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Message for October 2013

Welcome back! October looks set to be a month to warm our hands on the gentle glow from within as we begin to re-centre and re-align after a few months of upheaval and unrest. The tumultuousness of life has made for some challenging times, as well as some inspirational times, and even though there have also been times when we have all wondered what on earth has been happening, intuitively we have sensed that everything was/is as it should be.

Of course, being human does complicate things as we have an innate need to understand, to unravel and to dig; we want to find reason for the upheaval and to gain a sense of wisdom from the process as it helps us to cope with the ups and the downs. Yet, there are times when the need for digging and unravelling ends as we need to focus on resting and being instead. October looks set to be one such time as we take a deep breath and pause for while to re-balance and re-establish equilibrium in our lives.

Although there will still be up’s, down’s and in-between’s, the energies somehow feel less rambunctious and more gentle now as we grow increasingly at one with the true flow of life. Whilst many of us will never truly stop digging or trying to understand (after all, that’s what makes us human!), there is a sense of a growing contentment of being in the moment and feeling the joy within. 

This is not a case of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ as we are all individuals with free choice when it comes to how we choose to think, feel and intuit; this is a deeply personal choice that involves either sticking to the familiar or stepping consciously into the unknown of the present moment. Yet, remember that there is no ‘do’ here; this is about resting and being in the moment, giving up the need to dig and push. So, when the heat and warmth of that inner smile starts to radiate from within, we need to become One with it and let it lead the way...

The New Moon is in Libra on the 5th at 00.34 GMT (01.34 BST) and the Full Moon is in Aries on the 19th at 11.37 GMT (00.37 BST) - there is also a penumbral lunar eclipse on this day.

With love,



October looks set to be a month of condensing and re-focusing as you begin to hone your insight, drive and motivation towards a clearer and better defined goal. Over recent weeks and months you have been very magpie-esque; collecting lots of different bright, shiny objects that dazzle in the sunlight, attracting your attention.

These objects represent your achievements, your skills and your talents and, in essence it seems that you have become so focused on collecting these trophies that you have lost sight of their true importance in your life and it is only now that you gaze down at the shimmering objects all around you that you are beginning to wonder their true significance and their relevance in your life.

On first glance, you might feel that you have simply been wasting your time because, on the surface, none of what you now have seems to have a clear use for where you are heading in life, and yet, intuitively you know that you haven’t been wasting your time, so trust this inner feeling and step back for a moment. Instead of trying to pull all of the pieces together in order to forge a new whole, give it time and allow the pieces to take their own shape and form.

In other words, although this is a time for re-focusing and condensing all you have and all that you are, it is not a time to push ahead regardless; it is a time to let the forces of nature work and to trust the process of life, knowing that when the time is right, you will know what to do next. So, instead of trying to push ahead, fighting the currents, spend the time enjoying these bright shiny objects; become absorbed in them and bring your focus quite squarely into the present moment.

Keep your focus on the present and allow your energies to re-centre and re-align, for this is your true gift this month: the ability to stop pushing and fighting, and to rest in the splendour and magnificence of the now. The more centred you become, the more you will realise that you are on the brink of great change in your life, and this realisation will bring you a sense of knowing and wisdom that instils a new wave of drive, passion and adventure in your life...


The theme of saturation continues into October as you begin to see exactly why you tend to take on so much in life. You often think nothing of helping others and keeping the wheels turning on the great bus of life, and this instils a sense of worth, meaning and purpose into your life. You need to be needed, and you need to know that what you do makes a difference.

Yet, the cost of giving so much is usually an inability to give your Self all that you need, want and desire; on many levels and in many ways, this sacrifice is worthwhile, after all, you are noble, honourable and generous, and that is the kind of thing that generous people do, isn’t it? You can try to keep that mantra going if you want to and if it makes you feel better, but intuitively you know that something is amiss as you have become increasingly aware of your ‘saturation point’; that point where you simply cannot give anymore unless you stop, pause and give at least a little to your Self.

Obviously, being aware of this is a big step, as in the past, you would usually give until you were bedraggled and unable to render coherent speech, but you are now more aware of the energy dynamics of your life: you can see the threads that weave and connect the whole, and from this you can see those that drain and deplete you, and those that enhance and replete you.

