Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2016

Message for October 2016

October looks set to be a month of inner reflection and outer shift as the pace of life steps up a gear and the rollercoaster ride gets a little more energetic than usual. For some, such a thrill is likely to be exhilarating and life-affirming but others may find the journey a little more nauseating as the twists and turns ebb and flow in intensity as the month progresses. However, despite the somewhat volatile aroma, there is an overwhelming air of positivity and breakthrough which feels both inspirational and invigorating as we begin to navigate a new path in life.

A part of being human is the tendency for life to meander and take us along paths we neither expect nor perhaps want. At the same time, these meanderings often bring us great enrichment as we discover facets of ourselves previously tucked out of sight or hidden from view. In many ways, it is the challenges we face that help us to grow and evolve as we discover our courage and realise just how strong and tenacious we truly are. Of course, this doesn’t stop us from wishing we could evolve in easier ways! Oh, the joys of being human!

Perhaps one aspect of our evolution that we often try to circumnavigate or avoid is the concept of vulnerability. Vulnerability is a word that often conjures up a sense of weakness or being ‘less than’. Vulnerability, or being vulnerable, can invoke fear and a sense of helplessness. Yet, vulnerability is exactly what we need to be in order to face the truth of our essence and allow ourselves to stand naked and bare in the light of the soul. It can be mind-bendingly awkward and excruciatingly challenging to be vulnerable, particularly with ourselves, as there’s nowhere to hide and sometimes the truth isn’t what we hoped for. Yet, it’s the truth and to deny it leads to a greater sense of inner disconnection and discontentment as the gap between the façades of our everyday smiles and the reality of the truth within grows larger and larger.

A willingness to be vulnerable isn’t weakness as it takes great courage to stand outside in the open without the camouflage of the distraction of things to do, people to see and places to go. Yet, many fear it all the same as it can be hard to reconcile vulnerability in the perfection-seeking world in which we live as it can lead to a feeling of somehow being ‘less than’ as we can no longer hide behind the false smiles of normality. We can feel a pressure to conform and to be like everyone else, even though everyone else is also secretly trying to reconcile their vulnerability and truth.

Vulnerability is being real and it’s accepting the imperfections of being human. It’s only when we reach a point of acceptance that we can begin to truly reconcile the scattered jigsaw puzzle of our lives as we let go of the pretence and instead focus the phenomenal energy this pretence takes towards living a more enriching and fulfilling life. Life isn’t about striving for perfection, it’s about striving for happiness. Perfection becomes hollow and empty when we begin to love the imperfections of all that we are. Of course, it can be hard to let go of the somewhat judgemental societal beliefs of wanting the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect union etc as it’s everywhere we look and there is a pressure to conform and to get life right, but when we turn within we realise that this no longer needs to be the measuring stick upon which we live our lives as it simply creates discord and unhappiness.

It seems time now to step beyond the falsehoods and destructive beliefs that have shaped and defined our lives for so long in order to build a brave new world of hope and compassion, a world where love becomes the overshadowing force and where we begin to cherish our quirks and love our imperfections as they are a part of the magnificent spectrum of life. It’s time to stop giving ourselves such a hard time and to instead find ways to thrive, blossom and flourish. Life is, after all, what we make of it…

With love,




October looks set to be a month of innovation and new beginnings as you begin to approach your life from a fresh perspective. Challenges that once looked insurmountable now appear to be changing shape into something more pliable and workable which inspires and galvanises you to move back into the driving seat in order to re-shape and re-define your path ahead. Although you are not one for adages or aphorisms, you do love a good life mantra and there is some truth to the notion ‘life’s what you make it’ this month as it’s your overall approach that ultimately flavours your experiences and encourages you to explore new terrain. This isn’t to say that you have the power to control all of those experiences by thinking positively, as life rarely offers such an opportunity, this is more about shifting your perceptions and looking at life more pragmatically and openly.

Stuff happens whether you want it to or not, so why not play a more conscious role and be a part of the shifts? So, rather than feel as though life is happening to you, take a star role and engage fully in the shifts and become one with them: ride the up’s and down’s with courage, and trust your fiery passion and creativity to lead the way. When you are feeling in tune and connected, your soul burns brightly with the heat of your passion for life and this inner heat radiates from you like the sun on a summers day. Yet, when you get lost in the humdrum of life, your fire fades and you feel disconnected and lost, overwhelmed by challenges you would usually glide over. The message therefore seems clear as you need to allow your passionate, creative and fiery nature more room to dance freely as this is the key to living the best life possible…



Lighting up your soul continues to take centre stage this month as your focus hones in on your true priorities in life and you begin to let go of a great many distractions and a great deal of clutter. It’s not that you’re a hoarder in the traditional sense of the word, but you do store up a great deal on the inside of your soul which can leave you feeling clogged and stuck. You try to be everything to everyone and this can see you taking on so many roles and duties for others, often at your own expense as you park your own needs and dreams in order to keep on giving and giving to others. Whilst you will never stop giving, you have reached a threshold of change and you are beginning to realise that over-giving can be just as destructive as under-giving, not only for yourself in terms of your energy, but also for others as well as they can lose threads of their independence as they become increasingly reliant on you and everything you do for them.

