Monthly Forecasts for July 2011

July looks set to be an important and pivotal month with Uranus moving retrograde in Aries on the 10th, and Ceres moving into Aries on the 11th and then moving retrograde on the 26th. With Pluto, Pallas Athene, Vesta, Neptune and Chiron retrograde all month, the focus on our inner landscape continues. We also see two New Moon’s in July which really focuses each of us towards inner vision and clarity...

There is still much inner work going on and this is surfacing in key areas of our lives to be dealt with and released. This is a time to realise our own potential and strength, and to embrace our dreams and aspirations. The need to know ourselves continues, as does the need for inner peace and accepting the Truth of who we are. Self-belief, accountability and responsibility continue to be strong themes as we begin to step towards a richer, more informed way of living. It seems that the time is coming to truly live in bliss, joy and peace...

The first New Moon (and Partial Solar Eclipse) is in Cancer on the 1st at 08.53 GMT (09.53 BST) and the second New Moon is on the 30th in Leo at 18.39 GMT (19.39 BST). The Full Moon is in Capricorn on the 15th at 06.39 GMT (07.39BST).

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March 21 to April 20

July looks set to be a month of inner awakening and major decision making for you. You have been feeling quite restless lately, and this has led you into feeling uncertain about your path ahead. You have been toying with the idea of trying something new, and this urge will grow stronger this month as new, wider, horizons beckon. This is likely to be connected to your work or vocation, and it seems that the time is coming when you need to decide what your true priorities in life actually are.

This is not a time simply for thinking and pondering though, it seems to be a time of action and forwards movement. Whilst you may not feel certain about which path to follow, and one path may feel far more uncertain than the other, deep within you, your intuition is guiding you, so listen to that voice within now. As with many things in life, there really are no guarantees, but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith in order to take your life to the next level. This seems to be one such time, and only you know if you are truly ready to leap into the unknown.

A strong focus emerges on your own well-being as the month progresses. This is connected to making choices that are right for you on every level; it is also about honouring yourself more. It seems clear that this is a time for you to fully awaken and to embrace each new day with passion, confidence and joy...


April 21 to May 21

It seems that your strength, resilience and mettle have been tested over recent weeks, and you would be forgiven for wondering what on earth has been going on! In some ways there has been a need for you to prove to yourself that you are stronger than you believe, and at the same time, there has been a need to ride through stormy seas keeping strong, focused and calm. You are lucky in the sense that your plethora of skills and talents make you well suited to these more ‘challenging’ times in life. Yet, you have found it hard to make sense of the current challenges, for you have felt slightly disconnected from the process and this is likely to have left you feeling quite disempowered and confused.

The good news is that July brings you a stronger sense of direction and focus. You seem more in touch with your inner landscape: and, as a result, your creativity and resolve start to flow much more freely in your life. This is a time to tap into your confidence, to broaden your horizons and to seek pastures new. As this shift comes from within, these pastures could simply be new ways of expanding your mind, but it is also possible that a complete change of pace and direction is heading your way...

So, in order to make the most of these exciting times, you need to avoid underestimating yourself. You also need to clarify your path ahead, listen to your intuition and reach for the stars...


May 22 to June 22

Your creativity looks set to flow freely once again in July as you begin to explore a new path ahead. You have been treading water for some time now, and you are finally beginning to see how you can carve out a new direction in your life and still make the most of all of your gifts and talents! You are a born thinker and planner, so why not make the most of your brain to think outside of the box when it comes to turning your idea into reality?

This is now a time to use that brilliant mind of yours to start seeing the wood for the trees. Your creative use of intelligence is pretty much unrivalled, but you get distracted so easily, that you often forget to make the most of this wonderful gift. The heavens are outlining a chapter of prosperity, happiness and abundance for you, but you need to switch your brain into the right mode now. So, stop seeing problems, start seeing solutions…

Finally, it seems clear that despite the headway you are making with your life path; on an emotional level, you feel a little smothered and trapped. It is almost as though you don’t have the room to breathe and think freely. Therefore, you would be wise to take some time out for yourself this month, as some breathing space will help you to put your whole life back into perspective once again. At the same time, it should help bring that sparkle back into your eyes!


June 23 to July 23

July looks set to be a month of contrasts for Cancer. On one side is a sense of new beginnings and new opportunities; and on the other is the feeling that something is coming to an end. Of course, in many ways, you cannot have one without the other; for endings and beginnings are both part of the same cycle. Yet there is a sense that this ending is not directly linked to the new beginning! Confused? Well, yes, but at the same time it seems that deep down you already know that it is time to say goodbye to one particular part of your life...

This is most definitely NOT a time to feel sad though, as it is a time to embrace this new beginning with confidence, strength and passion. As the path of your life begins to change shape, you will soon realise that you are moving forwards in the right direction. Remember to listen to that little voice within you to keep you focused and on track, and try not to allow fears to dominate and erode your progress.

All of your choices, decisions and actions will play a key role in your life now, for it seems that choices made in the coming weeks and months will impact your life for years to come. Therefore, this is a time to grab your life with both hands, to take control of the steering wheel and to head off in the direction of your choosing!


