Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2014

October looks set to be a month of breakthrough and release for a great many of us as we continue to open up to the truth of all that we are. It can sometimes be hard to connect to truth as life is so often full of stress, responsibilities and fears; we can feel overcome by the pressure and unable to breath freely as a result. Yet, life is always full of stress, responsibilities and fears as these are a part of the human condition, so what’s different? Well, it seems that the build up of life’s ‘stuff’ alongside the theme of breakthrough we are experiencing at the current time has pushed everything up into something of a pimple. For some it’s like a festering boil, for others not so much, but the pressure feels immense all the same, and the pain reaches deeply into the soul. In such a situation it can be hard to know what to do for the best as we want to breakthrough but the pain can be so prohibitive. Lancing the boil may release the pressure but how can we be sure when the time is right to act?

As the month progresses it seems likely that the pressure will begin to subside of its own accord as we begin to realise that the source of the pressure actually comes from within: it is the exhaust fumes of the internal battle going on between pushing on and letting go. Many of us are fatigued; not so much tired, as drained, hollow and empty, right down to soul level. It feels like there is nothing left, and yet, we fight on, intuitively knowing that we have to go through rather than around. Even though it feels intense and the air is thin making it hard to breathe, we plough on with the trust that by turning to face the pain and intensity we are ultimately stepping towards liberation.

There have been times when many of us have wanted to turn on our heels and run for the hills, but again, intuitively we know we need to have faith and keep going. Yet, this battle doesn’t have to feel so arduous and heavy. Perhaps it is because we expect it to be? When we shift our focus away from where we are trying to reach and towards where we are now, the battle doesn’t feel anywhere near as intense. By focusing on the end goal we can forget the present and this is to be treasured as it’s the only moment that ever truly matters. This isn’t to say that we should give up or walk away, although both would be understandable, it is just a sense that by remaining conscious in the present moment, the intensity subsides and we finally find the room to breathe. The process continues in earnest, but we are not pieces of driftwood being tossed by stormy seas; instead we are balanced within and more centred as a result.

Although present moment awareness cannot change ‘what is’, nor can it fix the things we don’t like, need or want, it helps us to make peace with ourselves and instils a deep sense of compassion within. The more compassionate we can be towards ourselves, the more we will naturally release the pressure and the turmoil enabling each of us to find a new way of living and being that reflects the somewhat monumental journey we have undertaken. We may not have reached our final destinations or goals, but that no longer matters as we are able to accept our wholeness and our joy exactly as it is now.

 With love,



Even when life feels challenging and a tad cumbersome, it seems that there is one thing that always remains bright and well-illuminated within you: this force is your inspiration. As a creative and intuitive soul, no matter how tough life gets, your inner light fills you with a sense of hope as well as the belief that all will be well. This has served you well over the years as it has enabled you to see beyond the fear and uncertainty that being human creates. In many ways, your inspiration has been your saviour as it has given you the scope to look outside of the box in order to connect more consciously to both your dreams and your inner self. Yet, there is a sense that this powerful force has, so far, mainly been channelled towards overcoming life hurdles rather than embracing the full and magnificent potential that being you entails.

October looks set to be a month of turning within in order to re-kindle your connection to your inner light as you begin to contemplate the bigger picture of your life. Although you appreciate that life always throws up curve balls and challenges, you are ready now to lift your focus towards living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. Of course, ‘stuff’ often gets in the way (people to see, places to go, things to do) but you know that life is more than simply fielding challenges and managing a ‘to do’ list. You are opening up to a more intuitive way of living and being; one that fuels your inner light and stokes up the passion inspiring you to fill your Self and your life with joy, with hope and with love...


October looks set to be a month for letting go as the cycle of your life shifts away from simply keeping on keeping on to feeling deeply inspired to acquire some much needed wiggle room in order to contemplate and ponder your true needs, wants and desires in life. Of course, pondering them and manifesting them are not quite the same thing, but the first step towards change comes from acknowledging the need for change in the first place and then opening up to find clarity in terms of what you truly want. This may sound easy but truly knowing yourself is rarely so as it means letting go of the many ought’s, must’s and should’s that infiltrate your consciousness on a daily basis. It’s hard for you to do this because you strive to be everything to everyone (except perhaps yourself), and, as a result, the ought’s and must’s have become your ‘norm’ and they have become entrenched in your consciousness as a normal way of living and being.