Perhaps at some level, this reliance warms your heart as you love to feel needed, but, at the same time, it’s important to realise that this can, in time, become a destructive cycle as over-dependence can drain and deplete you. Boundaries are therefore the name of the game for you! Boundaries or ‘the art of saying No!’. Of course, it’s not just saying ‘No!’ as sometimes saying ‘Yes’ can open the doorway to help and to less reliance on your giving nature. You have a naturally nurturing way about you which is very genuine and this is a gift to be treasured, but what about self-nurturing? It’s time to clarify your priorities and acknowledge those areas where you need to make some ‘adjustments’ or tweaks in order to restore a more wholesome and fulfilling sense of balance in your life.



Every moment in life is precious; every breath, every thought and every action matters. One moment is no less significant than another. Of course, some moments are far more memorable than others, but every moment still matters. It seems important to re-iterate this point to you as there is a sense that your focus has shifted towards your destination; to that place you want to get to in life. Having a goal is wise to motivate and inspire you but it’s important not to lose sight of where you are now as the present moment is the point in time that truly matters as it’s the one you’re actually in, not the one you hope you might get to. Looking ahead is only natural for a forward-thinker like you but the risk of gazing ahead can leave you lost and adrift in the here and now which can leave you feeling disorientated and up the proverbial creek without a paddle, a compass, a map or a GPS.

The present moment is the moment which ultimately gives that desired moment ‘over there’ shape, definition and texture, as this moment is your reference point and your reality. Whilst you know this makes sense, it can be hard for you to not to horizon gaze as your perfection-seeking optimism for living the best life possible is a powerful drive for you. After all, who wouldn’t want to live the best life possible! However, why not realise that you can live the best possible life here and now rather than believing it to be over there? Bring it into the moment and close the gap between here and there. The more consciously you can stand in this moment, and the more you savour the present, the more likely you are to bridge that gap and start living the best possible life…



As you continue to look into your imagination and give it the freedom to expand and grow, there is a sense that new ideas are beginning to take shape and form. How you live your life has become a focal point for you as there’s a sense that things are slightly out of kilter when it comes to the work/home/humdrum/relaxation balance and, as a result, you feel depleted and simply ‘not quite right’. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what’s wrong but there’s an inkling of imbalance and discord that is rising up from your depths, nudging you to take note and acknowledge it. It’s easy to get caught in the hamster wheel of life as it’s a big wheel, but you are a free-spirited soul, and although you are obediently running round and round, keeping the wheel turning, your spirit is yearning for the world of your imagination to come to life and set you free.

The new ideas taking shape look set to inspire you to think about what your truly want from life as some potent questions are likely to start prodding your consciousness and will gradually get louder and louder until you acknowledge them, and, more importantly, answer them. Questions like: what makes you truly happy? Are you truly happy? What sets your soul on fire and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling? What depletes you and drains you? The list is long but it seems important for you to answer them openly and honestly as this is your life and only you can measure your happiness levels. At the same time, the more you can allow your imagination to inspire you to think about the life you yearn to live, the more connected you will begin to feel to the bigger picture of your life. This isn’t a time for thinking small, it’s a time for honouring yourself and for being the best you, you can be…



Breathing is generally something that just happens: your body just does it without you needing to consciously control it all of the time. It’s therefore easy to forget about the breath and all it does for you as you have no need to actively get on with the business of breathing and therefore it’s easy to take it for granted. Yet, losing the conscious connection with the breath can, over time, leave you feeling disconnected from your inner roar as it’s easy when life gets challenging not to notice those breaths are no longer deep and nurturing but they have become shallow, not reaching into the crevices of your lungs. In many ways this doesn’t matter as your body still gets the oxygen it needs to function but, at a deeper level, you can’t help but sense a restriction and constriction as the boundaries of your soul start to wither and fade as your breath no longer has the momentum to reach out into the infinity of your being.

