Monthly Astro-Forecasts September 2016

Message For September 2016

As the ebb and flow of the tides of life continue to lap the shorelines of our souls, there is a growing sense of awareness of the shifting landscape carved out by the currents and the winds of time. Of course, such change usually takes millennia before we see the results, but the changes we have all been experiencing lately have occurred in the blink of eye, or at least it feels that way! When we step back, we begin to notice the moment more and this allows us to see just how far we’ve actually travelled over recent years. The changes we are feeling now are the results of years and decades of work, not just a snippet in time.

It therefore seems important that we acknowledge the roles we have played in our own evolution and to realise that we are not powerless pawns in the game of life but, at the same time, to accept that we, in truth, have no power when it comes to choosing the overall shape and definition of our lives! It’s not easy being human! In essence, there is a need for us to know that our perspective flavours our life experiences but when we stop trying to control the uncontrollable by pushing uphill when we need to go downhill (or vice versa) we encounter far less resistance on all levels of our being. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t stand up for our beliefs or push to achieve our goals, it’s more a willingness to listen to the currents and to consciously ride with them rather than against them. Of course, it’s a part of being human to think we know better and there is also a chance to learn a great deal from the ‘mistakes’ we make, but there are times in life when listening serves a far greater purpose.

Every moment of every day we make choices: choices to act, choices not to act, choices not to make choices and so on. Some of us embrace each and every moment, seeing life as an opportunity to experience as much as possible but others spend life finding reasons ‘not to’. Most of us have, at some point, spent time in both categories, but the more awakened we become, the more we need to be accountable for our choices, even those choices we choose not to make. This isn’t about blame, and it doesn’t have to feel like a burden of responsibility, this is about being fully present in the here and now, in order to live fully, consciously and awake. So many spend life sleepwalking, following the flock, trying to get through each day without ever really looking at the bigger picture. Of course life doesn’t always afford us the luxury of choice but it’s easy to slip into sleepwalking even when we do have choice as it takes away the need to think outside of the box or explore the desire to walk a path less travelled. It can be convenient to get lost in distraction as it means avoiding ever having to make a conscious decision!

It seems important to acknowledge that, whatever life brings us, our souls are always free. We can choose to box up or bury our essence, but no one else can do that. They can try of course, but the flicker of the light at the core of our being always burns brightly. Even during dark days when we may feel lost or alone, the light still burns; we just have to look within to find it.  September looks set to be a month to open up our eyes, ears and hearts to the light within as we choose to stand on the shoreline watching the waves gently lapping our feet as we begin to fully appreciate the magic of life and to allow the new music of the universe to flourish and blossom. It has always been playing, it’s just that we’ve now reached the stage where we are open enough to hear it…

With love,




September looks set to be a month of courage and passion as you grab hold of the concept of whole-hearted living in order to reshape and redefine your life from the inside, out. You have never been afraid of ‘taking a chance’, of stepping towards pastures new, particularly when you get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside which tells you to keep going. However, there is a sense that you have lost touch with this warm fuzziness lately as life has felt more stark with a more monotone palette as you have felt slightly overloaded with responsibilities and choices. The starkness of the choices you are facing at the current time has taken the wind out of your usually billowing sails. Your resilience means that even when there’s no wind, you usually find a way to keep going but even this has diminished lately.

Yet, why it it stark? Is it because you feel caught between the devil and the deep blue sea or is it because you actually need to make a clear-cut, yes/no choice? Although you’re decisive, you seem keen to hover in the fluffy edges as you really don’t know which way to turn. If you’re finding it that difficult, maybe you should stop wriggling and struggling, and instead take a deep breath and centre yourself in the present moment? Maybe, just maybe, the answer will come in the stillness rather than from trying to force it? You may be keen to get from over here to over there, but sometimes, patience truly is a virtue! Try taking a step back to regain some perspective and this should help you to see the bigger picture and to let go of the starkness you’re currently feeling. It’s time for that warm, fuzzy feeling to rise up once again as you embrace the stillness and feel your courage and passion soar…



‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…’ Lyrics from the unforgettable ‘The Sound of Music’ and they seem so apt for you at the current time! Not specifically raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but a time to acknowledge your favourite things. ‘Things’ in this instance aren’t possessions; it’s not your favourite jumper or your treasured shoes, ‘things’ are those experiences and aspirations that light up your heart and soul, inspiring you to reach more consciously into life. Your favourite things represent an essence that is perhaps too hard to articulate; it’s a sense, a feeling that energises you from the tips of your toes to the depths of your being. It’s easy to get lost in the humdrum pedestrian-ness of life and to lose touch with what brings you to life and reminds you of the magic and sparkle of being you.

