Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2012

Message for October 2012

Welcome. October looks set to be a month of cosmic twists and turns as new waves of insights reach deeply into the collective consciousness stirring up powerful shifts and realisations, both personally and collectively. Layer upon layer of ‘stuff’ is being stripped back now enabling each of us to feel a stronger and clearer connection within and to our true priorities in life. It seems that the most important and significant shifts are occurring deeply within, right at the core of our beings, as we awaken to living more consciously and ‘in-tune’ with our own Divinity and to the interconnectedness of all there is.

It can be hard to quantify such shifts in words, for many are subtle and many are beyond words and without any vocabulary to give them justice. And yet, we are still aware of them, and despite them feeling beyond definition, in a way this doesn’t matter, for it is just by being aware of them that we are opening up to the full spectrum of shift and change that is happening, both within, and without.

There is so much that remains beyond definition, for there is so much within the Universal Whole that we have yet to discover, explore, comprehend, notice or ponder. We could let this make us feel very small and inconsequential or we can accept that whilst we do not know everything, we are still magnificent and vibrant beings. We are all part of the sacred Whole, and when we can truly feel this, the need for definition and explanation subsides, as we become One with it all.

Being part of the Whole carries responsibilities though, for we know that every thought and action has a consequence. Once we open up to the power of this, it is easy to see why shaping our thoughts in positive and life affirming ways matters!

We are nearing a threshold of realisation now, a gateway of awakening to a new chapter of living, breathing and being. Each of us has a role to play, and each of us has a choice as to how consciously we embrace this new dawn. It seems hard to comprehend being able to ignore such change, but there will inevitably be many who resist and try to cling on to what’s familiar. This is not to be judged, for every soul is a unique being; instead, we need to focus on our own Divinity and know that by becoming all that we know we can be, we are stepping fully and consciously into the true flow of the Universe...

The New Moon is in Libra on 15th at 12.02 (13.02 BST) and The Full Moon is in Taurus on the 29th at 19.49 GMT. In the UK, BST ends on the 28th when the clocks go back to GMT.

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Dancing on the crests of the waves of life continues to be a powerful theme for you throughout October. It seems that the more you step into the flow, the more your natural exuberance, enthusiasm and confidence are rising, enabling you to glide on the wave crests, gently surfing the currents, rather than being carried along by the tides. Such a position suggests direction, clarity, wisdom and astuteness, and you seem to have them all by the bucket load at the current time; you have let go of a great deal of doubt in connection to your Self, your Truth, your dreams and your life, and this has injected so much passion and liberation into your essence. In short, it seems that you now have the self-belief and faith to stand tall, to speak your Truth and to live your Truth as well.

Such a stance is not always easy to take in life, for others may resist or oppose you, and others may feel a little threatened by the ‘new you’. However, this isn’t a new you, it is the real you, for it is your natural state of being to be strong, focused, determined and well-directed. Whilst you have drifted a little off-course over time, the fires within have never been extinguished, just hidden under the layers of duty, responsibility and ‘ought’s. As you shed these layers by seeing everything in life with fresh eyes and a new perspective, your inner fire starts to stir and grow as the flames start to build. This fire feels passionate, inspirational and extremely empowering, and as you open up to the amazing warmth, power and intensity within, you can expect to see some powerful shifts without. So, ride the waves and feel the joy...


As you continue to lighten the load of your life, there is a sense that October looks set to be a month of vibrant shifts and energetic change on lots of different levels. That huge back pack of duty that you have been carting around for so long is now being unpacked, and, to your amazement, you are finding rocks, stones and other hefty objects that have been sitting on your back for sometime which really didn’t need to be there! Of course, many rocks are quite beautiful, but you could perhaps put them in a rockery or in a display cabinet rather than carry them around on your back! In other words, it seems clear that you have been carrying a little too much burden, duty and responsibility, and whilst some of it will inevitably remain with you, there is a great deal that you can set free now.

Habit and misplaced feelings of guilt or heroism have seen you carrying those rocks (those burdens which need not be carried at all) and collecting more along the way. Of course, this is part of being human, but when you have so many rocks in your backpack that there is little room for anything new and you can barely lift the thing, then you intuitively know that the time has come to contemplate change. With such a strong focus on this backpack, it can be hard to miss the beautiful changing scenery and opportunities around you (as well as having the ‘space’ to connect to your own dreams and needs), so it seems time to lighten the load, to open up to your Self and to have a gentle stroll along a new path in life; one that allows you some freedom, space, spontaneity and, most importantly, is rock free...