Of course, boundaries do not suit a free-spirited soul like you as you need the freedom to roam and explore. Yet despite sensing this inner imbalance you’re often too busy to pause for even a moment and take a big deep breath. Yes, it can be as simple as that! Conscious breathing can help you to regain perspective, it can soothe you, inspire you and focus the bigger picture of your life. You are nearing a threshold of change and it’s important for you to be as connected as possible in order to ride the waves of change with your usual courage and passion. It’s time now to breathe and to feel the rise and fall of your breath reaching deeply into your soul. Your breath is the gift of life and it’s time to channel this gift into restoring balance as you reconnect to the passion and spark within…



As you continue to gaze deeply into your heart and soul there is a growing sense of realisation emerging from you as you reconcile the life you were born to live with the life you are living. You have always been a perfectionist, striving to do more, be more and achieve more and this has kept your focus on where you’re heading. It’s only natural to hone in on your ultimate destination but it’s important to realise that the life you’re living is the life you were born to live. Obviously you’ll still have dreams and goals to strive for but there’s a need for you to stop feeling incomplete as you are now; you’re not! Celebrate all that you are and this will feed into a flow of acceptance inspiring you to grab hold of the life you have with more gusto and gumption than ever before.

The more willing you are to live wholeheartedly, the more you will begin to let go of any thoughts of self-judgement or self-criticism as these only highlight the gap between where you are and where you feel you need/want to be rather than inspiring you to live more consciously in the here and now. Acknowledging the fact that you are already living the life you were born to live isn’t conceding defeat with your dreams nor is it stating that your life is perfect but it is allowing you to stand with both feet firmly in the present and this will help you to feel more awakened and connected enabling you to ride the waves of life with passion. This matters as it’s the way to re-centre and re-align you. Stop beating yourself up for not being more, doing more or achieving more; it’s time now to love yourself exactly as you are and to know that you are already being the best you that you can be…



October looks set to be a month of consolidation and coagulation as you begin to pull together the ends of many different threads in your life and start to weave them together to create a more cohesive, colourful and vibrant piece of art. You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t have a plethora of different stimuli to keep you motivated. Yet, there are times when having too many threads can tangle and snarl up as there is only so much you can juggle at any one time and this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and disorientated as you lose sight of the different facets of you as they become entangled in an incoherent knot. The key to untangling the threads comes from a willingness to stop trying to follow all of the threads to the end at any one given moment in time and instead focus on working with the threads that are in your hands now. In other words, don't scatter, focus!

This doesn’t mean giving up of any of these pathways, it simply means trying to scatter yourself less so you can, in fact, focus more energy into your life’s work, not less. Of course, it would be easy to end with such advice but it circumnavigates perhaps your biggest issue: having a true sense of what your masterpiece (or dream) actually is! It seems hard for you to have a clear sense of direction as you don’t have a clear end destination so you can weave away but until you start to give your dreams some proper shape, structure and definition, you are likely to continue to feel the different threads fraying slightly erratically in the wind. This is your moment to take a breath and to make a choice as to where you’re heading and why. Then it’s up to you to go for it…



As your perspective continues to shift and expand, there is a growing sense that you are beginning to feel a deeper sense of freedom in your life as you start to look beyond the boundaries of your everyday world in order to see the bright, brave horizon beckoning you forth. You have never been one to walk the treadmill of life as your free-spirited nature simply will not be boxed up or contained, and whilst you have, over time, become slightly more restricted and restrained when it comes to roaming the hills and valleys, you have never truly let go of your desire to fly free. October looks set to be a month of motivation, optimism and hope as you begin to see a new way of living and being that allows you the freedom you desire whilst, at the same time, enabling you to meet the inevitable ought’s, must’s and should’s that have weaved their way into your life.

Whilst there are times when these responsibilities feel like a drain, you do love to help and support others, so they enrich your life as well. Although this may not feel as expansive and free as your soul may yearn for, sometimes you need to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, otherwise all you will see is the gap and nothing more. After a while, the infamous train station tannoy announcement of ‘Mind the Gap’ becomes your mantra as life stops being about the here and now, and instead ‘getting from here to there’ becomes your sole focus. Whilst you know life is not just about bridging the gap, it’s about living well, it can sometime sbe hard to remember this when life gets challenging, however it’s important to keep your focus on freedom (inside and out) as it’s your perspective that will ultimately shape the flavour of things to come…



October looks set to be a month of reconnection to your heart and soul as you continue to realign your sense of purpose with your true sense of self. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact moment, but the two diverged some time ago, and you seem ready now to re-centre in order to re-inject some much needed sparkle and energy into your life. In many ways you have grown bored of the daily humdrum pedestrian nature of life as the routine has depleted you and become more of a trap than anything else. Of course, there will always be pedestrian things to do as that’s the nature of life but you seem to have entangled yourself so deeply that it’s hard to see daylight through all of the tightly woven knots. Yet, you can’t help but feel frustrated that you’ve allowed yourself to reach this point as you have always kicked out against conforming with the ‘norm’; you have thrived on the ideals of individualism and creativity but you have found yourself restrained by the opposite.

