Through Stormy Seas

As the Heavens continue to weave a new web of consciousness within and without in our lives, we have reached a stage of major shift as we begin to face inner demons and fears head on. We all have crosses to bear and challenges to overcome, for that’s a part of life; sometimes things happen which we have little control over and sometimes we make choices or decisions that take us down a difficult or arduous path. There are many routes to Self, and many involve ending up in the dark recesses of life in order to move beyond fear to a place of knowing and love.

It is hard to deny the somewhat rambunctious cosmic climate that we now find ourselves in.

In many ways, life feels quite heavy at the moment, but at the same time, as the light of the new dawn breaks, there is a buoyancy and lightness which feels exquisite and Divine. As the energies ebb and flow on some levels, they swirl and eddy on others; this is confusing and it can feel overwhelming. We may find ourselves feeling tossed about by the waves and currents of life, and even treading water can feel exhausting. We may sometimes feel like a piece of driftwood being carried to ‘who knows where’; crashing against the rocks and feeling worn down and weary.

When we take a moment to step back from this intense portrayal of the current time, we allow ourselves a little breathing space to re-focus and re-centre as we find that despite the tossing and eddying, within we are still and energised. It is all too easy to get lost in the chaos of life, to be carried along with the currents, but we are not pieces of driftwood unless we choose to be. Sometimes it is easier to be carried along by life for it avoids making big decisions, it avoids taking responsibility and it means that we never truly have to be accountable for what we do, or do not, achieve in life. Strong words, but necessary, for it seems that we have now reached a stage of choice: we can remain as driftwood or we can become at One with the Whole in order to re-claim our true essence and find peace within.

In many ways this is all about perception; if we feel powerless, then we are powerless. If we feel life weary, then life becomes weary. Yet, if we tap into the exciting and exuberating radiance of this magical time, we can begin to find strength, peace and knowing.

We all have times when we feel lost in life; when those dark recesses take over and little light breaks through. Yet, it is from the darkness that realisation emerges, for the darkness is not some alien place to fear or deny, it is a part of each and every one of us. To be balanced and whole, we need to honour the darkness within; to fear it feeds it and encourages it to grow. It is when we honour the darkness that we let go of fear, angst and anxiety; this is not about wallowing in pain and despair though, it is about being honest with ourselves in order to find peace within. It is from this peace that a true sense of purpose and knowing emerges...

As we walk along the twisting and narrow path through stormy seas, fear is the force that erodes the path; it is corrosive and destructive. If we let it, fear takes control and dictates every aspect of our lives. Of course, fear serves a purpose, it warns and alerts, but if left to grow it can consume and take over. This path is not an easy one; it is not for the feint hearted, but intuitively we know that overcoming fear and doubt is the only route to Self. If fear has already seen the path crash into the sea, we can ride the waves; if we crash against the rocks, then we pick ourselves up and keep going.

Of course, to see life as such an arduous journey can add to the fear, and this is part of the shift now: we are reaching a stage where we no longer see the path as some external and challenging ‘force’, we let go of the path and become One with it. If we don’t like a bracing stormy sea path, then we find a promenade or a sandy beach; perception matters...


bluecanyon 29th May 2012 1:38 am

This describes the experiences I am having right now. I have to tell myself repeatedly; "it's a matter of perception". I am working on embracing the dark force in me. Thanks for your perceptive insights that clarified to me what I need to do to get back on track.

Vivg 29th May 2012 3:36 pm

To be Whole...

we need only Honour the Love and Light that is within us all.


Vivg 29th May 2012 3:38 pm

When we look at the darkness, in Light, it does not exist



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