Monthly Astro-Forecasts September 2015

Message for September 2015

It is an inherent human tendency to try to fill life up with stuff: things to do, places to go, people to see, accomplishments to achieve. There is a sense of discomfort when it comes to consciously stepping into the silent moments as it is within the silence where truth resides. Truth isn’t about ‘answers’, it’s about looking into the mirror of one’s soul and actually genuinely seeing the reflection that looks back without trying to push it away or squash it with yet more stuff. It's a willingness to stand in the silence, bare and without the distraction of stuff in order to see our true essence.

'The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear' Rumi

It's as though the silence is too a powerful force for some people to face. Yet silence is the true healer in life, it can be found in the spaces in life: between the in and the out breath and in every nook and cranny. Silence is everywhere. Yet, silence is not empty: quite the opposite. Silence is full of life, vibrancy and passion. It is the force of creation and the inspiration of life. In today's over-stimulated world, distraction can be found everywhere. There is a kind of white noise created by technology and a more intense buzz created by the millions of people lost in their virtual worlds.

Silence isn’t a void, silence is an inner stillness that allows us to hear and to see the true riches all around us. Silence can take us deep within and reconnect us to our emotional and spiritual depths.Without knowing silence, how can we truly appreciate everything else? The silence gives us context, just like day and night, dark and light, joy and pain. Yet Seeing things in such a black-and-white way takes away the context, textures and flavours of life. The silence isn’t a separate force, it is inherent within everyone and everything. Just as the air carries oxygen to every one of our billions of cells, the silence brings life to life.

Human beings are inherently strange and wonderful creations; a complex and awe-inspiring bundle of cells, thoughts and energy, held together by skin and bone. Despite the magnificence of life, the universe and of all the magic that occurs around us in any one given moment, we so often lose sight of our humanity, empathy and compassion, focusing on everything that’s wrong in our lives or doing our best not to notice.

On one hand we create musical masterpieces and discover cures for disease, on the other we decimate the oceans with rubbish and consistently find new ways to hurt each other. A puzzling and bewildering species, seeming growing ever more disconnected and discordant. Perhaps pushing away that silence in todays world of distraction has created a barrier that we have yet to fully comprehend? Whilst there are many of us who actively choose to leap into the silence, it seems important that we allow the silence to grow in order to reach out into the hearts and souls of everyone. It's time to consciously allow the silence more room to breathe, thrive and flourish...

With love,




The winds of change look set to gather momentum throughout September as life begins to open up in some unexpected and inspirational ways. There’s a sense that you have been on the brink of a new chapter of your life for quite some time but you have felt a little stuck between where you were and where you wanted to be. As a result, you have felt a growing sense of frustration as, despite your best efforts to push ahead, you have felt held back, as though you were tied to a piece of elastic, constantly coming back to the same place over and over again. Yet, when you look at the bigger picture of your life you will realise that your efforts haven’t been in vain as you have learned a great deal from your ‘period of elasticity’ (well, if you can think of a better phrase, then go for it), and you are now in a position to use some of that wisdom when it comes to riding those winds of change towards pastures new.

You are a free spirit at heart and although you take pride in working hard and trying to be the best ‘you’ you can be, there is a risk that such a strategy can keep you locked on being the person you feel you ought to be rather than the person you truly are. Similarly, this can also keep you focused on the frustration in connection to not being where you want to be in life. It’s important to instead start accepting where you are now and to realise that life is a journey: you will always be moving from where you were to where you want to be next…



Life frequently brings you to the threshold of change as it’s inevitable and inescapable. You often find yourself on the brink of something new and it can sometimes feel as though you are forever in a cycle of endings and beginning. As a result, you can feel overwhelmed at times as the frustration kicks in at the seeming intangibility of life and the world as you know it. Although you intuitively know that life is a cycle of change as you are forever changing, evolving and shifting, you want nothing more than to grab a piece of stable ground and set up home for a while in order to process and digest your life and your path. You want to rest in the moment and keep hold of it for long enough to breathe into it fully. Yet, as soon as you grab the moment, it passes and transforms into the next moment.

