Monthly Astro-Forecasts September 2014

Message for September 2014

September looks set to be a month of inner revelation and insight as we continue to embrace the true art of vulnerability. Vulnerability is not about ‘being weak’ or giving up, it is about a willingness to stand naked and bare, staring at our own reflection and having the courage to gaze at the mirror to the soul with openness and compassion. Vulnerability is being authentic and loving our authenticity exactly as it is. Authenticity is not about striving for perfection; it is accepting the reality that putting things on hold as we try to achieve perfection only serves to keep us away from living life to the full. This isn’t the same as giving up or walking away from dreams as the quest for perfection is usually more about an avoidance of fear, of taking a chance, or of being alive. 

Being human is not always easy, nor are there simple rules for a happy life. However, this is usually because we tie ourselves up in knots trying to make sense of why things are the way they are and also trying to swim against the currents because we think we know better or because we don’t like the reality we face. We do these things for a myriad of different reasons but when we begin to see the patterns we create for ourselves, we can begin to break the cycle and open up to the true flow of life. Happiness is not something to chase, to achieve or to reach towards; happiness just is happiness.

Having the willingness to break the cycle and be vulnerable does take courage. It also takes faith; not necessarily in a higher power but in oneself. We so often negate or belittle ourselves, feeling we should do more, achieve more or strive for more, but when we stop pushing so hard and instead start showing ourselves compassion, the dynamic changes and we begin to feel a truer sense of balance in life. Our goal in life should be ‘being more’; not trying to be more to feel better about ourselves but a willingness to just ‘be’ and to love ourselves for it.

Letting go of the complex twists and turns of life, embracing vulnerability as a gateway to authenticity and loving ourselves exactly as we are, seem to lie at the heart of living a ‘good life’. Quite what this entails is unique to each of us, but the common theme for us all is ‘happiness’. Happiness is no longer in the realms of being out of reach; happiness is with us in the here and now. It is all a matter of perspective, after all...

With love,



September looks set to be a time of spontaneity and revelation as you open up to a new direction in your life. For quite some time now, you have been contemplating your path ahead, wondering how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Of course, the path between here and there is rarely as easy as black or white as invariably shades of grey find a way to blur the edges. Yet, have the facts presented themselves to you confirming that things are more complex than you hoped, or is it more that you are just not expecting a straightforward journey and this is what’s actually colouring your judgement? Sometimes, what you expect to be the case isn’t a true reflection of reality; yet, your expectations often shape and define your reality as they carry power!

So, take some time this month to explore your perceptions and to find new ways of dealing with the facts as and when they present themselves. Reclaim the power in your life and try to find a new centre that keeps you balanced and able to ride the waves as, and when, they reach the shores of your soul, rather than spending your time trying to anticipate exactly what part of the beach the next wave may reach. Trying to stay ahead of the game is a part of being human but expending all of your energy and focus on trying to anticipate what may or may not happen next simply takes you away from where you are now. Enjoy this moment, be present and savour the joy of being you and being alive...


September looks set to continue the theme of self-compassion as you begin to realise that being compassionate to yourself is neither indulgent nor self-focused. You have spent so long trying to be the cog in the central wheel of life and although you have done this well, the cost has been a depletion in your essence and sense of self; it is as though you have retreated into yourself slightly as a way to cope with giving so much to so many. Of course, you know that shifting the balance in your life is the next step but this can feel slightly overwhelming as it means reclaiming your power and reaffirming your worth. Although neither of these should be daunting, you are simply not used to standing in your own power, speaking your truth or being compassionate with yourself.  This is something of a paradox for you, as until you stand firm, you cannot stop trying to be everything to everyone as the cycle remains intact and unbreakable.

Being the source of change is not always as easy as it sounds particularly when you are so used to giving so much of yourself but, as the cog in the central wheel of life, only you have the power to shift the balance. This doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’; you don’t have to rip the cog out and let the wheels fall off (unless you want to). Maybe, all you need to do is to ease up the speed, take a break and re-focus for a while. Once you take the first step towards compassion and positive change, the momentum builds allowing you to go with the true flow of your life...