It’s time to realise that you can still be the free-spirit you know yourself to be whilst living in the everyday world; you do not have to disengage completely from ‘normality’ in order to be free. Of course, ‘normality’ is a divisive word as there really is no such thing as ‘normal’ as everyone has their own ideas of the word. However, it’s all too easy to get stuck in the normality trap as there are always bills to pay and things to do. You seem conflicted between normality and freedom, but this conflict simply creates a larger divide within you as you are fighting between you and, well, you. Why not accept the fact that there will always be at least a little bit of normal in your usually individual world and stop the battle? Instead channel your formidable energy towards reconnection to your true sense of self and allow your soul to shine brightly…



As the winds of change continue to gather momentum in your life over the weeks ahead, there is a growing sense of re-emergence as you begin to think about the bigger picture of your life once again. You have faced your fair share of challenges recently and, as a result, you have lost sight of the bigger picture as your focus has shifted towards the minutiae and finer detail. This has had to be the case in order to make it through, but it has left you feeling slightly overwhelmed with the seemingly growing list of things to do, people to see and places to go. There is a part of you that just wants to yell: ‘Stop!’ so you can down tools for a while and take a rest. So, why don’t you? What’s keeping you from drawing a line in the sand, taking a breath and gathering your focus back in? Of course, it’s the other part of you that stops you, as it’s the force trying to gallantly push on and ignore the whimpering inner calls for a truce.

October looks set to be a month of gazing deeply into the mirror of your soul as you begin to acknowledge your complexity and the different facets of your being. There is nothing wrong in being complex, in fact, it’s something to celebrate, but not when it constantly pulls you in more than one direction at any given time. The more you get to know your true depths, the more you will realise just how precious your different facets actually are as each one plays a vital role in your life. Don’t give yourself a hard time for being you; equally, learn when you need to stop for a while in order to regain your perspective as this will help you to gain a stronger sense of balance and equilibrium in your life. Balance is important as this is the key to riding the forthcoming waves of change with passion and courage…



The theme of sheep (see September!) continues to dominate the landscape of your life throughout October as you look set to start pulling away from the flock of normality in order to reconnect to the concept of living free, thinking free and being free. You have never truly fitted in with the collection of fluffy, wooly mammals grazing collectively on the hillsides of life. Yet, despite your aversion to wool, you have always found yourself hovering on the boundary between the flock or the lone wolf as you can’t quite bring yourself to be one or the other. On one hand you don’t want to stand out from the flock but, at heart, you want nothing more than to stand out and be the vibrant, unique individual you know yourself to be. Your soul is longing for the freedom to sing your own, special note in the universe in order for you to be a part of the orchestra of life but, at the moment, you feel slightly out of sorts and disconnected, as your soul feels the longing but your head seems determined to keep pushing on with the business of living.

There is a divergence here but there needn’t be as your head and your heart already know how to work in harmony, you just have to let them. It’s true that your head likes to think it has the upper hand as it can often take over, but your heart and soul are not silent and passive witnesses, and this is why you can feel the disconnection as they are making you aware of their presence. Sometimes you need to let your soul sing loudly as this is where you feel most connected and vibrant. It’s time now to see beyond feeling like a sheep and to see the bigger picture of your life. You are not a woolly mammal and never will be so don’t try to wear a sheep suit as it doesn’t suit you. Instead be yourself and love yourself for it…



Life is rarely as straightforward or as predictable as you may hope for as there are always new challenges to face and new opportunities to explore that often take you by surprise. Whilst you are an adaptable and flexible soul, there are times when you feel overwhelmed with the constantly changing tides as there rarely seems to be time to sit quietly to take stock or to adjust to the shifts. You, more than most, feel the depth of such shifts acutely as you are such a sensitive and intuitive soul, so even tiny changes can upset the apple cart of your life and leave you feeling discombobulated and without foundation. Having foundations matters to you as this gives your life structure and shape, and you need a solid foundation in order to reach out into the world, otherwise you can feel as though you will topple over and stumble.

However, foundations really aren’t a natural Piscean trait as you are a water soul and water doesn’t need solid foundations: it flows! It therefore seems important for you to question why you want something solid and tangible upon which to build your life when it is, in fact, quite contrary to your nature. In addition, is there a chance that your quest for foundations is actually the force that’s tripping you up as you are trying to be something or someone you’re not? You are a fluid and free-flowing soul, and this enables you to dance freely with the waves of life, riding on the crests and dancing through the currents as this is your natural state of being. The reason you have been feeling overwhelmed and under pressure recently is most likely because you have been resisting this change and trying to grow roots in an environment that doesn’t allow you to thrive. You seem ready now to take a big deep breath and leap into the currents of life once again in order to allow your naturally fluid nature to lead the way…



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