However, at a deeper level, it seems clear that whilst you will always do all that you can for others, you are growing restless with the cost of this which is having little time for yourself. You seem to be standing on the brink of great change in your life and although you don’t want to simply let go of all that you know, there is a part of you longing for the space to rest, breathe and fully exhale. So, what’s stopping you? Well, that would be you! Why not tackle this imbalance now and learn the true art of self-compassion?


As you begin a whole-hearted and much anticipated period of shift in your life, there is a sense of intrigue growing within you as you have not, as yet, quite worked out, what this shift entails! Although intuitively you know that you are moving in the ‘right’ direction, your questioning brain is struggling to embrace the concept as it wants details, instructions and answers. It may be as easy as overcoming ‘head versus heart’, but for you, these are not two forces that are easily reconcilable. And the reason for this? Well, that would be because you don’t believe them to be reconcilable and that belief has created a chasm within you that creates a sense of disconnection from your creative and intuitive self.

Seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding is a part of being you but the cost of such a path can be facing maze after maze after maze of 100-foot hedges where you feel lost and confused. It may seem odd to consider the result of seeking answers to life’s questions is more questions than answers, but that’s the nature of the questions you ask. You can find yourself so tied up in knots, you can feel that you need the answers before you can ‘move on’ and live your life. Yet, it simply isn’t possible to find all the answers as there are always new questions! So, you can choose to remain in a perpetual state of disconnect between your head and your heart, waiting for the answers to come or you can embrace your formidable power and creativity in order to take a big, deep breath and bring your focus fully back into this moment...


October looks set to be a month of revelation and insight as you take a step into unchartered terrain in your life. There is a sense you have often walked the same cycles in life: age old storylines that have shaped and defined you from all sides. Whilst there is nothing wrong in this, intuitively you know that some of these storylines no longer fit the profile of all that you are. You know of many of the beliefs and patterns you collected as a child as these have infiltrated your consciousness and permeated into all aspects of your life; although this is to be expected, there are times when the beliefs are not quite as life-affirming as you might have hoped for. Yet, despite knowing this, setting yourself free is not always easy because patterns and beliefs are often comforting even when they are destructive (better the devil you know and all that).

Although you are not one for self-flagellation, you have been stuck in a cycle for a long time which has stunted your potential in many ways; you are ready now to leap into the unknown in order to break free from the beliefs that have tethered you to the chains of the past. The unknown may be unknowable, and it may take you well beyond your comfort zone, but your courage and confidence have soared recently and although you know that life holds no guarantees, you seem ready to have more faith and belief in yourself. As a result, you are formulating new beliefs and ideas as you open up to a brand new storyline; one that feels positive, life-affirming and life-enriching...


Opening up to your full potential is something you have often strived to do; you have connected with your creativity and inspiration in order to be guided towards living a rich and fulfilling life. As a result, your journey through life has many twists and turns, and you have learnt a great deal about yourself in the process. Yet, despite this, there is a sense of frustration within you that you have not, as yet, reached your full potential and you won’t rest until you get there. Such unrest is understandable, after all, you do like to be the best that you can be, but a perpetual state of frustration surely isn’t good for your sense of well-being?

It seems important for you to realise that the concept of potential is an ever-expanding and ever-evolving force; reaching ‘full potential’ is therefore not possible, as the boundary is constantly moving. As a result, it seems important for you to stop beating yourself up for not being more, doing more or achieving more and instead start to savour all you do have in life. Keeping your focus on what you don’t have creates gaps within whereas acknowledging everything you do have can invoke a stronger connection to all that life has to offer. Why should discontent or frustration be the power that fuels your drive when you have creativity, inspiration and courage by the bucket load? October looks set to bring you to a crossroads of opportunity to shift your focus and embrace a new way of living and being that enriches your soul and inspires you to be potential rather than chasing it...


