Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2015

Message for October 2015

Life has certainly been a rollercoaster of ups and downs over recent weeks and months, it’s hard to believe we are now entering October. Where have the last nine months gone? In some ways, time has moved slowly and every moment, every second has been felt acutely and intensely. However, at the same time, the last nine months have passed by in the blink of an eye, time has moved so quickly we've hardly been aware of the changing days, weeks and months. Externally, life is moving at a very different speed to whats happening internally, and these switch pace with each other at unpredictable moments.

Despite the powerful and intense oscillations, there is a deeper sense of shift and change occurring within each and every one of us. Of course change is a constant in life, but this change feels slightly different as it feels almost cellular; it’s as though we are beginning to hear a new tune or song in life as we awaken to a brand-new dawn. There are times when we can feel lost, isolated and overwhelmed, but there are also times when we feel vibrant and connected. Whilst this can create imbalance and inner discord, it feels necessary as we continue to evolve and develop.

This new song feels, and sounds, like something not of this earth, it’s as though our ears have opened up to new chords and notes, and we are now able to hear so much more than before. Sometimes when we hear something, something inside of us shifts, particularly when we are ready to hear it. It’s as though all of the atoms within us have changed alignment and we step from a space of denial or resistance into a space of acknowledgement and acceptance. Of course, things are rarely as simple as black and white, but there is a sense of deepening awakening now as each of us begins to not only hear but to truly listen as well.

Listening is an art, it’s not just about hearing, it’s about being present. Listening is an awareness on all levels: of words and emotions of essence. Listening is not particularly easy to articulate, but when we consciously choose to listen, we become aware of so much more as a result. It is as though every sound, every colour, every smell and every taste suddenly moves into sharper focus as we begin to truly hear, sense and feel: we feel connected and alive, awake and fully conscious.

October looks set to be a month for listening and a month for hearing the true beauty of this new song as we allow ourselves the time and space to feel each and every note as it resonates within every single one of our trillions of cells. In many ways, this feels like a process of unravelling as the complexities of life are stripped back, revealing a simpler way of living and being. If we try to overthink this, there is a chance we may begin to complicate things, but this is a time for simplicity; life doesn't have to be complicated. This is a time to be present in the moment and to become one with the music as it stirs and moves our souls…

With love,




As you continue to live as consciously as possible, there is a sense that you are beginning to look at yourself and your life from a wider perspective. This isn’t about seeing the woods for the trees or the trees for the forest, more an awareness of the forest breathing and interacting with the universal whole. October is a month for inter-connection and unity as you open up your heart and soul towards living as vibrantly and as whole-heartedly as possible. Whole-hearted living takes courage and passion, and it takes self-belief, as well as a willingness to allow your true essence to flow freely by accepting your imperfections and quirks, but loving yourself anyway. There is no such thing as perfection in life, so striving for it can leave you with a constant sense of lack as your focus is always on where you want to be rather than where you are. Yet, by embracing imperfection, you are not somehow accepting ‘second best’, you are stepping even more consciously into the present moment and showing a willingness to live fully in the here and now as you choose to grab life with both hands and make the most of every single moment.

So, take some time to feel yourself connecting with everything around you, feel yourself breathing into life and allow it to breathe back into you. You are a vibrant bundle of cells, skin and bone dancing a unique dance but your soul is also an infinite expanse of consciousness; let this inspire and empower you, and feel your inner courage rising as you dance your own dance and set yourself free as you don’t give a damn who might be watching…



As you continue to stand on the threshold of change in your life, it seems you are slowly coming to a powerful realisation. This realisation is an acceptance of the inevitably of change and its constant presence in your life; it’s with you all the time, whether you want it or not. Change can be a force for new beginnings and fresh starts, but there are times when change feels anything other than positive and you fight it with all of your strength as it drags you along in its wake. However, whilst you intuitively accept the inevitably of change, intellectually it frustrates you as it means your life often feels precariously balanced on clay rather than carved out of solid rock; one strong rainfall and the clay could be washed away. Yet, you know you cannot change the role of change in your life as it’s really not negotiable: it just happens. So, what do you do?

