13th August 2013: Uranus Under Pressure

No Guns On This Boat Please!

Today we may be tempted to take too personal a view on something which is actually much bigger than we are. As a result an opportunity to recognise the impersonal nature of the universe may be lost. It can be hard to take account of the bigger picture when we only ever experience life from our own point of view and through our own necessarily limited perceptions, but the more we manage to do so the greater the opportunity to recognise possibilities and potential otherwise hidden to us.

There are many answers available to us now, new insights revealing fresh perspectives, but we risk missing out on them if we opt to take the ‘little me’ approach to events, taking personally dynamics which are far from such. The atmosphere is somewhat electric at the moment. With Uranus still under pressure there are many people walking around somewhat like loaded guns with the safety catch off, just waiting to fire off a round in the direction of whoever steps over their self-defined line. It makes for a tense dynamic as we all jostle for recognition and respect amidst the mounting stresses of everyday life. So the more people that can step out of the fray and resist acting on the flare of emotion when someone acts in a way they dislike, the better.

It can be hard to do, I know. Emotional reactions are powerful things and it’s a big challenge to step back from them and hold off until our feelings have settled and our perspective is clearer once more. But if we can manage to do that at the moment we’ll be far more able to attain a positive outcome in the long run and a deeper understanding of where other people are coming from. The polarisation that arises from emotionally charged conflict takes a whole load more sorting than the measured exchange afforded by considered and objective responses. Of course, personalising things is a great human skill. We do it all the time!

It’s what makes the world go around! We love an individual. We don’t just love. We identify with our feelings making them ‘mine’. We don’t just feel. We perceive the world as ‘you and me’ and then act accordingly, judging whether you’re doing what I want and keeping me happy or transgressing my own personal code and therefore deserving of criticism and attack. It’s all well and good and very familiar, but at times like these, when tensions are rising and many are feeling themselves pushed to their limits and beyond, the less energy we invest in our need to attack, defend and impose our perceptions upon others, the better able we will all be to make it through in one piece and with deeper insight to carry us onward.

So at these somewhat electric times the heavens warn us that our feelings may cause us to personalise beyond what is reasonable, attack when it’s unnecessary and judge when no judgement is called for. They remind us that we’re all here in the same boat and it’s pretty crowded, so the more energetic space we can create for each other the better able we’ll be to all get along and maybe even start rowing in the same direction!

Here’s wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Sarah Varcas


queens4freedom 13th August 2013 8:36 am

you are a pistol, dear lady! NAMASTE!!!

Skyhawke8 13th August 2013 9:40 am

Thanks Sarah! So ...After "Cowboying up" yesterday ... We don't want it to turn that into "THE GUNFIGHT AT OK CORRAL". It's time for a little Zen "We Are The People ... We Are The World" ... Am I getting your drift, "Wise Woman Who Sees Much and Sees Clearly" :thumbs:

(I've fondly given you the above native name ...as your soul and wisdom feel like you're an honored member of my tribe.)


shapeshifter 13th August 2013 8:09 pm

Life writes us in our own words.

Sarah Varcas 14th August 2013 7:56 am

you are a pistol, dear lady! NAMASTE!!!

lol Q4F :) I'm hoping that's a good thing...?!

Sarah Varcas 14th August 2013 7:57 am

"Wise Woman Who Sees Much and Sees Clearly" :thumbs:

(I've fondly given you the above native name ...as your soul and wisdom feel like you're an honored member of my tribe.)

Well I am truly honoured Skyhawke. Thank you :smitten: Though you should know I am dependent upon corrective lenses at all times! :coolsmiley

Sarah Varcas 14th August 2013 7:58 am

Life writes us in our own words

Indeed Shapeshifter. Beautifully put. Thank you :smitten:


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