You have a tendency towards ‘over-giving’ as you self-sacrifice and place your own needs and wishes at the bottom of the heap. The concept of ‘your favourite things’ is designed to re-ignite the passion and inspire you to reconnect to your dreams once again as you reach back out into the world and sense the infinite possibilities all around you (and within you).  ‘My Favourite Things’ is perhaps as memorable as ‘It’s A Small World’ (for Disney fans amongst you!) and it’s one of those songs which seems to have an indelibleness about it as, once on the mind, it never gets off the mind! However, this is a good thing for you as it will keep reminding you to think about what lights up your soul as you navigate through the ups and downs of life, always refocusing you on your hearts’ desire. The time has come to feel fully alive…



As you continue to expand your awareness when it comes to the concept of perfection and what it means to you, there is a sense you are beginning to see just how your quest for perfection has shaped and defined your pathway through life. In many ways you are not an obvious perfectionist,  as you appear quite relaxed and accepting of your quirks and idiosyncrasies and yet, beneath the surface, you strive to get life ‘right’! Of course, working hard to evolve and grow is important, but it’s hard to be fully present in the current moment when your focus is on where you want to be rather than where you are. Wanting to get life ‘right’ is a part of being human and your quest to live the best life possible spurs you on to reach for the stars but there are times when being in the moment with the ground beneath your feet can bring you far more enrichment and nourishment.

The stars look magical and their dance in the infinity of the night sky is alluring, but there is magic in every single atom and every blade of grass, you just need to shift your perspective to notice it. It seems time to stop looking externally for a sense of your ‘bigger picture’ and to start an inner journey towards self-knowledge and enlightenment. It’s time to let go of your desire for perfection before it takes you away from the infinity of this moment; celebrate the joy of imperfection and the uniqueness of your quirks! Being you is both incredible and perplexing as your mind reaches into the far crevices of the universe. This is your moment to bring the magic of your infinite perception into life: to merge the macrocosm with the microcosm, and vice versa. In short, this is your moment to shine…



‘Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination…’ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory may seem an odd place to find inspiration in September but there is a sense that you are finally beginning to align your dreams with your reality and the ‘golden ticket’ of living the life you were born to live now feels closer, and more tangible, than ever before. The world of your imaginings is rich and diverse, but you often keep it in your imagination rather than channelling it into the here and now as you seem to find it hard to believe that you can make your dreams come true. There is a sense that you feel dreaming is a little frivolous and too light-hearted for the serious business of everyday life! Quite why life has become so serious remains something of a mystery although a distinct possibility is your tendency to give yourself a hard time for not doing more, being more or striving for more. So, on one hand your imagination is too whimsical and on the other, you love to pile the pressure onto your shoulders for not being better. Perhaps it’s a little easier to see why you often feel frustrated?

It’s time for you to take a look into your imagination, to bring it to life and to give it the freedom to fly and soar. You are a talented, creative and innovative soul, so boxing up your true nature is denying yourself an opportunity to live a freer and more connected life. Of course, life carries no guarantees, but there is a saying: ‘if you don’t try, you’ll never know’. This is your time to inject some passion and colour back into your imagination, giving it some room to inspire and empower you to fly high and to step beyond the greyscale of your perception of your reality… 



September looks set to be a month to let your soul expand and your essence blossom as you begin a new adventure in your life. You have been forging ahead over recent months, walking at full speed along the path of your life, however, there have been times when you’ve felt as though you’re on a treadmill as you seem to be moving nowhere fast! It’s easy to feel despondent when life doesn’t move quite as quickly as you’d hoped but it seems important not to lose sight of your ultimate destination. Equally though, don’t spend all your time focusing on the goal or you’ll miss the magic of the journey! Confused? You shouldn’t be!