July 24 to August 23

As you continue to re-evaluate your true goals and priorities in life, it seems clear that you have reached something of a crossroads. In one direction is a path that looks smooth, well-travelled and easy to follow. In the other, is a track that is overgrown and heading off into unknown territory. It doesn’t take a genius to work out which one is calling you, but something is stopping you from throwing caution to the wind and stepping into the unknown. You are a free spirit, you are creative, you are adventurous and you are courageous. All of these seem perfect to prepare you for such a quest, but still there is a question mark floating around your head.

This caution is connected to duty and responsibility. You are not one to shirk either, and you are concerned that you may not be able to meet your commitments if you step off the familiar path towards something new. There really is no easy answer here, for no one can give you any guarantees.

However, deep within you there is a need for you to spread your wings, to discover unknown territory, and to be a part of something new. You feel confined and restricted, and long to have more space and freedom in your life. So, it seems that July is a time to either ‘put up or shut up!’ (in the nicest possible way!). Either reach for that unknown and embrace the risks or stop beating yourself up about it and get on with your life...


August 24 to September 23

July looks set to be a positive and life affirming month for you as you begin to feel much more in control of your life. The change, uncertainty and transformation of recent months is settling down and through this haze, you are able to take a glimpse at your path ahead. So, where confusion reigned, clarity is taking over! Everything feels brighter, more energised and more in focus, and you are feeling far more empowered and inspired than you have felt for ages.

This is a month of possibilities for you, and whilst you would be wise to remain grounded and well earthed (as is your natural way), it is also important to allow your creativity and inspiration to flow freely. Balance is the name of the game, and this will enable you to make the most of opportunities that come knocking without losing your focus. Try not to let doubt or worry erode your progress, and instead enjoy making decisions and having fun being in the driving seat of your life.

Throughout this powerful, positive and transformative phase of your life, you would be wise to go with the flow of life more. You need to try and intuit the natural currents and go with them as much as possible. If you try to force things or close your ears to your intuition, you may end feeling extremely frustrated. It is time to make the most of this empowering cosmic climate, and to ride the crest of the wave...


September 24 to October 23

As the power of your thoughts and the energy of your intention continue to grow in strength and focus, it seems that inspiration is the name of the game in July as you start to feel increasingly energised and motivated with life. Your path ahead looks clear and exciting, and you can see your horizon expanding before you. You are finally beginning to accept that you are gifted, talented and bright (and about time too!). It becomes clear over the coming weeks just how you can incorporate all of your talents into your life; so trust your instincts, and believe in yourself.

You no longer see your life as one long series of ‘either/or’s’ - you can have it all. Abundance, happiness and pure bliss are within your grasp now; the key is in belief, trust, intention, faith and determination. Try not to allow doubt to erode your progress, and do not let fear paralyse you in indecision. Your mind is both your greatest gift and your greatest enemy! Don’t over-think your way through this, but allow your powerful and well-honed intuition to guide you.

Your life is in your hands now, so don’t be afraid to explore pastures new, to push your limits a little, and to allow your creativity and imagination to take you to some new (and very achievable) heights in your life. This is not a time to think ‘restriction’, but it is the perfect time to think ‘freedom, expansion, independence and adventure’. This is your moment to create the life you have been dreaming of…


October 24 to November 22

You have been feeling a strong sense of burden over recent weeks, a feeling that one area of your life in particular is weighing you down, and holding you back. There is almost a sense of you feeling hemmed in and trapped, and this has created a great deal of inner unrest within you, for nobody puts Scorpio in a corner! Before you fight back, sting blazing, try to think about what exactly it is you are rebelling against. Is it the fact the others seem to be dictating your life or is it the fact that you have let them?

Try to ‘feel’ and intuit the answer to this, it is important to truly know why you feel so cornered. It seems likely that you have lost sight of your own priorities in life and have simply gone with the flow. Now you have grabbed back the oars, but before you get angry, try to see that you have not only enjoyed the ride up until now, but you had free choice all along to follow your own flow. So rather than lash out, be philosophical and reclaim your power and sense of Self by acknowledging the decisions and choices that you have made. You may now feel that they were not the right ones, but you made them nonetheless.

Now you can set this humdrum and frustration free, you can focus instead on transforming your life and on making the most of the opportunity that has been sitting on your shoulder waiting to be noticed...


November 23 to December 21

You are one of life’s dreamers; there certainly can be no denying this fact. You are a possibilities person and your aspirations are always so life affirming and life enhancing; you have an almost syrupy optimism that drives you forwards, onwards and upwards. You have a clear vision of how you want your life to be and constantly work hard towards this goal (other than when you are exploring other possibilities that come your way!). Distraction is usually your biggest challenge, for you love variety and new adventure...

July looks set to bring you a good smattering of both possibilities and distractions. The key to knowing which one is which is to allow your intuition to guide you. It seems that your biggest challenge this month comes from knowing exactly what it is that you want from life; once you have answered this question, then your path ahead will be much clearer. But knowing what you want is easier said than done, for you want so much! Yet as a possibilities person, you know only too well the importance of aiming high, and this month looks set to prove that you can reach the stars if you believe in yourself enough.