Of course, life isn’t as simple as cutting all the threads that deplete and leaving those that empower as life doesn’t work that way; there are duties and responsibilities that you know you cannot drop, and these can feel cumbersome and heavy, like chains dragging behind you, weighted by anchors.

This is powerful imagery, but this builds on the energy of saturation and on being overwhelmed, so why not change their vibration instead? Change the way you see them and shift their vibration from diminishing to life-enhancing. This may sound a bit twee, but the more you realise that it is your perception and belief that ultimately shapes your life, you will begin to find new ways of re-shaping these to restore balance and equilibrium as you leave the theme of saturation well and truly in your past...


October looks set to be a month of confirmation, clarification and illumination as your energy and vibration shifts and moves towards living a more centred and enriched life. You have spent a long time pondering the pros and cons of how to live the best life possible, and although this has brought you great insight and wisdom, it also left you feeling frustrated and perturbed, as the more you thought about it, more questions arose than answers.

As a result, you became tied up in something of a perpetual cycle of thoughts, beliefs and ideas, and this cycle prevented you from doing the one thing that you truly wanted to do: living free by being you. Yet, the more you realised the reality of this, the worse the tangles became as every time you struggled, trying to pull free, the knots simply grew tighter and firmer. Whilst there have inevitably been times when you wondered if you could ever break free, intuitively you have always known that it was just a matter of time; it was as though you knew that a crack would naturally appear in the chrysalis, enabling the butterfly to emerge. Force the process and the butterfly would wither and struggle, but resist the process and the butterfly could never be free.

Balance and timing became everything, as you realised that you had to let go and trust in order to be free. Such trust is not easy for a deep thinking, inquisitive and curious soul like you, but as time progressed, you knew that you had to let go as this was the only way to become free and to become you.

Now this is not to say that you have been hiding from life all these years, but there is a sense that you have held a part of you back and this part of you is an important and integral part of your being. Perhaps you felt the world wasn’t ready for someone like you, but more likely was a sense that you weren’t ready for someone like you. Yet, things have changed now and you now have the freedom to take a big, deep breath of life in order to re-confirm your true beauty and magnificence; the time has come to be you...


There is a sense that over recent weeks and months, you have become increasingly aware of a ‘missing link’ in your life; it has been hard to gain much clarity when it comes to understanding exactly what this missing link is, for it seems nebulous, hazy and out of reach. Yet, despite its vagueness and lack of definition, you cannot help but give it increasing presence in your life as it bothers you like a fly buzzing in and out of your consciousness.

Knowing that something is amiss can be unsettling as there are times when you feel as if you have forgotten to put on your undergarments, but, at the same time, you just can’t grasp exactly what’s going on. Well, October looks set to be a month of realisation as the penny finally drops and you start to see exactly what’s been causing this period of unrest and discombobulation. Although it is all too easy to look outside of your Self for answers and insight, it seems clear that you need to go within in order to find the clarity and insight you have been seeking.

You have long been aware of the chains of responsibility and duty in your life, and these have anchored you down at times, preventing you from living the life that intuitively you know you were born to live, and yet, it is simply your perception of these chains that have held you down and created the missing link, for once you step back for a moment to regain your perspective, you will realise that you have never truly been chained down, it is only because you have felt chained down that such a vibration exists in your life.

The missing link you have been trying to understand is actually the dissolution of the chains; something you have grown so used to that you now feel rather bare without them. Remember that your perception matters as it shapes and defines your life, so try to feel a sense of joy that you are now being presented with a wonderful opportunity to have more time and space in your life. Of course, there will always be responsibilities, but instead of trying to swat that fly, feel the space and take a big deep breath...


October looks set to be a month of reclaiming your sense of Self as you make some steps towards a new direction in your life. You have been treading water for some time now, trying to bend and flex to accommodate the needs of everyone and trying to give your all, yet the cost of this has been an inability to give your all to you, leaving you feeling off centre and detached from your sense of purpose in life.