This is a time for you to take a few breaths as you step back a little to see the bigger picture of your life; the path you’ve been forging ahead along appears to head straight towards your dreams but does it? Are you sure you’re not heading to where you think you need to go rather than allowing your formidable intuition to lead the way? If you sense a niggle of something not feeling quite right then explore it; after all, you have the gift of intuition, so use it! Of course, this isn’t to say that you should stop in your tracks and refuse to move, but you should at least be prepared to listen to what your soul is telling you. This is your time for expansion as your soul reaches into new corners of life but this can only happen if you allow it. You’ve been holding on for quite some time, trying to push ahead and do the ‘right’ thing, however, now is the time for you to stop trying to be what you’re not and to instead start to be you. You’re magnificent, after all…



The theme of acceptance looks set to take centre stage throughout September as you begin to feel a powerful and profound shift occurring deep within your soul. The shift is connected to a willingness to take a good, long look at yourself and to open up our eyes (and your heart) wide to see every nook, cranny and crevice of your soul. Although you’ve always been open to your depths, there is a sense that when life has got busy, challenging or intense, you have adopted a kind of tunnel vision which has enabled you to navigate such moments but the cost, over time, has been a slowly decreasing panorama of your soul. Of course, it’s all still there, it’s just that you don’t notice it. However, the time has come for you to open your eyes wide as you are ready to cross a pivotal threshold in connection to living your life more consciously.

Acceptance plays an important role in this shift as there’s a need for you to be as whole-hearted as possible during this process in order to ride the waves of change with grace and compassion. The more of your true essence you see and the wider you open your eyes, the more aware you’ll become of your bigger picture: warts and all, but this isn’t a time for self-judgement or self-criticism, it’s a time for self-acceptance and love. The forthcoming threshold feels more energetic or spiritual than physical, it’s as though, by opening your eyes, you are feeling more connected to life and this is inspiring you to reconnect to your dreams. Ride the waves of change with gentle awareness and let your blossoming naturally unfold as your true beauty surfaces…



‘No (wo)man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and (s)he’s not the same (wo)man’. This quote from Heraclitus perfectly sums up the heart of your path over the month ahead. As different pathways continue to converge and diverge, it’s important that you don’t focus too hard on where the currents are coming from, or heading to, as it’s where you are that truly matters. You are a born thinker, well, over-thinker, and it’s so easy for you to become lost in thoughts and cogitation, both of which are understandable, but both can take you away from where you are right now. You often gaze at the pathway of your life looking at the road you’ve walked, wondering what it would look like if you’d made different choices, or you look ahead and your consciousness is full of ‘what if’s…’

There’s no doubt that your mind is a potent source of inspiration and motivation for you but it can also stifle you and trap you, keeping your focus in the past or the future. What matters most is now as although the river flowing through your soul is heading towards the horizon of your goals and dreams, you really do need to stand in the river to feel the pebbles under your feet and the currents gently tickling your skin. It’s time to centre yourself and allow the river to flow as it moves whether you’re conscious of it or not. Don’t miss the present as it’s your gift to yourself. Stand in the river, splash around, feel the water on your skin and love the moment. The more conscious you are, the more you will manage the converging and diverging flows. It seems fitting to end, once again, with the Greek philosopher: ‘The soul is dyed the colour of its thoughts’. Over to you…



As you continue to explore and discover your inner depths, there is a sense that you are  beginning to find a new level of balance and poise in your life as you unearth a version of you that feels less complex and more free. Although, by your very nature, you are a free spirit, life has often thwarted this freedom with duties, responsibilities and ought’s. Whilst you are not one to get lost in such matters, there is a sense you have taken on increasingly more over time and the result has been a disconnection from your true essence. There are times in your life when you feel as though you are lost in a maze, unable to see above the walls, feeling trapped and alone, not sure which way is in and which way is out. However, there are other times, particularly when you reconnect to your deeper sense of self, when the maze vanishes and you soar high above. The important thing here is that none of the problems or challenges have gone away, it’s just that your perspective has shifted, enabling you to stop feeling so trapped or stifled.

The walls of the maze aren’t real, they are there because your consciousness has felt hemmed in and trapped. However, you of all people know that it just isn’t possible to dam up consciousness as it’s a free flowing force. Yet, when you feel overwhelmed, your perception shifts and you feel trapped, and because you feel trapped, you slowly become trapped. Perhaps this is too simplistic a representation as there is nothing simple or straightforward about being you! September looks set to be a month to take some big deep breaths of life as you begin to feel reconnected to all aspects of your being and allow yourself the freedom to soar high above any constraints you currently feel in order to regain your perspective and vibrant sense of self…



‘The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round…all day long.’ Nursery rhymes were written to be memorable and this one sticks in the consciousness like toffee to fudge cake. You may, or may not, have the pleasure of having this little ditty lodged in your brain but either way it seems very apt for you at the current time! The wheels on the bus of your life go round and round as you push ahead, get things done, take on more things to get done and keep trying to move forward even though, in truth, you lost sight of exactly where you’re heading a long time ago. The concept of the bus is to get you from ‘a’ to ‘b’ but it now feels like a lead weight around your neck as you feel trapped on a road from there to somewhere else, feeling slightly out of control, not really knowing where you are and rarely, if ever, taking a moment to gaze at the scenery.