You can be more flexible and bendy when it comes to dealing with change, but this irritates you as you want some stability and control! Yet, feeling like a victim of circumstance is not the only option here as you do not have to let the concept of change hang over you like a dark storm cloud. It’s going to happen, so the more you can breathe into it, the more strength you will find in the process. This isn’t to say you should just ‘give up’, but by gracefully allowing the tides of change to ebb and flow in your life, you can begin to feel less like a piece of driftwood and more like a majestic yacht riding the waves...



October looks set to be a month of intrigue and fascination as you continue to gaze deeply into the mirror of your soul, seeing your truth in all its glory and splendour. Yet, what is ‘your truth’? Is it something unique to you? Is it just another way of making sense of yourself and your life? Is it just an avoidance technique or a way to connect to the depths of all that you are? Well, the answer lies somewhere amongst these questions, you’ve just got to work out where! Frivolity aside, knowing yourself and knowing ‘your truth’ seems important at the current time as you are undergoing a period of intense shift and change so being in touch with the core of your being enables you to navigate through the ebb and flow of the currents with stealth, wisdom and curiosity.

However, there is an undeniably strong air of discontent within you as you feel frustrated with the apparent vagueness and fluffiness of ‘truth’; you want clarity, direction, meaning and purpose rather than wisps of insight and flashes of inspiration. This isn’t an easy imbalance to overcome as truth is a constantly shifting force as it’s a reflection of your ever-changing and ever-evolving self. Waiting for the moment where all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life slot into perfect alignment could make for a very long wait but it’s hard when you want answers before making any big decisions. The way through this seems clear: stop beating yourself up for not knowing more and instead feel blessed for the opportunity to grow, thrive and blossom with every step you take. Live life in the moment and let your truth find its own way…



There’s an important distinction between having clear goals in terms of how you want to live your life and actually living your life. Knowing what you want, even down to the smallest detail, helps you to keep you focused and motivated, but it’s so often the way that when you get on with the business of living your life, your goals drift as you become distracted with the business of living your life. This isn’t particularly a Cancerian trait, it’s called being human, but it’s significant for you at the current time as there is a sense of growing restlessness within you as you become increasingly more aware of the difference between where you are and where you want to be. Of course, you know the importance of living in the present moment, but you also know just how life-affirming your goals and dreams are, and this can create a level of discontentment as you feel as though you are stuck between here and there, trying to be in both places at once, but struggling to maintain your focus fully on either as the business of living your life acts as a constant distraction.

Although there will always be things to do, people to see and places to go, it seems time for you to nurture and cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace in order to find a path of acceptance to enable you to thrive in the current moment, to consciously ride the waves of life (the business of living), and to continue to sharpen and hone your goals and dreams in order to switch from feeling like a powerless pawn in the game of life to a wiser and more empowered soul, making the most of each and every moment…



As you continue to unpick and unravel the knots and tangles within, there is a sense that you are beginning to relish the opportunity to weave a brand new tapestry in your life. Everyone has knots and tangles, you are certainly not alone, but it’s been hard for you to acknowledge the ones within you as you feel that this somehow makes you ‘less than’ by failing to live up to the exacting standards you set for yourself. Yet, the only person truly judging this situation is you as no one else really seems to notice that you are not the super-human you think you should be. Being human isn’t easy and it can be frustrating at times when you realise you can’t be wonder-woman or superman, but why would you want to be? Do you really want to spend all your time in spandex trying to save everyone and everything? What about living your life, being you and loving yourself for it? This may sound rather dull in comparison to a life as a super-hero but your quest to be everything to everyone only leaves you feeling a deep sense of lack as you fail to meet up to your own expectations of perfection.

Perhaps the time has now come for you to realise that you don’t need to do more in order to be more? Perhaps the time has come for you to accept the fact that your knots and tangles make you human, interesting and authentic? Everyone has scars, everyone has quirks, so why not acknowledge them, love them, accept them and be inspired by them? Why not stop beating yourself up for not being ‘better’? Take a deep breath and re-centre, it’s time to be you…



October looks set to be a month of inspired vision as you begin to see your life from a different perspective. It’s as though you have temporarily stepped outside of yourself in order to look back at your bigger picture with fresh eyes. There is a sense that you may be a little surprised at what you find as you have meandered somewhat from the path you had intended to walk and are now in new terrain. Yet, your meandering feels inspired as it has brought you to a point of powerful and profound change as you have allowed yourself to naturally evolve; you have explored new avenues and pathways along the motorway of life, making informed decisions along the way rather than sticking rigidly to the beautifully crafted tarmac road you spent so long diligently planning and building. You have realised the value of the journey and the need to stop focusing quite so hard on reaching the destination, for, as you have discovered, the destination often changes as it can never be set in stone.