As the wheel of the year turns, it seems that the light within you starts to grow brighter as you illuminate your inner world in order to reconnect to your passion, purpose and creativity. You are a shining star and your light needs the room to shine freely and without hindrance. This is not ego driven nor it is self-focused, it is simply an observation of your natural need to be you. Trying to be the person that you think everyone else wants you to be fragments and diminishes you; it might keep others happy, but what about you?

October is a time for you to go within in order to reconnect to your Truth and to your inner light. There is no ‘do’ here, just a willingness to open up to your soul and to your true sense of Self. Once you have given yourself the permission to be you once again, you will begin to intuitively know what action you need to take in order to step towards the new direction mentioned above. It is possible that your new direction could simply be a willingness to honour your Self more, but it seems likely that some other changes will occur in your life leading you towards some big decisions and choices to be made over the days and weeks ahead.

These changes have a positive and life affirming vibration, and the more you can allow your inner light to shine freely and brightly, the more empowered and inspired you will become when it comes to what happens next. Try to let go of pre-conceptions and past storylines when it comes to making decisions, for the past is behind you and the future hasn’t happened yet; try to live in the moment instead in order to make the most of life as, and when, it happens...


Embracing the stillness in life continues to be a powerful theme for you throughout October as you finally begin to relax into the stillness instead of feeling like a rabbit frozen in the headlights. You have become so used to having places to go, people to see and things to do, it has become second nature to be busy most, if not all, of the time.

Rushing around really isn’t your natural status quo though and whilst intuitively you know this of yourself, you find it easier to conveniently ‘forget’ this when there are still so many things left on your ‘to do’ list in life. Having a bucket list is one thing; after all, having dreams and ambitions is important, but your ‘to do’ list feels heavy, cumbersome and full of burden. Where’s the fun gone? Where’s the freedom, adventure and the space to be you? The time has come to re-inject some magic and sparkle into your life and into your dreams as you let go of a great deal of the clutter that has kept you locked in a cycle of things to do, places to go and people to see.

Stop! Take a breath and don’t fear the stillness. The stillness is not a dark force trying to turn you into a lazy, good for nothing; it is your friend and ally, and it wants you to replenish yourself from the inside, out, rather than to continue running yourself ragged all of the time. Getting things done is important to you and no one wants to deny you the pleasure of feeling satisfied for a job well done, but you do need to think about the cost of constantly pushing ahead.

Sometimes, you can gain more from resting as it can help to refresh your perspective and inspire you to step free from the pattern and storylines that have become habit in your life. You are a creative and passionate soul; this comes naturally to you so you don’t have to fight and push to be it! Enjoy life, have some fun and let the stillness become your best friend as it will inspire you to step away from the ‘to do list’ in order to start living your life instead. In other words, shift the focus and lift up your head as you turn towards a brand new dawn...


‘Babap ickle Weed’, so said Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men at the end of every episode when they said a fond farewell to Weeeeeeed, the out of place flower growing near the potting shed. Although stories of the potting shed, Bill, Ben and Weed have long entered the great compost heap of life, there is a gem of wisdom to be found in their fondness of Weed that seems important to you over the weeks ahead.

As one of life’s thinkers, you often spend a great deal of your time trying to make sense of your Self, your choices, your path and your life. You try to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ on your path towards the perfection of living the best life possible; an admirable quest even though intuitively you know that there is no such thing as a perfect life!

In this quest, you often toss aside things that seem out of place as they clutter up your thought processes, yet some of these ‘weeds’ are not weeds at all, they have just popped up to say hello and to remind you of the beauty that’s both around and within you. In a way, your desire for perfection is a distraction technique that keeps you from stopping every so often in order to take stock of your Self and your life; it is somehow easier to keep on keeping on instead on realising the beauty of all that you are now and to let go of living conditionally in order to live whole-heartedly and contentedly.

Yet, if you did pause for a while you could begin to appreciate the value of some of these weeds as they often pop up to draw your attention towards something new. Of course, some weeds are just weeds, but others are gems and nuggets of wisdom and insight that can help you to live that best life possible without having to wait until you have achieved the somewhat elusive state of perfection. So, the October message from the potting shed comes in the form of little Weed who reminds you to enjoy the beauty, to let go of linear time and to embrace the joy and the beauty of the moment...