July is a month for action and accomplishment, but it is a time for clarity and vision too. Use your skills, your positivity and your optimism to your advantage and make the most of this amazing opportunity to create the life of your dreams. Just remember one thing though; Rome wasn’t built in a day...!


December 22 to January 20

The winds of change are gathering momentum this month; and as you journey through July, your life looks set to shift into clearer focus as you begin to clearly see your way ahead, and you start to understand exactly what needs to be done in order for you to reach your goals. As your confidence continues to increase, you will see exactly how you can get from where you are now to where you want to be. Obstacles seem to melt away as you realise that you have your life in your hands, and have the power to make your dreams a reality.

So, July is a month to take a long, hard think about your life and your priorities. You are great at having your eye on the end goal, and your focus, drive and determination is second to none, but maybe you need to have a re-think about this in order to give yourself time to have a life in between trying to build your life?! Surely you can be able to enjoy the ride? It’s not all about the final destination you know!

You may be dedicated, but don’t you owe it to yourself to completely let go from time to time, in order to relax? After all, it is only in those ‘quieter’ moments that you can truly connect to yourself, your soul and your deeper needs; so there is a real benefit in spending some time listening to yourself.  You might just surprise yourself by what you hear…


January 21 to February 19

Life has been feeling a little repetitious recently, and you have become stuck in something of a rut. Whilst routine is familiar, it does feel somewhat stagnant and draining for you. The good news is that July looks set to bring you some much needed excitement as you have the chance to explore a new opportunity which seems to have come completely out of the blue! This is one of those rare opportunities that can change your life forever, so try to let go of doubt, embrace your potential and believe that you absolutely have what it takes to succeed. Make the most of this month to bring about some positive change to your life, and know that your life is in your hands...

In many ways, the key to your success comes from you listening to your instincts and to your deeper Self. In truth, deep down, you always know what to do; it’s just that you frequently overlook this strong and calm place within due to the storm that’s usually raging in your bustling brain! Your head is usually so busy, that you cannot see beyond the noise, to the wisdom and clarity beyond. It seems clear that you need to access both now in order to make some important decisions about your path ahead. This is a pivotal time of your life, a time where decisions made now will shape your life for years to come, so, quieten the noise, listen to the silence and allow your instincts to guide you...


February 20 to March 20

July looks set to bring you some much needed clarity and drive! You have been making some important realisations about yourself and your potential recently, and this has helped you to re-prioritise your goals in life. It has also helped you to realise your own strength and personal power. In short, it seems as though you are beginning to re-assert your own place in the world and are finally reclaiming your sense of Self in the process! As always though, the biggest challenge for you is in staying focused on you and not becoming too distracted by the challenges, demands or needs of others. Others can, and do, pull you into their worlds, but you often go quite willingly! You are not as powerless as you may think, for you can say ‘No!’, and you can stand strong and do what’s truly right for you.

You have reached a time of your life now where your confidence and self-belief are growing.  You are beginning to see your horizons expanding in all directions, and you feel a deep and true sense of excitement at this. At the same time, your intuitive abilities are becoming clearer and better defined, and you seem more able to use these to great effect in your life. There is a strong sense of anticipation around you as you let go of doubts and self-limiting beliefs in order to reach for your dreams. Your gifts, potential and compassion are all coming to the surface now to be fully honoured and embraced as you allow your true Self to emerge and step into the sunlight once again...


Prosper503935 4th July 2011 2:07 pm

Its fact that the sun is not in those constellations on the dates you've provided. I would recommend you research some of the original dates that were provided as our planet isn't in the same place in space as it is year after year. Thus the original dates have shifted from the birth of Astrology. Year after year the dates shift slightly, and in the larger scheme of things, nothing is fixed in a date.

These dates would have been correct a couple thousand years ago. But unfortunately for the most part of July, the sun is actually in the constellation of Gemini, then it transits into Cancer through July to August then for the rest of August it is in Leo. When the sun sets, you can even trace its location. I can guarantee that these dates are not correct.

Sarah-Jane 4th July 2011 2:33 pm

Hi there! I quite agree with you that the dates shift from year to year. These dates are simply the commonest ones used by most astrolgers to help people to gain a rough idea of their sun sign if they do not know it. Of course, the only real way is to check specifically for your birth year. Sorry if it has caused any confusion.



Esbee 4th July 2011 4:16 pm

Hi Sarah,
It a great format these monthlies, good idea and very welcomed I'm sure. Keep up the good work,and Thank you.

Ria 6th July 2011 3:54 am

yes i agree with you Esbee. Thank you Sarah Jane for the effort you put into your work to give helpful confirmation to those who appreciate it. Blessings to you.

Sarah-Jane 6th July 2011 10:23 am

Thank you Esbee and Ria for your lovely words of support. I truly love writing the monthly forecasts, and it always means so much to know that they are appreciated!




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