Allowing yourself the freedom to flourish and evolve naturally is a gift and one that will inspire you to continue to explore new terrain as you seek out new horizons in life. Yet, these horizons are not external goals, they are within you and come from finding a true sense of balance as you step more consciously into life and savour every step of the journey. So, don’t feel disappointed that you’ve drifted off course and don’t berate yourself for not sticking to your ‘grand plan’ or for spending so long on perfecting the details. Instead feel a deep sense of gratitude that you now find yourself on the verge of a brand new day…



Your quest for meaning and purpose looks set to continue in earnest throughout October as you begin to find a truce between your ever-questioning mind and your deeply trusting and intuitive soul. Together they pack quite a punch, but it's rare they get to move together as they are often pulling in different directions as your heart says one thing, your head another. The time has come to find a new dance in life, to create a fluid flow of movement that's unique to you. Your dance is a reflection of the inner twisting and swirling constantly taking place in your depths; rather than fight it or try to fix it, you've realised the need to embrace it and become one with it. Denying your true essence freedom denies a piece of your soul leading to a deep sense of inner disconnection and discontentment as you struggle to establish balance in life; your head and heart are in constant battle which is exhausting. And it can leave you feeling dazed, overwhelmed and confused when it comes to living your life and being the best you, you can be.

When you become one with the swirling and beautiful maelstrom within, you realise your probing mind and your intuitive heart are perhaps your biggest gifts as together they make you, you. Don't deny or resist your true essence, befriend it and work with it to inspire you to walk forwards now with passion in your soul and a richer sense of purpose. Although you may not, as yet, be clear about your destination, don't fight yourself by digging your heels in and resisting the process. Instead, believe in yourself and trust your exquisite intuition to guide you forth.



'At some point we all look up and realise we are lost in a maze'. These words by John Green seem rather apt for you in October as there is a sense you are feeling slightly overwhelmed, lost and out of your depth at the current time. Although it's not unusual for you to face a plethora of emotions, choices and paths at any moment in time and you thrive on riding the waves with your usual skill and creativity, this feels different as you seem slightly daunted by the intensity of life. Mazes are a common source of panic for many as the pulse intensifies and footsteps hasten trying to find the way out. Yet, are you trying to find your way out or are you trying to find your way in? Why are in you in the maze?

When life gets challenging it's easy to feel the walls closing in and the exit slipping out of view, but if you pause and take a deep breath, the panic subsides and you can see clearly once again. Someone once said if you place one hand on the maze wall and keep it there, you will find your way out. However, first you need to decide if you're trying to get out or go in. You seem on the brink of a big decision at the current time and the maze is a good analogy as the path is far from clear. Whilst there may not be towering hedges literally blocking your view, there is a slight sense of anticipatory foreboding as you really don't know what's around the corner. Remember to pause, take a deep breath, refocus on where you are now and reconnect to your formidable intuition to led you forwards...



The theme of doing nothing continues to take centre stage throughout October as you begin to see the value in taking some time out from being so busy with the business of life. You tend to give yourself such a hard time for not doing more, being more or achieving more, but you forget that life is not just about completing a tick list or bucket list. Life is about exploring the nooks and crannies, it's about going 'off-road' and exploring new terrain as you evolve and grow with every new experience. As a result, by focusing so hard on the business of life, there are times when you run the risk of forgetting what you're actually trying to achieve. What's the point in being so busy when you have no time to enjoy it, to rest, to laugh or to do nothing? Sometimes, sitting and watching the view is more important than pushing on to the next destination as this helps to refocus you on the here and now, grounding you in the present moment.