There is an art to being a Scorpio, an observation that has surfaced before, but one that needs a further mention now as it seems that you are on the brink of a new chapter in your life. You are a complex soul: full of nuances, mysteries, quirks, contradictions and wonderful eccentricities. It can be hard for others to truly know you as you can change like the weather and the fog can roll in just as quickly as the sunlight can burn it away again.

Your eyes are the gateway to your soul and one moment they can be an open book but the next their depths can be shrouded and hidden from view. Although there are times when you curse your somewhat complex nature, there are also times when you celebrate it for the blessing that it is. You are not a ‘black and white’ soul, nor are you shades of grey, but you are a myriad of colours, tones and shades that come together in a unique and inspirational way; after all, there is no one else quite like you!

Despite your richness and depth, you often try to resist your free flowing nature as you try to blend in more with the crowd. Yet, you are not a sheep so no matter how hard you try to wedge yourself into that ill-fitting sheep suit, you are unlikely to ever feel truly comfortable until you neatly fold it up and send it off to the nearest charity shop for recycling. So, if you are not a sheep, what are you? Who are you?

These may seem strange questions, after all, you have always been you, but you have spent so long trying to be the person that you thought you ought to be that you seem to have forgotten the vibrancy, colour and passion of whom you really are. The art of being a Scorpio comes to the fore now as you begin to celebrate your nuances, quirks and contradictions as you realise that it is these traits that make you, you and allow you to live the best life possible in the best possible way. Your quirks and nuances do not diminish you, nor do they somehow make you less than complete as you are Whole exactly as you are...


You have spent a great deal of time trying to perfect the masterpiece that is your life; touching up the paintwork, trying to keep on keeping on as you step closer and closer towards your dreams. You have worked hard at trying to keep the masterpiece in pristine condition as you have tried to find new ways of achieving your goals and dreams.

Every knockback or ‘failure’ has seen you re-touching the masterpiece as you patch yourself back up and get back on the horse once again. Yet, your masterpiece is a master piece; it is amazing and incredible, so why does this all feel so heavy and cumbersome? October looks set to bring the canvas of your life back into glorious, spectacular and heart-warming technicolour as you take a new brush in hand and reach towards a new palette of colours and paints.

The time has come to let go of the doubts and the ‘waiting for the right moment’ in order to re-assess your life and your path, now! The canvas before you represents your life, and you can spend your time trying to patch up the little dents, cracks and scratches that inevitably appear as a result of being alive or you can turn your attention to the massive piece of blank canvas yet to be filled.

Shift (with and without the f!) happens, but this does not have to set you back, you are Sagittarian after all. Take some time this month to stop ‘turning the wheel’ in order to keep on keeping on; change the record and get back onto your horse once again. Your beautiful horse is your charge and he/she is a part of you, so why not step beyond the heaviness and feel the freedom of the wind rushing through your hair as you canter forwards with passion in your heart and adventure in your soul?

Life is for living and you have so much to live for now. Although you cannot know what lies around the next corner, no one can be sure of such things, so should you let this hold you back in a kind of paralysed uncertainty about embracing life? Don’t fear the blank canvas or the brushes, see them as an opportunity to create the life that you intuitively know you were born to live...


When a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis, it faces an existence that it never knew or experienced as a caterpillar. Once emerged from the chrysalis, the butterfly stretches its wings in the sunlight, orientates itself to its spectacular transformation and then takes flight. Does the butterfly wonder what happened to the leaf eating caterpillar? Does it think that the grass is greener on the side of the fence where the caterpillar once munched its way through life?

Or does it simply exist in the moment and be a butterfly? Although one can never be completely sure of the answer to these questions it seems likely that the butterfly simply becomes the butterfly. This presents you with an important lesson for October: the need for you to accept that you are you; always have been, always will be. This may seem odd or a little twee, but you are world-class at trying to be the person that you think others want you to be; you don’t embrace the butterfly because it feels somehow indulgent or self-focused to allow your Self to be your Self.

October looks set to be a month that presents you with an opportunity to re-connect to your own inner butterfly in order to gain a truer sense of your inner self and your path in life. It seems that the more you can re-centre and re-align your Self, the more centred you will become in life allowing you to embrace the process of transformation that is currently ricocheting through your life.