October looks set to be a time of renewed passion and creativity for you as you begin to draw back the curtains to reveal a new perspective on your life. You have always strived to get life ‘right’, to do the best that you can do and to be the best that you can be. This has seen you achieve a great deal but it has also stifled your creative flow as it has focused you on keeping on keeping on rather than living life to the full and following your dreams. Now, you may feel that living life to the full and following your dreams are frivolous and risqué as neither guarantee you happiness, success or material reward. This may be true but you also intuitively know that nothing in life is guaranteed, not even the mundane, pedestrian, keeping on keeping on that pays the bills.

Life is an ever-changing landscape of impermanence and shift; it cannot be controlled or shaped by desires, wishes or hopes. As a result, life is essentially what you make of it, happiness is a force to nurture from within and it comes from being compassionate with yourself, loving yourself and honouring yourself; only you can decide if you whole-heartedly do these things. It therefore seems that the biggest question to ask of yourself this month is connected to happiness: are you truly happy? Are you? Is life enriching you and giving you a warm fuzzy hug from within? If it isn’t, perhaps the time has come to find out why and to open up those curtains to your soul wide in order to see the bigger picture of your life...


As you continue to carve out a new philosophy for making sense of your life, it seems important not to forget to live your life at the same time. Possibly a strange statement, but there is a sense that you have become so focused on trying to understand the ups and downs of your life that there is little time left to get on with the business of living. As a natural born philosopher, it’s hard for you to not contemplate the fabric of the universe and the myriad of threads that weave everything together; you see far more than most and although this is a creative gift it can sometimes feel like a curse as you cannot switch it off. As a result, your head rattles constantly, churning over thoughts, ideas, and possibilities as it reaches into the dark recesses in order to find answers to the plethora of questions you have at any one given moment in time.

This can leave you feeling perplexed and overwhelmed with some of the more lofty issues in life which can, in turn, lead to a sense of bewilderment as you try to work out why things are the way they are. Of course, this is the way you were designed so you are more than capable of running that extremely powerful computer in your noggin but has this become more of a habit than a choice? October looks set to be a month for you to take a big deep breath in order to bring yourself, your mind and your consciousness back into the present moment. The time has come to live whole-heartedly and consciously once again...  


October looks set to bring an end to a powerful incongruence in your life as you open up to a new way of living and being. Life has always been full of the distraction of people to see, places to go and things to do, and this has, on the whole, consumed your focus and enabled you to achieve many of your goals. Despite your determination to be more, do more and achieve more, you have also felt a deeper sense of connection to your more spiritual and creative nature which has opened up doors of opportunity in your life.

Yet, there is a sense that you have felt frustrated by the distractions as they stifle your creative flow; even though you value and appreciate the role these distractions have in your life, you cannot help but feel that they get in the way of the real business of being you. This is the incongruence, and it has played heavily on your mind at times as, no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to find a way to achieve balance between the distractions of life and the calling to be your true self. It seems clear that, over time, this has created some knots and tangles within as you have struggled and wrestled to become free. However, there is a sense that the real struggle is not between distractions and your calling but it is between you and, well, you. Stop fighting yourself and know that it is perfectly possible and perfectly normal to have distractions and creative space in your life at the same time; don’t see it as a hindrance, embrace it,  take a breath and make it so...


As you continue to reach for the stars and stride towards your dreams, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how significant and powerful your thoughts are when it comes to shaping and defining your life. Although you are not your thoughts (you are so much more besides), their power can dominate your existence as you try to get from where you are to where you want to be. At the same time though, your mind throws in a third wheel: not only trying to get from where you are to where you want to be but also trying to process where you think you need to be or should be. It is this third wheel that can throw you off balance as it undermines your passion and drive to follow your heart. As a result, you can often feel out of kilter with your deeper sense of self as your thoughts don’t seem to correlate with your heart’s desire. However, third wheels do not always have to be irritating and distracting, sometimes they can bring balance. Just think of a Robin Reliant or a trike: would either work without a third wheel?