There is a chance you could drive yourself nuts trying to stand still in the flowing river of life, the effort and energy required to hold yourself upright as the currents push and pull you is huge, and yet, here you are, trying to stand your ground and get that bit of breathing space you long for. It seems a shift in perspective is needed now in order for you to stop feeling so frustrated at being a moving part in the ever-moving, ever-changing universe. Intuitively you want to flow, so why don’t you? Trying to make sense of life is a part of being human, but you can’t put life on hold in the process, you have to live it at the same time…



September looks set to be a month of revelation and reflection as you gaze deeply into the mirror or your life and allow it to gaze deeply into you. You are an intuitive and empathic soul, and you spend a great deal of time trying to make sense of ‘what is’ and ‘why it is the way it is’; you want to know the meaning of life and the meaning of the meaning of life. Although you know there are many questions in life without answers, you still seem keen to keep asking as you feel sure that, if you ask for long enough, the answers will surely come! There is absolutely nothing wrong in asking questions, after all, that’s how we learn, blossom and thrive, but it’s important to understand the motivations behind this as there are times when seeking answers to questions that don’t have answers is more of a distraction or avoidance technique than a quest to dig deeper and discover a new philosophy in life.

At the end of the day, only you know what drives you forward, but it seems important for you to understand yourself more in order to prepare yourself for a period of soul-searching and self-discovery. There are moments in life where you feel suspended in mid-air as you bridge the gap between one chapter and another; where you are not quite in the new chapter yet, but you can’t help but look ahead as it feels exciting and liberating. You are in one such moment at the current time and it’s important not to exhaust yourself with intense question asking and instead rest in the moment, step into the silence and allow the silence to step back into you…



Almost everyone has a bucket list of one kind or another in life, some even have bucket lists of bucket lists as they have so many things they want to do, be and achieve before they pop their clogs. Some have perfectly organised lists, colour co-ordinated and in alphabetical order whereas others just have a few ideas jotted on a piece of scrap paper tucked away inside their brains. Life is unquestionably short and with the inevitable uncertainty of exactly how much time we may or may not have hanging over us, it’s important to make the most of now and live in the moment. Intuitively you know this, but creating those lists and getting them right can be so consuming and absorbing, and you can sometimes lose sight of the need to experience the experiences you want to experience and instead spend your time listing and organising them.

Of course, thinking about your dreams and goals is important as these feed your enthusiasm for life and give you the incentive to step beyond the comfort zone, but the real joy comes from actually stepping beyond your comfort zone and living your dream. You are a wise, intuitive, creative and passionate soul, and September looks set to be a month where you begin to see yourself and your life from a new perspective as you contemplate what’s really important to you and what you really want from life. It’s time to let go of trying to do more, be more or achieve more in order to make others happy and it’s time to stop those ought’s from defining the path of your life. You are your own person, and the time has come for you to be you, only you and nothing but you…



The theme of embracing the extraordinary continues in earnest throughout September as the bigger picture of your life starts to expand giving you a more panoramic perspective on your life and path ahead. For a long time now you have tried to be the person you felt you needed to be: the one that holds everything together, the one who thinks nothing of sacrificing your own needs for the sake of others. Such a strategy has turned you into the essential cog in the wheel of life; the one no one can do without. However, the cost of this has been a slow descent away from your true essence into a world of ‘ought’s’ and ‘should’s’ where you have lost sight of your fiery passion and creativity. As a result, the lion within you is more of a kitten these days.

Yet, there is much to be proud of here as you have inspired others to fly high and the time has now come for you to reconnect to the fire within your heart and soul in order to stretch out your own wings and gently flap them up and down as you embark on a new chapter in life. Embracing the extraordinary may sound very grandiose but, is essence, it is a time for you to turn to face your true self and to be the ‘you’ you know yourself to be. You are an extraordinary soul and the time has come to realise this. There is no ego gratification here, just a willingness to let your soul dance freely in the fires of life once again as you let your inner lion back out into the sunlight. You only have to look at that glistening mane to realise there is nothing ordinary about you…



Untangling the knots looks set to be a powerful theme for you throughout September as you begin a process of inner reflection and review. You have spent a long time trying to be the best you can be, working hard to achieve your goals and doing your best to stride ever-closer to your dreams. There is a sense that you have become so focused on where you are heading, you have forgotten to take note of where you are now. You are not the same person you were yesterday let alone last year or a decade ago; things change, and more importantly, you change. As a result, although you have been diligent to keep moving forward in life, you haven’t spent much time reviewing your path or yourself and, perhaps the goals you still have in your sights are not quite the right ‘fit’ for you anymore? There is no shame in this, after all, you are a constantly evolving human being, and, as you continue to flourish and grow, your priorities and needs change.