Sometimes, it's in the quiet moments where true inspiration resides but if you're too busy, it's usually the quiet moments that suffer as you push them away as there's too much to do. At the same time, if your focus remains on where you want to be rather than on where you are now, you disconnect from the magic of the quiet moments. It therefore seems important that you begin to prioritise doing nothing, to appreciate its true value and to stop feeling guilty for not constantly pushing ahead with the business of life. Everything is a part of life, even resting! So, take some time out to step consciously into the quiet moments in order to step more consciously into you…



As you continue to feel the winds of change gathering momentum in your life, there is a sense you are feeling slightly anxious at the prospect of further change; your solar plexus feels a bit jangly and unsettled as you try to make sense of what's happening. Yet, at the same time, you seem more than ready to embark on a new chapter in your life. Of course, the saying 'better the devil you know' is something you're all too familiar with, as there are times when sticking with what you know, even though it may not be the best thing for you, feels easier than stepping into uncharted terrain. However, you seem unsatisfied with treading water in a situation that doesn't feel quite right to you; you have given it your all, tried to see things from all perspectives and explored your own motivations honestly and openly, but your 'inner wobble' remains.

Your inner wobble is that twisty feeling in your gut that tells you something is amiss; it has served you well over the years, so why not listen to it now? Well, it seems you are in the middle of a battle between your head and your heart. You want to push on and yet, you don't want to upset the apple cart either. Maybe you need to think beyond the concept of 'either/or' and instead allow yourself to breathe deeply, steadying your inner wobble as it becomes your true guide. A new chapter doesn't have to mean discarding the old, it might mean change but things are never as clear cut as black or white. Listen to your intuition and believe in your strength, passion and creativity to guide you now...



There are many different ways to say: 'I love you' to show someone you care. Your compassion reaches far and wide as you think nothing of reaching out to others, making sure they are safe, loved, valued and appreciated. Yet, love is a two way flow and there is a sense that whilst you offer a great deal of love to others, you show far less to yourself. You may receive love from others, but this isn't the same as loving and honouring yourself. October looks set to be a month for you to reset the balance in order to contemplate, in honesty, just how much you nourish, nurture and love yourself. Turning the mirror within and truthfully acknowledging the reflection isn't easy but it's important to do as your life is shifting out of kilter as you give so much to others but place yourself very firmly at the bottom of the heap.

Such a continual outward flow, whilst admirable, leads to exhaustion, disconnection and disenchantment as you lose touch with your inner magic and spark. Honouring yourself isn't about becoming selfish or self-focused, and it certainly isn't something to feel guilty about, this is about establishing a genuine sense of self-love to inspire you to live the best life possible. The happier and more authentic you become, the more freely your true essence flows enabling you to flourish and thrive, being the person you know yourself to be and inspiring you to achieve your dreams as you step beyond the boundaries of your life. This has a knock-on effect as you then feel so connected and energised, your ability to be compassionate amplifies and radiates exponentially. So, it's a win, win situation! Love yourself, is it really so hard?



Discombobulation, disconnection, disengaged, disorganised, dis...well, you get the gist. It seems life has felt decidedly 'dis-' recently as you have struggled to navigate through grey storm clouds and deep swells in your search for calmer seas. Yet, looking at your life from the outside, the storm is not overly apparent or obvious. It seems that the storm is actually within you, it's residing in the core of your being as you wrestle with a lot of deep and profound questions and thoughts. There are times when you feel you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you like to carry it with a smile, so unless someone takes a closer look within you it would be hard to notice you buckling under the strain. It seems that smiling is your way of coping, it's your way of dealing with the maelstrom within you. It's always been there and always will be, and whilst you are, on the whole, at peace with its presence within you, there are times, such as now, when you fight it and try to push it away as you long for terra firma.

Being a fluid and tumultuous being inspires and empowers you, it feeds your creativity and gives you the courage to seek out pastures new, but some days all you want is a cosy corner to curl up in for a little peace and quiet as you temporarily step beyond the maelstrom to regain your perspective. When this doesn't happen, the 'dis-' words surface as you struggle to stay afloat in the crashing waves. Yet, stop, take a breath, take another one and you'll see balance is restored. Don't underestimate your ability to ride the maelstrom, it is a part of you, after all...


keryndawer 5th October 2015 2:16 am

Sarah-Jane your words are absolute poetry! I love how you figuratively compare October to a new song that we are finally able to really listen to, hearing every note and nuance that we could not before because we were not attuned. A magical time indeed. The Aries horoscope feels right on to me :) Thank you, Bless you and Happy October to you too :smitten:


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