October looks set to be a month of decision-making and self-honesty as you begin to contemplate what you truly want from your life and what you need to do to achieve it. Self-honesty seems to imply that you are somehow deceiving your Self, and if you are reacting to these words, then a little time contemplating the possibility definitely seems appropriate! Self-honesty is purely about your relationship with your Self; it is not a judgement of character or a scorn on your nature. You have spent a great deal of time trying to be everything to everyone, including trying to be everything to your Self. A natural tendency one would assume, but you have been trying to juggle so many ideas and possibilities that you have lost sight of the Truth of who you really are and what you really want in life.

A call for self-honesty suggests a time for you to pause and re-centre in order to allow the many different currents of your life to merge into a more cohesive and manageable flow. There is a sense that you need to stop thinking about what you feel you ought to do in life, and what you feel you should be in life ,and instead go deeper within to feel the Truth of your reality and of your Self. The time has come to be everything to your Self but in a way that is empowering, energising and liberating rather than fragmented, scattered and disjointed. You seem ready to stop seeking the answers externally in order to go within and allow clarity to rise up and guide you forward. This is a profound time for you, and the more willing you are to be honest with your Self, the more liberated you are likely to feel as a result...


Cohesion looks set to be your word for the month in October; there is a powerful sense of inner union and outer clarity in your life as you begin to re-focus your Self towards your true goals and dreams. You have been treading water for a little while now, and whilst it has served its purpose, you can’t help but feel restless and unsettled as you can feel the winds of change gathering momentum. Change brings with it an element of the unknown and a degree of uncertainty, but it seems important to point out that even the familiar can never be set in stone, for nothing is guaranteed in the transient flow of life. This isn’t to suggest that your status quo is about to be thrown into turmoil, but it is a gentle nudge to inspire you to think more expansively about change.

Intuitively and spiritually you have a strong and powerful awareness of ‘the bigger picture’, but you can find it so hard to relate this to your own life and existence. As a result, you often stand separate from this awareness, keeping your life contained and standing on the periphery of the magnificent splendour that you intuitively know is all around you and within you. Such a stance seems puzzling, although understandable, for it is your way of maintaining the status quo and trying to keep things on an ‘even keel’; yet, maybe the time has come to contemplate merging your reality with your vision and allowing the two to come together to give you a fresh perspective on life and on your path ahead? You are very much in the driving seat of your life now, your vision shapes your reality and only you have the power to allow your vision to shine...


It seems that your sweet feline squeak looks set to become a mighty roar once again as you step into October! You have let go of a great deal of frustration and allowed yourself the time and space to re-centre and ‘be’, and this has enabled you to re-connect to your true power and strength as your passionate, inspirational and fiery inner sun has moved out from beyond the clouds (the confusion). It seems that you have let go of the ‘struggle’ and the need to ‘chase’ in life and begun to realise that the most important domain is the inner one, for it is your inner world that brings you clarity, power, direction and strength. Of course, your outer world is important too, but it is shaped by your inner world in so many ways, and so by allowing your Self some time to re-centre, you are naturally coming back into alignment with your true nature or essence.

As you reacquaint your Self with your roar and your passion, there is a sense of some inner shifts occurring as you reconnect to your dreams and goals. It seems likely that some of what once seemed so important now seems less so as some new dreams are surfacing in connection to living a more balanced, liberated and inspirational life. Whilst the wheels of the daily grind keep on turning, you are beginning to see ways to inject some extra energy into your life in order to transport your Self to a more enriched way of living and being. In short, your aspirations are now more strongly focused on the riches within and this is transforming your life and your hopes radically. Feel the light shining brightly within and let it illuminate your path ahead...


‘The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round...all day long’. The words of this childhood song (which will now be ingrained in the psyche for all eternity) seem to sum up the somewhat mechanical flow of your life at the current time, for the wheels just keep on turning, and turning, and turning. Of course, you want them to turn, for it suggests forward movement and making progress, but where is the passion, the spark and the ‘va-va voom’? There can be no denying that the mechanical aspects of your life seem to be in working order, but if you pause and step back, how do the creative, inspirational and spiritual aspects feel? There is a sense that in your efforts to keep on keeping on, you have become so focused on maintaining your finely tuned ‘bus’, that you spend nearly all of your time oiling the cogs, greasing the wheels and tightening the odd nut and bolt.

