perhaps, the stillness will remind you of your true essence and show you that a path of busyness and distraction is not always the path to fulfilment. Of course, there will always be things to do, people to see and places to go, but isn't life more than this? Although you are not one to wallow in philosophical ponderings and wonderings, you cannot continually deny your intuitive self the room to flow freely. You have reached a threshold in your life, and you seem ready now to dive into the stillness and discover the joys it contains…



Over the last few months, there has been a strong focus on unravelling and unpicking the knots and tangles within. There have been times when the focus has been so intense, you have felt as though layer upon layer has been peeled back and exposed. Although you intuitively know and understand the need for this process, you would be forgiven for having moments when it all feels like too much. On one hand you are trying to accept yourself exactly as you are: quirks, nuances and complexities included. Yet on the other hand you are trying to undo the tangles within in order to feel freer, clearer and more ‘complete’. It's therefore easy to see what lies at the heart of the confusion, as undoing the tangles is not about striving for perfection, it's simply about living well exactly as you are. The tangles aren’t imperfections to ‘fix’, they are the more complex aspects of you that need love, affection and compassion.

Of course, it's an easy conclusion to make that untangling the knots must lead to a stronger sense of feeling complete as it lightens the load of your life, but things are rarely as clear cut as this; the state of ‘completeness’ never lasts as the wheels of life constantly turn and shift. Nothing stays frozen in time, so instead of striving for a horizon that never comes, why not stop trying so hard to get ‘there’ and focus your energies on making the most of ‘here’? This doesn’t mean giving up on dreams or goals, but it means consciously stepping into each and every moment, and choosing to evolve and flourish as you stop being so hard on yourself for trying to be ‘there’ when all you truly need is to be fully and wholeheartedly ‘here’…



As you continue to take stock of your meanderings in life, there is a sense you are beginning to realise that your journey away from mapped and pre-defined pathways has allowed you to discover more about yourself than you ever imagined possible. Although you have deviated from your 'grand plan’ of life, you cannot help but feel ever so slightly relieved because you now find yourself in new territory and this feels exciting, liberating and expansive. A pressure has been lifted off your shoulders as you don’t have to be ‘the perfect one’ anymore. You keep this perfection well hidden as you fear it somehow makes you boring or less exciting, but it pushes you into corners as you don’t like to make it known that you’ve made a mistake, had a change of heart or done something completely different. Keeping up appearances has a cost!

Trying to get life ‘right’ has left you fighting hard to stay en route as you left yourself little room for deviation or meandering, now you are seemingly inadvertently ‘off map’ you have realised just how contained and restrained you have become trying to push on and on. You’ve fought the unknown even though you never truly contemplated what this meant and even though you know that if you find yourself ‘off road’, you have the means to simply build another one. It’s certainly complicated being you! You’ve tied yourself up in knots trying to not be you even though you know just how talented and amazing you really are. The time has come to stop trying to work out why you are the way you are and instead to just be the way you are. So, draw your own map, carve out new roads and love every minute of it…



November looks set to be a month for taking a deep breath, filling your lungs with air, stretching out your arms and reaching towards something new. There is a sense that you have been going through a powerful period of shift over recent weeks and months, and although you are still unable to articulate the essence of the shift, your awareness has expanded enabling you to see both yourself and your life from a different perspective. You have changed even though you can't specify exactly how; it's a feeling, an inkling or stirring within you, and it feels enriching, empowering and inspiring. To some, this could feel slightly bewildering, but you intuitively know everything is exactly as it should be. Although your inquisitive mind would normally insist on understanding every detail, unusually it's rather quiet, allowing this process of shift to unfold in its own time and in its own way.

Of course, your mind isn't completely still but its quiet enough to allow you to connect more wholeheartedly to the feelings and essence of the change you’re undertaking. Being fully conscious and aware at this pivotal time will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself; this may sound slightly ironical, after all, your mind is quietening down but it is the act of stilling the mind that will enable you to stop chasing understanding and instead allow it to come to you. There is a sense that you are becoming less of an over-thinker but more of a wisdom-being now as you are no longer trying to work everything out in an attempt to make sense of life. Being a wisdom-being inspires you to ride the waves of life more consciously and with a deeper and truer sense of connection…



November looks set to bring you some powerful revelations as you continue to connect to your profound and incredible sense of intuition. Although you have always been intuitive, this gift has often been pushed away when life got busy, difficult, stressful or challenging. In fact, there have always been things to do, people to see, places to go and stuff to think about, as all of these have been carefully strategised distraction techniques designed to keep you away from accessing that well of intuition, creativity and free-spiritedness deep within your being. Yet, why? Why would you want to distract yourself from such an amazing facet of your being? Why would you rather avoid this and instead spend your time keeping on keeping on the business of life? Well, it seems that intuitively you know just how deep and powerful that inner well actually is, and, as a result, it feels easier to deny it as you simply don't know how to handle or manage it in your everyday life. However, how do you really know it’s unmanageable, tumultuous and wild? Perhaps this is simply your perception, and ignoring the core of your being makes for a quieter and simpler life as it means you don’t need to listen to your inner creative being crying out for expression? But does it make for a happier life?