Having said this, your third wheel throwing words like ought’s and should’s into your mind doesn’t seem to help you as it leads to confusion. However, perhaps there is a way to turn this to your favour? Maybe your third wheel is not designed to confuse you but to bring you clarity as you begin to understand that knowing what you do not want (and you don’t want ought’s and should’s do you?) is just as important as knowing what you do want...


October looks set to be a month of awakening to a renewed sense of passion and drive in your life as you open up to re-connecting to your dreams. It seems that you ‘parked’ your dreams sometime ago as you worked hard to get on with the business of life; there seemed little time to contemplate dreams let alone live them. Yet, despite your dogged determination to get on with life, those dreams have never left you as they have been tenderly carried in your heart and soul. As a result, they sometimes pop into your consciousness to remind you of their presence and to try to inspire you to step beyond the business of life to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. You are a passionate, creative, inspirational and driven soul, and yet, you still seem to doubt that you have ‘what it takes’ to turn your dreams from dreams into reality.

Your sensible head may feel that it is frivolous and foolish to take a chance on a dream that may never happen but your heart and soul do deserve a say in the matter! It seems that you have now reached a crossroads in your life where you have an opportunity to at least open the door to your dreams; it might just be ajar or wedged open, but an open door is an open door. Things may not change overnight, but allow your heart and soul to cultivate a new wave of inspiration to galvanise your mind into realising that this is your life and making the most of it is something you not only need but deserve as well...


‘Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage’. Anais Nin. These words seem to reach deeply into your heart and soul during October as there is a sense that you have reached something of a crescendo and tipping point, and you now have to make a decision as to which direction you now choose. It may sound easy to opt for expansion, after all, that’s what we all want don’t we? Yet, expansion brings the unknown right to the doorstep as there is a sense of unchartered terrain when life expands. The concept is exciting of course, but are you truly ready to head off into the hills? Your courage doesn’t seem to be in question here, as you have long been more than willing to buck the trend and follow your intuition. Yet, the niggle remains and you cannot help but wonder if there is something about letting your life shrink that feels comfortable and safe?

Although you intuitively know that shrinkage of any kind is really not what you want (even jeans are pre-shrunk these days), what is it about restriction that appeals? Well, it seems more likely that rather than shrinking, what you are really after is some time, space and peace in order to re-balance and take stock of your life. You want to retreat (shrink) for a while in order to take a deep breath, and expand your lungs and your soul once again. Therefore, don’t feel that retreat is a ‘bad’ thing; see it for what it is and make the most of this time to build up your creativity, passion and energy reserves for the magical and inspirational journey ahead...


Dancing continues to take centre stage throughout October as you begin to let go of some of the many layers of stuff (responsibility, duty, burden, ought’s, must’s, should’s and guilt) that you have been carrying for some time. You are a master at bearing the load (and it is an Atlas-sized load at that), and you do this well, but to focus all of your efforts into carrying such a load takes time, effort and vast amounts of energy. Do you continue and wait until you break under the weight or should you start to find some new ways of spreading the load? Having some time for yourself is a good place to start, but squeezing this in between the rush, hassle and stress can make it feel like more of an inconvenience than a joy.

It therefore seems clear that you need to find a way of placing the load on the floor for a while in order to step away. Although you may not be in a position to let it remain in a heap on the floor, perhaps looking at it from a different perspective will help you to realise that there’s more to life than struggling to stay upright under the strain? Life may not be all footloose and fancy free, you cannot escape that fact, but this is your life and its precious; remember that and know that it’s never too late to instigate change. October looks set to be a month of release and letting go as you shed some of the layers you have been carrying - many are habits, many are not yours - let them go, breathe and be free...


shapeshifter 1st October 2014 12:10 pm

Thank you, Sarah Jane, for sharing your wisdom so freely with the rest of us.

spiritdiver 3rd October 2014 12:05 pm


Thank you. Your overall monthly state of the state of energies and the sign forcasts are right on! Very insightful and affirming. Thank you for sharing your gifts and service. In Appreciation, : )


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