Being you, only you and nothing but you continues to take centre stage throughout September as you open up to a new way of living and being. You have spent a great deal of time trying to work out the intricate workings of the universe: what makes you, you, what makes life so complicated and why things are the way they are. Although you are extremely unlikely to ever stop digging and exploring such lofty issues, there is a sense that you are ready to stop searching quite so vigorously in order to start being instead. This may sound a little confusing, after all, your life’s focus has been connected to finding the best way of being you, but there is a sense that you have spent so long trying to perfect this process that you have disconnected from being a part of the process.

As a result, you have a good understanding as to what being you is all about but there has been a slight gap between knowing this and being it. This gap has been the root of a great deal of frustration and confusion for you as the perfectionist in you has felt driven to eradicate the problem in order to be you even though your more intuitive side has always known that eradication is not the answer but integration is the solution. Fortunately, this looks set to change now as you begin to let go of the mind and instead open up your heart to the true essence of the concept of letting go and being you. There is no ‘try’ anymore; just do it. Just be you and love yourself for it.   


September looks set to revive the need for some existentialist wisdom in your life; this time from Dane Søren Kierkegaard ‘To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.’ You have spent a great deal of your life in between these two states of being; you have had dreams of stepping into the unknown, daring to be you and to live the life you intuitively know you were born to lead, and then you have often hedged your bets, sticking to the familiar in order to keep on keeping on. You have not quite lost yourself by not daring, but you haven’t taken a chance and let go either. Of course, philosophising about this is much easier than actually doing something about it; after all, life has responsibilities: things to do, people to see and places to go. In a way, you seem quite happy to stand in the middle as it has meant that you have never really had to take a chance and step into unknown terrain nor have you had to disconnect completely from your sense of self.

Although this strategy has allowed you to keep on keeping on, there is a sense that you are ready now to step beyond the edges of the boundaries of your life in order to experience a new way of living and being; you are no longer content to walk the middle way.  Quite what this means in terms of ‘what happens next’ is less clear, after all, you want to embrace the unknown rather than the known. Open your heart and soul, listen to your inner wisdom, believe in yourself and breathe free...


As you continue to reclaim your natural balance and sense of self, there is a sense that September looks set to be a month for some expansive, creative and visionary thinking as you begin to see some new ways of getting from where you are now to where you want to be. Of course, whatever way you look there are obstacles, as this is a part of life, but it seems that you are no longer feeling overwhelmed by these obstacles and seeing them as potential barriers to your happiness but you are now opening up to a new level of inner peace and inner strength enabling you to see these obstacles more as stepping stones and opportunities for growth. Perhaps this is just a different way of seeing ‘what it’ but perhaps this is all that’s needed, after all, how you see yourself and your life are key factors in determining how you live your life.

Life looks set to expand now as you breathe new energy into your aspirations and dreams as you can now see with more clarity just how to make those dreams a reality. Now this isn’t to say that those obstacles will simply disappear, but there is a sense that they will change shape and form, no longer feeling insurmountable and deeply frustrating, but feeling more pliable and easier to work with. September looks set to be a pivotal month for you to make some positive changes to your life, so the more you can open up to your power and vision to guide you, the more likely you are to ride the waves of change and set sail for brand new shores...


September looks set to be a month for realigning your sense of Self with your life and, using this realignment to reconnect to, and reaffirm, your path ahead. You have spent a long time trying to keep on keeping on in life and although this has seen you achieve a great deal, there is a sense that deeper within you feel slightly out of kilter with your passion, creativity and dreams. You are a visionary and your vision is far reaching. However, you are also a ‘practical visionary’ as you tend to keep your feet on the ground, so it can sometimes be hard for you to let go of the details in order to embrace the bigger picture.