Without delving deeper into the complex world of motor mechanics, there is a sense that you have become so focused on the details that you cannot see the bigger picture anymore. Those cogs and nuts might be well polished and finely tuned, but without that ‘va-va voom’ and sense of your own, unique bigger picture, no amount of cog polishing is likely to bring you what you seek. Of course, the details are important, but seeing the wheels going round and round no longer seems enough, for you are ready now to contemplate life beyond the ‘bus’, a life where you are free to roam away from the ‘bus routes of life’ in order to find a brand new way of living and being, and where a new wave of ‘va-va voom’ lights up your life...


October looks set to be a month of realisation, inspiration and empowerment for you as you become fully realigned with your inner light and surrender fully to the flow of your life. You are world class at weighing up all of the possible outcomes to all of the many possible pathways in life, and whilst this can be a gift, it can also be a huge burden as it can leave you frozen in indecision and uncertainty. Very often, this leaves your inner light hidden and takes you away from the clarity that you long for, for the more you weigh things up, the more entrenched you become in indecision. It therefore seems clear that in order to find this seemingly illusive ‘clarity’, you need to stop strategising and analysing, and instead start feeling and intuiting. Well, easier said than done, for you are not ‘touchy-feely’; your mind is your source of power and you can’t just switch it off, no matter how hard you try. What’s the solution?

Well, instead of trying to be someone that you are not by doing something that doesn’t intuitively feel right, perhaps it is time to start being more conscious of all that you are? Your mind and your insights are a huge gift, so why not work with them rather than fighting them and getting lost in uncertainty? Of course you want to know the outcomes of choices, who wouldn’t? However, you need to balance all of this head-stuff with doing, for life won’t move forward by thought alone; sometimes you actually have to take some action! October looks set to be a time of balance where you blend the power of your mind with your intuitive gift in order to move beyond doubt to a place of ‘knowing’ that all is well in your world...


October is ‘falling leaves time’, and for many it suggests a time to baton down the hatches in order to be prepared for the winter months ahead. Of course, for those in the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite is true, but falling leaves time seems to accurately reflect your life at the current time, no matter where you live, for there is a sense of letting go on many different levels. When the leaves fall it is easy to see the trees as bare and dormant; but they lose their leaves in order to store energy to get them through the winter months. Therefore, despite appearances, this is a highly energetic and active time, and the same, it seems, can be said for you. As you continue to let go, there will be plenty of time to dance in the falling leaves and to celebrate the beautiful colours, but as the energy starts to grow and build within, your focus will be drawn to your inner world as you begin to fully realign with the source of your power and intuition.

Although there may be a nip in the air, your inner world is warm and bright, and this is where your focus needs to be now, for it is your inner world that will bring you insight into how to make the most of this time of letting go. The cyclic nature of life means that beginnings follow endings, and whilst endings can often be challenging, you seem ready now to let go of all that no longer serves a positive and enriching role in your life in order to find a clearer, simpler and more joyful pathway ahead. This is your time to celebrate your power, your inspiration, your creativity and your passion, in order to come together into a beautiful and amazing Whole...


Like a kiddie in the proverbial sweetshop of life, it seems that you are standing with colourful jars and enticing delicacies all around you at the current time. Whilst magical, there is a distinct vibe of confusion coming from you as you can’t quite work out which jars to open, which jars to sample and which jars to set aside. Of course, with you being you, the temptation is to switch your focus away from the jars towards inventing a carrying device which allows you to carry the whole shop, but intuitively you know that this won’t work for long as it will be too cumbersome; at the same time why would you want to carry it all, particularly as there are some sweets that you already know that you don’t enjoy?

October looks set to be a month where you can step back a little from the colourful jars in order to gain a fresh perspective on your life. There is no denying that some of these sweet treats are truly special to you, but the rest seem to be present just in case you need them, or might, at some point in the distant future, change your tastes completely and decide to like them. Covering all bases is a wise choice, but you have so many bases covered that there is no ground left for ambling walks or random exploration! It seems that you need to take a ‘less is more’ philosophy now in order to focus on your true priorities and trust that if, in the future, you need those other jars, that you can find a way to access them. What matters most at the present time is the present time, so focus on the now and celebrate the wonder of living consciously...