This isn't to say all your hard work has been for nothing, as it hasn’t, you just need to use that formidable brain of yours to step back a little and regain some perspective in order to gather together the many facets of yourself and untangle any knots you may discover before moving forward once again. Life is essentially what you make of it, so why not take some time to contemplate what you truly want in order to re-focus your energy in new ways? This feels like a new start but it also feels like an opportunity for you to take a big deep breath and fully re-engage with yourself and your life once again…



Human beings are an eclectic and perplexing bunch; no two are alike and, looking a little deeper, most are a bewildering blend of idiosyncrasies and quirks. Whilst this makes for an interesting and colourful world, it also makes the complexities of being human even more complicated as it can be so hard to make sense of life and to understand why things are the way they are. Although you know all of this, this wisdom doesn’t stop you from expending a great deal of time and energy looking for clarity and coherence where there isn’t any. As a result, there are times when you feel as though you are banging your head against a metaphorical brick wall as, despite knowing you're doing it, you carry on in a determined and valiant effort to find clarity in order to move forward in life and, until that elusive clarity surfaces, you feel frozen in uncertainty and on pause, unable to move forward.

Some may call this ‘stuck in a rut’ but it’s significantly more complicated than this as for you, the ‘rut’ is more of an epic battle between you and your brain; the ‘rut’ is a gaping chasm created by your motivation and need for clarity and certainty even though intuitively you know you can’t have it. The inevitable frustration of realising you are not a super-human with the ability to guarantee the future and to know exactly why things are the way they are can hold you back and prevent you from living in the current moment. The main reason for this is because your focus in on where you want to be rather than where you are now. September looks set to be a month to come back to the present and to ‘be here now’…



September looks set to be a month for exploring your true essence or sense of self as you begin to contemplate the bigger picture of your life. Intuitively you know yourself to be an intriguing, slightly mysterious, incredibly creative and extremely contradictory soul. The contradictions are not a criticism, more a reflection of your open and honest approach to life: being an open book. Well, although you may present yourself as an open book, on closer examination by someone that ‘knows’, all of those chapters you’ve squirrelled away over the years (those mysterious facets that make you, you) become far more obvious. Herein lies the contradiction: you can’t be an open and a closed book at the same time!

Having said this, there’s no reason for you to suddenly thrust yourself into the spotlight of life and lay yourself bare, but it does seem important for you to acknowledge your contradictions in order to make peace with them. Most of what lies hidden is connected to your creativity as you tend to box it away to make for an easier life, yet keeping your formidable creative power hidden stifles your life-force and stops you from being you. Of course, there is always a choice and you may choose to keep things exactly as they are, but only you can decide if you want to continue to ignore your soul calling you to find a new sense of balance. Being contradictory, mysterious and intriguing is a blessing, so why not embrace your true nature? The only person suffering as a result of your slightly closed-open book approach to life is you, so why not accept your quirks and contradictions, love them and be the best ‘you’ you know yourself to be?



Some prefer the purr of a sports car, others prefer the rattle of a battered old runabout. There are others who prefer the freedom of a motorbike and others who opt for the real horsepower of horses. Of course, there are those who choose the bus or train, but there are also those who prefer to sit on the sofa of life and contemplate which mode of transport they’d use given the opportunity. At heart, you have a little of all of these within you and there are times when you can oscillate between them as you try to navigate your way through life. Intuitively you know yourself to be a ‘wind through your hair’ kind of soul, heading out on the open road of life, ‘boldly going where no-one has gone before’. Yet, despite this adventure-seeking side of your nature, there are times when sitting on the sofa of life, eating popcorn and watching something mundane on the TV feels so attractive!