Of course, staying grounded is a positive in life, but it can sometimes hinder as it can stop you from opening up your heart and soul to the essence of the ‘bigger picture’ as your mind simply must focus on the details and ‘getting it right’. There are also times when the bigger picture just gets too big for you to focus on and you can feel lost as a result. Try not to see either of these as barriers to your dreams; try to see them as opportunities to reassess your dreams to ensure that you are still heading in the right direction. Although it can sometimes be hard to find a balance between your over-active head and your passionate and creative heart, let them work together to find a new sense of inner harmony. Allow them to willingly embrace the bigger picture together as this is the key to your realignment and to living the life you are now ready to live...


September looks set to be a month for discovering a new philosophy for life! You have always been a cerebral soul and have often had long spells of contemplation as you have tried to make sense of being human. As a result, there have been times when you have felt deeply frustrated at the apparent lack of clarity when it comes to why things are the way they are. Your desire for answers doesn’t always lead to answers and you have found yourself trying to come to terms with the realisation that sometimes there simply are no answers. There have been times when you have felt intense frustration with the universe for making you, you and not giving you sufficient instructions to piece everything together and make sense of life, and although such times have rocked the foundations of your life, you have maintained your balance and poise, always returning to calmer waters.

In many ways, the path you have followed in life has been a rocky one, as the up’s and down’s of being you combined with a failure to find all the answers (but loving yourself anyway) has challenged you on every level of your being. However, rather than allow such a realisation to break you, you have found strength from the unknowable in life and chosen to ride the waves with passion and joy. Your new philosophy is a consolidation of everything you have learned in life alongside a new willingness to stop trying quite so hard to piece it all together; you are finally ready to be you, the whole you and nothing but you...


As you continue to wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of self-honesty, there is a sense of revelation and inspiration over the coming weeks as you begin to open up to a new layer of truth in your life. This may sound odd, after all, you have never been one for avoiding truth, but it seems that, over time, life has built up layer upon layer of ‘stuff’ to distract you from the nitty gritty of being you. Of course, you know all about ‘stuff’ as it has distracted you, consumed you and irritated you for years, but despite your awareness of its presence in your life, you have not, as yet, found a way to eradicate it from your world. As a result, you have felt an inner incongruence between needing to wipe the ‘stuff’ slate clean and feeling unable to be free until you have accomplished this.

Yet, surely ‘stuff’ is a part of life as there are always things to do, people to see and places to go? Is it really possible to clean the decks completely and keep them that way? If you eradicate all the ‘stuff’, then what’s left? Whilst this is not to say that stuff is the heart and soul of life, it is a part of life, so would embracing it rather than fighting it be a slightly more logical approach? You have felt a barrier to your deeper truth and you have wanted to clear a path in order to set this truth free, however, it now seems time for you to realise that the truth is already free; you just need to notice it...


September looks set to be a month for you to open up to your inner world in order to find a new way of achieving balance and harmony in your life. You have a busy head, there is no denying this fact; your mind whirs and whirs, you think, churn, create possibilities and expand the boundaries of your existence. You do all of this in just about every moment of every day. Your mind is a force to be reckoned with and it inspires you to reach for the stars and to stride towards your dreams. However, there is a sense that although you are very familiar with your mind and work with it in positive ways, the relationship is not an easy one; it feels neither free flowing nor openly loving.

You embrace the power of your mind but you do not seem to love it. This may seem rather odd, after all, why should you make a point of loving your mind? Surely it just is what it is, and, as a part of you, it gets loved in the bigger scheme of things? Well, this might be true, but you don’t like being taken for granted, so why would you think your mind would be ok with this? Perhaps it’s a bit pedantic to pick a hole in the dynamic between you and your mind, after all, the relationship is a great one, but it’s important to highlight because you are preparing to take a giant leap forwards in your life, and the bond between you and your mind is the force that will shape and define your path ahead. Love your mind, love your thoughts, love your life and love yourself...


September looks set to be a month of renewed passion and energy as you take a big step forward when it comes to being you and living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. Dreams often have a way of getting lost in the rubbish heap of life as they become buried under the piles of things to do, responsibilities to meet and burdens to carry. There is no point denying the presence of these in your life as you are a realist and any attempt to cover over the cracks just irritates you. Yet, there is a sense that you give the ought’s, must’s and should’s a little too much power in your life as they seem to shape and define your reality.

