10th September 2013: Mars Under Pressure

Going It Alone

Mars is now coming under pressure from Pluto and Chiron, and will continue to do so for the coming six days. These are powerful energies with both destructive and creative potential depending on how we choose to use them. The currently recurring theme of personal power and how we use it arises here, but alongside it we are now confronted with the recognition that ultimately we must be prepared to go it completely alone if we are to free ourselves from the attachments which bind us to past feelings, perspectives and behaviours that prevent our growth. As human beings, and the social animals that we are, this prospect can fill us with fear and today’s cosmic message may feel unnecessarily harsh.

But a hard truth is not necessarily a wrong one, and our willingness to hear hard truths is as much under the spotlight now as anything else. Not every truth of the burgeoning new age is a palatable pleasant one. There is much still to be healed in this world, many challenges to face and many obstacles to be overcome.

We can’t just think ourselves into a new world, we have to build it, brick by brick, dismantling the old one as we go. There is so much support around for us now, so much potential to benefit from the powerful cosmic forces which are flooding this planet, but it’s not enlightenment on a plate and never will be. We are here to create the new world, not have it gifted to us for services rendered.

And it’s upon creating that world that we must focus in these coming days, like never before. We are at a choice-point now, at which the decisions we make will resonate throughout time and space in ways they’ve not done before. With Saturn teamed up with the North Node in Scorpio we must accept that there are consequences to everything we do and we must choose our behaviours, our alliances and our thoughts accordingly. It’s no good making excuses for lapsing back into the comfort of old behaviours when we know they’ve got to go eventually, because eventually may just be now, and whatever decisions we make at this time will fuel our lives in the weeks to come.

So we need to decide, what fuel do we want to use to run our life? Do we want to pollute the air around us with the grey smoke of destructive habits and negative behaviours or do we want to switch to renewable energy which propels us forward without the pollution of days gone by? Do we want to journey onward carrying our past with us or are we prepared to ditch it and step out alone if necessary, to face what that means in the years to come?

Yes, it’s a difficult choice and a harsh sounding message, but it’s also one filled with hope and promise, because nothing is ever asked of us that we cannot, ultimately, do. So if we’re being asked to cut ties and depart on a new path it’s because we have it within us to do exactly that. And in doing so the forces of cosmic grace will surround us, revealing as we go the role that is ours in the birth of the new world.

With love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas


shapeshifter 10th September 2013 9:36 am

Think I'll take a walk on the beach....

I'm not running in the human race anymore.
I feel like a winner even though I was disqualified for going at my own pace.

anje 10th September 2013 10:13 am

Been feeling this trend hugely the last few days.

My business suddenly took a downturn, with people previously there and stable deciding to not pay, cancel at the last second even though there's a reasonable cancellation agreement they've agreed to, and on and on.

My normal reaction to handling and working through this is panic and a descent into self-dislike, but this time I feel the panic is not the way to go and have figured out that what really bothers me is a long held belief that money is love and when some disappears I feel an incredible sense of failure and abandonment. Some force has shown me now, that this is just completely wrong and will not move me to peace or joy or the future I want.

So I am priming myself for later today when I need to deal with said situation and will for sure go the 'new' way and not do things for money at all costs, but do things that keep my dignity, morale and sense of rightness intact. Love has no more relation to the amount of money I posess than the number of beans in my vegetable bin!

This update truly helped for today.

Silkworm 10th September 2013 11:40 am

Well then.

Sarah Varcas 16th September 2013 5:49 am

Thank you for what you shared here today Anje. I found it personally very helpful. It was exactly what I needed to hear right now :smitten:

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