The Warrior Queen Pallas Athene

Powerful Pallas Athene moves retrograde in Aquarius today. She is the warrior queen; strong, resolute and determined. She is a feisty, fiery warrior often associated with war, anger and destruction, yet she also represents creative use of the mind, justice and strength. In many ways Pallas Athene is the force of self-preservation and the freedom of Spirit.

Pallas Athene stands proudly in her armour, standing in her power and in her Truth. She is assertive, empowered and free, something that many of us, women in particular, struggle with even in the 21st century. How many women feel confident to show their strength, anger and might without fear of being stereotyped?

This powerful little asteroid goddess is a strong, powerful force to be reckoned with, but when used in a positive way, she can be incredibly creative, helping us to express ourselves and our individuality.

We have two creative and intellectual energies (Pallas Athene and Aquarius) coming together to encourage each of us to think creatively and to tap into the inspiration within. Another common theme between these energies is the humanitarian aspect, as both seek justice and equality in life. It therefore seems that whilst retrograde, each of us needs to think about the areas of our own lives where we need to create a little more equality and balance.

This also marks the beginning of a time for us to move within and to re-connect to the power that resides there. It is a time for introspection and for re-evaluating our directions or paths in life. It is important to be clear about the path ahead, for there is a strong sense of forwards propulsion as the weeks progress...!

Now is the time to think about how we stand in our power and Truth, and how much of our power we give away to others (freely or otherwise). Balance is the key – remember we should always keep at least some for ourselves. This is not about being selfish, but without self-preservation we are unable to help anyone.

Pallas Athene wants us to explore our true identities and to free the power within. This surfaces in several ways: through the positive expression of healthy and justifiable anger to release pain and anguish, and secondly to believe in ourselves and our gifts, and to have the courage of our convictions and reach for our dreams...



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Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace has a passion to inspire and empower others. She is a life-long intuitive and a modern-day mystic and wayshower; illuminating both the path to Self and the path ahead in order to instil confidence into the hearts and souls of others. Sarah-Jane works from the heart and speaks from the soul, and opens up to the essence of the cosmos for inspiration and guidance.


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