Perhaps the time has now come for you to throw the doors within open in order to face your true essence and to realise it is your friend not your foe. Whilst this is a decision only you can make, you seem ready now to let go of distractions and simplify your life in order to live in a more enriching and inspiring way…



November looks set to be something of an explosive spectacular as you begin to breakthrough layer upon layer of ‘stuff’ and clutter in your life. Whilst explosions of any kind may not sound overly chipper, intuitively you feel rather excited at the prospect as you have been longing for some fireworks in your life for quite some time. Reassuringly this explosive spectacular is unlikely to create any major problems as the focus is not on the world around you but on the world that resides within you: your creativity, your emotions and your spirituality. Of course, life never carries any guarantees, but the explosions look set to be inner revelations which will create ripples of change in all areas of your life. In many ways, you have felt stuck in a rut for a long time, you have sought out escape routes and you have contemplated and explored different possibilities to create change, but you have felt immersed in an inertia which has kept you in the same place.

Therefore, the prospect of an explosive spectacular feels quite apt as you have been thinking about the need to set off some kind of energetic explosion in your life in order to break free. It hasn’t helped that you haven't been exactly sure what you are breaking free from as the inertia has sapped your spirit and choked your creative spark. However, you seem more than ready to create the change you need in your life and you know that much more than a gentle nudge is required! Whilst this isn’t an invitation to blast craters into your life destroying everything in your wake, this is an opportunity to break free from the beliefs, routines and obstacles that have been holding you back. In short, this is your time to twinkle, shimmer and sparkle…



Life is frequently a bewildering mixture of experiences: some good, some amazing, some not so good and some which are beyond words. There are also those experiences which include all of the above within the blink of an eye. And there are times when you would be forgiven for not knowing whether you are coming, going or stuck somewhere in between. However, there are plenty of other times where you feel slightly nonplussed and disengaged due to the pedestrian and rather ordinary nature of the daily grind of life. Despite feeling slightly downhearted with the lack of ‘va va voom’ and adventure, there is a sense that you also find this slightly reassuring, as there’s a degree of comfort in the ordinary as you feel you know where you stand with this.

Adventure, whilst alluring, is unpredictable and full of surprises. However, when you step beyond logic and realism, you cannot help but sense an inner imbalance as, despite appearances, the lack of adventure is leaving you feeling slightly out of kilter. Perhaps the saying: ‘all work and no play’ is one to take note of in November as it seems so important that you establish a good work/life balance, ensuring plenty of time for adventure, relaxation and laughter. Taking life so seriously all the time isn’t good for your stress levels nor is it good for your creativity or feisty spirit. You thrive on challenge and you flourish in unknown territory, so staying in the comfort of the daily grind will only wear you down as it keeps you away from your true essence. Of course, there are duties and responsibilities to take into account, but don't hide behind these as reasons ‘not to’. Use your flair, wisdom and talent to thrive instead…



November looks set to be a month for some genuine and wholehearted self-compassion as although you are a compassionate soul, you so often forget to be compassionate with yourself. Life isn't always a bed of roses, and there are times when you feel beleaguered and bewildered, there are also times when you feel tired and weary. Sometimes rather than trying to push on and through, taking a pause and showing yourself some compassion is actually far more effective as it re-shapes and re-defines your perspective enabling you to see your life and your path in a different way. Compassion may not fix things, but it allows you to bring a deeper sense of balance into your life which helps you to ride the ebb and flow more consciously. You are a vibrant and creative soul, and yet you often hold this back as you try to strive on, pushing yourself hard to get things done.

Determination is a gift, but not when it overwhelms and exhausts you. Pushing yourself beyond your boundaries takes courage and self-belief but sometimes it’s important to pause for a while to take stock of the path you’ve walked and the path ahead of you, however, it’s even more important to take stock of where you are now. Although you are a wise and intuitive soul, you have a tendency to focus so hard on where you want to be or feel you need to be that you forget to notice where you are. Life is a journey, but the destination is continually changing, so why not savour the view and make the most of each and every moment? By embracing self-compassion, you will naturally re-align and begin to fully appreciate all that you are…



As you continue to wrestle with the storm raging at the core of your soul, there is a sense of some relief on the horizon as the winds ease and the rain turns to drizzle. The storm has whipped up a great deal of inner thought and reflection as it has made you look deeply within in order to acknowledge your true needs and wants. You are great at being the one everyone else relies on, or turns to, but the cost of this has been a neglect of your own needs as a result. However, it’s not that you're being taken advantage of as you give your energy away so freely; there is a sense that you like to be entrenched in helping others as it takes you away from those stormy depths within as facing your truth has been something you’ve been keen to avoid. Yet, why? Why do you fear your true essence? The storm within you is full of energy, passion, creativity and wisdom, and it is a powerful force for change. Intuitively you know this but fear your full power as you’ve never allowed yourself to become fully immersed in it.

Being you isn’t something to fear but, over the years, you’ve denied it and you now fear your power will rampage uncontrollably if you let it out. Yet, it is a part of you, so by denying it is denying yourself the opportunity to be your formidable and phenomenal self. Remember, this is a part of you, so by embracing it, you can learn how to channel it in your life. However, keeping it squashed up inside leads to a deep sense of inner discontent as you feel so disconnected from your true essence. You are a powerful soul: own it, use it and love it…



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