In other words, you have got stuck on a hamster wheel which you can’t get off. Why though? You are a free-spirited, creative and innovative soul, and your awareness reaches far and beyond the concept of buses. Do you feel as though you have to go along with the flow of the wheels as you can’t stop them or because they have a life of their own? Or is it because, despite your protestations to the contrary, you really aren’t that sure where, given the choice, you actually want to go? September looks set to be a time for you to acknowledge where you are and why; it’s not too late to change this around, after all, a bus has a brake, accelerator and a steering wheel, so you can take the helm if you so choose. Try not to get lost with the hypnotic cyclical power of the wheels as you are so much more…



For a long time now, you’ve been on the brink of change. Intuitively it feels like a big change although you are still unable to articulate it or give it shape or form. This change feels like a stirring from deep within, a sense that everything is about to shift but you don’t know when, how or why. At the same time, you’re not even sure if you’re ready for change, or indeed, if you want it. Of course, it’s hard to want something if you don’t even know what it is. Yet, there is something calling you from deep within that intuitively tells you that you are ready for a new chapter so you feel as though you are hovering on the periphery of something you think you want without actually knowing what it is. No one ever said being you was easy!

It would be easy to get tangled up in fear and caution, and although there is an undeniable ‘wobble’ in your gut, you are, perhaps surprisingly, feeling positive and ready for the path ahead. This wobble is more of a fleeting sensation that flutters around every so often but it’s too strong to ignore or deny. It’s only natural to feel a sense of caution when change is afoot even though, you of all people know that change is a constant in life. Your wobble is a trusted friend who lets you know when you should tread with caution or when to prepare for pastures new, it is a healthy and welcome ally as it allows you to make informed decisions and wise choices. It’s not easy to live with a lurch in your solar plexus but go with the flow of it rather than resist it and you’ll begin to face the winds of change with courage and confidence…



September looks set to be a month of shift and change as you begin to amend the speed in which you walk through life. You have always walked at a different pace to others as your focus is so often on a million things at once and your mind is usually in another dimension! It’s therefore hard for you to travel at the pace marked ‘normal’ as you’ve really no idea what it actually means. Normal perhaps means a tad boring in your world as it suggests going along with the flow, fitting in and being one of the flock. None of the above come close to summing you up! You create the flow, and you’re definitely more tiger than baa. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sheep as they are cuddly, woolly and shape the landscape, but being one of them just doesn’t suit your more unique and vibrant nature.

So, why are you trying to be one? Why are you trying to squeeze your effervescent, bubbly essence into a box marked ‘sheep’ in order to feel as though you are one of the gang? You’re not! Does standing alone in your own colours feel too daunting for you? Do you feel safer in numbers? It seems like a contradiction in terms as, at soul level, you want to be free, but when faced with the opportunity, you’re not quite as confident. There is no judgement here just a gentle nudge asking you to explore the reasons why your head and your heart continue to pull in different directions. Whilst you can keep on keeping on with this inner divergence, it doesn’t make for a contented and happy you, so the time has come for you to stop trying to race ahead and instead allow your head and your heart to converge and come together in perfect harmony…



There are times of your life when you feel as though you are gliding along with the ocean currents, boldly exploring pastures new and trusting the tides to take you to where you need to be. Then there are times of your life when you feel like a piece of driftwood, drifting along with the currents, landing on a beach somewhere, waiting to be either picked up by a creative beachcomber or to be carried off by the next tide. Some may say there’s no difference between the two but the energy of one is vibrant and alive, the energy of the other is, well, passive! It’s easy to see why you oscillate between these two states as you so often give so much of yourself to others, you can feel as though you are powerless and without rudder. Yet, when you pause and take a deep breath, you still have your rudder, it’s just you’ve let it go as you’re so busy dealing with things to do, people to see and places to go.

You long for a life of consciously riding the waves and exploring new terrain, but you have set up your life so that you are so busy and so distracted, there simply isn’t the time to glide anywhere. Whenever you land on ‘pastures new’, you rush in, get things done and rush off again; you rarely even take a moment to take in the scenery, let alone to re-establish your inner sense of balance. It’s as though you’ve set your speed to ‘fast forward’ and you need to press the pause button for a while in order for you to take a good, long look at the life you are living and the life you truly want to live. There’s no reason not to carry on gliding with the currents, but make it conscious and enjoy the ride…



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