12th/13th September 2015: Solar Eclipse in Virgo

The Alchemy of Unified Intent

The eclipse occurs at 6:55 a.m. UT on 13th September, in the 21st degree of Virgo. Occurring as Black Moon Lilith conjuncts the Moon’s North Node, it sets the scene for a ‘game changing’ shift of consciousness. It won’t happen automatically but is available to all who set the intention to be gathered up in its embrace and become a conduit through which a deeper awareness can be born. We must, however, be prepared to nurture that awareness, not wait for our eyes and hearts to be opened by some external force. A willingness now to allow perspectives, beliefs and attitudes to fall away will allow space for a deeper knowing to arise, which perceives the world through eyes of truth, not clouded by the mists of subjectivity. This eclipse reminds us that first and foremost we are Mother Nature herself, who doesn’t sit and ponder, wondering what to do next, how to best turn a situation around and change the course of events, but simply follows her own essence, living out patterns and cycles of birth and death, barrenness and harvest. Her power is ours. Her energy our fuel. The task before us is one of harnessing it with awareness, to align ourselves with the flow of natural change rather than drawing upon it to impose our own agenda.

Events which occur around the time of this eclipse may surprise or catch us unaware, but such is the nature of solar eclipses. They disrupt our malaise and act to insert new experience into our personal timeline. Together with Black Moon Lilith, this one seeks to realign us with a clearer path and a more empowered future in which we can both embrace the unknowable and act to create a sustainable future. It reminds us that to do this we must act as one body, not fragmented into competing factions. As such this eclipse asks us where and how we can align ourselves with others to combine forces and further much needed change. Most importantly it reminds us that in doing so we are not simply a group of individuals coming together but a whole new being born of the alchemy of difference, uniqueness and individuality, fertilised by interaction and thereby made whole.

This ‘impregnation with possibility’ is a key feature of this eclipse. Any need to maintain intact our personal sphere, priorities and goals with no will to compromise or allow them to shift, diminishes its power. An opposition to Chiron reminds us there are many ways to live this life and the luxury of certainty is rare! Reaching a point at which we are secure or relatively satisfied does not mean we’ve arrived, but simply that we are on our way. If we invest too much of our identity in where we find ourselves at this point in time, this eclipse may surprise us with the force at which it reminds us we’re in the midst of a process not at a destination.

As the light of the Sun (the life-force expressed as will) is blocked by the physicality of the Moon (the life force expressed as instinct) the shape of our life reveals the consequences of past reactions. How we manage our emotions and feelings, how we respond to those of others, the stories we tell ourselves about the ‘who, what, where and how’ of our existence, all have consequences which this eclipse brings into sharp relief. If we find ourselves challenged by unexpected disruption now, honest and open reflection may reveal our part in current events, no matter how randomly beyond our control they at first appear. Identifying the present consequences of past actions and omissions, denials and assertions, will assist us greatly in moving forward with deeper wisdom that supports a more awakened responsiveness in future. Such a process allows for humility, not despair, to arise in the face of challenge. It asserts authority over victimhood and reminds us that everything we do has consequences, many of which are out of our grasp as soon as we have acted. Whilst life does indeed deal unexpected cards and everyone is blindsided sometimes, being able to trace our own footsteps and fingerprints among what may at first look like a pile of rubble enables us to take stock, ‘cowboy up’ and get back in the saddle!

Which is not to say there won’t be those celebrating at this eclipse. Not all consequences are bad and skilful actions, compassionate responses and demonstrations of sheer bloody-mindedness not to let obstacles win, also reap results now. Every life has elements that we cannot directly impact and events we simply cannot avoid. How we deal with them and how we’ve allowed them to shape us will become very clear at this eclipse. If we’ve adopted the belief that we are simply hapless victims in an unfair world we need to rethink our assumption of powerlessness. If, however, we’ve done what we can regardless, no matter how small our actions may have seemed, the heavens encourage us onward and bolster our faith in doing so.

There is strength available to each and every one of us at this eclipse, an enduring power, best used to honour collective awakening rather than individual goals. If our aims are aligned with the greater flow of creation our actions, assertions and intentions carry great power now. If not, they will lose impetus quickly and our misalignment with the whole will be clear. In this case don’t panic. Just take a deep breath, look around, read the signs and take stock. There’s a new path to be walked, fresh landscapes to take in. Signposts are all around, we simply have to look. Once found they will guide us, step by step, into alignment with the ever present alchemy of unified intent.

Sarah Varcas



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Sarah Varcas

Sarah Varcas is an Intuitive Astrologer, committed to decoding the wisdom messages of the cosmos for the enrichment of peoples’ lives.