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with having ‘sofa days’ you give yourself such a hard time for ‘taking time off’ from the real business of getting on with your life; you feel a constant inner pressure to push on, to do more, be more and achieve more. Yet, unless you take time out, isn’t there a chance you’ll forget what you’re aiming for? Sometimes you need some crappy TV or a walk in the park to take you out of yourself for a bit, sometimes ‘doing nothing’ is the most constructive thing to do as it resets your inner balance and helps you to regain your perspective on life. Stop giving yourself such a hard time, take a deep breath and let life breathe back into you…



September looks set to be a month for some self-exploration as you begin to contemplate the area around the path you have been walking in life. This may, at first, seem slightly odd, after all, why would you need to explore the area around the path if you are already walking the path and know where you are heading? Yet, in many ways, it makes perfect sense, as to keep your focus narrowed onto the immediate area around your feet, you are missing out on seeing the wider perspective of your life. You may not feel drawn to see a wider perspective, but there is a sense that you need to at least pause to consider your options as it’s important to be sure of the reasons why you are not keen. Could it be you are so happy with things exactly as they are or have you just become stuck in a familiar routine and it’s easier to stick with it rather than risk upsetting the balance?

Obviously, only you know the answer to this question but if you are blissfully happy with everything exactly as it is, then you need read no further. However, if, as is more likely, things are feeling even just a little bit our of kilter in your life, then what have you got to lose by stepping back slightly to take a wider view on yourself, your life and your path? Whilst it may not be easy to create change as you have a plethora of responsibilities in life, use of the ‘i’ word is not in your vocabulary. Impossible? You? You are the master of ingenuity and creative thinking, therefore creating change is perhaps not as impossible as you’d like to think…



Your quest for balance continues in earnest throughout September as you begin to explore new ways to live the best life you can possibly live. Although there is a sense you are a little jaded with the constant busy-ness of life, that spark of creativity within you continues to burn brightly, inspiring you to keep hold of your unique sense of self as well as re-igniting your passion and your dreams. It can be hard at times to manage the everyday pedestrian aspects of life when you are also honing, shaping and manifesting your creative spark at the same time, but if anyone can do this, it’s you. Living the best life possible takes courage, ingenuity and self-belief; it also takes a willingness to step fully into the present moment in order to be here now.

Whilst you are more than aware of the importance of the here and now, it can sometimes be tempting for you to lose yourself in your dreams and in your vision of what living the best life would be like, thus shifting your focus forward into what may, or may not, lie ahead. Of course, this is understandable, as it’s important for you to have a sense of purpose, but there is a risk that you could lose touch with where you are now. As a result, the focus falls onto the gap between here and there rather than on making the most of now. Balance comes from a willingness to let your dreams burn brightly but without allowing them to lift you away from the present moment. Living the best life possible is not a future state of being; it’s where you are right now…



September looks set to be a month of inspired and creative vision for you as your life looks set to open up in some new and exciting ways. Although you are quite a fluid and free-moving soul, there is a sense that you also quite like the feeling of knowing where you're heading in life. So, more like the paddle on a steam boat than a piece of driftwood gently floating along with the ebb and flow; still in water, but one has considerably more ‘oomph’ than the other! Of course, even with a paddle steamer, there is a chance that the currents, tides and storms of life could send you off course, but, on the whole, as long as you steer, you will keep moving forward. As long as you steer? Oops, maybe that’s the problem? You’ve been so busy enjoying the journey and being distracted by the distractions of life that you’ve let go of the helm and let the boat steer itself.

Whilst this could be a wise and philosophical approach to living your life, intuitively you know you are nothing like that whimsical piece of driftwood, you do not ‘drift’ nor do you ‘ebb and flow’; you need to have a sense of direction in order to feel balanced and centred. Even though there are days when you cannot help but get caught up in the currents, it’s important not to allow these to consume and distract you from the business of living your life as this can leave you feeling trapped on one of life’s sandbanks. It seems the more you ‘own’ your true determined essence, the more you will realise that not only do you have the helm, but you have a map, a compass and an intuition that will take you wherever you need to go…



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