October looks set to be a month of contemplation and reflection for you as you continue to walk the path to Self; there is a sense that whilst you are aware and open to the process of ‘awakening’, you can’t help but wonder what it truly means. Equally, ‘the path to Self’ sounds intriguing, but what is it really all about? You are feeling a little bombarded with buzz words and lofty sounding phrases, and you are beginning to feel frustrated that you seem less able to ‘glide’ along with it all because you are unable to just accept all that you are being told. Intuitively you have a good sense of the shifts occurring, but logically you are finding it harder to go with the flow, for you want some answers and you need some clarity! Wouldn’t we all...

It seems that you have reached a time where going with the flow feels too wishy-washy; you are ready to ride the waves by building your own ship (with matches if you need to). You have crossed a threshold, where waiting and wondering just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore, for you need to act and create change. Yet, this is a month for contemplation and reflection, so how does this fit into building your own ship and forging ahead? Well, it seems that part of your frustration is coming from a disconnection to your true Self; you have lost sight of your Truth (more buzz words, sorry!), and stepped away from your intuition. Logically, you want to charge ahead, but you would be wise to take your time in order to find balance between head and heart, for when working together, clarity and shift are likely to rise up to lead you forwards. You will then be free to write your own buzz words as you re-shape your reality from the inside, out...


October looks set to be a month of vision and inspiration as you continue to bring your head and heart together into a beautiful and magnificent inner union. Such a union feels truly special and quite magical, for it is a sign that you are setting resistance free and opening up to the amazing Truth of All that you Are. Walking a more balanced and liberated pathway may feel slightly strange at first, but the more you settle into it, the more you realise that this is your true state of being; whilst you are a mind soul, you are also a deeply intuitive soul at the same time, and trying to be one or the other shifts you out of balance, taking you further away from being Whole.

As you acclimatise yourself with this momentous inner union, a great deal of doubt looks set to disperse as you realise that doubt is a negative force in your life that erodes and corrodes rather that builds and enhances. Not a new concept, but one that you have struggled with over time as reality has chomped away at your faith and optimism. Of course, doubt is also a force that can stop you from making rash decisions, so balance is once again important, but intuitively you know that the doubts you are ready to set free now are the ones that have been holding you back from living your dream. You can see, feel, hear, touch and even taste your dream; your vision of it is spectacular and vivid, but there is still a sense that it feels external to you. This inner union looks set to finally bring your dream home enabling you to connect fully to its energy and power, and inspiring you to turn it from dream to reality...


October looks set to be a month of expansion, enlightenment and enrichment, and not to feel left out, a month of expectation as well. With so much buzz, it might be hard for you to find much time to contemplate your perception and how you see the world. So, pause for a moment to explore this further with a somewhat random example. Think of the initials ‘B.C.’; commonly, these initials are considered to mean ‘before Christ’, but B.C. could stand for many things if you allow your mind to open up and you step more consciously into the free and fluid flow of unique and creative thinking. Boiled cabbage immediately comes to mind, not sure why, but perhaps this is a reflection of how far outside of the box your consciousness actually functions?!

In essence, it seems that your unique perspective is serving you well now as you find ways of thinking creatively to find a positive solution to a seemingly impossible mountain to climb. Whilst this mountain is very real and very present, it is how you view it that matters most. See it as set in stone (B.C. can only equal ‘before Christ’) and you are unlikely to see a solution, but think creatively, and the boiled cabbage takes you to a brand new set of possibilities and solutions. Let’s stop there with the boiled cabbage, but it seems clear that the key to you finding clarity and direction now comes from taking your awareness beyond the ordinary and allowing those random thoughts and ideas a little room to manoeuvre. You are a unique and vibrant soul; your thoughts and beliefs shape and define your life, so step beyond the box now in order to re-shape your world from the inside, out. Boiled cabbage or beyond confusion, the decision is yours...


kiwimuzz 1st October 2012 6:27 pm

Being a Tauras I agree with the forecast. My twin boys attacked my wife and I last week as we asked for $50 board they would not pay. Along with thier disrespect for us having all of thier mates around messing the house partys noise etc we have had enough and got the police to take them away. The ban finishs tomorrow and we hope they do not come back. It has been wonderful not having them there and the stress and vibe in the house has gone. I only hope they move out as we are enjoying what we deserve and believe in the changes that are being experienced.


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