This feels exciting and life-affirming on many levels, and although you are also likely to feel a sense of trepidation as to what lies ahead, intuitively you know that you are ready now to be you. You have waited a long time for an opportunity like this to present itself, one that feels expansive, full of adventure and taking you a step closer to the fulfilment of your dreams. So, as the cracks begin to appear in the chrysalis, try to keep your focus on the present moment and instead of filling up with questions, become One with the process and become One with yourself. Enjoy the opportunity to take flight in order to see your Self, your life and your path from a completely new perspective...


There have been times of your life where you have pondered over the challenge of trying to fit your own, unique piece of the jigsaw puzzle of life into the bigger universal puzzle. You have thought up some creative and ingenious ideas as to how to get your round-shaped peg into the square-shaped hole presented to you. You have stepped beyond the box in order to use the power of your mind to out-think the logic of the puzzle and this has very nearly brought you results!

Yet, why do you need to try so hard to ‘fit’ when you were born to stand out and be different? Why would you want to wedge your Self into the Whole when you can simply become a part of the Whole by letting go of the struggle in the first place? In other words, by trying so hard to fit and blend, you have lost sight of the power of your vision and intent to create change and to be Whole exactly as you are.

Of course, it is innately human to want to belong and fit, yet intuitively you have always known that you are different to the flock; you see the world through different eyes and your mind and creativity allow you to see the ‘bigger picture’ far more clearly than most.

Trying to re-mould your round-shaped peg has become an art form and obsession for you, so stopping this might be as difficult as taking a bone from a dog, but why have you become so attached to fitting in? What is so wrong with being you? In a way, this has become another form of distraction that keeps you occupied and away from exploring the bigger questions in life in connection to your purpose, your destiny and your path ahead.

Of course, it does keep you focused on the present moment, but not in quite the way that present-moment awareness would want you to experience it! Living in the moment is a pivotal and powerful theme for you throughout October as you shift your focus away from pegs and bones towards allowing your consciousness to expand fully into the present moment in order to celebrate all that you are. The time has come to let go of the struggle and to instead love life and all that is has to offer you...


Achieving equilibrium continues to take centre stage over the days and weeks ahead as you step back from the demands of life in order to re-assess your Self and your path ahead. Equilibrium comes from embracing the concept of living a more enriched, meaningful and purposeful life; one where you are increasingly awake and aware, and one that sees you honouring your Self, your time and your energy far more than ever before.  

You no longer seem content to chase the hollowness of material dreams as you seek out the nourishment and sustenance that comes from living the best life possible; you want the satisfaction of living a life well-lived and of being your true and authentic Self. Such a transition is likely to cause some unrest in the layers of your life; you might find yourself wanting to make some big changes when it comes to what happens next. Although this might feel daunting, intuitively you know that you are ready to step into the unknown now as treading water and maintaining the status quo has left you feeling drained, diminished and hollow. 

Being your true and authentic Self sounds very grand and empowering, but what does it really mean? Does it mean following your dreams and stepping into the unknown? Or does it mean allowing your Self to be your Self, no dressings, frills or attachments? The reality is most likely a combination of the two, but being your true Self need not be complicated or confusing. Of course, you might wonder how you can start being yourself if you have always been you?

Well, there is the you that you present to the world and the you that is the real, unadulterated, authentic you that rarely sees the light of day as you have found little time or space to accommodate him/her as you have been so busy trying to maintain the status quo and keep on keeping on.

This authentic you wants to be seen, heard and celebrated now as the time has come to achieve equilibrium both within and without in order to live the best life possible. Living in the moment and savouring the simplicity that life can offer are the keys to the door that now stands before you; what happens next is up to you...


Deeni 1st October 2013 12:20 pm

Thank You, Sarah-Jane.

You have meticulously addressed something I had been grappling with, and oddly enough, I came to the same conclusion. But validation, and clarity are most helpful.

RE: Taurus.

Thank You.

Much Love and Light to All. : ))

Tiff 5th October 2013 1:11 pm

On point, Sarah-Jane. Thank you


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