Although you may be happy with this situation on the surface, underneath you are irked as you know that life is not just about digging yourself free from the rubbish heap piles; you know that there should also be room for fresh air, clear spaces and following your bliss in life. There, it’s finally been said out loud: ‘Bliss’. Oh, how you hate such words as they are so fluffy and ill-defined; they lack substance. However, try to feel the power of the word; connect to it and know that bliss is yours for the living; just open up your heart and soul to the true energy and concept of the word. The rubbish heap only dominates your life because you let it. You can still dance on the summit and you can still find ways of being you. Don’t let your life become an obstacle to being you...


Being you has never been an easy concept for you to grasp as you are such a multi-levelled, multi-dimensional and multi-multi type of soul. You are, by very definition, beyond comprehension; your boundaries are beyond the ‘seen’ and your awareness reaches deeply into the unknowable depths of the universe. Such an expansive nature is naturally very challenging to live with as it makes every day life feel rather pedestrian and tedious. As a result, you can find it hard to deal with the everyday business of living as it seems too solid for an ethereal and philosophical soul like you. Yet, although there can be no denying that you are living outside the consciousness of everyday life, you are also a human being, and sometimes you have to grab an anchor, ground yourself and deal with the business of being alive.

It can be hard trying to juggle the expansive nature of your being with the humdrum of things to do, places to be and dreams to achieve, as much of it feels like an inconvenient distraction that takes you away from the truly important things in life. Well, this might be true, but you still have to find a way of bringing the many different facets of your nature together into a more manageable whole. September looks set to be a month for a new kind of unity that brings together your mind, body and soul, allowing you to merge the seen with the unseen, the knowable with the unknowable and the expansive nature of the universe with the inescapable to do list in your life... 


September looks set to be a month for dancing on the waves of life (metaphorically speaking) as you open up to your creativity far more. As you continue to explore the flow and cycles in your life, the question ‘do you want to?’ surfaces once again as you begin to think about how you want to move forward. Do you want to keep on keeping on? Do you want to dance? Do you want to explore new terrain in your life? Do you want to discover new levels of freedom? You get the gist. Of course, it’s not always as easy as just making a decision and acting upon it as life invariable has ways of presenting you with challenges such as feelings of guilt, feelings of responsibility and feelings of fear.

Although you are already more than familiar with the first two, the concept of fear is not one that you seem to have spent much time contemplating; that’s no surprise, after all, who wants to think about fear? Well, no one. But it seems important now because there is a sense that fear is driving several cycles in your life and these are preventing you from dancing freely and being you. Fear can cause a disconnection from life as it can erode and corrode the soul; taking you further away from you and into the realms of must’s, ought’s and should’s. At heart, you know that you are a free spirit; like the watery depths of your soul, you cannot be contained. Set yourself free now and embrace a new flow as you become one with the water and feel the urge to dance...


Mirinthia 1st September 2014 9:56 am

At 66, I am the Phoenix Goddess, literally rising from the ashes of my old life and rebuilding my new life. Just a few years ago, I was stuck, literally, figuratively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

On March 7, 2012, I spiritually and emotionally reclaimed my life. 10 months ago I hung up my walking cane, which I had used for 7 years,in my closet. I have not done ANY exercise in 7 years….however on August 28, 2014,I went to a Gym and did a mini, mini workout. I am so out of shape all I could do was 8 minutes on the elliptical (5 minutes a small break, then 3 minutes). The next day I did 9.5 minutes on the elliptical (5 minutes, then 4 minutes). I took the next day off. Yesterday I did 10.5 minutes on the stationery bike (4 minutes, 4 minutes 2.5 minutes). I am taking today off. I will be back to the Gym tomorrow.

Louise Hay's affirmation: "I am in perfect balance. I move forward in life with ease and with joy at every age" is very appropriate for me.


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